Durante siglos, el planeta Hyllis ha sido bombardeado por una implacable raza alienígena. Escéptica acerca de la inhabilidad de su gobierno para repeler a los invasores, la reportera de acción Jade sale a las calles a buscar la verdad.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 nov. 2003

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Acerca de este juego

Durante siglos, el planeta Hyllis ha sido bombardeado por una implacable raza alienígena. Escéptica acerca de la inhabilidad de su gobierno para repeler a los invasores, la reportera de acción Jade sale a las calles a buscar la verdad. Armada con su cámara, su bastón dai-jo y una fiera determinación, descubrirá impresionante evidencia que la llevará a una horrible conspiración dentro del gobierno por lo que se verá forzada a enfrentarse a un mal que definitivamente no podrá penetrar.

  • Únete a la Rebelión Como la reportera de acción Jade, únete al grupo de resistencia y expón los secretos del tu gobierno utilizando el espionaje, la fuerza y todo tu ingenio. No te detengas ante nada hasta que tu gente conozca la verdad.
  • Descubre la Conspiración Entra a un mundo futurístico lleno de engaño, en el que nada es lo que parece y en el que descubrir la verdad es la única esperanza para restablecer la libertad.
  • Prepárate Para Cualquier Cosa Libra cualquier obstáculo dentro de este mundo de hechizo producto de la innovación de la mente del creador de juegos Michael Ancel.
  • Unidos Peleamos Pelea contra las fuerzas de la conspiración y utiliza las técnicas de Jade para manejar su bastón jai-do. Realiza impresionantes combos de pelea en equipo junto a tus aliados dentro de la resistencia.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows® 2000 / XP (sólo)
    • Procesador: Pentium® III, Celeron® o AMD Athlon™ a 700 MHz (1 GHz recomendado)
    • Memoria: 64 MB de RAM como mínimo, 128 MB recomendados (256 MB recomendados para XP)
    • Gráficos:Gráfica con 32 MB y compatible con DirectX® 9 (gráficas específicas soportadas: ATI® Radeon™ 9700 y Pro, ATI Radeon 9000 y Pro, GeForce™ 4 Ti 4600/Ti 4400/MX 460/MX 440, GeForce3 y Ti500, GeForce2 GTS/MX400/MX)
    • Versión de DirectX: DirectX 9.0
    • Sonido: Dispositivo de sonido compatible con DirectX 9
    • Disco Duro: 2.2 GB de espacio libre
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Publicado el 8 de noviembre de 2015
Juegazo clásico. Un juego que aunque siendo viejo, tiene unos buenos graficos, optimizado para jugarlo en hd. Una historia con la que disfrutaras en todo momento.
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Publicado el 8 de abril
Una de las grandes sorpresas que he encontrado en mi vida, uno de esos juegos que compras y juegas solo por que esta en promocion y sin pensarlo, te cambia la vida.

Muchas veces escuche de el, que era muy bueno interesante y esto. Pero no es hasta que lo pruebas que compruebas con tus propias manos que es una joya de juego, para mi es el mejor juego hecho por ubisoft (no exagero) es muy epico, la protagonista es agraciada y puedes generar empatia rapitadamente con ella, los demas personajes son muy interesantes y tienen diseños muy unicos e inolvidables. El juego es tan amplio y tienes tantas cosas para hacer, que no lo vas a creer. Ademas la jugabilidad y la historia no decepcionas para nada. La musica es hermosa.

La mayor falla que tiene esta version de Steam, es que no tiene soporte para el control de consolas, lo cual puede estropear en gran medida la experiencia de juego.

Es como la unica falla que le encuentro, pero como juego es una compra de la que nunca te arrepentiras.
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Publicado el 11 de noviembre de 2015
So here's this game I played several times on the PS2, and it is SO FUN. PC is no exception.

People may have seen the camera on the box art back in the day and said to themselves "Ew! Camera in the gameplay, no way!" Sure the camera is sometimes a necessary part of the game, but combat and stealth are major gameplay elements that shouldn't be overlooked.

The story centres on Jade and Pey'j, in a strange world where half-animal people walk around on two legs and talk. For example Pey'j has a definite boar-like appearance. The world is under siege from the Domz armada, and the Alpha Sections are there to stop them. During an attack Jade discovers she's out of credits and her lighthouse shield power is cut off. In an effort to make some credits she takes on a photography job for the local science centre, and through a turn of events ends up working for a secret underground movement called the Iris Network.

The plot is fairly straightforward - you go on missions looking for evidence, once you find the evidence you take photos of it, and then you get the hell outta there. The missions are few and large, and the best way to approach it is to go sneaky stealth mode on everything. It is possible to attack your enemies too, but you will have a hard time.

Gameplay combat is all 3rd-person, but not all of it is melee. There are battles on the water inside your 'tugboat', and towards the end of the game there is even a spaceship battle, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Enemies hit hard in melee combat though, so it pays to grab all the health upgrades you can find. These can be manually distributed to your companion too if you think they need it. As already mentioned, subterfuge is your friend - you will have more fun with sneak attacks and trickery than trying to face-tank your way though the game.

Other gameplay elements include speed-races to get your stolen credits back, minigames (that game in the Akuda Bar is badass hard), finding all the species to photograph for more credits, finding all the pearls for more vehicle upgrades. There are a couple of foot-chases too, to add whipped cream to an already delicious cake of a game.

So how delicious is it? Well the music is a blast for starters. It has a wonderful style to it, melodious and alien. Well-suited to the game. The graphics are a little bland but good - with a main character like Jade it makes sense there's a bit of a green theme to it. Voice-actors have been cast well, there is a lot of great voice-acting in the game and it helps to suspend disbelief, helping immersion and reinforcing our empathy towards the characters.

Highly recommended to anyone that loves stealth, a great story, or just wants to try something new. The hours I've played it on PC are not representative of my total hours (PC and PS2). Worth it just for the soundtrack!
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Publicado el 29 de noviembre de 2015
It's not a lie that this is one of the masterpiece in adventures games.
This game was released on 2003. I played & reviewed this in year 2015.
Even the 12 years apart doesn't really affect the gaming expiriences.

It runs fine in Windows 7/8. I bet Windows 10 also can run it fine.
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Publicado el 26 de febrero
Short version: 92%
Beyond Good & Evil mixes many gameplay elements to create a fun, adventurous, yet surprisingly serious storyline about the struggles of a reporter who slowly uncovers the sinister plot against her home planet. Although it gained some recognition in the past five years, this game is still one of the most underappreciated sparkling gems of this century.

Long version:
Beyond Good & Evil was praised by both the press and players alike, yet it is still a perpetual resident on any list that collects the best rarely known games from the past 10-15 years or so.

At first glance, these ratings are difficult to justify – after all, the game is a strange hodgepodge of various genres: puzzle, platformer, stealth, 3D brawler, treasure hunt, with some driving and racing on top.
While these mixed-genre games rarely work, somehow the designers managed to keep all of these elements together in a tight knot. After getting used to the controls (a controller helps), we find a game with great mechanics, astonishing levels of large variety, and a small world that constantly offers some activity between the platforming stages, but not in a distracting manner.

The final selling point is the story: we follow the adventures of Jade, a reporter and caretaker of some recently orphaned children. She gradually gets entangled in the war between her home planet and the invading aliens, only to discover the sinister truth behind the attacks, the recent kidnappings, and her own past.
Despite the serious nature of the story, both the aesthetics and the writing tries to be light-hearted and fun, giving a great sense of adventure even when you are discussing battle plans in the back room of a bar. The cast does a wonderful job of delivering some memorable lines, elevating Beyond Good & Evil into a classic status, recommended for anyone who never had the pleasure of playing it.
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