É hora de trazer o passado até o futuro nesta recriação melhorada de Sonic CD! Sonic viaja para as distantes margens do Never Lake para a anual aparição do Little Planet - um mundo misterioso onde passado, presente e futuro colidem através do poder das misteriosas Times Stones, que estão espalhadas neste mundo.
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Data de lançamento: 19/jan/2012

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"The attention to this port, down to the JP and US soundtracks, widescreen and more is well appreciated. One of classic Sonic's best, now even better!"

Sobre este jogo

É hora de trazer o passado até o futuro nesta recriação melhorada de Sonic CD!
Sonic viaja para as distantes margens do Never Lake para a anual aparição do Little Planet - um mundo misterioso onde passado, presente e futuro colidem através do poder das misteriosas Times Stones, que estão espalhadas neste mundo.
Ao chegar, Sonic descobre um mundo, antes magnífico, preso sob uma carcaça metálica. O arqui-inimigo de Sonic, Dr. Eggman, veio obter as Time Stones e, com elas, obter controle sobre o tempo!
Para impedir os maquiavélicos planos de Eggman, Sonic deve usar o poder do Little Planet para viajar no tempo; destruindo o domínio de Eggman sobre o futuro ao desmantelar suas máquinas no passado e recuperar as Time Stones !
Com suporte a telas widescreen (16:9), conquistas, tabelas de classificações e a trilhas sonoras americana e japonesa, experimente a aventura no tempo que introduziu Amy the Hedgehog e a mais maligna criação de Eggman, Metal Sonic.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium IV 1 ghz
    • Memory: 1GB ram
    • Graphics: directx9 video card
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 286 MB
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Publicada: 29 de outubro
It all started when I was 7 years old. My parents gave me a Sega Genesis and a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog for christmas. I fell in love with it the moment I booted up the game. The graphics, the music, the speed! It overwhelmed my young mind. I played it for hours on end, memorizing each level, the location of every powerup, every enemy, every single ring. It was the only thing I did, I stopped going outside and playing with my friends, for Sonic was the only friend I needed. Eventually I became unsatisfied, I needed a new Sonic the Hedgehog game to fuel my addiction. My prayers were answered with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. My parents refused to buy it for me. They believed I was too obsessed with the first one and knew that buying the second one would only make my obsession worse. This devestated me. I NEEDED that game, I felt like an alcoholic going through withdrawl. I lost all of my spirit, I had trouble sleeping at night, and sometimes I would experience hallucinations where Sonic was in the room with me. I begged my parents every day, but they wouldn't budge. I felt I had lost the will to live. Thankfully, I got the game. I aquired it the same way every kid got something that they wanted but their parents wouldn't buy for them, Grandma. I was overjoyed, finally I could experience the masterpiece that is known as Sonic The Hedgehog 2. This time he was accompanied by Tails! I was delighted. I played this game, and mastered it like I had the original. By now I had lost contact with society, I didn't talk to anybody at school, I had no friends, and I never left the house. This didn't bother me though, in fact I preferred it that way. Just as I started to get bored of that game, Sonic 3 came out. My obsession had hit an all-time high, I was amazed at the quality of that game. We now had Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. They were my friends, or "The Gang" as I called them. My parents were scared of me now. If they tried to take the game away from me, I would throw a tantrum and break things until they gave it back. No amount of reasoning, counseling, or Native American rituals could change me, because by now Sonic had was not just an obsession, but a lifestyle. I lived and breathed Sonic. But then came the dark days, no sonic games were coming out. Sega had stopped supporting the Genesis, and had launched the Saturn. I didn't have one, but that didn't matter. No new Sonic games were coming out. There were rumors, but the only one that ever turned out to be true was Sonic R. I saw it as an abomination, how could Sega do that to Sonic? After several years I had just about given up. I would often times cry myself to sleep, believing that Sega had given up on the blue hedgehog that I had come to adore. I wrote my own stories about Sonic, but they weren't enough. But then it happened. I was at the grocery store with my mother, when I saw it: A magazine with a picture of the Sega Dreamcast plastered right on the cover. I begged my mom to buy it for me, and she did, relieved that I wanted something that wasn't Sonic related, or so she thought. I read the articles about the upcoming system, and then I saw what I have been wanting to see for years, a new Sonic game was in the works, and it was 3D too! My life had a purpose again. When the day finally came, I was there. I was the first in line, I had convinced poor old Grandma to buy it for me, and I made sure I got a copy of Sonic Adventure. If the games on the Genesis amazed me, Sonic Adventure left me speechless. The worlds were so detailed, the graphics so realistic, the music blew me away. This was the way Sonic was meant to be. It rekindled the fire that had laid dormant in me that is Sonic. I wrote more fanfiction, I made my own fancharacters and I even shipped them. Then I realized something, Sonic wasn't just a blue hedgehog on TV, He was a part of me. I became one with Sonic. If you want to be like me and know what truly matters in life, I fully recommend this game to you. Sonic is more than just a game, Sonic is a way of life.
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Publicada: 11 de novembro
Sonic CD is a 2D platformer that has you as a hedgehog finding your way through labyrinth like levels. Between getting from the start to the finish of the level, Sonic can collect rings. These rings are insurance. If you get hit with rings, they all spray out of the hedgehog. If you get hit without any rings, Sonic dies and its back to the last checkpoint. If you have 50 rings at the end of the level, you can jump up into a giant ring that lets you do a bonus stage for a chance to get a chaos emerald. The bonus stage feels like Sega's version of Sonic running around a Mario Kart track. After every 2 levels comes a boss level that has you stock up on rings or lives before you face the boss Robotnik. The game breezed by in a few hours without me noticing.

For those that haven't played any Sonic games from the 90s, the controls are simple enough to use one button. That one button is jump if you're standing or running. If you're ducking and push the button it charges up a spinball. When you release the down direction, Sonic will fire off with a super boost of speed. If you press down while running, Sonic tucks into a ball that will damage enemies.

The real gimmick of Sonic CD is the ability to go into the past or future. You do this by first hitting a sign and then going so fast that you will either go to the era. It feels like nothing more than a pallet swap. There are changes here and there, but you won't need to visit one era or another to progress. Plus there is a screen that takes Sonic to the era and it stops the gameplay. There's not that much variety in gameplay. Even the brief water levels only slow down Sonic, forcing you to find air bubbles to breathe. He can't swim or anything.

For the explorers out there, jumping between past, present and future will reveal secrets. Visit the past to improve the future. When you make two levels have good futures, the third level will take place in the good future. Without the exploration, every level goes by after a few minutes.

New to the series is a Metal Sonic who kidnaps Amy shortly into the game. At some point you will need to race Metal Sonic to get her back. It adds to the unique boss fights. The boss battles are what make the game stand out from other old school Sonic games. You need to defeat each Robotnik boss in different ways other than the traditional 'hit him.' Some you'll need to run fast while dodging objects. Others you'll need to go up on hovering rocks and still others involve chasing him.

Since the game came out between Sonic 2 and 3 there are only a few items to find in boxes. Items like extra lives, 10 extra rings, super fast shoes, temporary invincibility and a shield barrier that lets Sonic take an extra hit. There is nothing new that you won't find in the first two Sonic games.

Unique to the Sonic CD is an animated cartoon introduction and then another when you beat the game, before and as credits roll. Both are nice to look at and pretty brief. They add some much needed flair outside the game to make it feel different from the other old school Sonic games. Sonic CD shouldn't take more than 3 hours to complete. Once you complete the game, it unlocks Tails as a playable character. Tails is a fox that plays the same as Sonic, but if you tap the jump button in mid air, Tails can helicopter around for a while. I can understand why he is an unlockable character, because with him it becomes far too easy to just hover over entire levels.

The game feels easy up until a point, which lets new players get far into the game before it gets challenging. To add to how easy the game is, if you use all your lives, you start at the same level you were at, instead of restarting the zone. The backgrounds are beautiful and have a lot going on. The levels feel large enough to get lost in. The real challenge is traversal, because the enemies are quite forgettable. Sonic will be bouncing off of springs, doing loops, running up ramps, zooming through tubes, running against treadmills, avoiding crushing blocks, hopping on enemies, running around what I can only call gears, but they're not and much more. It didn't feel to me like there were many moments for Sonic to get up to top speed.

Even with the future and past dynamic, the game feels like a big sidestep from Sonic 2. There is nothing new here, but is that a bad thing?
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Publicada: 24 de novembro
A great SEGA CD title that's gone HD for the PC. Shape the Future with Sonic & Tails with this SEGA Classic.
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Publicada: 10 de novembro
This is a fantastic port of the game.

Sonic CD is Sonic CD. If you didn't like it on the Mega CD you won't like the steam port. Options to change game graphics from sharpened to original is a nice touch. My favorite part of this port is having the option to change between the US and the J/EU music. There are quality tracks on both versions.

Highly recommended if you're a fan of the original.
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Publicada: 13 de novembro
This game I would definitely recommend to anyone new to the Sonic the Hedgehog series that wants to play one of the classic hits. It is fairly easy, has a great soundtrack, and is the game that brought you the famed Metal Sonic (and Amy too :3). Also the best thing about the updated 2011 version of Sonic CD is the added 12 achievements, controller support, and you can play as Tails. But as always, not every game is perfect. Some flaws I would consider is some of the bosses being too easy, short levels that only feature lame obstacles (You'll see what I mean when you get to Collision Chaos 3) and you never seem to get a Game Over. So here is my rating.

Gameplay: 7/10
Soundtrack 11/10 :)
Controller support 8.5/10
Keyboard controls (if you don't have an Xbox controller) 7.5/10
Hours of gameplay 8/10

So if you are new to Sonic and want a classic experience, for $5 I would definetely recommend this game (espicially with the 2011 update). Also Metal Sonic is in it.
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Publicada: 21 de novembro
Great game, I'm going to copy/paste to people who are new to Sonic Games. This is a platform/speed game just so everyone knows. The game's story focuses on Sonic the Hedgehog as he infiltrates a once peaceful, but now mechanized planet. Doctor Eggman, Sonic's nemesis, uses the planet's time travelling properties to make it his own headquarters. He also has Sonic's robotic counterpart Metal Sonic capture Amy Rose. Sonic must travel through time to save Amy, foil Eggman's plans and bring peace back to the world. I will always recommend a Sonic game, except Sonic 06, but that's not the point, now isn't it? Anyways, to get the good ending, (For people who love good endings) go through the past signs, run really fast without getting stopped, go to the past, release the animals in a hidden capsule, go back to future if you wan't, then get around 50 rings or so (optional), go into the giant ring at the goal and try to break all purple capsules before time runs out, slipping in water decreases time, green capsules grant time, and you'll earn the time stone. To get the not as good ending (if you don't really care and just wan't to play the game), just get through the levels. Basically, I recommend this game to anyone, I won't mind if you don't wan't the game, but it seems like you would be missing out if it's a no.
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Publicada: 4 de novembro
I thought the game was pretty meh but i got an armor set for spiral knights when i bought it so i have fond memories of it
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Publicada: 7 de novembro
Back To The Future with Hedgehogs.

10/10 Would Play Again
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Publicada: 11 de novembro
To tell you the truth, I never played Sonic CD before, but this was my first time playing, and it was a pretty good start!

10/10 GAME!!!
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Publicada: 16 de novembro
A good solid Sonic game with tons of replay value.
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Publicada: 10 de novembro
Remind me to stay away from the fandom
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Publicada: 8 de novembro
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Publicada: 16 de novembro
honestly? it`s not that great. time travel is underused, level design is weak at best and awful at worst. best thing about it is the music and art style and thats about it. hype has made it seem better than it is.
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Publicada: 10 de novembro
literaly hitler
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Publicada: 29 de outubro
This game is a little bit annoying and has too many areas blocking you from speeding up espicially around where the "Past" and "Future" signs are.
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Publicada: 15 de novembro
Ah, Sonic CD.
Além de ser um clássico, pra mim, é o melhor da série.

Seu level design é ótimo, colocando rotas alternativas para achar as placas que permitem você voltar no tempo, e procurar as Robot Machines pelo mapa, essa "exploração" que deu o toque no jogo. E, nem é tão chato você encontra-las, elas não estão super-bem escondidas, na verdade, nem escondidas estão. Enfim, eu achei ótimo, tirando que; A Sega fez 4 fases para cada uma ( Passado, Presente, Futuro Bom, Futuro Ruim ). Então, cada ato que você joga, ele na verdade tem 4 estágios.

A música; É maravilhosa, vamos pegar, por exemplo, o bom futuro da Collision Chaos na versão Japonesa. É umas das melhores BGM's que eu já ouvi. ( Tirando que, a Collision Chaos é minha fase preferida de todos os jogos que eu já joguei ), Stardust Speedway, Quartz Quadrant, Metallic Madness... Você sempre se maravilha com as músicas.

A história; é simples, e é normal, pois é um jogo de Sonic antigo... Não precisa de muita história, mas ela é bem contada e é boa.

Sonic CD é maravilhoso e merece a atenção como um dos melhores jogos de Sonic já lançado.

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Publicada: 29 de outubro
By far my favorite Sonic side scroller. I don't know what I would do if this game were to suddenly disappear. Sometimes, I like to go back and play this one just to listen to the US music soundtrack or just to feel like a kid again. It's fast. It has a lot to do. It's very fun.
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Publicada: 18 de novembro
Great music. Great graphics. Great Sonic game.
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Publicada: 16 de novembro
Classic game from the Sega CD. Was tons of fun back then and still is today. If you like Genesis/SNES era platformers, this is a must buy
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Publicada: 21 de novembro
This game lives up to the quality of the original Sega CD and it's capabilities. The graphics are just as the same as the Genesis but still look amazing even to the most nostalgic fan. The music for both American and Japanese soundtracks are enjoyable as well. However I would've loved to hear the lyrics to the songs in the intro and outro cutscenes (Which are by the way, the number 1 best thing in this game). However, I hate to bring this up but this game seems a bit overrated which some people call it The Greatest Sonic game of all time. Do I think it's bad? No of course not, but there are a few other Sonic games that are kinda better in a way. For example, the level design is terrible on certain occassions and for some weird reason (This kinda happens on MY computer I dunno about others) even though I clear the stages with good futures and I get the Soul Emeralds (I think that's what their called) I get sent to the bad future level with no explaination. That happens RARELY, I dunno if it happens to other players, and it doesn't effect the good ending thankfully.

To wrap up, is this game worth buying? I guess so. It's not the BEST Sonic game in my opinion but it doesn't lack in making Sonic the best of what he is.
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