Worms™ Revolution is het nieuwste spel in de klassieke turn-based strategieserie op de PC.
Gebruikersrecensies: Erg positief (1,807 recensies)
Releasedatum: 10 okt 2012

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"A 3D Worms game with some really cool physics based mayhem. The classic Worms gameplay is intact, yet the new weapons and modes make it fun to dive in."

Over dit spel

Worms™ Revolution is de nieuwste game uit de beurtgebaseerde serie voor PC, met spannende nieuwe functies en schitterende 3D-graphics terwijl tegelijkertijd de populaire 2D-gameplay wordt behouden. Speel het uitgebreide speltype voor één speler met campagne- en puzzelopdrachten, of duik in de oorlogsvoering voor meerdere spelers via online of lokaal multiplayer. Voor de eerste keer met dynamische weereffecten, fysicavoorwerpen en wormklassen! Pas je beleving aan door de klassen te kiezen waarmee je wilt spelen, hoe ze eruit zien en zelfs hoe ze praten!

Worms™ Revolution plakt een exploderend schaap onder het worm-tot-wormconflict en knalt het regelrecht naar de 21e eeuw.

Belangrijkste kenmerken

  • Waanzinnige klassen! Kies uit 4 verschillende klassen: soldaat, verkenner, wetenschapper en heavy. Spelers kunnen in totaal 16 wormen (4 van elke klasse) ontgrendelen voor hun teams. Je kunt elke combinatie van klassen gebruiken voor de strijd.
  • Pas je wormen aan! Pas je wormen aan met verschillende hoedjes, brillen, snorren, grafstenen, overwinningsdansjes, geluidsbanken en, voor de allereerste keer, snuisterijen!
  • Uitgebreid speltype voor één speler. Vecht je door 32 campagnemissies voor solospelers. Wil je zowel je hersens als je spierballen op de proef stellen? Er staan je meer dan 20 puzzelmissies te wachten!
  • Bevat een Level Editor. Maak nieuwe landschappen voor je wormen om in te vechten en te vernietigen.
  • Schitterende nieuwe landschappen. Vecht tot de dood in 4 unieke omgevingen: strand, riool, boerderij en spookachtig.
  • Multiplayergevechten! Speel lokaal of online gevechten met maximaal 4 spelers. Kies uit 3 verschillende speltypen: Deathmatch, Forts of Classic.
  • Dynamisch water. Dynamische weereffecten die van invloed zijn op tal van nieuwe wapens en gebruiksvoorwerpen.
  • Exploderende fysicavoorwerpen! Fysicavoorwerpen zijn vernietigbare voorwerpen met vernietigende effecten als ze tot ontploffing worden gebracht. Kijk uit als ze vuur, gif of water uitstoten!
  • Nieuwe wapens. Spoel die wormen weg met de nieuwe waterwapens: waterbom, waterpistool en wateraanval. Het dynamische weer kan weg worden gespoeld met het nieuwe afvoerputje. Verder is er ook de overvaller waarmee je de inventaris van je tegenstander kunt plunderen en de moersleutel waarmee je beschadigde sentryguns en fysicavoorwerpen kunt repareren.
  • Hilarisch script en dolkomische voice-over. Worms™ Revolution brengt twee comedylegenden bij elkaar die samen de humoristische wereld van Worms tot leven brengen. De met meerdere BAFTA's onderscheiden Dean Wilkinson verzorgt het script dat op dolkomische wijze tot leven wordt gebracht door Matt Berry als de verteller van het spel, Don Keystone, een documentairemaker van wilde dieren.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (256 MB), Intel HD3000 or Radeon HD 3650 (512 MB)
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

    Note: In some instances, systems may require model specific drivers. If your system manufacturers no longer support hardware under this category, it may not be possible to run this title. Should this be the case, we are unable to assist you and recommend that you pursue support from your respective system manufacturer. This issue is most common in laptops and is prevalent with select products from most leading manufacturers.
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33 van de 35 mensen (94%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
17.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 11 november 2014
It's a 2D Worms game but with a 3D engine, unlike previous Worm games in the past ,objects you see sticking out of the terrain in a map now have physics properties, they can bounc around,crush other worms,explodes,emit poison gas or even throw water around and there's now a seperate water in the game that also has some very nice looking physics to it when it moves around, this water doesn't instant kill your worms like the regular water at the bottom of the map but instead drains 1-3 HP per turn if a worm is submerged in it and everything in it moves slower (both worms and projectiles).
There's also now classes in the game, Scout,Heavy and Scientists (+ the normal worm).
Heavy is the slowest but can take the most abuse
Scout is the fastest,has the highest jumps and can perform some crazy maneuvers while walking thru terrain buuut has the lowest HP and dies the fastest
The Scientist is pretty much a healer, each turn he heals 5hp and that's about it.

However if you don't wanna play with these new classes you can just simply play the Classic mode where every worm is a regular worm like in the older games.

That's pretty much it, everything else is the same, It's the Worms game we all know and love since the 90's.
Only major complaint i have, there's a big lack of enviroments, all you have is Beach,Sewers,Horror and a 4th one which i can't remember the name of atm, while in older Worms games you usully had at least 6 to 10 (sometimes more) enviroments for a map to keep things abit more esteticly different each time.

Bottom line, it's still Worms but with a new makeover and some new fun things added it. Totally worth picking up during a nice sale and playing a few matches with your friends either via the internet or on a single computer.
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24 van de 29 mensen (83%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
2 mensen vonden deze recensie grappig
2.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 18 december 2014
What kind of person sits down one day and thinks, "I'm gonna pitch an idea to the developers... a team of worms face off against another team of worms and kill each other in hilariouis turn based fashion."?

A genious, that's who.

10/10 would use holy grenade again.
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31 van de 42 mensen (74%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
4 mensen vonden deze recensie grappig
28.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 18 november 2014
If you ever need to break off a friendship with someone, play this game with them...

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16 van de 16 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
21.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 7 oktober 2014
This game is great to have four people sitting around one computer passing the controller. The game works well online aswell however I have not spent much time doing that. I found the single player campain to be boring and I have never finished it. I would not suggest getting this game if you are only planning on playing alone. As a multiplayer game I love it. I have spent way more than 21 hours (as the time played suggest) playing this game. Steam just dosen't track time played offline.

One complaint I have is that the expansion packs should have really just come with the game to begin with. They add little to the game except fill out the weapon variety a bit. I do have all the expansions though. Fortunatly it is all resonably priced though.

Despite those small complaints this is a great game to play with some friends. Well worth the price.
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11 van de 11 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
6.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 5 januari
Definitely yes. As a long term Worms fan , I waited so long for a 2D release. ( 3D version were fun too, especially Mayhem and Forts ).
Fantastic game to play with a friends , be it local or online.

Graphic is amazing. I love background map effects, where everything moves and feels more alive. Addition of a narrator is damn sweet too. I really like him, makes the singleplayer campaign a lot more enjoyable.

Also I liked the new Worms class system ( normal worm,heavy,scientist and scout ). Each one provides a different boosts/bonuses so you can customize your team as much as you like or you preffer. Add to this Worm customization stuff like cosmetics, voice,grave or dance.
There is also a in-game shop so you can buy new weapons or supplies when you run out of ammo in your match. Of course first you need to find a coins on the map.

About weapons. You will find the old ones but there are few new weapons , like protection shield , ufo , flamethrower etc. and newest addition of the "Watery" weapons. Yes Worms Revolution has a water physics , that means you can shoot a water from your water pistol, call a water bomb airstrike and drown your enemies. A perfect weapon to get rid of bunkering worms.

It really adds some freshness to the game.

Just too bad AI is kinda meh, they still stand like a artillery and noscope you with a bazookas and grenades 24/7. Despite having a inventory full of weapons.
I haven't found any premade maps? Are there none? Only random maps are available? Thats sad too.
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9 van de 10 mensen (90%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 12 oktober 2014
If you like the good worms games of the past (the good 2-d ones, Armageddon, World Party, those DS ones), you'll like this too. People who have never played Worms games will find this a good place to jump in. It's the same old Worms 2-d turn based "armor" fighting game, but T17 have tried to add some new elements to a franchise which has been reusing mostly the same gameplay since the 90s, and you know what, it works. The games never felt like they needed more added, but it really had to be done to make a new worms game that felt fresh. And you know what, the new additions feel right and go along great with the classic worms gameplay. And that gameplay feels right this time. Reloaded didn't really have that right feel, but this one successfully combines new and old to make something great. The campaign even is the best that its been, still unnecessary, but entertaining. Everyone knows that the old fashioned skirmish is the best way to enjoy Worms.

Overall, this game is a great way to spend a half hour in a explosive, strategic (I know, I know, but I'm a darksider), and now, very wet affair.
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7 van de 7 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
3.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 29 december 2014
Singleplayer, Campaing,Puzzle, Multiplayer, Versus... Amazing Classic worms 2D is back.... You have 5 chracters... Heavy, Scout, Scientist and Soldier. Each of them have their special abillity. Heavy are powerful but they move slowly. Scout are fast and jump high and long but are very weak. Scientist can heal but are weak too. Soldier are just Soldier. Epic 2D game with a lot of stuff. A lot of weapons such as uzi, petrol bomb, water pistol(it splash you and if you too deep you lose 5 lifes every new turn) and of course Epic Holy Hand Grenade there are too many items to count. There are also some items that are not in Worms Mayhem. Such us Flamethrower you can use it for dig in or to attack enemie...

Rate: 9.9/10.
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9 van de 11 mensen (82%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
7.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 14 november 2014
Good game so far, enjoying it, adds a few nice touches to classic worms formula.
My only complaints:
- You should be able to customise each team differently
- The tutorial is waaaaaay too long
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24 van de 41 mensen (59%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
2 mensen vonden deze recensie grappig
17.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 5 september 2014



I have worms.
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6 van de 7 mensen (86%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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0.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 4 januari
You know how an Italian chef kisses his fingers and says something in Italian that translates to "A masterpiece" after tasting their own dish? That's how I feel about this game.
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4 van de 4 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
7.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 27 december 2014
Since im used to Worms Armageddon I gotta say that this game is just a remake from the old ones. Some new ♥♥♥♥ in it but we´ve all seen this already. Well if you never played Worms then you should definetly try this one out. If you´re already use to be a fan from Worms then better dont buy this game. Dont expect new things in this game which appeared already
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5 van de 6 mensen (83%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1 persoon vond deze recensie grappig
4.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 24 december 2014
funny when you are a noob and mlg
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4 van de 5 mensen (80%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
27.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 juli 2014
There just is not enough to do in this. Campaign is short and unrewarding (meaning no reward but the coins for each timed lvl) MP is good, but can get boring after a while, and one thing is that every freak'n worm has to have a British accent. Why? Would be nice to be able to play on extra large scenarios\maps, so hope there will be DLC for this but doubt it. I am only recommending this because if you just want to have fun for a bit and destroy your friends or customize your own levels and weapons and throw concrete donkeys around then do it. After a short time, and you have figured things out you might start to get bored of it and want to go to a game that is a FPS.
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4 van de 5 mensen (80%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
9.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 september 2014
Pros: Super fun, decent single player, cheap, online multiplayer doesn't disappoint, customisation, combines what's good about older worms games with a cool thing - above-death-level water!

Cons: First and foremost, the worm class system. Seriously. Unneeded, not that much advantage, and looks like it took away a lot of development time. Then, the community is dead. If you want to have some not-lonely fun, you're going to need a known friend.

Otherwise, great stuff, fully reccommended.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
133.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 5 januari
Lots of fun! The writing is hilarious and Matt Berry (IT Crowd) was the perfect person to voice it. If you like senseless violence, but only when it comes to worms, this is the game for you.

As a bonus, there are tons of active players and it isn't nearly as difficult to get a game of Worms going as it is in other older games.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
47.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 20 augustus 2014
A friend bought me this game and I am glad he did. Even though I have been a gamer since the 80s, I never really played any of the earlier Worms games other than a demo for one of the earliest ones (can't remember which one). Here, I'll try to do one of those "bullet point pros-and-cons" reviews:

  • good artwork - cartoonish worm characters as well as the animated backgrounds for the various levels
  • single player campaign with varied levels and challenges
  • multiplayer
  • humor - the narrator is funny in that Stanley Parable sort of way; the worms have their own attitudes based on what they say
  • customization of your worms and your formations

  • single player campaign gets difficult and frustrating - I swear the AI cheats
  • not much else
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
11.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 december 2014
This is one of those games that just make you laugh. There are a lot of customizations, a ton of new weapons (Including Water), and lots of fun to be had, especially with 2 or more people. If you are a fan of the Worms series, this is a title that puts new life into an already great franchise. A wonderful title from Team 17, this one gets a recommendation.
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3 van de 4 mensen (75%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
3.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 24 december 2014
Fun to play with friends, but alone, not as much.
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4 van de 6 mensen (67%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
31.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 5 december 2014
its a great game!
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1 van de 1 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
10.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 24 december 2014
I have never won a single round against my friend who has all the luck in the world
11/10 Would lose again
Kick bucket my friend!

You should definetely buy this friendship breaker.
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