Dead Hungry Diner is all about big combos, spells, monsters fighting monsters and finding your flow within the monstrous mayhem! Help Gabe and Gabby, patrons of “The Dead Hungry Diner”, as they feed the creatures of the night buckets and buckets of juicy Brain Berry goop! (Well... that’s the easy part!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 de May, 2012
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"...el lustre de un juego de PopCap..."
Rock Paper Shotgun
"Dead Hungry Diner es el Quake de los juegos de puzles..."
Indie Game Mag
“...valores de producción estelares...”

Recién actualizado

Update 1.9 - What's new:

  • Trading Cards
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards for All-You-Can-Eat levels (and new difficulty progression)

Registro de Actualizaciones

Update 1.8

  • Fullscreen mode completely redone: Less black borders!
  • Added all the polish and little fixes from the iOS version to the PC version (for the iOS version see {ENLACE ELIMINADO: Por favor, no hagáis spam, y tened cuidado con las estafas}here)
  • Fixed single click sometimes reported as a double click (and killing a streak sometimes :-( )
  • Changed DRM wrapper. Should fix cases where game wouldn't start in Steam client but worked as DRM free version.
  • Sprites grouped in texture atlases and use of hardware texture compression for better support of low spec machines
  • Added user config file with additional options (for example to fix a missing mouse cursor). These options are published on the Community Forum

Update 1.5
New Features:
  • Three new monster customers: Mummy Girl, Skelley the skeleton lady and the Crazy Weerwolf.
  • New "affection" game mechanic: Some monsters admire some other monsters so much that they do not engage in a brawl.
  • Level selection screen: You can replay any level you have played before to get all three stars (with all upgrades you bought so far). And Shady, the shop keeper, only accepts stars as currency to buy upgrades!
  • Levels are reworked with the new features
  • Artwork polished

Acerca de este juego

Dead Hungry Diner is all about big combos, spells, monsters fighting monsters and finding your flow within the monstrous mayhem!
Help Gabe and Gabby, patrons of “The Dead Hungry Diner”, as they feed the creatures of the night buckets and buckets of juicy Brain Berry goop!
(Well... that’s the easy part!)
Do you know what happens when you place werewolves near vampires?
They fight!!! And you don’t want fighting when you have so many other things to take care of...

Key Features

  • 55 Levels across 5 worlds
  • 6 Unique Monster Types to Manage
  • 2 Game Modes - Story and All-You-Can-Eat
  • Strategically use Spells and Abilities to Overcome Challenges
  • Grab Upgrades from the Blackest Market
  • Keep the Peace with Frankie the Bouncer
  • Help Defeat the Evil Monster Hunter
  • Easy to Follow In-Game Tutorials
  • Can You Achieve Master Ratings on all Levels?
  • (It’s Very Pretty!)
Our Vampires Are 100% Sparkle and Love Triangle free!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP
    • Procesador: 1.2 GHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con 128 MB de VRAM y una profundidad de color de 16 o 32 bits
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 80 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX
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When Diner Dash first released in 2004, it not only became a casual classic but almost single handedly created the time management game sub-genre. Among the copycats that have since began to pop up in endless droves is Dead Hungry Diner, which takes the idea of Diner Dash and seeks to give it a Halloween themed twisted, replacing the customers with hungry monsters and the plates of spaghetti and burgers with brains (well, fruits that looks a good deal like them). This all sounds well in line with a typical DD knock-off, able to entertain even while being fairly derivative in its niche of the casual game market, but Black Market Games wanted to go one further and throw in their own unique mechanics into the mix. Essentially, it wasn't broke, and they tried to fix it.

DHD shares a lot in common with its Playfirst cousin. Customers/monsters line up hungry for a meal, and you must manage them in a timely fashion, seating, feeding, and collecting the checks while racking up combos and frequent seating bonuses before the day ends. This is all fine, if done to death by a million other games already. Ironically, it's when DHD tries to differentiate itself from the pack that all its problems arise.

First, it cripples your ability to quickly seat customers by requiring you to first move them up to the front of the line. It's only one extra step, but quickly becomes hugely frustrating as more and more line up and you have to shift through them to get to who you want to seat. Second, it segregates different customers by the type of monster they are, forcing you to reorganize your seating arrangement so opposing monsters won't fight with each other and have to be thrown out. Interesting on paper? Yes, but in practice it turns what should be a light diversion into a stressful experience, requiring far too much advance planning and trial and error to succeed.

I like what Black Market Games was going for, and applaud them for attempting to innovate in a genre that desperately needs it, but they went about it in a way that makes Dead Hungry Diner more of a chore to play than anything else. I'm rather confused as to why they chose to alter the parts of a tried and true formula that they did, as the changes seem to have little logic behind them or practical purpose for existing. It's a shame, but one can hope they get it right the next time (because casual games never die, they just redo themselves). I honestly didn't think it was possible to screw up Diner Dash, but I guess there's a first for everything.
Publicado: 23 de Julio
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This game really awesome. It really makes my brain work hard.
Publicado: 16 de Septiembre
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Got this game as part of a bundle, and it reminded me of the casual gameplay and gamestyle I've enjoyed on gaming websites like Kongregate and Newgrounds.

If you enjoy restaurant (diner) management games and casual playstyle, you will like this game.

The aesthetics are very nice and cute in this game, with art that reminded me a lot of Bardbarian. The music is fitting with the theme. The feedback is very good, and you can easily see where everything is.

The controls are very simple - you just use your mouse. The learning curve is minimal, however, the game does a good job of getting progressively more and more difficult, adding new layers of mechanics to deal with. The first few levels do a great job of preparing you for the rest of the game. Whenever new mechanics are introduced, you are given a short briefing on how to incorporate these into your gameplay.

I haven't paid much attention to the story, but it seems to be pretty decent (your two main characters attempt to feed supernatural entities so they don't have to prey on humans).

As for gameplay, it is fairly easy if you are familiar with restaurant management games. You don't have to cook or prepare anything here, you just have to seat different clients and get food to their tables before the happiness gauge falls to 0, causing them to leave.

You slowly unlock new game mechanics as you progress through the game. A few levels in, you will unlock a store where you can buy upgrades for your skills pre-game. Skills include: a speed buff (extremely useful), a happiness buff (you can apply it to a single table, or the entire queue waiting to be seated), a table swapping ability (only same-size), a turn-guest-into-zombie ability, and a raincheck spell, which causes the first person in the queue to reutrn at a later time.

You can swap people around in the queue to help you strategize. Once you seat a guest (you have tables seating 1 or 2 guests, and guests come in singles or pairs {singles can still sit alone at a 2-person table}), you will have to wait a few seconds before they place a bucket on the table. You then take the bucket (you can hold two at a time) and bring it to the brain tree. After a few seconds, the bucket will be set in front of the tree with food inside. Next, you pick up the bucket and give it to any applicable table (indicated by 1 or 2 on the bucket). When the guests are done eating, they will have their hands up with money bags - once you pick up the tab, you must click again to have the table cleaned (by ravens).

Later on, a supernatural huntress is introduced - she will periodically spawn and attempt to hex/kill your guests. This will initiate a mini-phase, where you must click on the guests that have been hexed in order to shield them from the attack; any guests not saved in time will be killed.

Another mechanic is introduced where certain customer types will not like being seated next to others (so far, werewolves hate being seated next to vampires {but not vice versa}). If you keep them seated next to each other and the werewolves have not yet been fed, they may eventually start a fight - you will have to click the fight to have your bouncer step in and remove them.

The zombie ability is useful since you can use it on a werewolf or vampire to turn them into a neutral creature. You will later have a new guest (skeleton girl) who is loved by werewolves, negating the negative effect of being seated next to vampires. The table swapping ability is also useful in a pinch if a fight is about to break out.

Overall, there is a good variety of game mechanics if you are interested in this type of game. The game remains fairly challenging and is nice as a time filler. Take a look if you are interested.

Publicado: 24 de Julio
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This game is a clone of Diner Dash but with creatures of the night. If you liked Diner Dash you will like Dead Hungry Dash
Publicado: 8 de Agosto
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I played the demo on a lark and was instantly hooked. This game will honestly challenge you to think about each move you make. You have to establish a rhythm of getting your patrons seated, making sure they are located in the right positions, collecting their money, and keeping the tables clean after they leave.

While that may not seem interesting, it is. Add in the wide variety of spells and different approaches you can take to any of the situations you face and you have one heck of a wild and fun game.

While this game may appear simplistic and aimed at kids, I can guarantee that it is quite a bit more.
Publicado: 13 de Junio
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Antes de comenzar a analizarlo debo mostrarle un poco sus “Orígenes”, así que les explicare brevemente sobre el juego en el cual está basado, hablamos de “Diner Dash”.

Todo remonta al año 2004 con un juego árcade. La modalidad, bastante simple; eres la mesera de un restorán y debes preocuparte por tus clientes, esto conlleva sentarlos, tomarles la ordenes, llevarles la comida y cobrarles para luego limpiar la mesa. ¿Bastante simple no? ¿Pero dónde está la dificultad? El problema radica en que cada vez se va llenando de clientes y si no alcanzas a satisfacerlos, estos se enojaran hasta que pierdas dinero, Además de que no todos los clientes pueden sentarse juntos, ya que esto puede traerte un par de problemas. Pero cuidado, posees un límite de tiempo para pasar cada nivel, así que debes ser lo más rápido posible.

Gracias a esta “Fórmula secreta”, el juego alcanzo una popularidad bastante grande y en poco tiempo, llegando a sacar hasta Diner Dash 5 y expandiéndose por los celulares y las consolas. Incluso está en Xbox 360.

Con esta pequeña introducción hacemos aparición a Dead Hungry Diner en el 2012. Todo esto comienza en un pequeño pueblo llamado Ravenwood, el cual está siendo atacado por distintas criaturas y como han de esperar, posee su propio héroe “Vanda Helsing” (Si, bueno, ya sé que el nombre es de lo más original).

Aquí es donde tomara la historia de dos gemelos, ellos vienen en un orfanato y por cosas del destino deben evitar que estas criaturas se coman a los habitante de su pueblo, ¿Pero cómo?, Dándole bayas y atendiéndolos de la mejor forma posible utilizando las características que les di hace unos instantes, pero con algunos detalles y “Arréglines”, que harán del juego algo más entretenido y dinámico.

Y bueno, así comienza nuestro juego. Solo que con unas diferencia, y es que, en este caso, los clientes ya no serán personas, sino que, zombies, hombres lobo, vampiros y más seres que no les diré, para no hacerles spoilers. A diferencia de Diner Dush, aquí tus clientes pueden pelear si los sientas de manera equivocada, pero no te preocupes, dispones de un guardaespaldas que te echara una mano en esos momentos difíciles. Además que tienes magia, la cual podrás ir mejorando a medida que le compres al mercader.

En gráfica y música, no tiene nada de especial, o algo que lo destaque, ya que son bastante similares a su antecesor Diner Dash.

Y bueno, en cuanto a mi opinión, el juego presenta una historia bastante cómica y jocosa, que te darán por lo menos una sonrisa si te dedicas a leerlo. En jugabildiad trae cosas un poco más “Novedosas”, pero aun así, siguen siendo tan solo “Arreglines” para llamar la atención de uno que otro jugador. Al comienzo del juego, puede que cueste un poco para acostumbrarte a sincronizar la velocidad con la magia, y sentar de manera correcta a los clientes (Especialmente en los niveles más altos), así que puede llevarte uno que otro dolor de cabeza pasar alguno; pero luego de lograr captar el ritmo del juego, ya no es complicado, y en los últimos niveles sigue siendo un poco “Más de lo mismo”. En cualquier caso, si me pregunta “¿Vale la pena comprarlo?”, puedo decir que si, aunque estoy un poco disconforme con el precio que tienen en steam, son 7 Dólares, para mí, un poco excesivo tratándose de un Diner Dash con otra temática. Recomiendo comprarlo en otra plataforma, donde tiene un precio más razonable (3 Dólares).
Publicado: 22 de Enero
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