Legends Unite! The Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin join other famous super heroes from the DC Universe including Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to save Gotham City from destruction at the hands of the notorious villains Lex Luthor and the Joker.
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Release Date: Jun 22, 2012

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About This Game

Legends Unite! The Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin join other famous super heroes from the DC Universe including Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to save Gotham City from destruction at the hands of the notorious villains Lex Luthor and the Joker.

Key Features

  • Collect 50 DC Comics characters and flex your new super abilities--soar through the air with free-roaming flight, freeze and push objects with Super-Breath, and heat up and cut holes through objects with Heat Vision.
  • Master new suits and gadgets such as Batman’s Power Suit and Robin’s Hazard Suit equipped with a Pressure Cannon that can absorb and dispense hazardous liquids.
  • Players can also explore Gotham City by walking, flying or unlocking and controlling a variety of cool vehicles including the Batmobile, Batwing and Batboat.
  • For the first time in a LEGO video game, hear the LEGO characters talk!
  • Enjoy the game with friends and family using easy drop-in/drop-out co-op play that features dynamic split screen.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ - 2x 2000 MHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
    • Video Card: NVIDIA 7600, 7800, 8xxx or better, ATI 1950 or better
    • DirectX®: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible Audio Device
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Additional: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer required
    • Processor: Quad core CPU 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or better; ATI HD3870 or better
    • Additional: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer required
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Positive (33 reviews)
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The Potato Dogeamon
( 4.5 hrs on record )
Posted: April 21
Its not hub world based

I will never forgive you Batman 3
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( 20.2 hrs on record )
Posted: April 16
10 out of 10
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( 1.4 hrs on record )
Posted: April 10
Another great Lego games addition. Batman+Lego=fun. Very charming art style, leaning a little into the Burtonesque.

Easily worth $30-40. Less than that on sale; its a no-brainer unless you hate Lego platformers.
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siege _ banana
( 92.4 hrs on record )
Posted: April 4
this game is an amazing game i would recommend it to lego game lovers
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( 40.2 hrs on record )
Posted: March 29
The game is very good. Along the lines of other lego games with puzzle solving,stud hunting and unlocking of characters. Liked the idea of roaming around gotham city and fighting crime. Found flying controls for characters a bit difficult at first but managed to master them soon after. Pity that DLC characters were not included in the game. Highly recommend the game to all lego/superhero fans.
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( 11.1 hrs on record )
Posted: March 29
great adventure
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( 11.9 hrs on record )
Posted: March 28
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Doge meister
( 8.8 hrs on record )
Posted: March 27
I was very satisfied, takes a bit to get used to then it's really fun, It is playable with one person, just don't click f2! I plan to finish this game
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( 4.0 hrs on record )
Posted: March 25

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( 9.4 hrs on record )
Posted: March 25
realy good and kid-frienldy game cant way't until lego batman vs superman
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Ethan Larrosa
( 1.6 hrs on record )
Posted: March 24
gust my game refuned for no reason
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( 12.1 hrs on record )
Posted: March 23
really good game
the open world in a lego game brings a lot of value to its playibility
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( 13.2 hrs on record )
Posted: March 15
You can drive the batmobile without a 30 fps cap.
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( 3.1 hrs on record )
Posted: February 27
LEGO, Batman, computer games...you would think combining them would create something wonderful. Sadly, not with 'LEGO Batman' and 'LEGO Batman 2'. I played 'LEGO Batman' and didn't really like it, thinking it was rather dull, frustrating, and hard to control with the keyboard. I later went on to 'LEGO Batman 2', hoping and half expecting improvements.

'LEGO Batman 2' is a whimsical and charming game, and improved upon its predecessor by having actual voice acting in the game. (The first game just featured characters making sound effects, like grunting.) However, this game still has the clunky keyboard controls (the default configuration makes no sense to me), unfriendly camera angles, and wonky pathfinding from the first.

In the end, 'LEGO Batman 2' is a mediocre PC port of a console game at best. TT Games did not bother to optimize it for the PC. The game does not automatically start in your system's default graphic resolution on the first run, which is unacceptable for a modern PC game. Plus, 'LEGO Batman 2' is best played using a controller because its keyboard controls are unintuitive. Reconfiguring the default keyboard controls improved my gaming experience a bit, but I still had to fight the weird game camera positioning.

Furthermore, 'LEGO Batman 2' is really designed for co-op play because the character that I was not controlling was not helpful in fighting off bad guys and solving puzzles in the single-player mode. Yet, the game does not offer online multiplayer. Having two people playing side-by-side may be nice (and nostalgic) if it is done on a console, but less ideal on a PC, especially if both players have to huddle around a single keyboard. That may be acceptable or tolerable back in the early 90s, but not in the 2000s.

Both 'LEGO Batman' and 'LEGO Batman 2' capitalize on our love of LEGO and Batman. It is unfortunate that TT Games did not put a bit more effort into making 'LEGO Batman 2' more PC-friendly, let alone improving on its gameplay. It is frustrating and disappointing to see TT Games seemingly coast in what they do despite having the lucrative properties of LEGO and DC characters to work off of.
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( 10.0 hrs on record )
Posted: February 27
Do you like Lego Marvel and Lego Star Wars? If you do skip this game.

Terrible camera angles that make the game nearly unplayable. game is very short too, i know i have about 10 hours of play on this but i can gaurentee you that at least half of that time is me trying to figure out where my charactor is or where the pointless thing i needed to break is. i found myself sick of the end game boss after the first 2 levels he was in.

skip this and go play marvel superheros
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( 30.5 hrs on record )
Posted: February 24
Love the Lego batman games.
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Daniel Düsentrieb
( 9.9 hrs on record )
Posted: February 18
Argiubly One of the best Lego games ever made.
+ Huge Open World mode
+Awesome Story
+Lego Humor
+Much stuff to collect (250 golden Bricks to unlock)

-no real cons
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( 8.5 hrs on record )
Posted: February 13
Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes is yet another yet another LEGO game made by Travellers Tales. This one released in 2012. Yep, casual platformer, but the first Lego game with talking characters and free-roam. It also came out for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, WiiU. And it also had handheld versions which are Nintendo DS, 3DS and PS Vita. They are quite different. Like, a lot of stuff in gameplay is different, levels were changed around, abilities. Oh, and no free-roam.
Consoles also had DLC and achievements. No achievements for Steam. As for DLCs, you are missing out on Heroes and Villians packs, each with 5 characters. Which are probably as good as reskins.

Technically, while it's better optimized than Lego Harry Potter 5-7, it's still known to be quite buggy. It still crashes sometimes, you see. I actually had two crashes in a row for pre-last level. Well, at least this game also introduced checkpoint saves.
It also was using the language that I had on my OS/computer, not what I set in Steam. Which annoys me, since hearing voice in English and seeing subtitles in different language confuses my mind, as I understand both. No, translation wasn't word-to-word, that's why.

Anyway, once again, it's a casual 3D platformer where you have infinite lives, has almost no challenge in combat, beat up everything to collect as much studs as possible to unlock neat stuff of tons of chars and collecting everything.
But this time with new additions.
If forget that these new additions are quite important to Lego series.

For normal levels there isn't much new to write about. They seem a bit more fun. And whole combo-numbers thing changed: instead of working as studs multiplier like in the first game, it does something else. If you do a throw on enemy while the combo is ongoing, upon death he will drop 100 * Combo Number of studs. And if you do the finishing move thing, the combo number will be doubled. It's not exactly as enganging mechanic, just kinda there to make you vary things up, I guess. Shame that x10 is the max.
Oh, and no more vehicle levels. Instead we have on-rails shooter. Which is nice fun, sensetive aiming aside.

Now, as for important ones, characters can now talk and hub got expanded enough to be counted as free-roam now.

Thanks to characters talking, the plot stepped up. While many will miss lego meme action, I think that it's a welcome feature. Like a good action/adventure/comedy, the story is quite awesome in this one, enganging. It sure beats a bit of repetetiveness of Lego games. It sure shows that this game for once has it's own storyline instead of being forced to do what movies have. Well, if forget that it also flopped a bit: It seems to mostly focus on Batman and Superman vs Lex Luthor and Joker. No villian story. And the other DC heroes, which are Justice League, appear only in the last two short levels. For shame!
Ah well, at least it's awesome to play as overpowered Superman.

Heck, there even was "Lego Batman Movie" released in the next year, which is based on plot of this game, even using modified cutscenes from here.

And then there is freeroam. Between missions and so you can explore the Gotham city, which is three island with tall buildings. And tall buildings. With lots of goodies hidden in them. And you might think: Hey, I can just fly with Superman to get all the goodies. Not to mentioning that game playes Superman theme when you fly with him, which is super awesome. But sadly, the flying control in free-roam sections is badly done. I mean, it's all fine when you are just flying, but when you want to land on top of building then it goes awry. I don't feel like descripting so I shall just yell ARGH. There, good enough of explanation?
Fine. It's mostly because you can't just drop immeditly to the ground and trying to tilt character down to the ground while flying will probably making him suddenly turn around and refuse to land. Or don't know, it's just painful.

Then again, game itself thinks that it would be too easy if you want to get gold bricks this way and instead it will want you to find Robin or Batman costume on the ground and then climb on top of building without losing it by changing character. Which is fun from what I tried so far. Yay climbing.

Navigating through it isn't as easy either. Sure doesn't help that path-studs seems to not always appears in time or take sharp turns.

Anyway, for story walkthrough it was a fun game that I beat on a single breath, but I am not sure how it is when trying to collect everything. Still will take it over older titles.
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4.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 21
Its not hub world based

I will never forgive you Batman 3
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25.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 12, 2015
Good times, same as all of the LEGO adventure games. Local Co-Op with a kid for maximum enjoyment,
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233 of 247 people (94%) found this review helpful
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98.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 31, 2014
So, I do recommend this game, because it's wicked fun, especially with two players, but it does have some problems.

I got this game because I'm really into Batman, and I wanted to try to get my 7 year old daughter into it too. I was playing Batman: Arkham City with her, but my wife found out about it, and she was not happy. So, we agreed that this way more kid-friendly game was probably a good compromise. And it is pretty kid-friendly as far as content goes. The characters are fun, and building LEGO stuff in-game to make vehicles and such is a blast. As far as my goal of getting my daughter into Batman, it worked like a charm, and now we're watching the movies and TV shows, and as soon as she can read I will start getting her some of the old comics. So there's that.

Now the problems: controls and bugs. The controls are pretty decent in single-player mode, but all hell breaks loose in multiplayer mode. Inside a level, if you and your partner are together in the same location, and one of you moves even a tiny bit while the other is doing something where you have to stay in one spot (i.e. aiming a batarang or Superman's heat vision, spraying something with water, etc.) the aim gets totally thrown off. If your partner is say, just hypothetically, a willful 7-year-old girl who will not listen to repeated cries of "STOP MOVING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!", it becomes hard to complete a task sometimes. Also, if you and your partner split up, the screen splits to give each player a view of where they're going, but it doesn't split just horizontally or vertically, it splits based on where you've moved. So, if your partner has moved above you, it splits somewhat horizontally. However if they move off at an angle, the screen splits perpendicular to that angle, so it's not always nice and square and you end up not being able to see much. Controls with the vehicles are mostly good, except for the flying vehicles for some reason. It seems like they're unable to move in the vertical axis and the horizontal at the same time. When completing flying challenges, it was mostly moving forward, stopping, then gaining or losing altitude, then stopping, then moving forward again, rather than a more fluid motion. If the flying vehicles controlled more like the flying characters it would be better.

Also, maybe this game was rushed, or maybe it's just me, but there seem to be a surprising amount of bugs and stuff in the game. Sometimes it crashed if another program required attention or if a notification popped up from Windows, and sometimes it crashed for no reason at all. Also, there were many places in the game where a character could get stuck and there'd be no choice but to have the other character go somewhere to unstick them. For example, you can get stuck in a few of the gargoyles on the rooftops of Gotham City, and this would require the other player to stop what they were doing and go enter the subway system, so that both characters would be reset to whereever you exited the subway. It's little, but when you're playing with a kid, and you can't drop what you're doing to go unstick them for the fourth time, it can become an issue.

Oh, and my wife wants me to note that since the male characters tend to have more useful powers than the female characters in this game, that the unlockable Batgirl character should've been allowed to use both Batman's and Robin's power suits. I tend to agree.

All this aside, the game is really fun, with a ton of characters to unlock, vehicles to unlock, decent level diversity, and a pretty fun overworld to explore. The inclusion of most of the 1989 Batman film soundtrack and the main theme of the 1978 Superman film is awesome. The game ran smoothly on old hardware (3 year old video card in a 7 year old computer) and Xbox controller integration is very nice. I'm definitely looking forward to further LEGO games, especially LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

8/10, would play again.
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23.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 27, 2014
It's the Justice League + an open-world Gotham full of shenanigans + writing that's going to mock its source material at any chance it can get + one of the strongest Lego games I can think of. If your friends will visit your place, it has 2P local co-op too. When the worst thing I can level against a game is "it's a bit similar to the last one, but not in a bland way", I would say that gets my seal of approval, yeah. Huge tip: rush through the story mode ASAP before you go back for collectables/unlocks, the simple ability to swap characters/turn on some of the cheats really makes that more pleasant.

My only complaint: game does not feature Green Arrow, but Black Canary got in somehow. Ah well, that'll probably come up in the sequel it teases at the end. (Spoilers: it teases a sequel at the end which will probably be crazier than this.)
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
In the original title, you were able to simulate building one singular Lego Batman. In this title, they've really upped the stakes and now you can build not one, but TWO Lego Batmen.
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15.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 14, 2014
This really should've just been called LEGO Justice League as it does have quite a few members in it, but the focus is clearly Superman and Batman with a story similar to the Animated Superman episode where he works with Batman against Lex Luthor and the Joker.

The game surprised me since after the first level it lets you walk around Gotham as a big open world! Not only that, but because of this that means there are many criminals hidden that you have to defeat before aquiring them as spare characters and the missions, like the last game, are replayable to get all the secrets that you either missed because you didn't see them or missed because you didn't have the powers needed.

There are a lot of villains in this one, some obscure ones too like Hush too. The story is very fun, but also quite epic too which is what I've grown to learn from these Lego games and I have a hell of a lot of fun with them too.

If you liked the pervious game, you'll love this one and if you want to buy this one and havn't played the first you're likly to enjoy it as there is no continuation with the story of either games, but it has been improved immensly since the last game.
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413.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 29, 2015
I've had a lot of fun playing this game with my kids. Young kids. 4-6 year olds that have had a blast.

Big open world, that once unlocked, makes the game replayable.

Even for an old guy like me, who enjoys open game worlds like GTA 4 and 5, I found this game very entertaining.

I found this game more fun than the more recent LB3. I can't understand why the developers have steered away from open world gameplay with more recent titles.
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18.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 22, 2014
I 'finished' the main story of this game (with help from GameFAQs and some Youtube.

I'll admit, I feel 'stupid' playing the Lego games as I quite often don't 'get' what I'm supposed to do to complete each area, and I wish the saves were at any time and not so rare, as sometimes I've lost progress because I needed to quit for the day and couldn't save some progress.

Still, the game is fun, its enjoyable, and worth buying.

I hope there's a sequel, and it seems to hint so at the end of the game. I won't spoil the ending, but its worth watching.

The voices are great. The levels fun. Its a keeper.

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26.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 22, 2014
The Good:
* Great, campy, 70's characters, story and visuals
* Lots to do and collect
* Storymode: good Lego fun around 8 hours
* Replay value with Freeplay clocking in around 16 hours

The Bad:
* Messy hub map interface is confusing for a long time
* Flying (esp with co-op keyboard) is almost impossible to control
* Crashes every few hours
* Small roster of characters with samey powers
* Batarangs have very limited range and weapons fire slowly
* Short 8 hour campaign is all over too soon
* Freeroam has only 5 kinds of task repeated dozens of times
* Co-op mared by bad design (paralysed on: change character, pick vehicle, open map, fight character, start mission, gold brick) really slow save every time you complete a task while baddies beat you up.

Background: Just finished Lego LOTR & Marvel. Like Batman comic books. Indifferent to the 80's-90's movies. Disliked Lego Batman 1.

Impressions: TT's continual changing of the hub world interface really bugs me. From game to game I have no idea how to navigate and spend ages trying to find a story mission.

After playing Lego LOTR and Marvel this feels like a huge let down. Which is unfair since this is a smaller and older game but it makes you appreciate how much better the games got after this.

Recommended for: TT Lego fans and those who like Batman really.

Conclusion: 6/10. You can bump this score up 1 if your not a Gloomy Gus like me.

I wrote this to help newbies understand how to play the game better and not flail around like I did. Follow these tips in the order shown and you'll get more out and less frustration.

The spoilers are very mild (are they even spoilers?) but I'm aware not everyone wants hand holding and they are around mechanics of play, there's nothing about the story or exactly how anything is done.

How to Play:
1. Complete story mode first
* You need to unlock characters in the final mission, don't even start on freeroam or freeplay till you complete

2. Find Characters with unique talents
* In freeroam (use batcomputer, pick a white dot and select to be teleported into town) fly around the sky and head for red skylight beams and land
* Use the computer terminal to find a baddie, note where they are standing as they taunt you (ground, top of building, etc)
* Use the ! MARKER tool to drop a marker on the baddies face in the MAP. Head for the red ! in your batcompass, locate the bad guy and walk up to them
* Most baddies just take a few punches while other require you to do some cleanup or damage to the local environment before take down
* Only buy the ones you want as money can be short at first: Lex, Ivy, Aquaman, Joker & Riddler are the only ones you really need

3. Red Helper Bricks
* To help even more get some red bricks for the now familiar helpers (esp. indicate gold bricks, attract studs, indicate mini-kit parts, stud multipliers)
* Use the batcomputer or the terminals around town (blue skylights easily found with a flying character) and press SCAN on the MAP to find Red dots
* As before use the marker system to mark the red dot, go to it and complete a task to reveal the brick for purchase

4. Freeplay re-runs of the story missions
Now you can better complete freeplay re-runs of the story missions with all the tools you need.
* Use the Batcomputer and select the numbered disks to play the story missions
* Ideally collect all the minikits, rescue the guy in peril and get 100% on the stud collector for extra gold bricks

5. Get Cash for freeroam vehicles, characters and red bricks
* To get cash I found the stud multipliers, turned on, switch to Green Lantern, build and smash the green piles around the streets in the middle map for purple and blue studs

6. How to use the Map system.
While Scanning you also reveal dots that lead you to the following...
* Citizens in Peril: Save the poor soles from their situation for a gold bricks
* Collapsed arches: rebuild, if you have enough gold bricks, to reveal a bonus character to buy
* Beat up baddies: beat enough and you can add them to your roster
* Stud trails: leading to gold bricks which require certain outfits and characters
* Gold items: Melt with heat vision to reveal gold bricks
* Riddler/Joker boxes: Only they can open these and usually have a red brick in them
* Flash Builds: Only Flash can build these structures
* Vehicles: Shown on the map and take serious cash to buy
* Environmental tasks: shooting stuff, remote-control, riding and pulling switches
* Water: Aquaman can swim underwater
In Missions...
* Black bricks: Only Lex's ray can shatter them
* Ivy flowers: Able to tunnel through the ground
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26.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 8, 2014
An open world lego game, similar to the Marvel Superheroes Lego game. Lots of characters, vehicles, levels to play (and re-play), and an open world to fool around in. I don't know what it would be like to play this with an adult (probably less frustrating) but my 6 year old absolutely loves the game, and it gets a huge recommendation from me for anyone with kids. The entire series does, really.
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7.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 10, 2014
Of all the Lego games out there, Lego Batman 2 is the best I think. It took what worked from the other Lego games, and added more stuff to make it even more entertaining. What I think is most important to take into account here is the effort that was put into the voice cast. This was the first lego game that featured talking characters and they did one hell of a job. You'd expect this kind of quality from the Arkham games, but Lego has quite the list of A-list voice actors repraising their roles from the 90s cartoons. Additionally, this instalment adds the members of the Justice Leage as playable characters, making this the best Superman Game ever made.
There is one reason to play this: to fly through the sky as superman with John Williams' score in the background. Need I say more?
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12.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 25, 2015
Another fun Lego game this was :D
It's a pretty big game so if you want to finish it 100% you should take about 18-20 hours which is nice.

I'm always a fan of allot of gametime.
Currently im at 60% and finished the game so im done with the game, because it has no Achievements.

The storyline was a good one and the missions are lengthy.
Mainly using Batman & Robin and they can use suits which have different powers, its well done.

3 things in this game irritated doh:
- #1 is Flying, its not very good.
- #2 is The map, when ever you bring it up you must go esc > show map (and it keep shows Batcave and not your current location so you must scroll threw the map everytime)
- #3 is Gold Bricks, do you even Gold Brick? because it has 250 of them and when you find 1 you have to wait like 30seconds after you get it before you can move. It's so dumb first it saves and then you can't move. So you end up keep being killed by random spawning enemy's.

Other then that great game and a good deal in the Lego Batman Trilogy Pack.
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3.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 10, 2014
Well...its interesting. Though there are no steam achievements. There is also no dlc. Howver this didnt stop a bunch of intrepid players from not only making the DLC work for this game....but also making it so we can see some hidden dropped characters as well. SOoooo.....consoles can get 10 extra characters....PC can get 20.

This game starts very linear....unlike MArvel heros....the game pushes youthrough its story....wont let you choose other characters for a long while....and you cant switch until much later in the game.

If you like Batman and DC and Lego games...you will like this one.
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44.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2013
At first, this game may look like a really stupid game that someone like me shouldn't be playing when I play things like Warframe, Portal and other various teen games. I bought this quite a while ago, but I've gotten into it a lot more than I thought I would. The game is crafted very well, being able to play as Batman, Robin, Superman, the rest of the Justice League and all of Batman's iconic villians. It also has a bit of humour in it, so that's good as well. I've always liked these games, especially this one. If you've played these games before and you love DC, then you would love this game.

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13.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 16, 2014
LEGO Batman 2 is awesome.

Let me break it down; Lex Luthor loses Man of the Year to Bruce Wayne, madness ensues when the Joker breaks the ceremony, cue Bruce Wayne leaving and reappearing as Batman. He saves the day. But, an angry Lex has a new weapon used to let the villains of Gotham loose from Arkham Asylum, the Joker wreaking the most havok. Batman manages to re-capture most of the villains, but the Joker is still on the loose. The rest of the game is an epic story of cat vs. mouse searching and fighting in classic LEGO fashion. Destroying stuff and collecting studs. Unlocking characters and wreaking havok.

What's noteworthy about LEGO Batman 2 is the full voice cast, the open world Gotham, which, while not huge, is respectably big if you're running around as Batman instead of flying across the map as Superman. The graphics are impressive, it seems TT keeps outdoing themselves with the lighting and textures on a number of the models. Gameplay is classic LEGO gameplay. Jump, punch, switch character, special move and camera/movement.

I have to say, especially with how the game ends, I'm very excited for LEGO Batman 3, which will be set in space featuring a different villain, Green Lantern's foe Brainiac.

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19.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 20, 2014
As far as LEGO games go, this game is definitely... well, a LEGO game.

What I mean by this is that if you have ever played a LEGO game in your life then you already know everything there is to know mechanically about this game. In my experience, LEGO games are not so much about ground breaking, innovative gameplay; but rather, immensely enjoyable fun for the whole family that comes in all kinds of assorted flavors. Personally, I find the Star Wars flavor to be the best out of all of them, but for the same reason that a die-hard LOTR fan would tell you that the Lord of the Rings LEGO Games are the best.

Overall, if you haven't ever played a LEGO game, then don't just buy the "latest and greatest". Buy a flavor you love, and I promise you won't be disappointed :)
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Posted: October 7, 2014
It's a great game; the voice acting and the story are fantastic. However, if you've played other new Lego games(such as Lego Marvel) you will be disappointed by several things. The flight controls are wonky, the map is hard to use, and no matter who you unlock you WILL have to use Batman&Robin's suits now and again. It's still a great game though. Also, you get Superman very early and he's one of the strongest characters in any Lego game. Then you just start breezing through.
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Posted: May 21, 2014
I didn't really find this one quite as much fun as the other LEGO games.
It seems to have a bit less LEGO and comedy relief than the other games.

But it's still a pretty good game, I would recommend it for Batman fans.
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Posted: November 25, 2013
SHAUN 14 hours ago
it's a lego game.
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