Players guide Mudokon champion Abe, and his aquatic Gabbit partner Munch, in Oddworld's third adventure, using special psychic powers, cool power-ups, and other special abilities to deliver payback as they reclaim the last gabbit eggs on Oddworld, which have been packaged in a can of gabbiar.
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Utgivningsdatum: 20 dec, 2010

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Players guide Mudokon champion Abe, and his aquatic Gabbit partner Munch, in Oddworld's third adventure, using special psychic powers, cool power-ups, and other special abilities to deliver payback as they reclaim the last gabbit eggs on Oddworld, which have been packaged in a can of gabbiar.

Key features:

  • Play as a team - players use Munch and Abe cooperatively to make their way through the trials of Oddworld. Leverage both characters' unique strengths:
  • Abe- Abe can climb and jump to reach new areas, and then run to escape from dangerous enemies. When all else fails, chant to take control of the enemy's soul, and use their guns to clear a path to safety.
  • Munch - Munch can swim around the new realms of Oddworld. When on the ground, zip along with a wheelchair power up. Need to move some yapping Slogs out of the way? Just use Munch's nifty remote control head port to fire up the crane and drop those Sloggies in their pen.
  • Special psychic powers - Munch and Abe's psychic powers can extend their reach and get others to do the dirty work:
  • As Abe - Let Abe's chant roar to take possession of a gun-toting Big Bro Slig and clear almost anything out of the way. Abe can use spooce or spiritual power gained byharvesting SpooceShrubs to posses other creatures as well, but why think small?
  • As Munch - If Abe can't mesmerize someone into getting the job done, Munch can use his handy remote control head port to hijack nearby machines including cranes, and 50-caliber Anesthesia bots to tackle the really tough obstacles.
  • Power-Ups – Every friendly character you can find becomes a fighting ally, Fuzzles, Mudokons…. Need to get somewhere quickly or get over a wall, like right now? Use Oddworld's consumer power-ups like Expresso and Bounce to amp up Munch and Abe's abilities to perform cool moves. For the more direct approach, possess high-caliber weapon toting enemies.
  • Oddworld, now in "new and improved 3D!" - it's a whole new Oddworld, with lush rivers, towering mountains and hundreds of trees that bloom or die.
  • Interact with dozens of different oddball races - use GameSpeak® to get Oddworld's Inhabitants from the heavily armed Big Bro Sligs to the cute but ferocious Fuzzles) to carry out tricky tasks or just beat the crap out of enemies.
  • "Frustration Free" gaming - Oddworld's new intelligent cinematic camera, auto-targeting system and no-stick navigation system makes playing a breeze! Plus with easy
  • QuikSave® and limitless lives, players have plenty of chances to take on any situation… no matter how Odd!


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP eller högre
    • Processor: Intel Core2 +
    • Minne: 1GB
    • Grafik: NVidia Geforce 6600 128MB
    • DirectX®: DX9
    • Hårddisk: 3.8 GB
    • Ljud: DirectX®9
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Upplagd: 1 september, 2015
This here is the report I sent to Valve when asking for a refund, coupled with a reply to the developers in a discussion about the fact that the game does not work. Keep in mind, this is a lengthy sun♥♥♥♥♥.

TL;DR: This game does not work and is arguably one of the worst PC ports of all time. Purchasing this, you will not be able to play it.

This reaches over the 2 week mark, in fact it has been 2 years. That is obvious, but disregarding this request solely on that purpose is a sick thing to do. Do not cancel this because it has been two years, Valve has not been allowing refunds, only recently your company has opened their eyes to developers trying to steal from players. Read on if you are a morally stable human being. I am serious.

The community overall has been begging for this game to work. The games here do not work (Excluding "Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD", though that one is an awful port, it still works.

I want you to read this thread.

That thread, right there, is about developers not giving a damn.

"Cr4zyJay is 100% right. You people are disgusting. I respect developers who put actual work into their games. I study game theory and I understand how hard making a game is. I study art, and I understand how hard making characters are. I do not however, understand how you can morally stand back as a company, and watch people complain about you stealing money, and simply not give a ♥♥♥♥. It's sickening. Absolutely. ♥♥♥♥ ing. Sickening.

This game is so ♥♥♥♥ing broken, I was furious. I know how to get games to work, believe me. I'm not stupid. Fixing my compatability modes and launch commands on Windows 7 AND Windows 8, it just doesn't work. And on the off-chance it does, and on the off-chance that you can get past the main menu without it crashing on you, this crashes constantly. I know plenty of people who can't leave the tutorial without the game crashing. I can't either.

Steam won't allow refunds on this because of how long ago it was purchased, but you devs should. The morality of not allowing refunds and basically stealing money is ♥♥♥♥ed up.

Making people pay money for broken ports that don't work on plenty of systems should be a crime, and you should feel ashamed for releasing it in this state. Dark Souls 1 had a better port, and that thing barely even functioned. I wasted days getting this garbage port to run, and now i'm done with that.

The fact that your team is not taking action stands that your people just do not care. I will not be buying your newest game, since I can imagine it will recieve the same kind of ♥♥♥♥ed up trolling as this one recieved. Devs are supposed to care, but nobody in this threat is seeing any sort of care going on whatsoever.

Don't even get me started on the awful emulated PS1 ports of the first two Oddworlds, you know, the ones that also do not run for plenty of people. Sure the game was cheap, but still. That's borderline stealing money. I hope you shifty theives are happy. I know for a fact I will never be purchasing anything from this developer ever again, and I will feel good about that.

I am going to file a second request for a refund. If I do not recieve one from Valve, I will be waiting every minute for a check for 7 bucks.

A reply would be great, thank you."

That right there is the post I placed under that thread just a few minutes ago. This post, by a user named Cr4zyjay voices my complaints entierly.

"you are disgusting in your professional manner.

if i go into a game store and buy a game that does not work properly and go in to complain, the store manager humbly apologises for the inconvenience and trouble caused and either grants an exchange or a full refund, abiding by the law's statutory consumer rights that protect me the customer. If such purchase proves the game entirely across all copies does not work properly, the product is proved to be defective and gets removed from sale.

You people have done NOTHING like that.

You have insulted all of us with your 2 year late response which only tells us that you could not care less about the poor version of Munchs Oddysee available on PC as of TODAY, you are just going to leave it there, and remaster the game and then ONLY upload the update once you are confident you have x2 versions of the same game to make money from on the day of release for Munch HD on mobile.

What's also sad is a lot of people in here are bending over and letting you have your way with them. They PRAISE your 2 year late response, they adore you for finally deciding to fix something that should have never been sold on steam in the first place.

And all you have got, is "Rumbled". Charming customer service skills you have there. You're a failure."

Check the community hub. Read the forums, no seriously. Do that. Do you see people complaining about the game not working? You should, people have been begging the developers for YEARS to make these games work. They do not, they haven't and at this rate they never will.

In good morality, any developer or retailer would give a full refund. Hell if I purchased this at my local Gamestop, they would have given me in-store credit. Why? Because selling faulty products should be illegal. Outright illegal. In good morality, you should be offering full refunds for every person who owns this pack, whether they accept the refund or not, it should be offered. Developers try and grift us good people constantly, and as a respectable company, Valve must consider refunding this. If not, well, you need to do your job better.

Instead of sending me an email stating "We will not be refunding" this time, I want a reason. I want a real, actual human being to type me a response.

*If Valve denies this request, I will send this request every day until the day I die. If I get banned from sending requests, I'll make a new account, and send requests there. If that gets banned, I will email every employee of the developers of this game until I recieve a refund.

Valve denied this request, they didn't even read my message, the cheap buggers. All they did was deny it because I bought it three years ago. I'm going to keep sending this in, every two hours, since that's how long it takes for them to not give a ♥♥♥♥.
The devs are saying they're making another version of this, another company is. Is it a port or re-make? He hasn't stated as of yet as far as I am aware. The only answer we've gotten is the usual "We're sorry, we know you're upset, this new game coming out *TBA* is going to be free for those who own it currently."
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Upplagd: 29 september, 2015
I have over 800 games in my library.
I love them all. I don't buy games I don't actually want to play.
Had my xbox stolen many years ago but I've been a fan of oddworld since psx, hell, I even beat the AWFUL Game boy version.
Munch's Oddysee was one of my favorites in the series.
And I never got to finish it.
We never got The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot either.
I've done everything humanly possible to try and repair this game, compatibility modes, resolutions, even went as far as to take my Gpu out.
I had to trick the game into thinking it was another game like I had to do with Stubbs the Zombie.
That fix lasted about 20 minutes.
It's a shame. Because I really love this series and hate to feel like this.
if a legit fix is found. I'll be happy to support the game agian.
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Upplagd: 8 januari
Still waiting for a working version of this port, instead of the mobile version -- lol
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Upplagd: 4 november, 2015
A great classic brought down by a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ PC port. Crash to desktop simulator.
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Upplagd: 23 december, 2015
I loved this game on Xbox, but I can only play for about 2 minutes before this port crashes. No matter what settings I seem to adjust; it is unplayable.
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