STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II
5 years after the events of the award winning original, the Sith are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. As a lone Jedi, will you follow the light side or succumb to the dark?
User reviews: Very Positive (1,631 reviews)
Release Date: Feb 8, 2005

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"Chris Avellone deconstructs the Star Wars setting! Has fantastic writing that will remind you of PS:T, but be sure to install the Restored Content Mod."
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About This Game

Five years after the events from the award winning Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. With the Jedi Order in ruin, the Republic’s only hope is a lone Jedi struggling to reconnect with the Force. As this Jedi, you will be faced with the galaxy’s most dire decision: Follow the light side or succumb to the dark…

Key Features:

  • Follow up to the acclaimed and original Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™.
  • Choose from three different classes of Jedi, each with access to specific Jedi abilities.
  • Choose the light or the dark side of the Force as you progress through the story.
  • The choices you make will affect your character, those in your party and those who may join you in your quest.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 1GHz or AMD Athlon 1GHz
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
    • Video Card: 32MB with Hardware T&L
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0b compatible
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0b compatible
Helpful customer reviews
162 of 174 people (93%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 8
"I don't know who you are, but you picked the wrong room to break into"
"Yeah? Well, you picked the wrong room to die in"
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89 of 100 people (89%) found this review helpful
38.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 23
Probably my childhood defining game and probably the best game I have played.
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61 of 64 people (95%) found this review helpful
39.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
"Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret that had eluded you, something that would change your perspective of events, shatter you to your core. There is no great revelation, no great secret. There is only you."

That is the culmination of Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic II, a game which flips the entire Star Wars universe on its head via deep character interactions and a unique spin on established aspects of the franchise.

Make no mistake - the original release of KOTOR II was a flawed, incomplete mess. Not only was it missing a large chunk of its ending (notably, what happened to the player's squadmates when they landed on the final planet), but it was buggy and prone to all sorts of glitches. Yet, despite all that, the game still remains a classic of the RPG genre for how often it defies standard conventions and plays with the series' established tropes.

You play the Exile, a former commander who committed a terrible sin to stop the Mandalorian Wars, and was exiled from the Jedi Order because of it. The game begins with the Exile waking up onboard the Peragus mining facility, alongside T3-M4 (a returning character from the first game) and an enigmatic woman named Kreia, who knows more than she lets on. Together with sprung prisoner (and ace pilot) Atton Rand, the quartet escapes the facility and discover that the Jedi have been driven to near-extinction. With the help of a cast of supporting squadmates, including a former Sith protegee named Visas, the fun-loving (well, as fun as a homicidal robot can be) assassin droid HK-47, a bounty hunter, the leader of the Mandalores and more, the Exile sets out to stop the Sith and rebuild the Jedi Order.

The biggest difference between this and KOTOR I is how linear this game is. Not that it diminishes the plot at all, but there's a definite rhythm to the way you approach areas and plot situations. Whereas the original game's only real goal was to activate the four pillars to find out the location of the Star Forge before assaulting it, II has you either aiding or working against a planet's internal war, taking part in a trial to exonerate a wrongfully-accused civilian, taking apart a crime syndicate and more. The plot is a lot tighter and focused than its predecessor.

The cast of characters is where the game really shines, though. Aside from Kreia (an enigmatic woman who stresses being neutral in all decisions), every character has some backstory that requires trust and increasing the "Force Bond" with them to access. I truly liked that you could upgrade various aspects of your teammates' abilities by either talking to them a lot or helping them with certain decisions.

It's pretty much a given that if you're going to play KOTOR II, you need the Restored Content Mod. Not only does it restore the bulk of the ending which was scrapped by Obsidian in their rush to finish the game for a Christmas deadline, but it also fixes a lot of the bugs and underlying coding issues found throughout the game. I used it the first time I played the game, and I can't imagine going without it. In the same vein, the M4-78 Enhancement Project fills in an unfinished questline and gives some great upgrades to your droid party members, along with some awesome consequences later in the game - I was so pumped to see the droid army helping me during a later encounter.

It's not all perfect, though. While the crafting system is very good (and has shades of Mass Effect, which came out three years later), it's far too easy to be stuck with a large amount of components and weapons that are unusable, and there's never any real need to upgrade your gear beyond a handful of weapons.

Likewise, the ending (even with the Restored Content Mod) is a huge slog. There's a mid-mission quest with a robotic remote, which you are forced into, which is impossible to complete if you didn't clear out all the enemies from the map just prior to starting it. Likewise, the final fortress is a huge slog and is only passable through spamming Force powers or avoiding the majority of enemies.

That said, KOTOR II is well worth your time and money. The way it turns many of the elements of the Star Wars universe on its head and keeps up the energy and characterization through its runtime is still near-unmatched in this day and age, and I heartily recommend that every RPG fan check this game out at least once.
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34 of 37 people (92%) found this review helpful
6.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 30
If you enjoyed the original, you will enjoy this.

Gameplay is same ol, same ol, good or bad.

Graphics are nice, scales nice.

If you're gonna play, DO NOT FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE RESTORED CONTENT MOD! It replaces all the lost scenes and quest arcs left out from the console port!

>> <<


Only con is the usual KOTOR syndrome of vague quest lines. Random backtracking to finish a quest can get annoying
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22 of 23 people (96%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 17
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords is an Adventure RPG based on the D20 System. As the Republic lies in shambles five years after the Dark Wars, a former Jedi who lost his connection to the force is pursued by a trio of dark jedi masters who roam the galaxy, seeking its destruction.

Pros: Darker story than the previous one with a lot of shades of grey. Alligning yourself with the light side of the force may cause death, while other times the dark side of the force may save innocent lives, and seeing the consequences of your actions makes much more of a moral struggle to determine what really is the right thing to do. You get to spend time and train some of your companions into jedis, and yourself get to upgrade your jedi class with a new selection of 3 jedi master classes. Crafting has also been enhanced, adding among other things the ability to disassemble existing items into parts and chemicals. There also are many winks to locations or characters from the previous game, without actually needing to have played it to understand everything.

Cons: As with the previous game, the graphics didn’t age too well, and unfamiliarity with tabletop RPGs and the D20 system might confuse many who try to understand and optimize their character’s equipment. The game has multiple bugs due to problems in the development, making the story somewhat hard to follow: A cut scene might pop in but the scene that lead to that event was missing, or maybe you were on your way somewhere and suddenly jump to your cockpit with your ship having landed on a planet you’re unsure how you got there.

Verdict: This is a darker game using the same mechanics as the previous one. The bugs aren’t game breaking, and actually added to the strange and unsure atmosphere your character goes through in understanding the larger forces involved. If you didn’t like the first one, you won’t like this one either. But otherwise, I definitively recommand it!
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28 of 35 people (80%) found this review helpful
11.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 30
One of the best games of its time
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25 of 30 people (83%) found this review helpful
33.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 12
This series of games are my favorite and I have to say I am probably going to add about 500 hours of gameplay to this game. Also if you see the TSLCRM-The Sith Lords Content Restoration Mod, get it because it adds more story to this game and makes it a lot better. It is bad that as soon as I saw that Steam had this game, I ran to the closest place that sold Steam Cards and grab a $20 and bought this game as soon as I could. That is how much respect I have for this game it may be around 10 years old, I would rather buy this game then some of the new games coming out.
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15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
65.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 18
This series of Star Wars video games is my personal favorite, Knights of the old republic is by far the best Star Wars game available for single player, I only wish their newest game for Knights of The Old Republic included a single player mode like this one.

I loved playing these when I was younger and still do.

Their uniqueness of character paths has really made this game one of the best. Like their newest release, you can make your character have their own path, their own abilities, and followers. I strongly recommend this game to people who would enjoy a fun action-packed single player game with various ways and paths to complete it.

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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
17.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 10
One of the best RPG's i ever played. Probably even better than the first game.

Great story and characthers, amazing soundtrack and addicting gameplay. I beat this game every year at least once and it never gets borring. Just be sure to download the "Sith Lord Restored Conent" mod - DON'T PLAY WITHOUT IT!

So sad to see that Bioware destroyed this franchise by making the crappy MMORPG. I really hope that one day we will see KOTOR III, by Bioware or Obsidian... Till then, may the force be with you!
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12 of 15 people (80%) found this review helpful
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Posted: July 7
Let's get this out of the way: KOTOR2 is not KOTOR1.
I loved KOTOR1. It was the first real PC RPG that I was going to bite into as a kid, despite having toyed with Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale when they were the 'hot things' to hit the market. From the first to the fourth disc, I was playing out some of the best scenarios I was convinced could ever have existed in a video game; it certainly helped that it was all being played out in the Star Wars universe, which, to any bright-eyed kid who loved the original trilogy, was something to behold.
And then came KOTOR2.
As a bit of a set-up: I never had the chance to play KOTOR2 when it was originally released, but I was there to watch the bile and distaste that most gamers had for it. Reviews from users on a variety of other gaming sites came in, deriding the story and claiming that it was a vastly inferior title compared to the stellar original. It was incomplete, people had said: the story was unfinished, and for the most part, the game felt empty and had a plot unfitting for the Star Wars universe.
Then comes 2014, where I finally had the time to do a bit more reading on the game, including the (now famous) content restoration mod. I bought the game on sale, installed the mod, fired it up -
- and was hooked for the next 30 something hours that I had it installed and played. I loved the game so much, that it promptly was installed on my laptop, just so I could get a few hours in on the go during downtime. It was fantastic.
KOTOR2, for those unfamiliar and reading this review in hoping to tip the scales, is a Star Wars game, yes. It takes place in the Star Wars universe. It involves jedi, lightsabres, starships, the Sith, light versus darkness - except, not really, particularly the last bit.
You see, head writer Chris Avellone never really liked the Star Wars universe - or, parts of it's mythos, anyway. The Light and Dark sides seemed too binary, too hilariously Machiavellan at turns to really allow him to write the stories he has become so well known for among PC RPG fans (Planescape: Torment being the elephant - or perhaps well-endowed titan - in the room). He wanted to shake things up, narratively speaking, and it shows: the game is not so simply about the light versus the dark (as, arguably, the original trilogy of films and the first KOTOR are steadfast about), but instead, how such concepts do not work when we apply the idea of secondary belief to the universe at large. (For some more insight into Avellone's thoughts on the universe, I suggest looking up Super Bunnyhop's interview with the man himself on YouTube).
The game features you as the Jedi Exile - a wounded warrior who had returned from the Mandalorian Wars to the Jedi Council, only to be banished (for reasons unknown) and to have their powers stripped from them. As you awaken on a mining facility, with a case of amnesia and tremendously weakened from the ordeal, you come to realize that something is wrong with the force, and the Sith, no less, are behind it. You set out on an adventure with a series of unlikely companions to determine just what happened to you, and what this new face of Sith appear to be up to.
The companions, a highlight of any BioWare style RPG, but particularly for Obsidian (the designers at the helm, here), feature some fantastic heroes. Some cliches remain, to ensure you're playing in a game set within the universe you signed up for, of course: there's still the charming rogue who represents the Han Solo of the title, the sassy bounty hunter, the wise and mysterious Jedi Master. But it's not the same. Something feels 'off', in the most magnificent way possible as you spend time speaking with these characters. They're thematically similar, yes, but the way they express and espouse their discomfort with the status quo of the Force and the Universe makes you realize how real humans living in the far corners of the galaxy might actually feel about how things work when you're facing space wizards and death-bent cultists.
It doesn't stop at the companions. KOTOR1 had the bad habit of setting up encounters across its planets in a very blase pattern. Find planet - fight through corridors - find friendly race - handle problems. Oh, it's very high adventure and there are several key notes within the campaign. But that's how it feels and how it ultimately handles for much of it. KOTOR2 shines in this regard - at least, it does for a limited time, but we'll talk about that later. One of the largest planets in the game has you splitting up your party, facing enemies alone as your companions in what seems like impossible odds, encountering foes in what you thought were the safest regions of the map, and having traps and battles sprung on you when you honestly least expected it. There were several times where I found myself popping tinctures and med pacs just to stay alive, staving off death and improving party members in thoughtful ways to defend against some truly interesting scenarios.
But then we have the common problem - and the one that you will probably continue to see across all of the reviews that are written here - is that the game is unfinished. There are far too many elements of it that are clearly missing, stripped down, or otherwise incomplete that make it lesser than the game it starts off (and is, in the perfect world, ideally meant to be). Those creative scenarios? They really only happen on one planet (Nar-Shaddah - and, take note, new players: head there first, if you can.) Companions suddenly 'disappear' from the final encounter with no explanation as to why they are not with you. Some character history lines seem to just drop dead. As the game runs out of steam, the following planets ultimately feel a bit one-note and flat (and veer too close to KOTOR1's rather vanilla campaign). The ending seems to have written itself in a corner and provides too little closure for what the game seems to be setting you up for. What begins and ends with a bang, closes with a whimper.
Does that mean that KOTOR2 is a game not worth your time or money? Of course not. If you've ever enjoyed Avellone's writing, then it still comes through strong in this title, butchered and shortened as it is. The characters are interesting and foster genuine curiosity about the world the Old Republic represents. There are still some genius set encounters, particularly in the early and late game, that challenge what it means to have quests and how to experience a story in a western RPG.
The only problem is, when all is said and done, when you've put in your 30-something hours and you see the final cutscene, you leave with that bitter and sour taste as your final realization is this:
What an RPG this truly could have been.
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11 of 14 people (79%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 8
It gets a lot of ♥♥♥♥ for being buggy but I've always enjoyed it.
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12 of 16 people (75%) found this review helpful
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Posted: October 25
Very good game, not quite as good as the original Kotor, but still an awesome game and story. I would reccomend it.
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 16
A timeless game that makes you feel like you are a jedi or sith! I played the original Knights of the old republic back in 2003 and absolutely loved it...then I played the sequel and also loved it, though I didn't dedicate myself as much as I had to the first one! Now I have rectified that mistake. KOTOR 2 is a wonderful game even for todays standards of 2014. I have spent 34 hours completing it and savoured every second. I beleive these games transport you to a sweeter Star Wars universe than the one you see in all those movies. 5*.
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Posted: June 24
This is where Star Wars gets really interesting. Sure, the first Knights of the Old Republic was a blast, but this is where everything starts to mean something. What do YOU think about the galaxy? What do YOU think about the Jedi, Sith and the force? Do you care what your companions think of your opinions? Companion influence really added another gameplay element. The mix of light and dark points with influence points makes it harder to pick dialogue options without thinking, and sometimes the moral principles of your character have to be sacrificed to gain influence with another. It's far more engaging than the last game and definitely worth playing after installing the restored content mod. Easily one of the best stories in Star Wars for me.
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67.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 10
Took me about 57 hours to complete the light side run... My enjoyment is the story line, however, how many times can you run the story line before it's time to move on?

Win 7 doesn't seem to like the game too well. As known, it does like to "freeze" the character in place after battles, and on occation also jumps conversations and cut scenes... Minor fixes was to include all processors in the system manager, and set it's priority to high, Then make it compatable with Win 98/XP.
For the dark side run, will be attempting to drop some dlls for DirectX 9.0c with it, as that seems to smooth out other older games as well. The reason for this, is the game was indeed not meant to run on DX 11, so a few modifications will be needed, and I believe this to be one of them...

Again, a free roaming version of the game, that doesn't really end would be an awsome addition to the collection, for the modern systems. I have a game I keep going back to, cause I can mod it, and even if you finnish the game, you can go back to all the places you had been for more if you so desire.
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 16
Manages to build on its predecessor positively in nearly every department, with awesome characters, even better villains, and just a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish.
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Posted: November 16
If I hear any more bad news I'm going to get violent.
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Posted: December 5
10/10 Handmaiden best waifu
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Posted: June 30
Jean Kirstein strongly approves of this game.
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Posted: July 15
this ♥♥♥♥ is bananas, if you dont like star wars then i hate you
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