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New users who start a C9 account between now and April 4th, 2013 will receive a free in-game gift.
Data di rilascio: 13 set 2012
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"Combat mechanism: 10/10 Nearly perfect"
9/10 - http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/35/20120718/Continents_of_the_Ninth_Review_by_Heartless-5007107fccd078313-1.html
"The PvP relies on player skill instead of simply determining the outcome of fights based on time invested into player gear."
4.2/5 - http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/C9-Continent-of-the-Ninth-Seal/review/C9-Review-Action-Based-MMORPG
"You'll even find yourself saying "wow" and having your jaw drop."
9.5/10 - http://www.ercgaming.com/reviews/m/2205987/article/876128/tag/C9

Informazioni sul gioco

The Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) is an action MORPG. Players take part in the game as heroes of Glenheim to stand against Nefer, an evil villain trying to open a gate to the Netherworld and swarm the land with his infernal legion. C9 showcases quality visuals, strategic combat, and a gripping story. Choose a character that best represents how you want to experience the game. The four base classes -- Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, and Witchblade -- can each upgrade into multiple advanced classes, all of which are unique in their skills, visuals, and play styles. The console-like controls, various skill combos, and RPG-based elements, make C9 a satisfying choice for all fans of action games.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Action RPG

    The Continent of the Ninth Seal is a wholly unique action MORPG experience. With its non-targeting combat, you no longer have to suffer with “locking on” to a single enemy! C9 gives you the freedom to lay waste to any enemy foolish enough to get in range of your sweeping weapons. This unique system has earned C9 five awards, including Grand Game Award Korea in 2009.
  • Various Skill Combos

    Enjoy the complete freedom of combining skills and commands with cancellations and evasions to create an almost unlimited number of combos. Chain your attacks together and see just how much damage you can do in a single frenzy of attacks! Hack through every enemy that gets in your way!
  • Precise Controls

    C9 features precise, customizable controls using either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. Unlike other RPGs, the way you control your character determines whether or not you survive! No more pushing the same four buttons over and over in a tedious rotation. Your hands will never be at rest during combat. With enough skill and practice, you can learn how to juggle and control your enemies with such precision they never have the chance to fight back!
  • PvP

    Player versus player is a core element of C9. Players can use the combos they have perfected in various PvP modes. Use your skills with just the right timing, and chain your combos together perfectly to secure your victory!
  • Ultimate Fury Skills

    Ultimate Fury Skills are the most powerful skills a player can learn. These skills boast supreme damage with very impressive visual effects. Each advanced class has its own, unique ultimate fury skill.
  • Diverse Content

    C9 allows you to enhance items, build guild housing, craft items, and remodel equipment; very popular features to players of online RPGs. The game also features a unique Legend system to display your in-game achievements to other players and express the personality of your character.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:AMD Athlon XP 2400+, Intel Single Core 2.4GHz
    • Memory:512MB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI Radeon 9800, Geforce 6600 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, Intel Duel Core 3.0GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI Radeon HD1900, Geforce 8000 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
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Ignore my shown play time, I always play on the non-Steam version. I've found that for online games that are updated through their own launcher, rather than the Steam client, that it's not uncommon for some people to have problems with it, so it's best to use the non-Steam version.

Basics about the game:
C9 is a PvE centric (not massively) multiplayer online brawler/hack n' slash, with RPG mechanics like character and skill leveling, equipment, crafting, guilds, and loot to gather. You can largely play it just fine solo, but it can be more fun when playing with up to three of your friends. The controls are solid, and the action is fast, so if this is the kind of game you're into, it can be a lot of fun.

This is one of those games with a town hub, and instanced dungeons like others of this genre (Dungeon Fighter Online, Rusty Hearts, Dragon Nest, etc..). Major game zones are split up into continents, and as of the time of this review up to the first half of the sixth continent has been released. The level cap increases as more zones are added, then the difficulty of the mobs, and number of mechanics at work you need to make use of increases the further along you go.

One warning is that it's a peer to peer game published to a global area (bad combination), so if you play with others, it's best to stick with people that at least live in the same continent as you. If you join up with anyone, and they're on the other side of the planet or such, the latency/lag could be pretty bad.

----Extra info on common questions, and discussions.----

If it's a PvE game, why are others swearing that it's a PvP game?:
Why people try to claim C9 is a PvP game, is completely beyond me. Here's the thing, you level up through PvE, get equipment through PvE, and the game is always trying to send you into dungeons to fight mobs, which is PvE. Everything in the game, including the PvP, and PvP related things by extension, requires you to do PvE, as your levels and equipment from PvE, carry over to PvP. In C9, PvP is really just an optional side activity for the sake of bragging rights, and can easily be completely ignored. If you don't like the PvE in C9, or in games on a whole, don't even bother downloading C9, as PvE is completely unavoidable.

I've seen various people complaining non-stop about everything under the sun relating to this game, or other similar games, and more often than not, they're the people trying play a PvE game, just for the PvP. If asked why they think it's a PvP game, they will say things like "because it is," or talk about how much they like the combat compare to other games, which is the same basic combat as in PvE. It just feels like they made a mistake in playing a PvE game for the PvP, but refuse to acknowledge their error, so blame the game, the publisher, the developer, and anything else they can think of instead. If you want to play a game for its PvP, it really should have a strong focus on PvP at a design level, such as seen in the various PvP arena games, or online CCGs, C9 certainly doesn't have such a focus.

Is it pay to win?:
Short answer, no. The long answer is that any free to play game, and even various buy to play, or pay to play games will sell pay advantages, so the important thing is the degree of pay advantage available. In C9 the worst are likely a base necklace that can be used to make various rather strong ones that has a very low chance of showing up in a random box, then souls and auspice that provide bonuses to various stats. None of the advantages offered though are so large that you can't get by without them, they just make things easier, or faster really.

Does it have a stamina system?:
Yes, but unless you for instance spend all day playing, or hammer through dungeons you're over powered for as fast as you can, you likely won't run out of stamina. Then even if you do, with twelve character slots, you could always play another character.

I've heard people say Webzen (the publisher) really sucks:
For basically any foreign developed game that has been released for a while, you'll pretty much always see some people go on about how its publisher is supposedly the worst one out there. The ones saying how bad Webzen supposedly is are also generally the people trying to play it just for the PvP, which as I mentioned in the PvP note, doesn't work out well. Then some people will complain about anything really, no matter how crazy it may be. Seen people complain about how the free stuff you get just for logging in was supposedly not enough, or even too much. Welcome to the Internet.

Webzen keeps updating the game with new content, has a continual flow of in-game events, cash shop items are decently priced, with no clear pay to win, they seem to be trying to listen and talk to players reasonably well as of late, and the rate they get back to tickets has picked up from what it used to be. Before 2014, I'd have said aside from poor communication, they're pretty good compare to others, now even that's not half bad.
Pubblicata: 26 maggio
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if u like soul calibur and mmo's without the grinding this is the game for u :D
Pubblicata: 21 giugno
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Ok so the game is freaking awsome. The graphics, the armor, the costumes, the skills everything is really fun and addicting, but (there is always a but in a game) the game has some issues. As I said the looks and the skills, animations they look very nice and thats very good because most of the time you will be killing some mobs or other players. They're adding content new classes,levels,dungeons all sort of stuff. Ofcourse the game have some technical problems and in later levels when you want to upgrade your gear you may start thinking it's a bit P2W, but the game is awsome I have played over 1000 hours the steam hours say it incorectly because i downloaded it from the site a LONG time ago i played it for a very long time and i can give this 8/10 easily. If your going to download the game do it from the website, cuz steam doesnt work with c9 very good.
Pubblicata: 19 maggio
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Continent of the Ninth Seal or C9 is a great action game, and is in my opinion right up there with vindictus. C9 might not be as polished as other games like it, and it even is a little grindy in some places but it most definitely has a fun factor that I cannot deny. I enjoy the game for what it is, a decent free to play action mmo, and I think if give it a try, you all might like it as well.
Pubblicata: 26 marzo
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The first of all I do not recommend to play this via steam - it's buggy. The second is that this game is really good, it's PvP and dungeon based.
° Free to play
° Fast EXP rate
° 12 character slots available
° Good looking characters and skills (there are Fury Skills - Ultimates) e.g. http://youtu.be/nqjTrvfb-Bo?t=3s
° Skill based PvP
° You can make your own combos and skill builds
° Many events and sales
° A lot of dungeons (various modes like hell/extreme/nightmare)
° Wonderful music
° Isn't P2W, you can get everything without spending cash
° A lot of classes:
Fighter (male)
⋆ Warrior - Destroyer after lvl 50 (Sword and shield) STR
⋆ Berserker - Blood thief after lvl 50 (Greatsword) STR
⋆ Blademaster - Blade Emperor after lvl 50 (Longsword and a buckler on his back) STR
⋆ Guardian - Paragon Defender after lvl 50 (Sword and bulwark) STR
Hunter (male)
⋆ Ranger - Wind Sweeper after lvl 50 (Dagger and bow) STR
⋆ Assasin - Crimson Phantom after lvl 50 (Dagger and bow) STR
⋆ Shadow - Crow after lvl 50 (Two daggers) STR
⋆ Gunslinger - Gear Executor after lvl 50 (Dual guns and musket) STR
⋆ Scout - Firebrand after lvl 50 (Blade and bow) WIS mostly, but can be STR too
Shaman (female)
⋆ Elementalist - Elemental Empress after lvl 50 (Staff) WIS
⋆ Illusionist - Cipher after lvl 50 (Staff) WIS
⋆ Demonisher - Soulreaper after lvl 50 (Evil eye) WIS
⋆ Reaper - Deathdealer after lvl 50 (Scythe) STR
⋆ Taoist - Arbiter after lvl 50 (Staff if WIS, rod if STR) WIS or STR
Witchblade (female)
⋆ Warden - Amphitrite after lvl 50 (Dagger and blade) WIS
⋆ Slayer - Punisher after lvl 50 (Dagger and blade) STR
⋆ Bladedancer - Iliphia Rose after lvl 50 (Dual blades) STR
⋆ Nightstalker - Ren Eretique after lvl 50 (Chain Blade) WIS
Mystic (female)
⋆ Battle Maiden - Lumen Empress after lvl 50 (Hammer) STR
⋆ Erta (not released yet)

I will update this post once a new class will come out. (There will be more classes for sure in future)
All classes after 50 lvl class change gets Fury Skill which is PvE only and different from other games, this skill looks amazing, very flashy, with cinematic elements. More about classes in YouTube.

"Combat mechanism: 10/10 Nearly perfect"
"The PvP relies on player skill instead of simply determining the outcome of fights based on time invested into player gear."
4.2/5 - ONRPG.COM
"You'll even find yourself saying "wow" and having your jaw drop."
9.5/10 - ErcGaming.com
Bad things about this game:
° Poor customer support
° Gender lock (doesn't matter for me, but some people don't like it)
° People there are more into PvE than PvP
° Unbalanced classes in PvE (for example Gunslinger is PvE god with big AoE and big damage while Assasin mostly uses grabs and attacks on a single target)
° PvE might get boring at lvl 50+ when EXP rate slows down

I'm giving 9/10 for this game. If you are interested in this game check AegisRick channel in YouTube for some PvP videos.
EDIT: This game is going to become "Pay 2 Win" soon or it might even die. New GMs literally f*cked up this game, mostly it requires real money or 24/7 farming to catch up with others and everything (especially event prizes) are random. New game content is worse than the old one, WEBZEN doesn't care about players, only their money, they even banned Youtubers who supported and promoted this game for years just because of their opinion. That's all I have to say now.
Pubblicata: 6 dicembre 2013
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