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And Yet It Moves est un jeu de plateforme/énigme situé dans un monde original en bouts de papier. Vous pouvez courir, sauter et faire tourner le monde autour de vous. Apprenez à utiliser ces pouvoirs dans ce monde unique. Une course contre-la-montre vous attend dans certains niveaux.
Date de parution: 2 avr 2009
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PC Gamer UK (9/10)
There are plenty of eye-catching games, and there are some games that genuinely innovate. This indie project manages to do the impossible and combine the two. Full Review

IGN (8.4/10)
...And Yet It Moves is one of the most addictive and refreshing games I've played this year. Full Review

Citizen Game (4/5)
What could have been a one-off gimmick is expanded upon in unexpected and wonderful directions making And Yet It Moves a spellbinding indy diversion that is familiar, yet entirely unique. Full Review

À propos du jeu

And Yet It Moves est un jeu de plateforme/énigme situé dans un monde original en bouts de papier. Vous pouvez courir, sauter et faire tourner le monde autour de vous. Apprenez à utiliser ces pouvoirs dans ce monde unique.

Une course contre-la-montre vous attend dans certains niveaux. Votre temps sera enregistré et vous pourrez entrer en compétition contre vous-même.

Cette version du jeu fait suite au prototype récompensé et acclamé avec 3 nouveaux environnements et de nouveaux défis.

Comprend :

  • Jeu de plateformes avancé :
    Vous pouvez sauter, courir et faire tourner le monde autour de vous.
  • 17 niveaux originaux :
    Casses-têtes dans un monde de papier.
  • Mode course :
    Contre-la-montre ou contre vous-même avec des courses-marathon dans les niveaux.
  • Classement en ligne et possibilité de partager les courses fantômes (contre vous-même) :
    Raffinez votre style et votre adresse en entrant en compétition avec vos amis.
  • Nouvelle version complète !

Configuration requise (PC)

    • Interface : Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
    • Processeur : 1.6 Ghz ou supérieure, simple cœur 2 Ghz ou supérieur
    • Mémoire : 512 Mo de RAM à 1 Go (ou plus si circuit graphique intégré)
    • Disque dur: 60 Mo d'espace disque
    • Carte graphique : Intel® gma950 128 Mo ou similaire avec support OpenGL 1.2

Configuration requise (MAC)

    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : G4 / G5 / Intel double-cœur 1.6 GHz ou meilleur, mono-cœur 2.0 GHz ou meilleur
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Intel® gma950 ou meilleure ; N'importe quelle carte vidéo non intégrée comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo ou meilleure
    • Disque dur : 60 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Autres prérequis :
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World-altering platformers are almost a dime a dozen these days, but when this game was released it received praise for being quirky and innovative.

Even now it's difficult to argue against that, the game has a habit of pulling a something new and somewhat interesting mechanic out of the hat every time you start feeling like you're getting used to it.

On the other hand, and probably far more important, the game is not fun to play. The growth of mechanics become boring - or even frustrating - sometimes before you've finished seeing them for the first time.

It feels very much like a university game design project, made to demonstrate a combination of physics and creative obstacles. That might be because it is a university game design project. I'm not sure.

The game certainly had a lot of potential to be fun. Indeed for the latter half of the main game I was having fun, wondering what would happen next. But the game commits four cardinal sins each of which could ruin any game.

Firstly, some of the mechanics are almost unplayable. The flint rocks and the spring-reeds are particularly worthy of note as elements that bring a sense of dread every time they appear.

Secondly, the collision detection is unreliable at best. Sometimes you can survive a surprisingly long fall or getting crushed by rocks, at other times you can die from a much smaller rock touching you with barely any movement.

Third, some of the additional challenges and achievements are terribly thought out.

The game has three bonus stages that are on a par with I Wanna Be The Guy for difficulty. There's an achievement for beating those, which makes sense. There are also achievements for beating 5 levels with limited rotations, or in a certain time, or without dying too much. Those make sense too.

What doesn't make sense is the achievement for beating ALL levels - including those unreasonably hard ones - with limited rotations, in a certain time, and without dying too much. And further still, the one for doing all that with the fewest rotations possible, a ridiculously low time and without dying AT ALL.

There are also three speedrun achievements, the latter two of which rely almost entirely on getting lucky with the placement of randomised projectiles. Replaying the same twenty minutes over and over until it works right is not fun.

The last sin the game commits is adding content badly. Following its PC release a Wii version was made, which allowed for dynamic world rotation instead of the 90-degree locked turns in the PC version. The additional bonus levels and challenges were then retrofitted into the PC version, but the smooth rotation was not even though many of them were designed for it. This makes the PC version much harder than it should be for much of the content.

I need to emphasize that finding the challenges unreasonable is not the whining of a bad player. I'd accept such a claim for middling no-death runs in Super Meat Boy, but these so-called challenges are just not viable for anyone. Experienced players unanimously conclude that including the bonus levels within the challenge modes when they were all added was either an oversight or a mistake.
Posté le : 19 janvier 2014
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AYIM is a platformer whose gameplay you've probably seen before. It's classic running & jumping combined with the ability to rotate the game world in 90° and 180° steps. While this core gameplay is not too innovative, I liked the additionial mechanics that came with it, like rotating the world to change the direction of a flame in order to burn an obstacle.

This game's soundtrack seems to be composed entirely by human voices, which is nice and quirky to listen to. Like the audio, the graphical presentation is pleasantly different as well. In the later levels the game gets really trippy, moreso than you can see on the screenshots. Overall, AYIM seems somewhat strange, but not in a bad way at all.

Game's pretty short, you won't need more than 2 or 3 hours to beat it, though there's additional play modes like time trial or survival and achievements to get.

I had fun playing AYIM, but because of its short length I would recommend getting it when it's on sale, say.. 5 bucks at most.
Posté le : 11 mai 2014
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Nice platformer with a (rotational) twist. It looks like you are back at your childhood playing with cut out pieces of paper.
Posté le : 12 février 2014
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And Yet it Moves is a platforming game that had quite the unique control scheme when it came out. With WASD you control your character, and with the arrow keys you can control the world. Using a mixture of your own movement along with rotating the world, you pass through varied environments to reach your goal.

The platforming in this game can be very difficult at times, and some sections feel like they come down to luck, especially when you have to rely on a swinging platform, which don't automatically return to their position after you fail. There are plenty of checkpoints scattered through the levels, so at least when you do fail you can get back to where you were pretty quickly.

I found the music to be really grating, and I turned it off after a bit. The graphics look pencil drawn, which can be impressive when done well, but I didn't find them to be all that attractive.

World manipulation was at one time pretty unique, but now it seems it makes its way into almost every platform game. While this was a good gimmick upon release, it doesn't really hold up years later when its so common. There is not enough else to hold this game together. Add the poor music, visuals, and the fact that I got a little dizzy after making the world spin around, and I wouldn't recommend this game.

Grade: C-
Posté le : 1 juillet 2014
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It's a design project with puzzle mechanics, you control your character and solve the puzzles by rotating the world around you and using your momentum. No story (well, it's a puzzle game, of course), sufficient controls, trippy music, dubbed sound effects. The puzzles are ok, but sometimes, due to the camera following you too close, you are left to guess where to go. 3 hours top to finish the game, the replay value lies in the different challanges (limited rotations, time trial etc).
Not exactly recommended for the full price, wait for sale or indie bundle.
Posté le : 21 janvier 2014
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