Space adventure, open world RPG, strategy, arcade, quest and more!
사용자 평가: 압도적으로 긍정적 (평가 976 개)
출시 날짜: 2013년 10월 17일

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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart 구매

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"Cult Space Sandbox RPG. Space fights, text quests, trading, humor and of course you have to save the universe. Much freedom and C&C in a dynamic galaxy!"


“It’s a truly free and open experience that’s never the same, no matter how many times you play it.”
Game Watcher

게임에 대해

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart remasters and expands the world of the cult classic Space Rangers 2. The game is developed by the SNK-Games team in close cooperation with fans of the series.

The biggest of the improved features is a new scenario dedicated to the pirates threatening the galaxy. While the Coalition spends all of its resources to fight the Dominators (sentient machines who seek to eradicate all life), the pirates have united under the banner of a mysterious leader. Under this new master they have begun their own guerrilla war to seize power in the weakened Galaxy. Players can now choose with whom to deal, the Dominators or the pirates, or both at the same time. If you choose the latter path, you will receive new story and side quests, new goals and promotions. After winning one of the wars, you can either finish the game or continue playing to win another.

Players begin their pirate career as the lowest of the low, and will make their way to the top of the pirate hierarchy, completing story missions and learning new information about the organization and its unknown leader whose actions threaten the very existence of the Coalition of sentient species. All player actions affect what kind of place the Galaxy will be at the end, with the victorious Coalition that managed to overcome its enemies or with a collapsed alliance from both external Dominator and internal pirate pressures.
The game has received a major technical overhaul in addition to the addition of new content. All of the main menu, loading screens, planet and space station vistas were reworked. Now you can choose a display resolution of up to 1920×1200 and planetary battles employ modern render technologies.

Key Features:

  • New pirate subplot. After completing any one of the story branches a player can either end the game, or continue playing to complete another branch. the player’s actions influence the entire Galaxy, while the balance in either of wars may be tipped not only by the player, but by AI actions as well. No two playthroughs will be the same.
  • Major technical overhaul. Display resolutions up to 1920×1200, multi-core processors, Windows® 7, and anti-aliasing in 3D planetary battles are now fully supported.
  • Extended soundtrack means you’ll hear more than 15 completely new musical themes specially created for deeper immersion into the amazing Space Rangers universe.
  • Other improvements include more than 10 new text adventures, 15+ planetary battle maps, 20+ government missions, unique non-story events, new equipment and micromodules, access to all hyperspace engagements from the main menu and more!

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Processor:Intel Pentium 4 2.5 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (2200 MHz)
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 7800 GT 512 Mb / Radeon 1800 Pro 512 Mb or similar
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.4 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 8600 GT 512 Mb / Radeon X3550 Pro 512 Mb
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
유용한 고객 평가
52명 중 49명(94%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
42.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 10월 30일
To put it short. A very nice and smart turn-based RPG-strategic game about a space adventure. Great music. A bit of arcade and RTS (you can ignore these part). Trade, quests, interesting well-written and smart text-quests. Highly addictive.

Gameplay is simple. Possibilities are endless. World is open to be expored. Setting is original and pretty colorful - each nation is unique. You actions do impact everything. Balance is sound. Ship could be improved. Even when you find youself in a prison, you've got much to do.

Wish there were a mobile version of the game....

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20명 중 18명(90%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
0.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 17일
Please ignore the Steam time played. I bought this back in 2006 as an actual physical product and before the HD version. This gem is a little bit of everything and will bring a smile to veteran gamers and introduce console folk looking for more substance to a world fun not possible on consoles.

Some reading this will remember things called text adbventures. Well, they're back in this game! Want some RTS battles on a planet's surface? It's in there! Space combat that is tactical? Check!

Every new game is randomized ad you can choose what components to include. If you don't fancy the text adventure component, just uncheck it. (You'll be missing out however on some great fun).

The game is quirky and many have compared it to SPAZ and I think the comparison is spot on though it is more accurate to compare SPAZ to this as SPAZ is clearly a love letter to games like Space Rangers HD.
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14명 중 14명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
43.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 25일
A good game overall, i've played the space rangers 1 and 2 and 2 is definitely worth your time and money. A few new weapons and gear variants set this expansion/revamp apart from its predecessor, which allows you to give your ship a bit more flavor. Being able to search for gear more effectively makes it INFINITELY easier to track down that better engine you'd otherwise spend hours planet-hopping to find. My only complaint is that they added a bunch of new planetary robot battles that were poorly thought out and wildly unbalanced. These were my favorite part of space rangers 2, they were wildly lucrative, and with a careful hand, completely winnable. This is not the case in the expansion, several of the maps i've played in (that i dont remember from previous playthroughs) are unwinnable in my opinion/experience. You start out with absurdly limited resources and no defensible positions, or the map setup is such that what should be a free for all with 3 or 4 opponents ends up being everybody bumrush the PC. Dealing with that kind of onslaught (30+ robots vs your max 8 or 9) early in a match isnt an issue of skill, its just poor design/planning. Additionally, it seems to me that robot AI is even poorer than it was before the revamp; these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s cant fight their way out of a wet paper bag. You cant depend on them to attack targets effectively, and they either stand around and refuse to help your controlled robot, or charge off and engage the enemy 2 screens away. The kind of situation not conducive to keeping ones blood pressure in check. Also, i feel the new pirate faction (which was an awesome idea) are very overpowered. You can build a ship that can waltz into a dominator controlled system and "liberate" it solo, its not easy to put that ship together, nor cheap, but it IS possible. The same cant be said for a pirate held system (in my experience so far, this could change) damn near every pirate ship comes equipped with missiles that will knock out all of your electronics (repair droid, shields, targeting, etc.). Obviously this makes killing anything a wee touch impossible.

Overall a great game, but i feel that the revamp lost some of the polish of the original, and has some significant balance issues which, while avoidable, are detrimental to gameplay
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15명 중 14명(93%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
56.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 15일
I'm really happy that they rereleased this game. It's getting new attention and the dev team has been consistantly patching and adding new features. This game if not familiar is a mashup of a bunch of mini games that complement eachother and work together to form a varied universe... Mostly varied anyway. At times you will be doing the exact same thing, but maybe the names and locations changed. That part of the game starts to get old. I do always seem to make my way back to this gem.

The game that comes in to mind that would be more familiar to gamers is FTL, Faster Than Light. This game shares a lot of the same elements, but has a lot more going on, which isn't always better. It's also more of a time investment to complete a single playthrough. Like FTL this has roguelike elements and is randomly generated.

Give it a try... bake a pizza that satisfizes every alien the universe has to offer while fighting off the machines trying to destroy it.
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19명 중 16명(84%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
18.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 3일
Its is good game slight upgrage from original SR2, but the pirates makes it more dynamic and harder. You really can stay neutral for the defeat of the Dominators but you can fight with the pirates or coalition which is more dangerous enemy (normal difficulty). The game can be sometimes frustraiting to do some bidding. For example killing keller in hyperspace.

+New equipment with that affects other load
+New faction you can switch between factions to make game more interesting and create one more hostile faction

-can be sometimes really frustraiting like hunting some ♥♥♥♥
-I hate the amount of missiles that the dominator uses.

the planetary battles i awful i didnt done them (but you are fine without them)

also the game is long one
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16명 중 13명(81%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
128.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 24일
Just one more turn...
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9명 중 9명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
19.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 22일
This has to be the best turn based game i have ever played considering i have been addicted to it for the past 7 years.
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9명 중 9명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
4.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 30일
Can't recommend it enough. It provides much more value than any other title in the same price range. (especially if it's on sale).

Gameplay varies greatly:
1) Fighting (Turn based space combat, arcade black hole skirmishes, RTS planetary battles)
2) Trading, albeit not very complex is still pretty decent for a quick buck here and there (and can be used to advance yourself further without firing a single shot). There's also a possibility of getting into jail (quite an adventure) for peddling banned goods.
3) Questing like everything else in the game is optional and mostly consists of your usual fedex/kill/escort bs, but on occasion you can get a Text Quest or two, they are very well made and add much needed variety to the stale formula.
4) World feels alive for a change. NPCS are not relying on you to win (not completely anyway, though at harder difficulty things might get tricky) and can (and will) wage war on each other and dominators, succesfuly conquer systems, build bases, colonize worlds and such. You are just one of the rangers (there are many more roaming around, doing same things you do).
5) Some light rpg elements are also in (though i guess it depends on what you consider to be an RPG, but w/e), xp, skills, promotions, various gear, usable limited items.

Still looks good, even though its fairly old. (Planetary battles on other hand are not very pretty, but you can opt-out of them whenever you want).

Don't look at my 'hours played'. I own a cd copy and clocked in a few hundred hours out over the years.
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8명 중 8명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
54.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 20일
출시 전 평가
♥♥♥♥ing Epic!
One of the best Russian games so far. Remastered in a very honest way: added ♥♥♥♥ tons of new stuff. And finally you can finish game as a badass pirate.
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10명 중 9명(90%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
40.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 18일
Space Rangers HD has been a great surprise for me ever since I played this back in 2008. I've never touched a space sim in my life, and boy, did this game opened my eyes. From charting uninhabited space to getting bullied by pirates, and finally one-upping them and at last facing against the three mighty AI's bent on civilization's destruction: this game rarely disappoints and bores.

And it's not just a space sim: there are text quests which are quite entertaining. The one I've really enjoyed was the bathysphere quest. There are also RTS quests, but I'd rather say it is quite underwhelming, probably the weakest aspect of the game for me. But if you enjoyed Warcraft 2 or the original CnC, you might find some enjoyment out of it.

Everything in the game seems to just fit in place. A true triumph of Russian gaming. You'd be a fool not to get this game.
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10명 중 9명(90%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
16.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 2일
This is basically one of my favorite rpg's of all time, if not THE. why? i honestly don't know but let's try to find out...
My first impression with the game came from a cracked release before even the steam version, as i heard the game's music (coolish electronic most of the time) it made me feel like i was 8, and playng with my amiga 500, graphics did the same (but don't let that fool you, while it looks oldschool it's wuite stylized). It was like the scene in rataouile when the food critic tries the peasant dish and it transfered him back on his childhood. so i gave it a long shot. so more about the game: It is a space open-universe rpg. you create a char from various classes and races, and you start. there are two basic plots in this edition, but you can follow your own path as well. you can get a party as you progress and theres a cool way of communication between pilots or other npc that makes it easy to control them. Mini game modes for planetary battles reminded me of Z but with customized mechs, text based quests such as prison escapes or even races (WIN-WIN MUD LOVERS) and an arcade style shooter in black holes. combat system is semi-turnbased, lots of little stuff to buy for your ship, lot's of ships, and many times many quests planets npc. Oh also you get to die in this game sometimes as well, it's THAT oldschool. Friends of true rpg or strategy games, space simers or simply rave-dancing drug abusers unite!!!
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7명 중 7명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
51.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 2일
Long time ahead, in the Milky way galaxy there were Rangers, Dominators, Pirates and space... Discover, fight, trade, upgrade, quest for and have pure fun.

Great 2D gameplay with:
  • 2D space roaming;
  • lots of beautifully drawn backgrounds - systems, suns, planets, asteroids, ships, personalities;
  • no campaign, just general optional goal of fighting "dominators" and many side quests including the big one for pirates;
  • the giant world that lives without you - the AI could even free all systems from dominators for itself (you will wait for looooong though); scientists deliver new equipment types, pirates/dominators/rangers free and lose star systems
  • lots of ships with upgrade possibilities - change guns, engines, radars, etc. (you need to wait till local scientists invent new types though ;) );
  • experience and skills;
  • five playable races and possibility to switch for a price in game - some quests are available only for specific race;
  • create your own fly-squad inviting other pilots;
  • be a pirate/hero/trader/all-at-once.
  • CHERRY ON THE PIE TOP: full 3D planetary battles where you can construct your robots from available parts, capture the resource plants and enemy bases;

And last but not least. The game is full of good old text quests of unbelievably high quality: IMHO those make the entire game so special. You will have to successfully manage mountain resort, win the speeder race, gather a band and play the rock concert, participate in the "Tornament for office managers", become a truck driver and carry out the spy operation - several dozens of such quests with lots of humor and joy.

Do I recommend this game? Oh yes, I do.

P.S. The game is originnaly in russian and text quests originate in this language - it is a great possibility for those, who want to study russian as you will have 150 % pleasure in this case (well, if not - no problem either, the translation is not so bad after all).
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7명 중 7명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
0.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 10일
I was introduced to Space Rangers 1 by my father, we sunk approximately 100 hours into it, he was staying up at night playing it. It was such a great game at the time! Space Rangers 2 managed to keep the feel of the first one, and add a bunch of other great stuff to it! This is a game made as a shared dream, it's made with love, you just can see the devs sitting there late at night brainstorming, adding everything they think they are capable of to the game.

What you get when you buy this game:

- A world, inhabited by 5 races, a world that doesn't really need you, as it can solve most of it's problems itself, sometimes even winning the game doesn't require your input.
- A plethora of space quests: deliveries, bounty hunting, escorts, guarding a system, etc.
- Space trading, that requires you to analyze the galaxy's markets and the margins you can profit on.
- Turn-based space travel and combat, diplomacy even, there's usually several ways to resolve a conflict.
- A 2D arcade space shooter.
- Planetside RTS, around 40 different maps, 4 sides of the conflict, mech constructor, ability to take control of a mech individually in an FPS-like fashion.
- Text-based quests, ranging from solving ancient mysteries, to exploring planets, to baking pizza or running a gaming magazine.
- A lot of customization, you can improve your ship as new tech is researched and better devices are unlocked, and then improve some more by adding the artifacts, micromodules and science station upgrades.
- A simple talent system, you can also level up your followers' or space stations' talents.
- Diseases and stimulators
- Great space themed music, although the compositions added in A War Apart are not as good as the original ones.

The negative stuff:
- Older graphics can be a turn off for a lot of people.
- Most of the positive things were there before A War Apart, this rerelease just adds some more variety and feels very fan-made (and it partially is).
- More scripted situations were added, and they seemed to crash me a lot.
- Subpar A War Apart music.
- Making the pirates a third force worked out in a strange way.

A War Apart seemed rather raw to me, compared to the original SR2 and SR2: Reboot, if you can get either of those, then it's better to go for them.

Rating it 8/10 - A strange iteration of a 10/10 game, no way to get the original off Steam though, so still worth it.
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6명 중 6명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
33.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 20일
A really great RPG experience. The universe is huge and the new additions of the HD version make the game a lot more interesting. The game is however, nothing for graphics junkies: Spacebound action looks okay, nothing special, its perfectly playable, but dont expect much. There are also a lot of text-based quests. They are really a great and at times hilarious read if you give them a chance, often they are also really tricky and demanding.
The real strength of this game lies in its incredible strategic depth. You will have a great fun upgrading your equipment, searching for new weapons etc. If you are not a fan of this, you should reconsider, as you will spend a lot of time doing exactly that. The game also has a unique sense of humour, that however doesnt degrade the atmosphere at all (for example a quest where you have to deliver an old MS Windows Version to some planet). Combat is turn-based and in my opinion incredibly well done, as it allows for a lot of tactical possibilities, while being fast paced and satisfying aswell.
Also the world is extremely open, you can choose from five races, you can be a pirate, a merchant, a fighter, whatever you want. You can visit any planet you want, you can look for secret equipment on unpopulated planets with research probes, you can explore black holes, which throw you into an oldschool arcade shooting style world, IMO great fun.
You can defeat the different dominator races in a multitude of different ways, you can support the governments in many different ways. You can be a lone wolf, or you gather the strongest rangers you can find under your command. Theres just so many ways to play this game.
The only two drawbacks that I can think of: The pirates are somewhat overpowered if left on normal pirate aggression. I recommend tuning them down a little in the advanced difficulty settings (thats right, the game allows you to adjust the difficulty of pretty much anything in it seperately). They are more like some super-well financed, organized cyber-rampage crew, rather than a bunch of outlaws.
The second problem is that you now have to repair dominator weapons with nodes. This is on one hand really annoying, on the other hand somehow fair, because they are really, really strong.
The game has a steep, but fair learning curve and a lot of replayability value. I highly recommend it.
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7명 중 6명(86%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
102.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 21일
If you are prepared for a lot (!) of angry pirates, go ahead. It's fun to have a challenge.
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
168.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 27일
The very definition of space exploration game.
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
86.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 28일
Even better than the original!
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
35.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 17일
I remember playing the original Space Rangers 2 and how fun it was. Now that it's been updated with new missions, hulls, weapons, other equipment, enemies, and more, it adds the possibility of countless hours of gameplay while not being stuck doing the exact same thing! I love it!
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
84.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 20일
This game is actually among one of my favorites of all time. I have countless hours logged on Reboot (the pre-HD version) and even now greatly enjoy the game. There's a lot to do, some of the text adventures are fantastic (and so are the occasional odd translations!) and there infinite possibilities.

10/10 would buy again.
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4명 중 4명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
5.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 19일
Great game.
Greater concept.
Super hard robotic battle.
Try all possible combination Text base advanture.
One of the biggest time eater that i ever played.
Hard/Near impossible to get achievements. (i did a little Math.. to get all the achivements require at least 5 complete games and near 400 hours Real playing time).

I think that's about sums it up.

I give it a thumbs up but i wouldn't recommend everyone to try this one. IT's quite hard to start and learn for a space ship game.
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