In einem vom Krieg erschütterten Land hütet der greise Gremlin Archäologe Mortimer MacGuffin das dunkle Geheimnis eines mächtigen Artefakts.
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Veröffentlichung: 31. Juli 2012

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"An actually funny and lovely point & click adventure game. Definitely among the best in recent years."


“Sie müssten schon den ganzen Weg bis nach 1993 zurückreisen, um ein Spiel zu finden, das so viel Spaß bereitet. Telltale, genau auf diese Weise hättet ihr vorgehen sollen, als ihr das Genre der Adventure-Spiele wiederbelebt habt. Seht euch vor, ihr seid nicht länger alleine…”
9/10 – Eurogamer Sweden

“The Book of Unwritten Tales ist ein erstklassiges Adventure-Spiel, welches von jedem Fan des Genres geschätzt werden wird.”
93/100 – Gamingillustrated

“Im ganzen vergangenen Jahrzehnt haben wir kein so wohlüberlegtes Comedy/Fantasy-Adventure Spiel gesehen, welches bis zum Rand mit großartiger Geschichtenerzählung, Zweckbewusstsein sowie Freude und Verzweiflung gefüllt ist. Ein absolutes Muss für jeden "Abenteurer".”
9.5/10 – GameOver

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Über dieses Spiel

In einem vom Krieg erschütterten Land hütet der greise Gremlin Archäologe Mortimer MacGuffin das dunkle Geheimnis eines mächtigen Artefakts. Wer immer diesen Schatz sein Eigen nennt, wird das Schicksal der Welt bestimmen.

Während die Armee der Schatten ihre besten und verschlagensten Agenten aussendet, um das Geheimnis an sich zu reißen, stolpern auf Seiten der Allianz vier Helden wider Willen ins Abenteuer!


  • Humorvolle Point&Click-Hommage an die großen Bücher und Filme des Rollenspiel- und Fantasy-Genres mit zahlreichen Anspielungen und Parodien
  • Riesige Spielwelt mit über 20 Stunden Spielspaß
  • Einzigartiges Multi Character Gameplay: Wilbur, Nate, Ivo und das Vieh spielen – abwechselnd oder gemeinsam - und benutzen Sie die Fähigkeiten der Helden weise!
  • Treffen Sie eine Vielzahl verrückter Charaktere - vom zweiköpfigen Oger über den vegetarischen Drachen bis zu den friedlichen Zombies
  • Lösen Sie über 150 knifflige Rätsel und entdecke mehr als 300 Gegenstände, die benützt und kombiniert werden müssen


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    • Speicher:2 GB RAM
    • Grafik:Direct-X 9c kompatible Grafikkarte mit 128 MB RAM, PixelShader 2.0
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Festplatte:6 GB HD frei
    • Betriebssystem:Windows XP SP 3 (32bit) / Vista SP 2 / Windows 7 SP 1
    • Prozessor:3 GHz
    • Speicher:4 GB RAM
    • Grafik:Direct-X 9c kompatible Grafikkarte mit 256 MB RAM, PixelShader 2.0
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Festplatte:6 GB HD frei
    • Betriebssystem:Mac OS X 10.6/Mac OS X 10.7
    • Prozessor:1.4GHz Intel Mac Core Duo
    • Speicher:1500 MB RAM
    • Grafik:Intel GMA-950-Grafikkarte mit 64 MB VRAM oder besser
    • Festplatte:6 GB HD frei
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Verfasst: 20. April
Point-and Click Adventure re-vitalised and re-thought

The Book of Unwritten Tales was the first game by the German development studio King Art to be released internationally, in 2012. It put this adventure games-developer firmly on the map, and has been praised for adding a unique feel to the classic point-and-click adventure genre.

For me it has been a long time since I last played a game like this. Actually, it was only since the adventure games by Telltale Games that I was redrawn into the genre, having played several of the classics many, many years ago (think 90's stuff). While the Telltale concept of adventure games focuses on a new kind of storytelling in combination with some action scenes, King Art completely stays within the boundaries of the classic adventure genre. Literally the only thing that needs to be done to complete this game, is pointing and clicking - the keyboard nor any other action is necessary, apart from pressing "spacebar" in order to see which objects are interactable with.

While this may feel like a somewhat all too classic an approach for a game in the 2010's, it actually still works pretty well. Of course, just like any moint and click adventure game, The Book of Unwriten Tales has a lot of puzzles, but these don't feel like being tucked onto the game in order to provide a challenge or prolong playtime. The puzzles in this game form an organical part of it: they arise out of the situation, and most (if not all) of them can be solved by just thinking, not by gratuitously pointing and clicking all over the place (so it could as well be called a point and think game).

That a classic adventure game like this still works nowadays, is mainly due to the interesting storyline, which drew me into the game pretty quick, helped by the amazingly original and beautiful artwork. The soundtrack too is top-notch and strikes the perfect balance between providing some background music and yet helps in painting each scene. The music even drew me into the game in an emotional way: it helped me to identify with the characters. Even more helpful in this respect is this gorgeous voice-acting, which draws the playable and non-playable characters out as men, women and monsters of flesh and blood (or of bones or anything else).

Playing for a large part as the young Welsh gnome Wilbur Weathervane (www - just one of the many small puns) made me identify with this smart an witty character very soon, even more so since young Wilbur looks at life in a refreshing, sometimes naive way. Later in the game other characters come into play as well, providing some welcome contrasts, but it always felt like coming home whenever Wilbur was the one I was in charge of. The game does tend to "let go" on this strong point near the end, when Wilbur disappears more or less into the background.

While all these qualities help to make a game of good to very good quality, the one element that differentiates The Book of Unwritten Tales from lots of other games, is the humour and even the irony with which the game looks at itself and at the entire world of games. Describing individual scenes from this game is difficult without resorting to spoilers, but when at a point quite early in the game I had to shut down a "server" for a "rpg machine" in order to rid two side-characters from their "game-addiction", I laughed out loud. The entire game is full of these sidekicks at the gaming industry, complete with wondrous quotes and one-liners. When a very depressed Death himself at a certain points says "This is an adventure game, nobody is supposed to actually die here", you know you're in for a treat.

Besides the poking at different games and genres, The Book of Unwritten Tales also makes fun or rather poses some questions about the entire fantasy-concept. It does so by obvious references to The Lord of the Rings, but also by turning some conventions from the fantasy-genre upside down or inside-out. All in all, this is a game into a lot of thinking has been put, without interfering with the actual fun of playing it. I can only recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone even remotedly interested in adventure games. And for all of you who have forgotten how a classic point-and-click game should look and play like, don't look any further. They don't come any better than this one for the time being.

Overall score: 9/10
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Verfasst: 16. Juli
I wasn't sure about this at first, as it's a little uneven in the early going, but the longer I played it, the more I enjoyed it. It's a fairly standard fantasy point-and-click adventure, where there's a big bad guy trying to get a powerful magic item, but it has a number of features that make it more entertaining than what you'd expect from such a generic situation.

One of the best innovations I've seen in a while is that hotspots will disappear after you've done everything possible with them. That really helps eliminate wasteful backtracking and double-checking of red herrings. You also switch around between three characters, all with totally different personalities and abilities. It's a bit reminiscent of older LucasArts games like Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken. These two features help keep the game moving.

The other thing that sets this game apart is its excellent sense of humor. The game walks a fine line between meta-humor and camp while playing with genre tropes and expectations from RPGs and graphical adventure games. Fantasy geeks will appreciate all the jokes referencing other games, books, and movies. The voice acting is also very good, which helps with the delivery of a lot of the humorous lines.

The 3D graphics are mostly good, although there is some clipping and other weirdness here and there, and the cutscenes are only fair. Scenes are shown from widely varying angles to allow access to everything you need, which is appreciated.

It took me twelve hours to complete, and I feel like I went at a fairly steady pace, so I'd expect 10-15 hours for almost anyone to finish it. Overall, any experienced adventurers will enjoy the game quite a bit, and it's easy to recommend for such folks.
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Verfasst: 3. Juli
A good deal of charm, but so long and tedious/repetitive that I gave up.
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Verfasst: 18. August
What a marvelous game - a new grand jewel of classic adventure genre. It has good story, sophisticated humor, awesome characters, beautiful soundtrack, etc.

The plot is hardly unwritten but it surely is very well told. The evil creature 'Mother' lurks in her heinous tower and tries to get her hands on a special relic with which she could take over the world. Game's 4 main characters get involved to events - whether they want it or not. Becoming from different parts of the world and having diffrent values their paths cross and will eventually become friends. Unlike in some other games of the genre - every playable character of The book of Unwritten Tales' is interesting and I always kept thinking that how they end up. Toast for the talented voice actors!

The puzzles are typical point&click. While writing this review no particularly annoying puzzle is reaching my mind - there was however one itchy stealth event at the midway which did not fit in the game so well, but provided some variation perhaps. Some people have claimed that the game is even too easy when pointing the places of interest for player, for example. On the other hand I can quarantee that this is still much more challenging than some of modern adventure games of Telltale.

The Book of Unwritten Tales has already proved its potential and the sequel has already been released! So if you have a thing with point&click and like adventure - Don't let this book to be unread! ;)
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