Una bomba atómica ha caído en manos de terroristas, la amenaza de un ataque... ¡y solamente tú puedes evitar una catástrofe!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 26 de Oct, 2011
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Acerca de este juego

21 de enero de 1968… Un bombardero B-52G se estrella en el océano Ártico y una bomba atómica desaparece. Y continuaba desaparecida... hasta ahora. La CIA ha descubierto que un notorio jefe de la mafia Rusa, Yebievdenko, tiene el arma y quiere vendérsela al despiadado gobernante libio. Como miembro de una unidad especial, tú debes detener este acuerdo de armas mortales. ¡El destino del mundo está en tus manos!

  • Una shooter de acción en tercera persona muy especial: ¡protagoniza una impresionante persecución de peligrosos terroristas!
  • Diversas misiones y una serie de nuevas asignaciones. Completa todos los desafíos: ¡misiones de combate rebosantes de acción, misiones sigilosas y persecuciones en vehículos a toda velocidad!
  • Un enorme arsenal de diferentes armas y vehículos: ¡utiliza todos los medios a tu disposición para atrapar a los criminales!
  • Horas de diversión. Juega solo o con tus amigos: ¡completa 9 niveles para un jugador y muestra de qué estás hecho en 3 diferentes modos multijugador en línea!
  • Gráficos detallados: ¡pelea en escenarios realistas de Groenlandia a Libia!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Procesador: AMD / Intel Dual Core a 2.2 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica ATI / nVidia con al menos 256 MB de VRAM
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 6 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9
    • Otros Requisitos: Conexión a Internet de banda ancha
    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Procesador: AMD / Intel Triple o Quad Core a 2.8 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica ATI / nVidia con al menos 512 MB de VRAM
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 6 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con Directx 9.0c
    • Otros Requisitos: Conexión a Internet de banda ancha
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No recomiendo a nadie que compre este juego ... lo que nos ofrece a priori no esta mal ; un shooter en tercera persona con una historia actual (auqnue poco trabajada) , gran cantidad de armas modernas (no demasiado bien modeladas) , vehiculos (un tanto duros de conducir) , un sistema de cobertura algo cutre pero que cumpl , escenarios con un trabajo de mapeo decente , una ambientacion que cumple su papel y unos enemigos con una IA un tanto deficiente . Ofrece lo mismo que la mayoria de juegos de bajo presupuesto solo que este presenta dos grandes problemas :

1) Nula posibilidad de customizar los controles y ningun sitio donde mirar que tecla hace que cosa.

2) Nula posibilidad de customizar los graficos que junto a una mala optimizacion hace que el juego parezca lagueado en ciertas ocasiones y vaya a poquisimos FPS haciendolo duro de jugar .

Estos dos problemas en principio no son insalvables y el juego se puede jugar completo pero gracias a ellos hace que la diversion que podria aportar se reduzca y mucho , ya que en lugar de estar enfrascado en una rapida y loca ensalada de tiros te encuentras con que tienes que ir a trompicones y poco a poco porque el motor grafico del juego no tira . Es una pena porque el juego podria haber sido mejor de lo que es ... supongo que lo sacaron a toda prisa aprovechando la actualidad del conflicto Libio y tras eso se olvidaron de el dejandolo como esta ...
Publicado: 18 de Julio
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Publicado: 27 de Mayo
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What can I say, I still bought it even tho the bad revieuws, because it was 2 bucks.
For a game out of 2011 it is really outdated on all fronts, for the size of the studio it is okey.
It is also very short I completed in 4.5 hours on HARD with all achievements. So do not spend more then 2,5 bucks max if you do not mind the CONS it is okey to play.

-Settings, only thing you can change is resolution thats it.
-Controlls can not be set and you have to figure out yourself how to do what
* WASD walk
* SPACE Run, use cover, vault
* E Use (pick up guns/ammo/grenades) open doors
* F Melee (this is also you stealth kill)
* G trow grenade
* LMB shoot
* RMB Zoom/Aim (in vehicle secondary fire)
- there are 6 weapons, which is okey, except the sniper rifle you can not zoom in or out, so usually it is useless.
- Your person sometimes does not go into cover where you do expect him to.
- The game does not seem to responds fluently, at well
- The AI is horrible, I did it on Hard(most diffucult) and the enemy just runs past you or stays in position(Not moving if you run past), it is just not HARD.
- Your buddy is useless, he hits hardly anything he is either way behind or in front of you, lucely he does not die.

+ Main story thought is nice
+ Most vehicle parts are entertaining
+ Achievements are clear and easy
Publicado: 19 de Agosto
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"A special kind of third-person action shooter: set out in breathtaking pursuit of dangerous terrorists!"
Bull. There is nothing new about this and it's only breath taking because of how BORING it is that you'll be wasting all your breath yawning.

"Diverse missions and a series of new assignments: complete all the challenges; action-packed Combat missions, stealth missions and hot pursuits in vehicles! "
Challenges? There are none. It's not diverse at all. Run in and kill everyone. That's every single mission. EVERY SINGLE MISSION. They are completely lying that there is any stealth.

"A massive arsenal of different weapons and vehicles: use all the means available to you to catch the criminals!"
There's like six weapons. That's it and I'd hardly call that "massive".

"Hours of gameplay fun: either solo or with friends: complete 9 single-player levels and show what you’re made of in 3 different online Multiplayer modes!"
Hours as in five. That's about how long the game will take most players. It's only taking me longer because of a lag issue which results in a lot of restarts.

"Detailed graphics: fight in realistic settings from Greenland to Libya!"
They're completely mediocre. Boring and bland. And so much boring hues of brown terrain.

Well. That's me disputing the description. Onto the review.

Finished the game on toughest or whatever and got all the achivements so let's start this trainwreck of a review.

Let's start with the good. The graphics aren't terrible.
The achivements are all relitetively easy.

That's it. On to everything else. In otherwords.


First for me is LAG. For some reason at least for me, It was horrifyingly laggy. everytime I tried to move the camera ended up with a huge lag spike. It finally fixed itself when I changed the affinity to two cores and back to eight while the game was open. Who knows if that fix will stick though.
(Update. It didn't. Seems like it's a texture issue. A very poor one.)

Facial animation. There is none. At all. If they speak it's a blank face. ALL THE TIME.

That brings me to the next point. Voice acting. It's HORRIBLE. They sound bored and not at all natural. And even though the game involves a russian and libyan in a cutscene they both speak english with really poor accents.

Weapons. They don't feel like they have ANY impact. It's like your shooting marshmallows. And on top of this the weapons themselves are kinda crappy for accuracy. Have an enemy a bit of a distance away? Be prepared to waste half your magazine hopeing that one of the bullets hit the enemy you're aiming straight at. Sniper isn't bad but obviously a pain in close quarters.

The story itself. Completely and utterly forgettable. Bland and boring.

A.I. - Utterly horrid. Half the time they just run past my ally and run to me. Sometimes they'll just APPEAR next to me. As you play harder difficulties the game doesn't make their AI any better. Just stronger weapons. That's it.

In game dialouge. It's like they got a bunch of teenagers to write it. Every other word is either a swear word or a ridiculously stupid joke. It's not even fun to listen to.


They didn't pay any attention to detail. There was one moment where I noticed that the character's head was the SAME height as the doorhandle. The couch nearby reached up to his waist. The turret gunners, if you get close to them you can tell that the character's are only standing there with their normal guns in their hands. There was no attempt to make it seem like they were holding it at all.

There was a few moments where enemies came in a car and the door opened and closed. No one came out or anything. The four enemies just appeared outside it.

There are some parts. The vehicle parts. They aren't nearly as good as some say. The enemies are hard to hit while moving and due to the lack of impact you don't know if you hit them. There is no on screen reticle while fireing in a vehicle aside from the first one. UPDATE. When you're in a tank later you actually have a reticle.

Overall. This is a painful experience that I urge no one to attempt.
Publicado: 20 de Agosto
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Reviewing Global Ops: Commando Libya is like reviewing a trip to the dentist, if you enjoy a little pain then you'll enjoy playing this game.

Your mission is to take control of half a two man special "special" ops team as they make their way through 9 or so levels of corridor shooting one-dimensional gun play, The action is experienced as a third-person cover shooter in that you must use the environment to avoid taking damage as you shoot the hordes of dumb ai controlled enemy soldiers. You must run through various locations that are distinctly the same, moving from cover to cover, avoiding a barrage of shots that do not easily kill you (at least on regular difficulty) until you get to the end of the level.

There is barely any variation to the core gameplay. In some sections you must avoid lethal fire from tanks, helicopters or hvg. machine gun emplacements [that you cannot destroy,] or the like, while picking up ammo and grenades from fallen enemies, until you find conveniently placed weapons at the end of a level section. There are a few locations that require you to use some sort of heavy weapon to destroy a boss (helicopter, tank etc)

Graphics are nothing better than okay, while music if fine. The overall look and feel of the game is that it is something from the 1990s - probably due to the game engine being used. Story and voice-overs though are bad, really bad. I mean the stuff of bargain basements, not legend. Truly the narrative is something out of a Hollywood Z-list action movie. While the voice acting is just as bad. Your AI controlled buddy is practically useless, getting lost most of the time or moving out of position into the area ahead where the enemies are pouring from but, without actually killing anyone. Though he does chip in with the odd kill from time to time.

If you are wondering if there is anything positive about the game its probably that you can use numerous guns, even if there is little to differenciate them apart. Weapons include: UMP-45 SMG, M16+M203 grenade launcher, the latter of which doesnt work, AK-47, M1014 shotgun, frag grenades, M249 light machinegun, the Draguov SVD sniper rifle and M136 anti-tank/vehicle launcher.

I still cant believe I am recommending it. You maybe asking why... and how. The thing is despite all the negative aspects of the game, it actually feels fun to play. Yes the story is pants. The audio amateurish. Gameplay is basic but, if played in short bursts it can be mildly enjoyable in an old-skool kind of way. I found myself smiling as my AI buddy and me took on hundreds of cliche enemies ala Rambo style. I guess if you played games twenty years ago this may remind you of the titles of the same franchise and bring a smile of nostalgia to your face.

Overall though I would only recommend getting this in a sale. Its definitely a guilty pleasure. Though the game is over quite quickly and is nothing special. The ending is maybe worth getting too also. If you dont play it, you wont miss much. However Im off to replay this on hard. Pope if you're reading this... read a dictionary and learn to count past 10, you dumb s-o-b!
Publicado: 11 de Septiembre
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