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Пуснете Continent of the Ninth Seal



"Combat mechanism: 10/10 Nearly perfect"
9/10 -
"The PvP relies on player skill instead of simply determining the outcome of fights based on time invested into player gear."
4.2/5 -
"You'll even find yourself saying "wow" and having your jaw drop."
9.5/10 -

Относно тази игра

The Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) is an action MORPG. Players take part in the game as heroes of Glenheim to stand against Nefer, an evil villain trying to open a gate to the Netherworld and swarm the land with his infernal legion. C9 showcases quality visuals, strategic combat, and a gripping story. Choose a character that best represents how you want to experience the game. The four base classes -- Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, and Witchblade -- can each upgrade into multiple advanced classes, all of which are unique in their skills, visuals, and play styles. The console-like controls, various skill combos, and RPG-based elements, make C9 a satisfying choice for all fans of action games.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Action RPG

    The Continent of the Ninth Seal is a wholly unique action MORPG experience. With its non-targeting combat, you no longer have to suffer with “locking on” to a single enemy! C9 gives you the freedom to lay waste to any enemy foolish enough to get in range of your sweeping weapons. This unique system has earned C9 five awards, including Grand Game Award Korea in 2009.
  • Various Skill Combos

    Enjoy the complete freedom of combining skills and commands with cancellations and evasions to create an almost unlimited number of combos. Chain your attacks together and see just how much damage you can do in a single frenzy of attacks! Hack through every enemy that gets in your way!
  • Precise Controls

    C9 features precise, customizable controls using either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. Unlike other RPGs, the way you control your character determines whether or not you survive! No more pushing the same four buttons over and over in a tedious rotation. Your hands will never be at rest during combat. With enough skill and practice, you can learn how to juggle and control your enemies with such precision they never have the chance to fight back!
  • PvP

    Player versus player is a core element of C9. Players can use the combos they have perfected in various PvP modes. Use your skills with just the right timing, and chain your combos together perfectly to secure your victory!
  • Ultimate Fury Skills

    Ultimate Fury Skills are the most powerful skills a player can learn. These skills boast supreme damage with very impressive visual effects. Each advanced class has its own, unique ultimate fury skill.
  • Diverse Content

    C9 allows you to enhance items, build guild housing, craft items, and remodel equipment; very popular features to players of online RPGs. The game also features a unique Legend system to display your in-game achievements to other players and express the personality of your character.

Системни изисквания

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:AMD Athlon XP 2400+, Intel Single Core 2.4GHz
    • Memory:512MB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI Radeon 9800, Geforce 6600 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, Intel Duel Core 3.0GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI Radeon HD1900, Geforce 8000 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
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Публикувани: 23 юни
Great mmorpg
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Публикувани: 19 юни
My review of this game it's freaking awesome! really alot of fun! This said i can't recommend it due to the issue i was having. Every 20-40 minutes of playing the game i'd start getting a error pop-up saying the game didn't have enough memory... My video card has more memory than double the recommended stats for the whole game, and my computer is running 16g of ram... there's no way it should run out of memory! Great game was having alot of fun but this error has driven me off the game.
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Публикувани: 12 юни
get an error when i try to link my webzen account to steam, get an error when i try to make a new account

i literally cannot play this game on here
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Публикувани: 11 юни
I played this game when it was released OBT (2012). I played it for about 3 years until 2015. My playtime here is not recorded from the start because I created my steam account only last 2014 and the playtime is not fully recorded due to some bugs in the launcher.

I stopped playing this because:

1.) The server migrated SEA users from US Server (Im from SEA country, PH). I abandoned some of my friends there.

2.) Webzen Customer Support Sucks. They reply to you 5-7 days after you report your problem.

3.) Too many gold sellers and spammers in the world chat. And in every town you can see them spamming also in the normal chat. For 3 years of playing and until now they haven't find a solution for that! WEW.....

4.) It become a Pay-To-Win game. They said that they will only sell costumes to make your character looks good in their marketplace and it doesn't affect the performance game. But look on their website now. You can see plenty of BS happening right now.

5.) The community. The PVE Partying system is now dead. If you're a new player you'll end up running dungeons solo. And some only helps you if you got Dimensional Fissure in your dungeon run.

6.) Dungeon runs are boring. Even the story in-game are boring too.

What I love in this game is the PVP!!!! The best PVP experience I've ever had. Whether it's a team match or solo or relay match! (sadly to say PVP system now sucks because most of the players now there are big time spender in-game and they can easily beat you out of the crap even with no PVP skills. Crap crap crap pfttt.)
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Публикувани: 29 май
I Have almost 10 Hours into this game and it is really fun.
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Публикувани: 24 май
the game wont open why? i press play but the game wont open ???!!
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( 27.2 изиграни часа )
Публикувани: 23 май
worth it for sure, best pvp ive ever experienced in MMORPG, US server is kinda slow. Only regrets are the server lag and random downtimes. Not webzens primary money maker so it doesnt get as much attention as the others. The amount of customization for your pvp or pve styles makes it so unique but to change your skill set you must have alot of money because they are locked in once you select them unlike BnS.

--- Best pvp ever
--- Low pop and webzen's runt of the litter
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Публикувани: 18 май
1/10 there are way to many look alike games and im sorry this game has no origanalty it needs a 1 due to its just a cheap copy of vindictus(which was pritty good) the community died out and the players you meet in game are toxic to newcomers this game is dying and its only a matter of time before they close down the servers but in all maybe a 1/10 was to harsh but please if you want to save this game fix the login and change the game into somthink better add a counter attack system a dodge the only players left are the die hard few that have started there mmo and have stuck with it and dont want to start again on a diffrent game which is fair enough good luck to you all that are still playing i choose to refuse this game
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Публикувани: 11 юни
I played this game when it was released OBT (2012). I played it for about 3 years until 2015. My playtime here is not recorded from the start because I created my steam account only last 2014 and the playtime is not fully recorded due to some bugs in the launcher.

I stopped playing this because:

1.) The server migrated SEA users from US Server (Im from SEA country, PH). I abandoned some of my friends there.

2.) Webzen Customer Support Sucks. They reply to you 5-7 days after you report your problem.

3.) Too many gold sellers and spammers in the world chat. And in every town you can see them spamming also in the normal chat. For 3 years of playing and until now they haven't find a solution for that! WEW.....

4.) It become a Pay-To-Win game. They said that they will only sell costumes to make your character looks good in their marketplace and it doesn't affect the performance game. But look on their website now. You can see plenty of BS happening right now.

5.) The community. The PVE Partying system is now dead. If you're a new player you'll end up running dungeons solo. And some only helps you if you got Dimensional Fissure in your dungeon run.

6.) Dungeon runs are boring. Even the story in-game are boring too.

What I love in this game is the PVP!!!! The best PVP experience I've ever had. Whether it's a team match or solo or relay match! (sadly to say PVP system now sucks because most of the players now there are big time spender in-game and they can easily beat you out of the crap even with no PVP skills. Crap crap crap pfttt.)
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Публикувани: 5 март 2014
I think it's about time to write a review of C9 since I've been playing it for nearly 2 years.

What is C9?

C9, or Continent of the Ninth Seal is an MMORPG run by Webzen. C9 has a heavy focus on PVP, which features an innovative combo system and a gameplay which requires precision and timing.
PVE wise C9 has instance style dungeons that can be accessed from towns.
If you are looking for an action MMO, then C9 could be your perfect choice.

There are however some issues, which could ruin your overall experience:
- Webzen does not care its' customers. If you get scammed or hacked they won't help.
- The game servers are lagging, and the peer2peer system can be abused in PVP.

These two things you must keep in mind if you decide to play this, otherwise great game.
So let's see the PROS and CONS now in short.

- Innovative combat system. This game is NOT a point-n-click RPG, you need to do all the action yourself, much like in a hack-n-slash game, like DMC for example.
- 5 base classes, which divided to over 20 subclasses. All with their unique gameplay, as well as strenghts and weaknesses.
- Game is well optimized. It will run well on a weaker PC too.
- Easy to learn, hard to master.

- Webzen. They are basicly the tumor of this game. If C9 would be run by another company, it would be way better.
- Slow bug fixes, and recent updates are breaking the game balance, adding straight out broken classes and pay2win items.
- Horrible community.

So the verdict:
If you are a casual player, then this game might turn you away for the reasons mentioned above. But if you are willing to invest enough time and effort, and maybe money then C9 is just the game for you, since it's a lot of fun once you get better with your class.......and the game doesn't lag, that is.
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Публикувани: 8 август 2015
i was a long time player in this game, the combat is great, its pretty much a hack n slash in mmo form, the dungeons are alright at the start but become better later on, there are SO MANY CLASSES, you start with about 6 that branch off to 3-5 different classes each that change the play style of the class tremendously, the difficulty is incredibly hard late game but simple early, BUT

i cant reccomend this,

webzen is a horrendous website that will do ANYTHING to stop you from playing, if your a new player, it might not effect you but if your a returning player....good luck, the pvp is fantastic but full of people that will destroy you via great gear and its laggy most of the time, and finaly its P2W sadly its true, and not a small amount of P2W that might be tolerable, im talking full sets of INCREDIBLY difficult to aquire gear legit just dropped in your hands forever or for a limited time, upgrade stones (that make your gear incredibly powerful and is hard to find and harder to apply to gear, just given to you with a 100% succses chance if you buy it, pets that give you stats, titles that give you game breaking stats and so on, TL,DR great game horrible publishers wouldent reccomend it unless you dont care about P2W in pvp ( PVE is uneffected)

EDIT: alright il get a little bit more descriptive of this P2W problem that this game has, you pretty much cant progress the game properly without some sort of payment or a massive amount of play time(including a massive amount of luck),

Problem one : Luck

You might ask "but why do i need luck?" well then buckle up because almost everything needs luck in this game, first thing being the upgrade system, that you must do every time you get new gear (granted you dont get new get that often), its a pretty basic system most games have it, upgrade material tier 1 can make weapon tier 1 stronger, giving it a basic damage bonus that ramps up to an astronomical level the more you upgrade, and give extra stats every 5 or so upgrades, but weapons can break if you upgrade em too much, sounds like a fair risk/reward thing going on right? well it isint, first off the chances of an upgrade working is fairly low, its a damn miricle getting gear to +9 (the reccomended tier, any higher will risk it breaking) topping the maximum to about +16 i think?, but you can make sure gear dosent break by using a special material that saves it if it fails, where do you get it you ask, a special daily event? no, a difficult to do team dungeon?, no, the cash shop? yep, its a cash item, an item thats needed to keep your incredibly hard to get weapon from not a cash item, to make matters worse you can get stones that instantly level your gear to a specific number risk free, and by the way, it costs gold to upgrade them, and the cost ramps up the stronger the tier of upgrade, most of your gold WILL be spent on upgrading ♥♥♥♥.

and that cash shop comes with stuff like, buying pets, cosmetics that increase stats greatly,invintory slots (your guy has a handbag for an invintory by the way, its a mini space management game too!! how fun) that sort of stuff.

now lets continue about this amazing pay system they have shall we? but before we do let me tell you about the "skill books", these skill books are end game items that you can use and find at lvl 50 and above, these books can only be used by a specific class, meaning there are about over 20 types of books for all the classes, these books can increase stats, give a special effect when using a skill ( when using skill A, book will activate making you do 50% more damage for 3 seconds) for example, and ADD ON to existing skills, makeing them much more powerfull and changeing the animation and visual look of the skill, dont worry you can find these game breaking books in dungeons. that is, the common ones, the white,green and sometimes blue rarity books that give minor bonuses, you see to get the good ones you need to be strong and luckey, how strong? well doing end game dungeons in maximum difficulty, how luckey? luckey enough to find a "dimentional" boss, these ♥♥♥♥ers are much stronger then normal bosses, but drop fat loot, problem is, the show up once every 20 or more runs, but if your not up to impossible tasks you can always COMBINE books for a chance of a higher rarity book dropping, 6 books turn into one random book of your sacrificed book quality or higher, by random i mean literally can be any book from the 20+ classes, unless you sacrificed 6 of the same class books, but finding six of the same class books is difficult in itself, anyway blah blah blah how do i get these game breaking god items wihtout spending my life in the game? trade maybe? nah you cant trade em (have fun filling your invintory btw) cash shop, yeah thats the ticket, but thats also random, so you have to buy a chest with real money to maybe get something thats related to what you want, but hey its gonne be rare at least.

damn theres allot to write about, im just gonna stop it here for now, theres too much to say, might update this again later or when someone has a question, but damn, all that and its pretty much just cash shop problems, thats an achivement in itself.
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Публикувани: 26 май 2014
Ignore my shown play time, I always play on the non-Steam version. I've found that online games, and Steam don't tend to mix that well often enough, so use the non-Steam version whenever possible, and suggest that others do the same.

Basics about the game:
C9 is a PvE centric (not massively) multiplayer online brawler/hack n' slash, with RPG mechanics like character and skill leveling, equipment, crafting, guilds, and loot to gather. You can largely play it just fine solo, but it can be more fun when playing with up to three of your friends. The controls are solid, and the action is fast, so if this is the kind of game you're into, it can be a lot of fun.

This is one of those games with a town hub, and instanced dungeons like others of this genre (Dungeon Fighter Online, Rusty Hearts, Dragon Nest, etc..). Major game zones are split up into continents, and as of the time of this review up to the first half of the sixth continent has been released. The level cap increases as more zones are added, then the difficulty of the mobs, and number of mechanics at work you need to make use of increases the further along you go.

One warning is that it's a peer to peer game published to a global area (bad combination), so if you play with others, it's best to stick with people that at least live in the same continent as you. If you join up with anyone, and they're on the other side of the planet or such, the latency/lag could be pretty bad.

----Extra info on common questions, and discussions.----

If it's a PvE game, why are others swearing that it's a PvP game?:
Why people try to claim C9 is a PvP game, is completely beyond me. Here's the thing, you level up through PvE, get equipment through PvE, and the game is always trying to send you into dungeons to fight mobs, which is PvE. Everything in the game, including the PvP, and PvP related things by extension, requires you to do PvE, as your levels and equipment from PvE, carry over to PvP. In C9, PvP is really just an optional side activity for the sake of bragging rights, and can easily be completely ignored. If you don't like the PvE in C9, or in games on a whole, don't even bother downloading C9, as PvE is completely unavoidable.

I've seen various people complaining non-stop about everything under the sun relating to this game, or other similar games, and more often than not, they're the people trying play a PvE game, just for the PvP. If asked why they think it's a PvP game, they will say things like "because it is," or talk about how much they like the combat compare to other games, which is the same basic combat as in PvE. It just feels like they made a mistake in playing a PvE game for the PvP, but refuse to acknowledge their error, so blame the game, the publisher, the developer, and anything else they can think of instead. If you want to play a game for its PvP, it really should have a strong focus on PvP at a design level, such as seen in the various PvP arena games, or online CCGs, C9 certainly doesn't have such a focus.

Is it pay to win?:
Short answer, no. The long answer is that any free to play game, and even various buy to play, or pay to play games will sell pay advantages, so the important thing is the degree of pay advantage available. In C9 the worst are likely a base necklace that can be used to make various rather strong ones that has a very low chance of showing up in a random box, then souls and auspice that provide bonuses to various stats. None of the advantages offered though are so large that you can't get by without them, they just make things easier, or faster really.

Does it have a stamina system?:
Yes, but unless you for instance spend all day playing, or hammer through dungeons you're over powered for as fast as you can, you likely won't run out of stamina. Then even if you do, with twelve character slots, you could always play another character.

I've heard people say Webzen (the publisher) really sucks:
For basically any foreign developed game that has been released for a while, you'll pretty much always see some people go on about how its publisher is supposedly the worst one out there. The ones saying how bad Webzen supposedly is are also generally the people trying to play it just for the PvP, which as I mentioned in the PvP note, doesn't work out well. Then some people will complain about anything really, no matter how crazy it may be. Seen people complain about how the free stuff you get just for logging in was supposedly not enough, or even too much. Welcome to the Internet.

Webzen keeps updating the game with new content, has a continual flow of in-game events, cash shop items are decently priced, with no clear pay to win, they seem to be trying to listen and talk to players reasonably well as of late, and the rate they get back to tickets has picked up from what it used to be. Before 2014, I'd have said aside from poor communication, they're pretty good compare to others, now even that's not half bad.
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Публикувани: 11 май 2015
One of the most fun MMORPG games I've ever played! over 20 diffrent classes to choise from and 67 levels (so far) and 6 diffrent continents to go through and on your way to max level, you will recive alot of skills, 1 ultimatefury skill that will ♥♥♥♥ everything in its way, skillbooks to change your skills and give you extra advantage and alot more!

Alot diffrent classes and playstyle
Hours of fun gameplay
Crazy combo's to be learned
Pets (do I need to say more?)

Not many PvP'er anymore sadly
Community is halfbad, to much kids in game sometimes.
Player ressistance in PvP, since this one released it have ruined pvp totally, if you love to P2W you have OP chances in PvP cause of this, sadly!

11/10 would farm 2.7k more hours!
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Публикувани: 12 юни 2014
C9 is would in my opinion be one of the greatest mmorpgs ever,
with the really action based combat system, and pvp,
which is one of the main parts in this game.
It´s a free combat system, where you need to aim yourself
and not click and autofocus, like it is in most other mmos.
Compared to other mmos, this game doesn´t have open world pve,
all pve content is based on dungeons.
Also there are no real raids, or sth. like this,
since the max. amount of players in one group is 4.
But anyways, pve in my opinion still is fun, until max. lvl,
then there´s really missing some content.

But sadly webzen as the publisher ruined the game totally.
It became insane p2w over the years, in pve and pvp,
as well, there are many bugs, that aren´t fixed for months
and with nearly all ""events"" they do, they´re yust fooling their players.
Also the pvp system is to much dominated by lags and bugs,
which were often caused by the peer2peer system for pvp
and players from countries extreme far away from the serverregion,
like brasilian players on EU servers.

The game would be really good, if a company would publish it,
that respect their players and community.
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Публикувани: 28 ноември 2013
A good game, with some rather... Unfortunate technical issues.

Now, I tried to get this game to work, honestly; on three separate installs, several times validating files through both steam and the launcher (which always seem to get at least a 1GB worth of files that fail to validate and must be re-downloaded).
The game has constant "Server connection lost" issues, as well as random crashes. Especially once you get to the 4th continent and are already invested in it - both time-wise as well as just loving the gameplay of it. Possibly also money-wise, if you bought cash.

Most of my time played is from a time before the game was available on Steam. I played a few (very brief) stages recently and found the game hasn't changed too much since then. My numerous uninstalls and reinstalls appear to have reset my time played.

I personally still cannot play the game due to the many technical issues. So take that as a warning.

Now, that said, this is a very entertaining game. The controls are nice and responsive, the character classes are varied and your success rate in combat is largely determined by your timing of skills and positioning, which is exactly what an action RPG needs.

Combat is what you'd expect; you try to chain your attacks, getting as high a combo as possible without getting hit. It's very satisfying to eliminate an entire group of enemies without letting your combo break or time out (which is rather quick).
In case you die, you are given five resurrection scrolls per day. It's worth noting that dying will reduce the durability of your gear, so unless you buy a (rather expansive) repair kit from a merchant (for in-game money), you might have some trouble with that.

The stages are instance-based; you pick up your quests at town, then go to the travel map and select stage, difficulty level, whether or not you allow random players to join in to help you and also whether or not you allow "intrusions".

Difficulty levels are pretty intuitive:
"Normal" is your basic enemies-are-one-hit-kills affair which you'll have to go to at least once for each mission. This serves as a chance to get a feel for the zone, as well as it's boss, more than anything.
"Hard" is slightly harder, but you'll probably still find yourself slaughtering the enemies and not caring if you're hit.
"Expert" is slightly more fun; the enemies have enough hitpoints to survive a couple hits, and deal an almost-significent amount of damage.
"Master" is where the fun is really at. Enemies survive a decent number of hits (but they don't feel like spunges) while dishing out good damage (you'll survive a good couple hits yourself, even as a witchblade with no defensive equipment).
Stage difficulty decrees the quality of your reward at the end of the stage, and also the length of the stage; normal difficulty stages are extremely short, while master difficulty last a good few minutes.

I should mention the hell stages now. They are few, and represent the highest challenge in the game. Obviously intended for a party of players who know what they're doing. Think of them as the "raid" stages of C9, except you have a party of four so your personal impact is much larger.
These stages reward players with extremely powerful weapons and armor.

Intrusions are other players entering your stage as enemies, trying to kill you and then kill the final boss. In order to intrude one must speak with the master of intrusions NPC, pay a fee and then they can enter. You are informed when a player intrudes into your dungeon instance.
Intruders cannot use resurrection scrolls, but must instead re-enter through the master of intrusions NPC and pay the fee a second time.

Killing an intruder gives you a token. A certain number of tokens gets you a crate with some random loot. Killing a defending player while intruding also gives a token, which also grants a crate. Don't know what this one contains, because I didn't bother intruding too much.

For those of you who love PvP, and worry that the occasional intruder will not be enough to satisfy your bloodthirst, there are arenas and tournaments. I don't know how tournaments work, but the arena come in your standard 1v1, 2v2 and tag-team formats. There might be more formats by now, but due to the technical issues mentioned above I cannot check.

Classes are divided into arch-types; there's the hunter, the shaman, the witchblade and the warrior.
The warrior is your standard tank, the shaman can become multiple things (mage, healer or even close-range fighter) depending on their class advance, the witchblade is a fast-moving glass-cannon type that (as you'd expect from a glass-cannon) has little defence and lots of damage.
The hunter is the most powerful. Sorry, but it's true; switching to hunter from Witchblade felt like going from master difficulty to normal.

There is crafting, which is rather simple and not too exciting, but it gets the job done. It can be rather expansive at times, and you might be better off going into dungeons to get your equipment.
That said, alchemy is extremely important because shop-bought potions are terrible, and you will need healing going into Hell difficulty (and quite possibly against some of the high-level Master difficulty bosses).
You can only have one crafting profession on each character, so you'll want alts to pick up the less everyday crafts (weapons, armors) while your mains learn alchemy and cooking.

Speaking of alts, the base inventory capacity in C9 is extremely limited. If I had one complaint (other than the technical issues) it would be this. Inventory extension items are cheap, but if you don't feel like spending the money you can have your alts carry your spare crafting materials for you.
You have 12 character slots, so you don't need to worry about those.

Guild system, mail, auction house, friends list - all included. Probably worth mentioning that guilds can have actual buffs that affect their members, so being in a guild is very beneficial. Guilds also want as many members as they can get because each time a member completes a dungeon he earns his level in guild points - so it's a symbiotic win-win situation.
Guild halls are included as well, which guilds can add items to. Unlike most games, where those serve vanity alone, in C9 guild items also grant a certain buff to guild members.

Now would be a good time to mention the stamina system; yes, your usual "You played too much today, pay us money or you can't play anymore" system. The good news is that the amount of stamina you are given is so high, you can probably play for over four hours before it runs out, and you have weekly "reserve" stamina in case you need it.
I only ever used my reserve stamina on the first day of playing with a character (when stages are very brief). Never actually fully ran out of stamina.

Finally, I think it's time to talk about the cash system. Yes, there is a cash shop. Yes, you can literally buy power in it, among other things. The question is, "Is it a deal-breaker?"
For me, personally, no; the the game asks for only a small amount of cash as a one-time payment to get the (sane) maximum amount of power - about 20$. You can go overboard and enchant your gear, but there is no real reason to unless you want to compete in tournaments or go to Hell mode solo, and I'm not sure whether tournaments allow you to bring your own gear or not.
I have personally never bought anything, and found the game very enjoyable before the technical issues started. My main is a level 51 on a Punisher at the moment, though I have other characters.

Would I recommend C9? Yes and no. If you can get it to work without disconnections and crashes, this is a very fun game you can sink multiple hours into. If you can't... Then you can't, and there's nothing you can do about it.
So, give it a shot, if it works for you then you're a luckier man than I.

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There's a lot of upsides and downsides to this game, by this current post.


-This game is graphically demanding, meaning if you wanted to have the best and smoothest experience and a constant 60 FPS, you better have a top-range computer powered by the ghosts of dead Microsoft certified system engineers. Otherwise, once you start using the Flashy and awesome looking skills, you're gonna start lagging. You do, however, get the option to reduce the terrible lag by looking around in the Preferences and turning things off or down to Low.
-Research the classes before you're sure what you want to use throughout the game, you may find certain Main/Sub classes that are too problematic for you.
-Everyone says (And whines) that C9 doesn't lag, but there always will be lag and in this game, its called Connection Lag.
-Customer Support and Service is the WORST, in fact, it makes EA Games look like an active, and helping saint. No one responds to anything, and it even goes far as Webzen banning your account if you complain to them or about them in their own forums website.
-This game is a GRINDER, meaning you go out and spend an entire day farming and looking for that one item that you'll need for something.
-There's a Trade Office, meaning you can buy and sell stuff to and from other players out there (Take a look at the prices of what item sells for what before doing so, otherwise you're not going to get much profit, sell too little, you're ripping yourself off, sell too much, no ones ever going to buy it)
-Typical prices in Trade Office are usually in the millions, meaning you better save up and grind as hard and as fast as you can.
-You're going to be a constant customer to the Blacksmith, because there is a repair system and dying halves your equipment's durability.
-Beware turning on Intrusion, at some point, there WILL be a P2W lvl 67 (current Level Cap) with full Perfect grade equipment coming after your head and will humiliate you if you do.
-Beware using Intrusion, if you die while doing so, you don't revive in the dungeon while your target can revive as many times as they want (so long as they have spare Resurrection Scrolls), and if you strike unlucky with a veteran thats busy grinding away and you're not as good as PVP'ing as they are, your ♥♥♥ is automatically handed to you on a silver platter. (Some will openly humiliate you)
-There is a plot.
-There are bound items, meaning you can't store them in a warehouse, they can't be traded and they will take/waste space.
-Gold dropped by normal monsters are rarely worth picking up, completing quests of any kind will ALWAYS give more EXP and money than what you kill.
-Typical skimpy female armor exists here, meaning you get a LOT of fanservices, top and bottom.
-That trailer you saw? Those are called Ultimate Fury skills, and they're the most laggy skills you'll find out there, and they come with a pretty hefty price.
-The enchancing equipment part quickly becomes an all-or-nothing.
-And lastly, this game is dying and becoming a heavily implied Pay-2-Win. Almost every person you'll find in-game is a veteran IRL money-spender, and if you decide to join the P2W crew, Webzen will squeeze every penny out of you.


-This game is fun, extremly fun, sometimes addicting and in a few morbid cases, very satisfying. Its the MMORPG version of Dynasty Warriors, minus the politics with NPCs. You're the Big Good who's the only one competent person out there (minus the few temporary NPC allies) that goes out, tosses and paints entire mountains with enemy blood like its another Tuesday to you, and the only "Impossible Bosses and Monsters" are ones scripted to be impossible. Theres even bosses that can be tossed about and thrown everywhere before they can do much to you. You can party with 3 other players to make the massacre even more enjoyable.
-There is a plot, and its decent enough to keep you interested in the "long struggle to save Glenheim".
-There's a lot of classes you can choose, just by the (current) 5 Main classes, each having their own sub classes. And if you want to make different characters, you have plenty of slots to use. (They all share the same Warehouse, however)
-There are even Artisan Occupations which are available for you to choose at the very start of the game. (Research before you choose, though. If you pick an Occupation that won't do much for you, you're not even gonna bother using it and you can't change once you decide. Also, wait a few levels before you decide to spend time crafting, as they can be expensive.)
-There's a Trade Office, meaning you can buy and sell stuff to and from other players out there.
-If you don't want to bother using the Trade Office, you can sell or trade them by typing out in the chat and Shift-Rightclick the item you want to sell/trade, theres even a Trade channel.
-Friendly players and guilds do exist in the game, so ask around if you have any questions, they're likely to answer you. But don't be suprised when the guild you joined starts getting silent more often.
-Auspices and Legends boost your character's stats, while Titles give you a sense of impressive accomplishment, the Titles and Legends are found and given by Acheivement Grinding. Auspices are usually gotten through events and buying them.
-If you join a guild and they are at a high enough level, you can buff yourself up with Guild buffs and Guild skills (The buffs are made through Artisan Occupations such as Metalsmithing, Woodworking and Tailoring.
-You can upgrade your gear with the Blacksmith and the Artisan Metalsmithing, making you all the more godly in the dungeons.
-You can craft your own weapons, armor and accessories. Rare grades takes more time but is more worth it than the Magic grades, and the same holds true for Perfect grades over Rare grades.
-Sold something you didn't mean to, including Bound items? You can repurchase them! For double the amount they sold! (So long as you didn't quit the game, or switched characters and you realized quickly what you did)
-A LOT of scenery to go and explore.
-Theres a mentor/student system! As long as the student is below lvl 25 and the mentor is above lvl 40, the student gets DOUBLE the EXP while the mentor gets double guild points and mentor medals, which can be traded for (most of the time) useful goodies.
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Overall of the game is good. It's pve is kinda boring but the pvp is one of the greatest I've ever seen in these kind of games. If you like pvp and if you want to download this game don't download the steam version because it has some issues , download it from it's official site.
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I decided to give it a go despite the fact that if you set the reviews to "recent" you'll see nothing but a see of don't recommends.

There is some securtiy program attached to the game whereby it'll close it down if it detects a "suspicious program". I've tried multiple times to get this running by closing down things that I would rather have running but I wouldn't determine as being essential (including not having steam open which works for some), however, this was to no avail.

From my googling it seems that maybe if you uninstall your antivirus then that may be the solution, but to me that 100% unacceptable.

Whilst I get that people that bot or hack are incredibly annoying (and I'd hope this program sucessfully filters them out or it's entirely pointless to have) if you're going to implement a security system then it really should be designed to be far more accurate and not some sort of blanket, is there anything at all running on your computer, well no, you can't play - which is what it appears.

So yeah, whilst I'm sure some people will get this working, I presume depending on the anti-virus you use (or if you use one at all) and other factors, I really wouldn't waste any bandwidth on it, which is a shame because I've enjoyed similar games like dragon nest (and and never had a problem with any of them despite having played most of them around).
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