Lead a Griffin Elite Squad in missions through the territory of the fearsome Scorpion creatures, the terrible Wolfen packs, or the brutal Bran-Ô-Kor Orcs.
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Udgivelsesdato: 4. apr 2012

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Will you survive the Ragn'Narok?

Thrilling action role playing game, Confrontation, lets you lead a Griffin Elite Squad in missions through the territory of the fearsome Scorpion creatures, the terrible Wolfen packs, or the brutal Bran-Ô-Kor Orcs.

Along with a perilous solo campaign and numerous secondary missions, recruit Elite warriors that will fight by your side and build the best squad to complete your mission objectives! Each of your warriors has its own unique characteristics. Earn experience, level up after battles and improve the weapons, armor and spells of your team. Get to know your enemy, anticipate his actions and exploit his weaknesses!

Good management of your units and of their spells will be paramount to your success. A video game adaptation of the famous Board Game, Confrontation is a tactical role-playing-game, that showcases intense and strategic combat.

In multiplayer mode, take the command of one of the four factions, and challenge players from all around the world in bloody online combats. Climb the worldwide rankings and become the master of Aarklash!


    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.0 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB

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Indsendt: 13. november
Meh, very slow game, slow combat, poorly designed, got bored on the first level, am quite disappointed with this.
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9.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 26. november 2013
Oh dear. This game isn't really good.

The storyline is quite hard to follow, especially with all the funky names and stuff.

The gamplay is very simple. Pause the game, click your actions / press the hotkeys, unpause the game, and watch. There is some lag even when you don't actively pause the game, and this gets rather irritating when you want to band-aid/heal the characters. It kinda sucks that you can't heal yourself, and you need another character to do that.

The camera is awkward and clunky, and you might have problems moving your troops/team around due to the camera positioning. Although you get to rotate the camera, it doesn't feel natural.

What is good about this game is that it is short. There are only 3 chapters (according to the Steam achievements). However, paying $19.99 for a short game isn't that worth the money. I would rather you spend it on X:Com. But that is just my opinion.

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104 af 133 brugere (78%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
8 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
42.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 18. januar 2014
I see too many reviews for this game from people who have not given it enough gameplay time.

I can in fact say that the game lacks polishing, the story is highly forgettable, music is passable, characters have mild customization and there is no loot besides bandages, graphics are dated, pathfinding is strange, character skills and abilities upgrade oddly, etc etc.

However, in what it aims to be, which is a tactical RPG, it totally fails in the RPG part, but it's quite challenging in the tactical part: it's not a cakewalk in the "easy" setting and it's definitely complex in most encounters in the "hard" setting. In that regard, in making some micromanagement of skills, buffs, debuffs, AoE, etc, I'd say it's quite alright and even unforgiving on the player. It's not a D&D title, it's a B-series game, but if taken for what it is and graphics, story and such is put apart and the tacticality of the gameplay is highlighted, can be an interesting title to play.

When the game was over, though, I felt a bit tedious of it, I didn't even play the extra maps since I was so fed up! The campaign is way too long! I don't recommend playing it in long runs, as it can be a bit repetitive, most game is just linear walking and encountering battles.

I don't think it's worth the full price, I got it in a bundle and for that I believe it is more than acceptable.

Considering it is a mixed bag, I cannot recommend it for the average player. But if searching for a challenge, do take a look at it (in a bundle!), and for that kind of player I'll give a "yes".
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36 af 39 brugere (92%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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4.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 6. april 2015
This game is buggy, feels like a port (wouldn't be surprised if it was), controls and movements are wonky, units run in place at times (...?); graphics are very sluggish, and Anti-Aliasing is badly done. The units at times don't respond very well (even when the game is paused, they don't carry out the order) and the game feels outdated even though it was made in 2012 (...?!). I didn't enjoy playing the game. I didn't feel the immersion behind it like other games of its genre and it was rather bland.

I'd stay away from this game - don't believe me? Check out the other reviews!
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1.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 27. november 2013
I was a huge Confrontation fan, back in the days of 3rd edition (skirmish miniatures game)... So, I was pretty excited to try this and... I was very disappointed. Although Griffins are my favorite faction, I feel no connection between characters, nor do I care about them... Story is boring, combat is awful... Graphics are below average...
Do not recommend...
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29 af 31 brugere (94%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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40.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 14. januar 2013
Confrontation is a simplistic linear action RPG. You will face few choices throughout the game the biggest being which generic heroes you want to use at any given time.

What ever happend to the deep RPGs? The ones driven by skill, story and exploration?

In Confrontation you take control of a number of Griffin Hero's as they travel through various hostile lands in the search of secret enemy cloning labs. Although the back story and lore in the world of Confrontation seems pretty interesting the game never manages to portray it in a favorable light. Everything is locked into classic fantasy stereotypes and even the slight steampunk elements feels bland and unimpressive.

The gameplay is your standard team based action RPG, you control 4 heroes that level up as you go along and upgrade their various abilities. Unfortunately the strength and usefulness of the heroes and their abilities are quite skewered and many of them is not worth using outside of their required sections. On normal difficulty almost all of the fights can be won by simply clicking attack on the enemies as they pop up although some micro management is required that is mainly due to the horrendous AI that makes your heroes go idle at the end of their action unless they are literally standing next to an enemy.

Graphics and sound are of the lower end of the "We actually spent money on it" range and generally UI and menus seem slightly dated and underdeveloped.

I'd love to have evaluated the multi-player but nobody seems to be playing and looking around on the official forums this seems to have been the case from day one.

All in all this is a game to avoid. It's boring and bland and has little to recommend it. The developers have had no interest in supporting it past release and there is no community to make multi-player a viable gamemode. Truly a wasted purchase.
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1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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12.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 28. november 2013
Uninspired gameplay, repetitive, the maps feel like you are on rails.
The story is sort of good, but I couldn't bare even one more minute of it with it's dull gameplay.
Oh and... character customisation is kinda good...
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25 af 27 brugere (93%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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7.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 29. november 2014
I really wanted to try and finish Confrontation before I gave my opinion, but it's really just the same as the others. There are a couple of things that it does decently, but overall, it's just not a fun game. :/

Pros -

*Decent story and narration
*Difficult encounters that require strategic forethought
*Good battle music at various points of the game
*Customization of your mission group (choosing from a small variety of characters)

Cons -

*Dull scenery
*Repetitive level design
*Repetitive gameplay
*Delayed and clunky movement, controls, and combat
*Shallow character talent trees
*Terrible, boring and dishonest achievement ideas (I.E Kill '20' of a type of enemy, when in actuality it requires '50')

I'd give it a 4/10 -- couldn't finish.
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26 af 33 brugere (79%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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1.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 24. august
No... Just no.

In a universe where Baldur's gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights doesn't exist. Confrontation would still be a clunky uninteresting game, of repetative combat, linear gameplay, and lacking upgrades.

But in a universe where Those three games do exist, as well as many more, there's nothing to recommend with Confrontation. The story is weak, the enemies are repetative, the characters have no real upgrade system to speak of, there's no inventory outside a minor weapon/armor upgrade system that feels cheap, and the gameplay is monotonous.

There's no "Exploration" in this game, you play through linear levels with a very similar party. The combat is mostly fast paced which requires either a lot of micromanaging before the battle starts, or a lot of pause and resume.

The problem with this is that all the combats are the same, in the classic Fallouts (or even the modern ones) there's snap decisions that require a pause system because it's a new enemy, or you need to utilize a large inventory. In this game, a simple autocast system would have made the combat dull. Well duller than it already is.

There's a FEW interesting ideas in the game regarding death, but overall, I played two of the maps, and neither were that enjoyable. I mean how many of the same soldier in the same formation do you have to kill to show you "understand" how to kill them. In between battles, you heal up so it's not even like the game can wear you down with multiple waves of enemies.

If you're considering this, buy Baldur's gate, Icewind Dale, Disgaea, Wastelands 2, or something along those lines. This game, well maybe if you've played all of those and simply MUST have yet another game, and can ignore a poor story, and uninteresting characters, then maybe buy this one, but honestly, you should have more than enough hours in any one of those other games.
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29 af 39 brugere (74%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
46.9 timer bogført
Indsendt: 18. december 2013
The game was a mixed bag. At first it didnt seem like it was going to hold my interest. There are many lands, peoples and places which use alot of obtuse names. Fortunately, the story is very well narrated, so even if you have difficulty keeping track of things, it moves right along with the narration. The game is somewhat linear and introduction of other playable characters helps to offset the feeling of redundancy and or repitition. Graphic are nice but character control in narrow and tight areas can be somewhat problematic. There were a couple of maps that had the old "can't unlock the door unless you pull a lever from a far off room" scenario. I was not to keen on the games that implemented this problematic scenario back in the day and I am not giving the game any bonus points for using it. The story was ok, something bout men, orcs and genetically modified scorpians and machines or something (as I said, lotsa obtuse names). At least it was well narrated. lol
Not a bad game, but don't expect much and you wont be dissapointed.
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Senest opslået
0.2 timer
Indsendt: 17. oktober
Laggy, boring, un-fun.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
0.2 timer
Indsendt: 18. september
looks like a fun game but your units dont move for ♥♥♥♥. got all of my guys stuck on nothing and they got mowed down by 3 rangers. nothing i could do about it, dont give me that you gotta play more i know bug filled ♥♥♥♥ when i see it.
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The Stranger
0.2 timer
Indsendt: 13. september
Game is garbage. Leave it alone.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
0.8 timer
Indsendt: 10. juli
I bought thi game when it came out because I actually played a lot of the minis game it was based on. I couldn't finish the first level it because I had such a bad time with it. I just tried it again, and I halfway through the second, I couldn't be bothered with it. Compared to either DOW2 or Baldurs Gate, the game doesn't have the same level of connection between the player and the gameplay. None of the skills feel impactful, and the characters are barely one note. If you're looking for a cheap game in this style, try the Freedom Force games.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
42.2 timer
Indsendt: 5. juli
Well, this game isn't sooo bad. However, if you're looking for a Tactical RPG, forget about the 'RPG' part. Story, characters, music are just an excuse to hit 'space' and try to figurate the better skill combo and avoid be wiped. Buy if you're a hardcore fan of the tabletop miniature game. If not just forget about...
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1.0 timer
Indsendt: 4. maj
Did you ever wonder what it sounds like when you clap your two hands and nothing is heard? This game will help you discover how that feels when you are using your skills; no sound ques.

Did you ever wonder what it feels like when your cat doesn't obey your commands? That's exactly how the units you control behaves throughout the game.

Did you ever wonder about those times when you were already sleepy and then you somehow move a little slower with every minute passing? Well, that's here in this game as well as it somehow suffers from a sleep disorder.

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to read a novel? This game has you covered with its engaging text walls that challenge you to in explaining something very simple such as basic controls and the like.

All in all, this is the kind of game that reminds you of the beauty in the outside world. But if you insist on playing a game of this genre, just get a Warhammer game instead.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
4.9 timer
Indsendt: 17. april
well i tried this game. it reminds me of spellforce a little bit and of dragon age origins little bit. though its not either of these particular games. some posted here its slow - so was spellforce. but just like some1 posted here its tactical. and its hard. well i like it for its not so easy and too fast. maybe i like it because i like challenges. first of all as this game being tactical you need think and learn. think for your moves and learn weaknesses and strong sides of your enemies. definitely i am going to play this game and going to try finish it. after that i will post another review. maybe will be bad and not recommending, maybe will be good and recommending. time and game will show and tell. lets see what will happen.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
15.9 timer
Indsendt: 13. april
I found the gameplay to be highly engaging. Okay, the story was mediocre, and there wasn't much going on besides. But the combat was challenging and really fun. This is how I play the Dragon Age series - queue up all the actions, unpause for a couple seconds, then repeat. If you like that sort of thing, I would recommend.
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