Arx Fatalis 是一款第一人称 RPG 游戏,将玩家带入神秘莫测的梦幻世界。 Arx Fatalis 有趣的故事情节在引人入胜的中世纪环境中展开。 用户友好的界面实现了最高程度的交互性。 Arx Fatalis 创造了一个引人入胜的场景,能让玩家直接感受到他的行动会对 Arx 游戏世界带来怎样的效果。 游戏的目标是摧毁 Akbaa 的神秘祭祀,组织破坏和混沌之神回归现实世界。 如果玩家失败,魔鬼将会入侵,Arx 将笼罩在恐怖之中。 玩家将扮演英雄的角色,使用木棍、宝剑和魔法在地下森林中进行战斗,在与各种生物的对抗中求生存,包括小妖、巨人怪、鼠面人和其它恶灵。 但是,暴力并不能始终带来胜利:玩家必须自己配置,创造出新的“基于屏幕动作的魔法体系”,辅助自己闯关。
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发行日期: 2002年11月12日


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IGN Awards Arx Fatalis an 8/10

"The spell casting system (...) is probably the most fun I've had with magic in a game in a long time."

RPGDot gives Arx Fatalis a 91%

"Clever dungeon design, exciting story and challenging puzzles makes this the most intelligent RPG around"


Arx Fatalis 是一款第一人称 RPG 游戏,将玩家带入神秘莫测的梦幻世界。 Arx Fatalis 有趣的故事情节在引人入胜的中世纪环境中展开。 用户友好的界面实现了最高程度的交互性。 Arx Fatalis 创造了一个引人入胜的场景,能让玩家直接感受到他的行动会对 Arx 游戏世界带来怎样的效果。

游戏的目标是摧毁 Akbaa 的神秘祭祀,组织破坏和混沌之神回归现实世界。 如果玩家失败,魔鬼将会入侵,Arx 将笼罩在恐怖之中。 玩家将扮演英雄的角色,使用木棍、宝剑和魔法在地下森林中进行战斗,在与各种生物的对抗中求生存,包括小妖、巨人怪、鼠面人和其它恶灵。 但是,暴力并不能始终带来胜利:玩家必须自己配置,创造出新的“基于屏幕动作的魔法体系”,辅助自己闯关。 使用鼠标在空中施展魔法。 系列动作结合可以创造出强大的魔法,帮助玩家保护自己、对抗敌人,实现目标。


    最低配置: Windows XP、500 MHz Pentium ® III 或兼容 CPU、64 MB RAM、DirectX 8 或更高版本、DirectX 8 兼容声卡及 16 MB 显卡、750 MB 磁盘空间

    建议配置: 900 MHz Pentium ® III 或兼容 CPU、256 MB RAM、DirectX 8 或更高版本、DirectX 8 兼容声卡及 32MB 显卡、750 MB 磁盘空间

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If you consider yourself a fan of the RPG genre and still haven't played this, it's time to get on it.

This is one of my favorite games ever and I could go on about this game with a big lengthy post but it's easier if I just point out it's only flaw:
There's no sequel.
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Arx Fatalis is the 2002 brainchild of Arkane Studios, a studio that went on to make Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and Dishonoured. Notably, the game was intended to be Ultima: Underworld III, but the studio was unable to obtain the license. Even without it, this has been hailed as the spiritual successor to Ultima: Underworld, and rightfully so.

It's "inspirations" are as evident as they are positive. The right-click menu overlay, popular in its early 2000s peers, once again makes it return and proving that it never gets old. Arx Fatalis handles it a tad differently to others, keeping the overlay mostly bereft except for inventory and controlling the bulk through separate windows brought up via the journal.

While manipulating the environment never gets old, the overlay itself does get clunky compared System Shock 2 or Morrowind. From inventories that give you separate windows when upgraded, instead of just making the existing window bigger, to useless, nigh unreadable maps, to the journal system that is Morrowind's, without all those pesky "search" functions.

Arx Fatalis boasts an "intelligent story", which is laughable. You start as the amnesiac named Am Shaegar, find out your purpose is to save the world, and then save the world. Along the way you bear witness to some incredibly hammy voice-acting, which falls directly into "so bad it's good" tier.

The worldbuilding itself is less hilariously trite. While the generic fantasy races stay generic fantasy races, the premise of being forced to live inside one big cavern system lends itself to some interesting towns and details - the giant pumps that flood the levels with air, for example. But Arx Fatalis hails to an era where the story wasn't the focal point of RPGs, pre-Infinity Engine.

King Lunshire's one-dimensional antics and cults that just evil cults only provide the background for the real draw: dungeon delving.

The game boasts being able to take care of enemies in a variety of ways. This is a lie. The game is based around a single playstyle - spellsword.

  • DEX skills are useless and will get you killed
  • Stealth attacks cap out at 1.5 times the damage of a regular hit
  • The gesture system only recognizes perfectly drawn signs
  • Particles of your runes fly off while running
  • Your mana regen is incredibly slow
  • There's barely any bloody potions

You may be able to fireball or stealth a goblin to death, but try pulling that on a Ylside warrior and watch your dangly bits get plastered to the ceiling. Your magic will always play second fiddle to your sword, and DEX doesn't get a fiddle at all.

It's therefore a shame that the swordplay is so limited. Arx Fatalis falls into the traditional aRPG trap of having the majority of the combat be incredibly simple and boring. You take out your weapon. You charge up your weapon. You hit things with your weapon. There's several different animations but they change nothing. Footsies that amount to kiting. No real movesets, no real variety, and even the speed of combat is deplorably slow.

It fails basic decisions/time game design, a common problem with these games. Buffs aside, you will largely be doing the same exact 3-step sequence from beginning to end.

Thankfully the incredibly hard-hitting enemies combined with limited resources in the midst of battle, especially when up against a Ylside or a Lich, keeps these battles engaging to the end. They never become a chore. The payoff of lobbed limbs and exploding enemies is a bonus.

The dungeons themselves are fantastic. Far from open-world, these areas are distinctly level based and are flooded with hidden secrets - which unlike the barren and uninteresting landscapes of open world games, have withstood the test of time.

The rest of the game's elements are particularly notable. There's some sidequests, but the triggers are arbitrary and you'll most likely just luck into them. The puzzles you encounter within the dungeons themselves can quickly get tedious, and rely on searching the area for items or buttons which are hidden in annoying locations. Occasionally with physics, and Fatalis' physics system isn't as great as its item manipulation system.

But it wouldn't be a true dungeon delver without puzzles, would it?

Arx Fatalis is a relic, and its a relic in the best possible way. Hailing back to the best of Looking Glass' work and Ultima Underworld itself, for every clunky mechanic there's another aspect that counters it to make it work.

If you're looking for an oppressive dungeon-delving game with brilliantly designed levels and inventory mechanics which don't treat you liked a fool, then I couldn't recommend Arx Fatalis more.
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Arx Fatalis is a great game. This is a game of thinking and is well above those of his time and even many of those today. It requires great skill in taking decisions that influences the game story and requires great patience and attention !
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Great game. But sadly if you want to play this game you should download Arx Libertatis that fixes a lot of bugs and crashes those lead thru the original Arx Fatalis.

I have tried playing Arx Fatalis normally without the Arx Libertatis even Arx Fatalis was repeately crashing... After 5 hours of playing and unstopable crashes I decided to move to Arx Libertatis. After I moved to that Arx Libertatis I have never seen any bug or crash (Well it just crashed on really curiours cases after 12 hours of playing haha XD).

Anyway I really recommend you this game, its awesome game, has briliant story and gaming system plus a lot of spells these come always handy. But dont forget to download Arx Libertatis after buying Arx Fatalis, because it saves a lot of your nerves.

Enjoy with joy <3 :)
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A diamond in the rough for sure, but Arx Fatalis is a classic that snuck right under a lot of peoples' noses. Years after release, the developers have continued to support this game, patching it to run on modern systems/resolutions, and even releaseing the source code.

It is still up in the air if the now heavily Kick Started Ultima Underworld successor "Underworld Ascendent" will live up to its bluster, but in the meantime Arx Fatalis is definately worth some of your time.
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