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Team up with dozens of players and battle through the Realm of the Mad God, Oryx. With a retro 8-bit style, Realm is an evolution of traditional MMO gameplay.
Release Date: Feb 20, 2012
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About the Game

Realm of the Mad God is the first ever free to play Bullet Hell MMO. Team up with dozens of players and battle through the Realm of the Mad God, Oryx. With a retro 8-bit style, Realm is an evolution of traditional MMO gameplay. A dozen classes and hundreds of items to discover means Realm is easy to play but difficult to master. Players can jump in Realm for 5 minutes or stay online for hours because there is nothing to install or download.

Key Features

  • Action combat! No turn-based battles here, only skilled running and gunning.
  • Epic boss battles. Navigate demented waves of bullets from nasty demons.
  • True cooperative play. All experience is shared and you win by playing together.
  • Great 8-bit art: Retro styling straight from the 8-bit era.
  • Over a dozen unique character classes. Play as a powerful wizard, a clever mystic, a brawling warrior.
  • Loot! Hundreds of weapons, potions, armors, and rings.
  • PermaDeath. Dying well means something in Realm. Earn fame if you survive for long enough and kill enough monsters.
  • Sheep. The sheep say 'Baa.'

PC System Requirements

    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space

Mac System Requirements

    • OS:Mac OS X v10.6 or later
    • Processor:Intel Core™ Duo or faster
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
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At one point this was my fav game ive ever played and then the devs got bought by kabam and kabam made this a pay to win like no other. and pretty much all the old players quit, and you can tell kabam only wants money from this. sad to see that happen to one of my use to be fav games.
r.i.p Realm Of the Mad God
Posted: April 3
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Oh god, I remember first finding out about this game while it was being made for a competition on TIGsource. It was great fun, and I suppose it still is, but after a while of not playing it and coming back to see so many changes, It has definitely taken a turn for the worst.

The basic premise of the game is pretty much a multiplayer 'bullet hell' style game, most of the action (PvE, but they introduced PvP later) takes place on a randomly generated continent which is really big and possesses many diverse environments. This means that there's not a shortage of bosses and mooks to kill, and temples and castles to raid for loot. The item system is pretty easy to understand, with gear being divided on tiers, a higher tier meaning rarer and more powerful items.

Initially, you are made to choose a class and dropped off in a tutorial with only a basic weapon and a skill item. The game itself is pretty fun, and you can play for hours without it getting boring or repetitive. Here's where the game starts falling apart. Most of the action that happens later is just plain old grinding. Even for the hardest monsters getting item drops is really hard, as the item drop rate is extremely tiny.

The worst thing that's happened to this game was the developers being bought by Kabam. It has pretty much become a pay-to-win affair. Before, you could buy cosmetic items and pets with real money to support the developers. Now you can get the rarest armours and weapons with a few bucks. Like I said before, the item drop rates are ridiculous, so selling weapons and items for real money feels kind of cheap.

All in all, a good game ruined by 'freemium'. If you play it, expect to grind a lot, or pay up.
Posted: March 6
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The game WAS amazing....back then.

Before when Wild-Shadow-Studios owned the game the game was made for the players. As soon as kabam took over they completly ruined the game. To explain what they ruined: Ruined Ammys making them scammys, Making UT's untradeable, so we cant make back your ingame currency and finnaly, Making it pay to win-what do i mean by pay-to-win? they have implemented the feature to get items with real money, which makes the game no fun, as newbies will completely mistake the game and over take us long time players.if you dont pay you wont win.

Over all if you think im out of my mind, im not, ive played the game for over 600 hours, Im a red star,and ive lost over 20 max stat charecters most of them where 6/8 and gave over 2000 fame. I also own a guild.

Before when Wild Shadow Studios owned it- 120/10-------------Now because of Kabam- 4/10------Because of this i do not reccomend this game anymore.
Posted: July 10
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This is a top down mouse aim free to play MMO shooter with a simple art style. You start the game easy enough, by selecting from unlocked classes such as rogue, warrior, cleric, archer and so on. Each class plays the same, you fire projectiles. Have a sword? You shoot projectiles. The only difference between the classes are the stats and the equipment they can use. You can unlock more classes when you reach certain levels with the base classes. Each enemy gives you some minimal experience and leveling up will only improve your stats. There are no new spells and no choice of improvement. It all feels very dull and too simple for a MMO.

The controls are like every other dual stick shooter, arrows to move with mouse aim and click to shoot. Speaking of the mouse aim, it feels very inaccurate. I can stand still, fire the projectile and the projectile will miss even when I shouldn't. Maybe there is an accuracy stat or something. It feels odd when enemies have 100% accuracy. Again, maybe its a stat and I need to have better gear, but there is nothing on the equipment that shows accuracy, just range and attack power.

The real problem is the input lag. If I am holding left for an extended period of time to move left. When I decide to halt, the game will keep moving me left for extended periods of time. It is the same for attacking. If I attack at enemies to the north west and the game forces me to continue walking left, when I am done walking left, then it will fire my projectile to the north west even when the enemy is to the north east if not completely off the screen. This feels intolerable. It is especially noticeable with a lot of enemies on screen.

Enemies are all the same, they only took different. They bumble around shooting at you with 100% accuracy, forcing you to dodge their projectiles with laggy key input. It helps having so many players on a server all fighting along side you, but all of the players get clumped into the first area to safely grind.

The maps feel a bit jumbled randomly with trees and foliage with a path drawn through the map. It just feels like lazy or quick map design and not 'randomly generated.' Some enemies will drop portals to different areas which is a fun feature, but since the areas look just thrown together its always just another randomly thrown together area. You have a mini map that will reveal more as you explore, but if you leave an area and return, you need to explore it again to show it on your mini map. At any time out in the wilderness, you can instantly warp back to the town with the click of a button.

There are quests in the game, but I mean that in the vaguest sense of the word. All quests seem to be kill the big monster. No one tells you to. You just do it. The game points out the direction of the big monster when you enter the location.

The locations might look like a jumbled mess, but the town looks great, but its all just a big store to sell you stuff. All of the stores have items visibly showing you everything so you need to walk over them instead of having an easy to muse menu. Another problem is to see the stats of the item you need to hover your mouse over the 'buy it' button. Don't accidentally click that button though. You cannot sell equipment, so you're forced to drop it or trade it with other players, but for the most part the equipment feels useless when enemies drop it all.

Everything costs gold naturally and normal games would have you kill enemies for gold, but in Realm of the Mad God, you need to buy gold with real money of course. Everything is right there in town for you to buy after a brief tutorial area. What do you buy with gold? Name changes, more characters, armor, weapons, rings, boxes with random items, keys, pets, extra storage, building materials and everything. Did I mention that when you die you lose all progress and items? So if you spend real life money into a free game and you die, you've just lost everything.

This feels like a really dull game that is out for your money. Not just that, but it seems hastily thrown together. The quick simple art style, the slow grind for experience, the awful map design, no real quests, the laggy input, and the inaccurate aiming, all makes me not want to be in the game let alone buy anything in the game with real money.
Posted: September 1
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fun, but some may not like the in game purchases
Posted: April 5
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