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一次超光速引擎的故障导致 Keith T. Maxwell 穿越了宇宙空间,为了生存他与一支肆虐银河的神秘外星舰队展开了抗争。
发行日期: 2012年8月21日

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在游戏中,玩家将扮演太空冒险英雄Keith T. Maxwell,由于一个驱动器的故障,他穿越了时间及空间,来到35年后的银河某一角落,当他醒来后,他意识到他要立刻抵抗一群奇异的外星种族,因为他们正不断破坏银河,并威胁著正在交战的不同民族的安全。虽然Keith一心只想回家,但他却被卷入了调查此外星种族,及制止他们袭击的行动。过程中,他要执行各种各样的任务,除了战斗之外,还要进行商品买卖贸易、与种族领袖谈判等。在这充满挑战的太空历程中,除了有全新的敌人出现之外,Keith亦有一羣熟悉的老朋友沿途协助,最终他更要直捣敌人的巢穴,将他们一举歼灭。



  • 一个浩瀚的银河系,拥有超过20个星系及许多绚丽的行星
  • 100个独一无二的3D太空站,及30多艘可自行安装武器或设备的太空飞船
  • 独特的形象及名声系统,以及外交系统
  • 自由选择执行故事主轴任务,或支线自由任务
  • 具有超过170种货品的完善贸易系统
  • 高质素视觉效果及音响效果,并提供英语及德语人物配音及旁白
  • 作出了极致的优化,呈现完美画质于现时流行的家用电脑上及较旧的型号
  • 自由选择鼠标、键盘或游戏手柄作操控
  • 重新建立3D立体模型,并以四倍高的分辨率呈现飞船、太空站、星门及行星等
  • 对所有30艘飞船进行独立的反射影像,包括单向反射、正常反射及漫反射,并以高清2048x2048分辨率呈现
  • 太空及行星的图像及分辨率都被优化,以提供令人讚叹的游戏体验于高清的显示器上
  • 用于营造气氛的附加光源,制造出令人身临其境的逼真效果


    • 系统:Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • 处理器:英特尔 x86 兼容 CPU 支持 SSE 2GB RAM
    • 内存:2 GB
    • 硬盘空间:2 GB
    • 显卡:DirectX 9c 兼容显卡,超过 512 MB 显存
    • 音频:DX 9.0c 兼容声卡
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • 系统:Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • 处理器:英特尔 x86 兼容 CPU 支持 SSE2 3GB RAM
    • 内存: 3 GB
    • 硬盘空间: 2 GB
    • 显卡:DirectX 9c 兼容显卡 超过 512 MB RAM
    • 音频:DX 9.0c 兼容声卡
    • DirectX®:9.0c
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我第一次玩这个游戏是在手机上玩的,通关了没想到在pc上也有这个游戏就入正了 但比较遗憾的是pc上的没有Dlc也就少了不少东西,不过总的来说还是不错的。
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For those that find the X series of games a little intimidating this is probably the game for you.As a big fan of the X series I was looking for a 'Space Fix' as the new X game 'X Rebirth' is very very broken at the moment but I should point out that Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is no where near as in depth as those games so if you are a fan of the X series this game may not fulfill your space sim need.If however you are looking for a more arcade type space sim Galaxy on Fire 2 maybe the game for you.

The basics are simple enough..there is a storyline(a short one) and there are various freelance missions you can take at the stations to earn money and buy upgrades for your ship or buy another ship..you can also mine asteroids (an annoying mini game but a cash cow non the less).

It's certainly not a perfect game though, maybe it's because it was originally made for the Android/IOS platform and the pc version was an after thought but there are silly bugs and game oddities to contend with..For instance Pirates attack you on sight, regardless of how many 'friendly ships' are attacking pirates at that time the pirates will ignore them and come straight for you..sometimes shooting at you the moment you enter a sector(and before the sector entering animation has even stopped playing).Also some freelance missions have you attack convoys smuggling goods..fair enough..but the escort ships for those convoys may well be a 'friendly' fanction so once you shoot them down your reputation goes down with them and they will all attack you on sight..doesn't seem to make a difference how high your reputation is either with a faction...try to help out in the middle of a pirate attack and it just takes 1 stray 'friendly fire' laser and they all turn against you.

The freelance missions are the typical transport goods..deal with some pirates..taxi some people around..there isn't much else to do though they do pay well at higher levels if you are just going for the 'make money' approach.

Overall i obviously enjoyed it enough to play for over 40 hours but as I said I was looking for a space fix and was prepared to see past the flaws in this game..if you are looking for an easy introduction to space sims(and I use the term Sim very loosely) then give this a go(when its on sale)..ideally though you would invest 40 hours into X3 Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude for the same style of game..just done a heck of a lot better.
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A casual and light weight space-conflict/exploration that can't hide its roots as a Android/iOS game. Obiovusly as a game developed for tablets and phones it's very easy to pick up and is far less bloated and complex than other recent games in this genre such as the X series.

The game is broken down into a main plot that runs alongside freelance missions, open ended trading and mining. The first thing you'll notice is how easy it is to control and play, even with a mouse and keyboard it's easy to pick up and master in a matter of minutes.

Combat of which there is a lot is rather predictable and shallow, pirates will appear at most hubs and you'll soon find them a minor annoyance rather than a serious challenge. You can be helped by station defence fighters and by hiring wingmen to protect you although even on the hardest difficulty they are rarely needed. You are able to outfit your ship with up to four primary weapons depending on how advanced your ship is and four secondary weapons. Primary weapons constitute a selection of different laser based weapons whilst secondary are rockets and bombs.

In order to afford these upgrades you'll need to make money and you can make money quickly, easily and in a number of different ways. Completing missions is the fastest way to make money and these can be picked up from various talking heads in the bars of each space station. However they soon become repetitive and lack depth, you'll be offered a variation of defence missions, clean up missions, escort missions, retrieval and transport missions. The only thing that differs between the missions on offer is the location.

The next best way to make money is to trade goods between stations or mine for materials from asteroids from asteroid fields outside each space station. Mining is a mini game of keeping your cursor within a circle whilst it moves erratically as the circle becomes smaller. Once you've mined enough ore you can sell this on for a minor profit. Trading is a simplistic affair as you buy and sell a wide range of goods from station to station.

The worst part of the game however is the awful dialogue and amateurish voice acting, another of those occasions where just text instead of bad voice acting would have improved the game. If you can't afford good voice actors it's sometimes best not to have any. The protagonist is Keith T. Maxwell, yes you read that correctly, they named the main character Keith. The name Family Guy mocked as being the "most unattractive male first name in the English Language". Not to be outdone by such a terrible character name they follow that up with characters called 'Mkkt Bkkt' and 'Erkkt Uggut'. The plot itself isn't too bad if not clichéd. It centres on a mysterious race called the Voids who are striking at outposts across the Galaxy from wormholes and it's up to Keith to save the day. However the terrible dialogue and voice acting makes you want to avoid it or rush through it and to play the game as an open sandbox world instead.

Even with all these criticisms I would however just about recommended the game. It is extremely easy to pick up and looks pretty in places. It also doesn't require a big time investment or more than a few minutes to learn the game mechanics. A lot of people have described it as a poor man's Freelancer which it is but it still enjoyable enough for fans of space-conflict games and there isn't a great choice out there at the moment. Obviously this will change with the upcoming Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

Playtime: It took me 15 hours to complete the main storyline and most of the achievements and another 5 hours of idling to complete the last achievement.

Achievements: 100% completion, 92/92 achievements. They were easy to collect and the majority are obtained during a play through.
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I love this game but since I heard the developer is not going to port the DLCs to the PC/Mac version I lost interest. The base game is fine but It's repetitive as hell.