In this uniqueTower Defense you will travel through William’s mind in a colored and dreamlike universe.
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发行日期: 2012年9月4日


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“Shad’O is a beautiful, inspiring game that stirred my emotions and once raised the hairs on the back of my nec.”
7/10 – IGN

“Beautiful graphics and an interesting plot elevate Shad’O above its tower defense ilk.”
7/10 – Gamespot

“The concept of the game holds up well and it stands on its own as a tower defense title. Okugi Studios did a very good job with this title.”
8.5/10 –

“A tower defense game whose wonderful art style and melancholy story are as effective as its gameplay.”
4.75/5 – Gamers Haven


In this unique Tower Defense, you will travel through William’s mind in a colored and dreamlike universe, made of a mix of pieces of memories, emotions and feelings.

Will you be able to drive the fog of oblivion away and help the boy recover his memory?

Your many companions’ light will be your best ally in this world distorted by fear and mystery.

Key Features

  • A unique Tower Defense
  • A captivating reversed narrative
  • Great freedom of action and tactics
  • Gorgeous procedural fog
  • Awesome Boss fights


    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    • Processor: Dual-Core processor Intel 2Ghz or AMD 2.8Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB free space
    • Video Card: 512MB and Shader Model 3.0 (ATI 3870, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS)

    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0 sound device

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel double core/quad-core 2.66Ghz or AMD 3.26Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB free space
    • Video Card: 1GB and Shader Model 3.0
      (ATI 4870, Nvidia GeForce 260)
    • Additional:Quicktime 7 or later
褒贬不一 (81 篇评测)
( 5.5 小时(记录在案的) )
If you are an apple cultist then you can buy it. You will be totally happy with another overpriced junk on your computer. Your brain will be more and more converted to the Steve Jobs/Mac/Apple trinity as this is totally in the mentality of Apple products : overpriced, dysfunctional, forced painfully in the a** while you applaud with a dumb smile in front of a Steve Jobs pic. Yeah. It could have been fun if this Quicktime forced install crap wasn't there.

Once I finally managed to make the game works, I had a frame rate of 15 (which drops lower with more enemies in screen). Which make the game unplayable at best after level 10.

Sorry but I could not appreciate that such a simple game works bad on a quad-core computer with 8GB of Ram and a 2GB DDR3 video card... sorry but all the ''beauty'' is so much frame skipped that its not fun at all.

I'd bet the problem is all caused by apple BS quicktime crap ... NEVER install anything from apple on your PC and avoid all programs that need their ♥♥♥♥ - its ALWAYS THE SAME DYSFUNCTIONAL CRAP... Maybe the apple cultist virus (that turns your brain in some kind of stupid-drone consumer jelly) is contagious too (you never know).

So, if you have a PC.. look elsewhere. There are tons of tower defense games that will run fine without installing scrap on your computer. And psst... most of them are under 6$.
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( 10.2 小时(记录在案的) )
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 0.4 小时(记录在案的) )
Completely unstable on Windows 10. Also it depends on Apple Quick Time and won't run without it. Crashes before the first level ends due to some Quicktime bug. Not recommended, even if it was free.

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( 37.6 小时(记录在案的) )
fun tower defense game, not the best but pretty enjoyable especially if you can max the settings.
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( 0.9 小时(记录在案的) )
Rather unique tower defence, in manner of artstyle and gameplay. Tower defences remain slow paced and repetetive.
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( 1.9 小时(记录在案的) )
Unplayable. The game crashes at the end of the second level every time I try to play it. The Steam Community has a note from 2012 about it, and no fix.
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i felch worm cum from corpses
( 0.2 小时(记录在案的) )
uhh hang on *pretends to muck about with a QuickTime reinstallation so I can play a god damn tower defense game* ok well i uhh played this game, and didn't just accidentally sit at the graphics settings popup for ten minutes while being distracted with other stuff, only to find I needed to reinstall QuickTime so this game can figure out what the towers look like or whatever. So, having played this game, which I've done (I've done the action of playing the game - I haven't done the game), I can say this: It offers graphics and some sound effects and uh there's a colored and dreamlike universe and also a captivating reahahhashahgfafha ah ah aha hahahahhahah who gives a single godd­amn f­ucking s­hit about the lore of a f­ucking tower defense game ahahahahahasbashash ash ashahahhash asha sh ah ibg eihgbeh grwlha a fwqe i qewfuhe esdguobersw im dying r ffffewrb b

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( 20.6 小时(记录在案的) )
This game force you to think every move you make in it. Recommended.
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( 0.8 小时(记录在案的) )
是否有价值? 欢乐
( 1.0 小时(记录在案的) )
I didn't see that it needs quicktime. I don't install quicktime in my pc... ever.
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0.8 小时(记录在案的)
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81 人中有 60 人(74%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 2 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
1.9 小时(记录在案的)
Installs Apple products on your PC without asking....
"Apple Application Support" and "QuickTime"
Which are required to run this game.
Of course, it installed it for me, which I did not want. I do not want crapware on my PC.
And the game gave me QuickTime errors anyways at startup.
So, I have never seen what the game looks like.

I would advise you never to install this unless, of course, you love Apple crap.
You already have iTunes or any other Apple products installed on your "PC".
Then maybe you would not mind.
I, and millions and millions of other people do NOT want Apple craps on our PCs.

The game might be great. but I'll never know.

Pros :
I do not know.

Apple auto installs on PC without asking.
Min specs required does not state it required QuickTime.
Rec Specs has an additional that says it does.

Game does not ask if you want to install Apple crapware on your PC.
I was wondering why it took some time to install this game.
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107 人中有 73 人(68%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 5 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
0.9 小时(记录在案的)
The game installation put freakin' QUICKTIME on my computer :|
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33 人中有 29 人(88%)觉得这篇评测有价值
9.3 小时(记录在案的)
+/+ Unique setting and storytelling style.
+/+ Unique use of FOW (fog of war) with towers allowing vision.
+/+ Solid graphics, music, and sound effects for a TD.
+/+ ‘Special battles’ that unlock rewards.
+/+ Fun boss fights.

+/- Very generic & limited tower options.
+/- Upgrade choices are permanent.
+/- Magic system requires you to actively collect mana.
+/- Towers have health and can be killed (they can also be healed).

-/- Lack of stats for levels limits replay value or the desire to perform well.
-/- Only two difficulty options. Shad’O is not hard enough.
-/- Game can be beat using only 3-4 out of the 10 towers (with the last boss requiring only two towers to beat).
-/- Voice Acting.
-/- Requires you to download QuickTime or QT Lite in order to play.

Verdict: 6/10. The style is what stands out most in Shad’O as well as the few boss fights. But it’s a very generic TD game and probably only worth a play through for hardcore TD fans desperate for anything new.
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65 人中有 45 人(69%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 3 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
0.5 小时(记录在案的)
Game refuses to run, requires Quicktime to be installed. This isn't 1998.
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19 人中有 18 人(95%)觉得这篇评测有价值
7.4 小时(记录在案的)
I love tower defenses that is why I am so disappointed with this game. It's not a bad game but it lacks some basic features of any good TD, e.g. the ability for the player to change strategy or to get empowered from failure; indeed in this game should you fail a level, you have no choice but to redo it with your current set of upgrades and spells. There is no mean to upgrade unless succeeding levels, no mean to respec... Should you have made unadvised upgrade choices you are stuck with playing again – or abandoning the game – without feeling better equipped neither more ready since the game mechanics lack depth and the right strategy is always straightforward.
Yet the gameplay is generally balanced, monsters are consistent with towers, towers do their jobs... But that's all. At the third (and last) upgrade level it's still just a stronger version of the basic tower; no additional ability, no new mechanics. Towers don't combo so don't expect more than legacy TD – which nowadays means shallow – gameplay, aside from the spells which are the only things that can occasionnaly be triggered in sequence to have a little more useful effect.

On the graphics side there are pros and cons: 3D modeling, animations, fog effect are good, but 2D graphics (used to illustrate the side story) suck, and the overall color choice/association is poor, leaving a dirty brownish atmosphere. The game terribly lacked art direction.
The side story (that serves as a theme, don't expect any meaningful connexion with the gameplay) is a drama about a little boy... again. So uninspired.

The camera does not zoom out enough to allow for all the field to be seen and since there are usually more than one generators and monsters are hidden by the fog, good luck for knowing from which generator came those monsters you just heard spawning... because, no, in this 3D game the sound is not even spatially localised...

Most one-man-made free Flash TD games allow for a better player experience & progression and deeper strategy, thus fun, than this game. There are many much better alternatives in free Flash games, and would you want to pay for a TD on Steam, go for real deals such as Kingdom Rush.

Edit: I played once more after my review, unlocked the last 3 towers, to find there were uninteresting. Bored, I uninstalled the game. At first I wouldn't have said that this game doesn't deserve to be on Steam but now I would; it is a very shallow TD, eventually bad.
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16 人中有 14 人(88%)觉得这篇评测有价值
2.1 小时(记录在案的)
Requires you to install quicktime, but doesn't work with current version.
So if you already have quicktime you have to uninstall it and then install QTLite to get this game to run.
If you actually need to have quicktime installed for something else to function (iTunes), QTLite will break that.
Even GFWL games gave me less problems than this game.

IF you can get it to run, it's a decent tower defense game.
But I'd take Pixeljunk Monsters, Kingdom Rush, or even Super Sanctum TD over this,
since you can actually just install those and have them work.
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15 人中有 12 人(80%)觉得这篇评测有价值
55.6 小时(记录在案的)
Fun tower defense. Requires replaying some of the scenarios until the mobs' abilities are learned.

Two minor cons are apparent: Quicktime installation is required and the poor English translation of a somewhat mediocre over-arching storyline detracts from the game slightly, however the basic concept of fighting inside one's nightmares is otherwise well executed and lends itself to interesting environments.

- Skinny from the Fat B*stard (curator link)
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10 人中有 8 人(80%)觉得这篇评测有价值
4.7 小时(记录在案的)
Did not enjoy this game the slightest. Frustrating gameplay that more or less forces you to do some "Tower Juggeling" where you have to sell towers and build in new spots on almost every level. To bad for a game that has a very nice artstyle that i enjoyed.
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10 人中有 8 人(80%)觉得这篇评测有价值
0.2 小时(记录在案的)
Sadly the game forces you to install QT, which isn't part of the minimum requirements. I find that in poor taste and can't recommened it.
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