Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data.
출시 날짜: 2013년 6월 3일
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Gunpoint 구매

Gunpoint Special Edition 구매

Includes the game, soundtrack, and special in-game developer commentary for every mission (optional)

Gunpoint Exclusive Edition 구매

Includes the game, the soundtrack, in-game developer commentary, Making Of Gunpoint video feature, exclusive tracks by Gunpoint's composers, and the Prototype Pack (Windows only): 9 playable versions of the game from each stage of its development

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Gunpoint patch adds Steam Workshop support, new game engine, other things

2014년 6월 17일

Our big Gunpoint patch has just gone live for everyone! It converts Gunpoint to a whole new engine and adds Steam Workshop, so you can see all the awesome new missions people have been making in the level editor. They are nuts. Here are the major changes:

  • New engine, implemented by Abstraction Games. Should fix many technical issues and make the game run faster for everyone, and it'll enable us to develop Mac and Linux versions next.

  • Steam Workshop added, for browsing and sharing user-made levels. Yes, we listened to the 1,779 post petition you guys started even after we'd already announced we would do it.

  • Option to turn off swearing. Up to you whether this makes "Grow a ####ing #### and shove it up your ###" kid-safe.

  • Reconfigurable keyboard controls.

  • Vertical sync option. I didn't know we needed this, but the folks at Abstraction added it and now the animation is at least 23% more beautiful.

  • Level editor. The level editor has been in there since launch, but some people still ask for one so I'm just going to keep announcing I've added it until everyone knows it's there.

  • You can now place multiple elevators in a level without it crashing. That's more than I could do when I was making the game, so I expect your levels to be at least twice as good as mine.

  • If you have any technical troubles with the new version, you can still use the old one by going to Properties > Betas and selecting 'oldversion'. Post your issue on the forums too, so we can fix it.

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"Every aspect of its clever design, laugh-out-loud noir story, tiny but expressive art, and moody music work harmoniously with one another."
9.0 - IGN

"The joy of Gunpoint comes from the clever ways you can make all the obstacles work to your advantage."
9.5 - Destructoid

"Gunpoint is a bracing reminder of how lovely simplicity, when exquisitely executed, can be."
9.0 - Polygon

"Good ideas, brilliantly executed, this is one of the year's best games."
9.0 - VideoGamer

"Simple but challenging, easily learned but deep and rewarding."
90% - GameFront

"An outstanding puzzle game with sharp writing, beautiful music and clever mechanics."

"Gunpoint is smart, creative, responsive, surprising, and possessed of an uncommon respect for the player."

Steam 독점 특전

Purchase Gunpoint from Steam and receive an exclusive Team Fortress 2 item:
The Crosslinker's Coil
Did you know: before the mercenary fashion world discovered the obvious style and mental health benefits of wearing 22 feet of powered electrical cable around your head, people once wore hatbands made from 'silk' or other barely-lethal textiles! Strange but true.

스페셜 에디션

The Special Edition of Gunpoint includes:

  • The Soundtrack: Includes all of the game's noir-inspired spy music in high quality MP3 format.
  • Developer Commentary: When enabled, you'll find little sprites of Gunpoint's developers on every mission. Talk to us to hear a little about our thinking behind the design (Tom), the art (John), and the music (Ryan).
Caution: shooting a developer while he's talking ends his current commentary track. This kills the developer.

Exclusive Edition

The Exclusive Edition includes all of the items in the Special Edition plus:

  • The Making Of Gunpoint: a 40-minute video feature taking you through how Gunpoint developed from a one-room test game to what you play today. Featuring Gunpoint's designer playing his earliest prototypes for the first time since they were made, to great personal embarrassment and shame.
  • The Prototype Pack (Windows only): Play snapshots of Gunpoint's development at 9 different stages, including cartoony programmer art, the first conception of the hacking system, many scrapped levels, and overpowered gadgets we later cut. For hopefully obvious reasons, we can't give technical support for these.
  • Exclusive Tracks: Bonus pieces produced specially by Gunpoint's composers for this edition, mixing the game's noir style with electronic influences. Since they're not used as background music in the game, our composers took the chance to be more adventurous with these tracks.
  • The Secret Beta Access List (betas may be Windows only): adds an option in the game menu to sign up to our Secret Beta Access List. If and when future Suspicious Developments games are developed, we'll sometimes give secret beta versions only to the members of this list.

게임 정보

Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data.

To get past security, you'll need to make creative use of your main gadget: the Crosslink. It lets you see how all the security devices in a level are wired up, and then you can just click and drag with the mouse to wire them differently. So you can connect a lightswitch to a trapdoor, then flick it when a guard walks across to make him fall through.

Key Features

  • Rewire levels to work however you want
  • Trick guards into trapping themselves or shooting each other
  • Throw yourself - and others - through plate glass windows
  • Investigate a noir-inspired story of murder and espionage over 20 missions
  • Choose what to tell your clients, including lying to trick them
  • Choose your own playstyle: quick, quiet, non-violent, no living witnesses, or any combination
  • Discover new solutions to levels that no-one else has thought of
  • Buy specialist gadgets to suit how you want to play
  • All story stuff is skippable
  • Hardest puzzles are optional
  • No bosses - everyone dies in one shot, including you

시스템 요구 사항 (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP, Visa, 7 or 8
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video card: 512MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 700MB HD space

시스템 요구 사항 (MAC)

    • OS: OSX
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video card: 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 700MB HD space

Linux 시스템 요구사항

    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video card: 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 700MB HD space
유용한 고객 평가
10명 중 9명(90%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
1.3 시간 기록
상당히 독특한잠입게임
주인공은 스파이인데 방식이 목표(거의해킹)달성후 지하철로 탈출하는것
어찌보면 단순한데 여기서 이게임의특징이 있는데 여러 장치들을 연결할수있음 예를들어 스위치를 문에달면 스위치를누를시 문이열린다거나
또 주인공이 가제트인지 점프력이장난아닌데다가 벽에붙을수있어서 잠입느낌 확실함ㅋㅋ
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 6일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
3.2 시간 기록
분명히 싸다구치는 소리가 들렸는데 경찰이 죽어있음
게시 일시: 2014년 7월 6일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요
4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
6.2 시간 기록
보이는 것처럼 굉장히 기발한 게임. 그리고 겉보기엔 조금 어려워보여도 알고보면 상당히 쉬운 게임.

보통 이런 퍼즐류 게임들은 점점 플레이어들로 하여금 바보가 된듯한 느낌을 주기 십상인데(ex: Braid), 건포인트는 한 스테이지를 풀어나가는 해법이 굉장히 다양한 편이고, 난이도도 크게 어렵지 않아 플레이어로 하여금 스스로가 똑똑하단 느낌을 주게 만드는 게임이기도 하다. 상당히 이례적인 케이스.
게임을 진행해가며 아이템들을 하나하나 마련해나갈수록 게임의 난이도가 점점 쉬워지며, 특히 마지막 직전에 구매할 수 있는 게이트크래셔는 거의 치트키 수준. 이걸 얻고나면 게임의 장르가 잠입/암살 게임에서 졸지에 무쌍류 게임으로 돌변해버린다.

각 스테이지들이 조금 짧은 편이다. 게임에 적응만 빨리 할 수 있다면, 2시간 이내에 엔딩 구경하는것도 가능. (아무리 늦어봐야 4시간 못 넘긴다.) 조금 더 건물 크기도 키우고, 적들 종류나 패턴, 사용할 수 있는 아이템들도 다양하게 한다던가 했으면 어땠을까 싶긴 하다. 게임 끝나면 도전과제 말고는 딱히 할 게 없었을 것 같은데, 다행히 이 문제는 최근에 스팀 워크샵 도입으로 해결한 듯 하다.

(스토리는 확실히 난해한 구석이 있다. 이걸로, 한글화가 시급한 게임이 하나 늘었다.)

해킹과 잠입이라는 요소를 매우 잘 활용한 상당히 훌륭한 게임. 보기와는 다르게 난이도도 전혀 어렵지 않으니 가볍게 즐기기도 참 좋다. 추천!!
게시 일시: 2014년 8월 28일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요
1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
4.6 시간 기록
이 게임의 주인공은 프리랜서 스파이로, 이런저런 의뢰를 해결하며 게임을 진행합니다.
의뢰 내용은 원하는 정보를 위해 건물내 컴퓨터를 해킹하거나 물건을 훔치는 등의 내용이 주 입니다.
게임 내 한글화가 전혀 안 됐지만 플레이에 큰 지장은 없습니다.
하지만 의뢰를 받거나 달성했을 때 주고 받는 휴대폰 상의 대화를 보고 스토리를 이해하려면 약간의 영어 실력이 필요합니다.
배선을 연결하여 여러 사물을 이용해 게임을 진행하는 것 자체는 신선하지만 액션의 화려함이나 잠입의 긴장감은 느끼기 힘들었습니다.
이 게임을 구매 하실 때 잠입액션의 장르가 아닌 몇가지 스테이지로 이루어진 퍼즐게임이라고 생각하고 구매하심이 좋을 듯 싶습니다.
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 25일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요
1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가를 유용하다고 평가했습니다.
2.3 시간 기록
잠입 게임을 가장한 퍼즐게임.
퍼즐게임을 좋아한다면 누구나 즐길 수 있을 것이다.
무엇보다 게임 본연의 재미가 매우 높다.
내가 접해본 인디게임 중 가장 잘 만든 것 중 하나라고 생각된다.
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 26일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요