Get the complete GalCiv II saga including Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the expansion pack Dark Avatar, and the newest expansion pack Twilight of the Arnor!
Datum vydání: 2 pros. 2011
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Koupit Galactic Civilizations II

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O hře

Get the complete Galactic Civilizations II saga including the acclaimed PC strategy game of the year Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the award winning expansion pack Dark Avatar, and the newest expansion pack Twilight of the Arnor!

Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords: Galactic Civilizations II is the sequel to 2003's hit turn-based strategy game of the same name. The player takes on the role of the leader of a space-faring civilization and must guide its expansion in a hostile galaxy. Gamers must balance their economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural, and military power to forge alliances, fight wars, and ultimately dominate the galaxy. The game is single-player and allows the player to play randomly generated galactic maps or play through a multi-mission campaign that tells the story of an ancient enemy called the Dread Lords.

Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar: The expansion pack for Stardock's award-winning hit strategy game, Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. This expansion pack not only adds the usual content that expansion packs tend to do such as new opponents, new units and a new campaign. It also greatly expands the game play of Galactic Civilizations II. New features include asteroid belts on the map that can be mined for resources, unique planets that require special technologies to colonize, spies to conduct sabotage and destabilization (or used to protect your worlds from the same), new types of diplomatic treaties, an enhanced artificial intelligence engine, and much more!

Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor: The year is 2227 and the fire of war is consuming the galaxy thanks to the manipulations of the evil Dread Lords. But the remaining factions, led by the humans, have a plan to rid the galaxy of the Dread Lords once and for all.

Expand the Galactic Civilizations II universe with Terror Stars, unique technology trees per civilization, Map editors, Custom Scenario makers, campaign editors, new types of ships, new planetary improvements, and much more!

Key features:

  • Beautiful 3D engine brings planets, stars, asteroids and ship battles to life.
  • Create custom 3D ships piece-by-piece with your Shipyard.
  • Play as any of a dozen unique civilizations or create your own.
  • Multiple paths to victory: Military conquest, cultural domination, political alliance, technological supremacy or ascension.
  • Addictive gameplay: Dynamic galaxies ranging from tiny to gigantic.
  • Superior multi-threaded artificial intelligence enables computer players to provide a challenge without having to cheat.
  • Put your scores online via the Metaverse and compete with players from around the world.
  • Fully moddable design enables players to create unique opponents, graphics and scenarios.
  • Advanced diplomacy enables players to trade, make treaties, alliances and more.

Systémové požadavky

    • Operating system:Windows® XP SP3 / Vista™ SP2 / Windows® 7
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® III 1 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB (1 GB for Windows 7 / Vista)
    • Hard disk space: 2 GB
    • Video:64 MB DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c

    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection, also to activate this game you must create a Stardock account while launching the game on Steam.
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Dobrá strategie pro fandy sci-fi (a vlastně nejen pro ně). Rasy rozmanité, mapy velké. Nastavitelnost prostředí vysoká. Dobrá zábava na hodně dlouho.
Přidáno: 2 března 2014
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Recenzí na tuto strategii jsou na netu spousty, psát další je nošením dříví do lesa, tak zmíním jen pár kladů. Vesmírných, tzv. 4X tahovek, je spousta, všechny mají kolonizování, výzkum, těžbu, diplomacii atd. To co ale vyvyšuje Galactic Civilization II nad běžný průměr je možnost vlastní konstrukce lodí. Nejen volba počtu zbraní, motorů, pancéřování, jako to nabízí například velice podobná série Space Empires V, ale hráč si může stvořit úplně vlastní design lodi, její tvar a tedy i funkci. Designování lodě je podobné, jako si skládáte raketu v Kerbal Space.
Další plus je vynikající správa a možnosti ekonomiky. Náklady neplatíte pouze za správu vesmírných lodí, ale i za většinu postavených budov. Je proto poměrně těžké udržet ekonomiku v kladných číslech, pokud expandujete a stavíte rychleji, než roste vaše ekonomika. Nutí to hráče přemýšlet o něco víc, než v ostatních podobných strategiích a přináší další ekonomický rozměr do hry. Chybí mi tu multiplayer, ale ten má přijít ve třetím pokračování této hry. Na trojku se těším opravdu velice :-)

Přidáno: 13 dubna 2014
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Ok listen if you're a strategy game fan you need to own this game no questions asked. This is about as good as you're going to get when it comes to the 4x genre and is pretty much Civilization 5 in space but better and with its own ship designer. There is an extremely large amount of techs, buildings, weapons and so on so yeah a lot of variety. Even the ship builder is well developed as you can build a ship anyway you like and equip it anyway you like based on the technology you have availible. With Galactic Cvilizations 3 announced recently and the low price this game is at there is no reason why you should not pick this one up and give it a go if you like strategy at all I promise you won't regret it.
Přidáno: 19 října 2013
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If you like Civ IV/Civ V, epic, long games, and space, then GCII is definitely for you. It strikes an incredible balance between providing large-scale epicness and surprisingly robust micromanager's playgrounds.

**While micromanager's playgrounds are not uncommon in modern games, it's exceedingly uncommon for a game to include them sporadically enough that they don't become tedious obligations and yet give them enough weight to make them worthwhile and rewarding. You can go an entire game without ever creating your own ship if that's not your cup of tea--but boy is it ever satisfying to wreck other civilizations with ships you designed.**

GCII is such a vast, epic game it'd be a bargain at twice the price. It's got a bit of a learning curve, but dive right in with a custom scenario and learn by doing until you master the incredible depth and number of facets to it--it's way easier than doing the tutorials. Then, like Civ games, sit in stunned silence when you look up and realize that you've been playing for 13 straight hours. It's that good.
Přidáno: 16 prosince 2013
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Imagine Sid Mier's Civilization in Space!
Despite being classical, this is still one of the best turn-based 4X space strategy, developed by Stardock known for established reputation of developing great strategy games.
There're no other games with the same variety of strategic options as this game has.
You choose your race from 10 preset ones or create your own custom race, pick your political party with various bonuses and aim for victory on randomly generated galaxy through negotiations or wars with other races, you can also choose which victory condition so it's replayability is quite high!

There're so many options you can choose while playing, such as alignment of your civilization (good, neutral, evil), form of your government, and you can adjust your tax rate, the ratio of your government spending and its distribution to 3 categories : ship, building, research.
The most fun part is ship design, this allows you to create your own ship by combining various components!
You can also choose what type and how many of weapons or shields or engines to mount on your ship.

This game needs many requirements to declare war compared to other 4x games, which makes the game progress slower than other 4X titles, crush of civilizations begin around 100th turn.
The range your ship can travel from your friendly planets is determined by the amount and efficiency of life-support modules on your ship, which means you need to research better ones to colonize or invade further planets.
Turning citizens to colonists or soldiers for invasion means less workers and tax payers on your planet so you need enough population and your people's approval which affects planet's population growth rate for maintaining your economy.
Espiionage is also important to know which type of weapons and shields your enemies use.
Yes, interplanetary warfare costs so many resources including manpower...

The only annoying drawback is that it needs a Stardock account before activation...its old menu, interface and graphic aren't much concern for playing.
This is definitely a great strategy worthy playing.
Thanks to its tutorial and many players' guide, getting the rule isn't difficult.

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Přidáno: 21 října 2013
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