You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.
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Release Date: Aug 23, 2006

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About This Game

You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.

You use the money you earn to upgrade your computer systems, and to buy new software and tools. As your experience level increases you find more dangerous and profitable missions become available. You can speculate on a fully working stock market (and even influence its outcome). You can modify peoples academic or criminal records. You can divert money from bank transfers into your own accounts. You can even take part in the construction of the most deadly computer virus ever designed.
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Posted: September 7
So here I was, robbing a bank of a million dollars and deleting the logs to cover my tracks. I now have enough money to buy the Trinty gateway. I speed up the time so it can get installed, log out, and log back in. Then, I go purchase all the hardware upgrades, starting with the motion sensor and gateway nuke. Speed up time again until the sensor and nuke is installed, and I open the sensor program. I see that it's red, so I panic and open the nuke program to destroy the gateway. It gets destroyed, and I rent the starting gateway again. After purchasing another Trinity and wait for it to be installed, I realized I didn't get an email from Uplink saying federal agents seized my destroyed gateway. I thought maybe it was just a bug, until I purchased and installed another motion sensor and nuke. I opened it up, and saw that it was red again. At this point, I'm pretty annoyed and didn't feel like purchasing yet another gateway, so I wait to see what happens. The red disappears. Then, it hit me. The sensor was detecting the people installing the hardware.

Great game.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
49.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
If you have ever wanted to play a hacking sim then you need to play this game.
Nothing like the real thing but still fun and exciting...given that you are staring at static screen...

No matter what anyone says, this is an amazing game and the mark by which all other hacks-ims are measured.
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0.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 11
Product received for free
私は少しのためにこのゲームをプレイしてきたと私は本当にそれが好きです。それは、 「 80〜90のハッキング"のスタイルで非常に直感的でユニークです。あなたは非常に良い観光客じゃないと異なる画面の顔の周りに操縦する方法がわからない場合、インタフェースはちょっと、私はあなたのためにそれをお勧めしませんので、混乱されています。あなたが本当に挑戦のためにアップしている場合しかし、その後アウトこのゲームを試してみてください!

I've been playing this game for a bit and i'm really liking it. It's very intuitive and unique in the style of "80-90's hacking". The interface is kinda confusing so if you're not a very good sightseer and don't know how to manuver around faces of different screens, then I wouldn't recommend it for you. But if you really are up for the challenge, then try this game out!
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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 19
This game is currently in a broken and unsupported state. When I installed and launched the game, I was met with no 1080p support, and the game disabled both of my other monitors. When I tried to place it in windowed mode, I had to restart. To my surprise, nothing saved.

Footnote: I was using Linux Mint 18.
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570 of 621 people (92%) found this review helpful
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6.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 19, 2015
I bought this instead of Watch_Dogs,
I regret nothing.
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22.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2014
Day 15:

=>Is a rank 1 hacker
=>Muscle 50-some thousand c from contracts
=>Buy a bunch of upgrades
=>Steal an admin's voice.
=>Hack Apollo International Bank
=>Run Proxy and Monitor Bypasses
=>Hack into administrative account --no tracing--
=>Steal every account profile in the database. --no tracing--
=>Proceed to empty all accounts, net roughly 1.2 million credits --no tracing--
=>Live high and large
=>Gateway siezed because I forgot to delete logs. Save is destroyed.

10/10 would fail again
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17.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 13, 2015
Finally after years of training online and offline, Hours of guides, Hours of grinding, Suffering. Regret always in the back of my mind for the time wasted on this. It has officially happened. I am a master hacker. Rushing through the logs deleting with the percision of a scalpel, never wasting a moment dedicated to filling my billion dollar bank account with more money. Trying to simulate the initial rush of robbing a bank. I rush in with a bounce network all around the world starting with InterNIC. I quickly start up my timer and turn on the proxy and firewall Disable tools. Brute force but neccesary for speed. It shuts off and I run the admin account I had stolen from early contacts. I'm in I copy all the accounts down, I find the prize i'm looking for. Killian Hoyal, a 967 million dollar account, a legend hidden inside of my personal gameworld. It had taken years of searching and doing favors to gain the proper knowledge to find this account. Quickly I delete disconnect from the server and rush into my log database at InterNIC, deleting all traces of my connection. Yes, I had finally found everything I would need to stage the largest bank robbery in the history of the world. From the comfort of my home. I go and make an anonymous bank account under a pseudonym. The bank is small so it wouldn't be a high priority target to search if the FBI caught onto my trail. Finally I take a deep breath, 4 minutes 11 seconds says my timer. Wasting no time I quickly connect to the bank where Killian Hoyals money is kept. Running bypasses, disablers, and all manners of illicit software designed to slow down any one looking for me, and to make sure I don't leave a trace. I log into his account using the details I found from the admin account. I go into transfer funds and make the trade to my bank account in Monrovia, Liberia. The transfer goes through. I go into his transaction logs and edit the log showing the money was sent to another hackers that had previously done me harm earlier on. I disconnect and reconnect to my account in Liberia. The money is there, perfect. I go into my transaction logs and delete the log showing the money recieved. Almost done, I connect to my home bounce and log into the logs. I delete the log showing me connecting to the banks in the first place. Just like that, his money is mine with no trace to be found of it. A job well done, I am officially. A master hacker.
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8.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 19, 2015
After I beat this game. NSA called me and offered me a job, now I violate the U.S. citizen's rights for 73k a year. Thanks Uplink
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45.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 4, 2014
Set in the "future" of 2010 (Yep, that old) you play as an Uplink Agent. It starts with you "connecting" to the Uplink Servers to create your new hacker identity. After a fake-but-believable-ish "boot up" you are directly connected to your remote proxy gateway, and ready for some plausibly deniable crime. This isn't real hacking, but the way the game presents itself you don't need too much imagination or suspend too much disbelief to leave an exciting doubt in the back of your mind. Easily the most immersive game I have ever experienced.

The game is completely open-ended and very complex, but approachable (There is even an in-game IRC that connects you to a real-life Uplink chatroom to talk to others in the game, if someone happens to be on it at the time.). It gives you an optional, basic tutorial risk-free on one of the Uplink Corporation's testing servers, and there are further tutorials on Uplink's main server, but after that you are left to your own ingenuity. That's a common, repeating theme of this game. Experiment, have some fun. You hacked into the social security database for your last job, what about doing it again to mark yourself as "deceased" to really become a ghost, or hack the criminal records database and put a warrant for arrest out on a server admin that made things difficult for you. In fact, the only way to "beat" this game, is to "break" it. You won't find any "questlines" or the like until you are experienced enough think a bit outside your usual targets...

One of the few games that makes missions non-linear, simply because these aren't missions, they are contracts. A deal between you and an anonymous individual working on behalf of a random company. You can go ahead and tell your employer "Nope, not in the mood, have someone else do it." after you accept the contract... for half the pay up front! (Although, good luck getting another job if your reputation is too spotty!) Perhaps someone paid you to give the guy an A, and on a whim (and after your paycheck), you put his "D-" right back. What about this investigation of corporate corruption? You have it all tied up, got your pay and everyone is happy. But you still have access to the thief's account, and for a short window of time, it's still filled to the brim with your employer's siphoned money.
Backstab at your leisure(and peril), none of it's scripted.

On the negative side, if you look at the screenshots, that's pretty much how the game looks. You can install themes to change up the color scheme if the sharp black+blue hurts your eyes, or you just want to tell people who come over that you are hacking the matrix. Throughout the game there are very few graphic representations, and when there are the best you could hope for is an animated picture (usually just static images, though). It would be easy to dismiss these issues as "part of the experience" but that's just a cheesy way of dodging "Its a really old game, you will have to deal with terrible graphics". Admittedly, though, it IS easy to overlook the visuals, simply because its what you expect to see on some TV hacker's monitor.

Gameplay-wise, once you know how to do it, and get personaly experinced with it, you can get all the money you ever want within a few hours from starting and there is little replay value until you leave long enough to forget how to play. This is problematic and game length ties in directly to how good you are at it. You could beat the game in an hour and a half if you know what you are doing.
Don't spoil it for yourself and look up how to start the ending! You will have more fun figuring it out for yourself!

Being a very old game, it also has interface problems. No scroll-wheel support being the worst offender, the necessity to have your mouse hovering over any information box you are trying to type in is a close second. Its a pain, and something to be aware of, but it doesn't get in the way of enjoying the game once you are used to it (Using the tab button is an easy fix to the second one).

At the end of the day, Its certainly worth the 10$, but should you still be on the fence about it, it goes on sale for crazy low prices. Just whatever you do: make SURE you don't miss out on this game!
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Posted: February 24, 2015
I just gave someone an academic grade in eating hotdogs.

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Recently Posted
10.8 hrs
Posted: September 18
It's hard and I love it.
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7.0 hrs
Posted: September 16
After all these years, Uplink is still a game worth playing and revisiting.
It is immersive and open ended.
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9.7 hrs
Posted: September 16
I love it, wish their were more games like it.
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Execute the sandy men
21.8 hrs
Posted: September 6
Amazing game, though it's pretty harsh when it comes to you getting caught.

The gameplay is like hackerman from kung fury.
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Mimimus Maximus
40.9 hrs
Posted: September 3
This game is a classic that can become very addictive but also over time becomes repettative, it is non the less a well designed game though and can provide many hours of entertainment if this is the sort of game you like!
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3.6 hrs
Posted: August 31
Product received for free
Comparing this to Hacknet, this is way better! Better music, more fun, just the perfect game for a programming student :P

(Received product for free under Prison Architect package)
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