Massen von verrückt gewordenen Hasen haben eine Invasion gestartet und Rayman gefangen! Jetzt wird er gezwungen an Wettkämpfen als "Gladiator" teilzunehmen. Helfen Sie Rayman seine Freiheit zurück zu erobern, indem Sie die Mordlustigen Hasen unterhalten und überlisten.
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Veröffentlichung: 27. März 2007

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Über dieses Spiel

Massen von verrückt gewordenen Hasen haben eine Invasion gestartet und Rayman gefangen! Jetzt wird er gezwungen an Wettkämpfen als "Gladiator" teilzunehmen. Helfen Sie Rayman seine Freiheit zurück zu erobern, indem Sie die Mordlustigen Hasen unterhalten und überlisten. Nutzen Sie die merkwürdigsten Kampftricks, bestreiten Sie Rennen auf Tieren, Kämpfen Sie in der Arena, hypnotisieren Sie die Hasen mit Ihren Tanzschritten, werfen Sie Kühe, melken Sie Schweine oder messen Sie sich im Saugglocken schießen! Der Spaß ist unermesslich.

  • Mehr als 70 Wettkämpfe in einzigartigen, stilisierten Welten - Bestehen Sie die Wettkämpfe in dem Sie die Hasen unterhalten und erschließen Sie neue Welten und Extras, wie Kostüme, Musik und Gegenstände für Raymans Zelle.
  • Massig durchgedrehte Aktionen - Wettrennen auf Tieren, Kämpfe in der Arena, Tanzen oder Saugglocken schießen!
  • Mit Freunden feiern - Erleben Sie wahnsinnige Wettbewerbe mit bis zu vier Spielern in ungewöhnlichen und schrulligen Wettstreiten.
  • Kleider machen Leute - Werden Sie Punk, Pop, Rock oder Hip Hop und nutzen Sie Ihre funky Tanz-Moves um die Hasen zu unterhalten - halten Sie sie in Bewegung zu Ihrem Rythmus und sammeln Sie zusätzliche Verkleidungen. Steigern Sie Ihre Beliebtheit und erarbeiten Sie sich neue Gegenstände.



    • Betriebssystem: Microsoft Windows® XP
    • Prozessor: Intel Pentium® IV 1.0 GHz oder AMD Athlon Prozessoren (2.5 GHz oder besser empfohlen)
    • Arbeitsspeiche: 256 MB RAM oder mehr (512 MB empfohlen)
    • Grafik: 64 MB DirectX 8.1-kompatible Grafikkarte (128 MB empfohlen)(*siehe Liste unerstützter Karten)
    • Sound: Direct X 8.1-kompatible Soundkarte
    • DirectX-Version: DirectX® 9.0c oder höher
    • Festplatte: 1.5 GB verfügbarer Festplattenspeicher
    • Unterstützte Eingabegeräte: Tastatur und Maus, Windows-kompatible Gamepads
    • Unterstützte Grafikkarten zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung: NVIDIA GeForce FX/6/7/ Serie, ATI Radeon 9000/X Serie. Versionen dieser Grafikkarten für Laptops können funktionieren werden aber nicht unterstützt. Diese Grafikkarten sind die einzigen auf denen das Spiel laufen wird. Für eine aktuelle Liste unterstützter Karten und Betriebssysteme sehen Sie bitte die FAQ ein unter
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Verfasst: 29. Januar
Rayman Raving Rabbids ist ein Spiel wie Moorhuhn: Man kann oder besser, soll es nicht ernst nehmen, und das ist positiv gemeint. Klar, gameplay-technisch sowie grafisch ist das Spiel veraltet, das liegt neben dem Alter wohl daran, dass das Spiel ein Wii-Port ist, was man dem Spiel in der Umsetzung einiger Level und an der schlechten Steuerung ansieht. Nur ist es eben der Humor, der dieses Spiel besonders macht, wer sich darauf einlässt wird seinen Spaß haben.
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5.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15. Januar
It is this kind of games that makes you wish that it existed a "Neutral" button for the recommendations. But since there isn't, I've got to be more harsh. I will review this under a gamer perspective and with a Rayman fan perspective.

Rayman Raving Rabbids is not very far for accomplishing a decade (already?) since it was released in the market for different platforms including PC. Did it pass through the test of time? I'm affraid not.

To start, this game carries a sad history of development. Ubisoft originally planned to make a real sequel to Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (Please bring this game on STEAM, guys. Consider also other titles. I am sure many people will be pleased.) for the platforms of the time until one day the development kit of the Wii console arrived to the team's hands. This was the beginning of the end. A very tight deadline for the release of the game along with the console and the discovering of the potential of motion controls were the main reasons why the ambitious "Rayman 4" project saw its canceling. The final result was transforming a main title to a spin-off title. From a platformer to a compilation of party mini-games.

Storywise, the game is underwhelming: Rayman is captured by a horde of Rabbids and trapped in their colosseum for 15 days and nobody understands why (it was never explained what was their real intention). You entertain them by beating up their challenges and eventually start loving you instead of wanting to shread you in pieces. As a reward for entertainment they offer you plungers. And during your progress, Rayman releases that plungers are the key to his freedom. The "story" itself isn't what it is truly underwhelming, but yes the way the game ends. As a Rayman fan, I was very sad to see such a disappointing ending as I don't really find it worth the effort of beating the game (and dignifying to the main character too). It leaves an ambiguity too but I won't explain it here as it is not the main focus of this review.

Graphicaly, this game does not surprise much even for its time. Obviously, it is one of the versions with best graphical presentation along with the Xbox 360 port. It is probably the only thing I can recommend people to play this version instead of Wii's. The scenarios are really random pretty much as a result of picking up the leftovers of a canceled game, varying since western backgrounds until graveyards. But they don't vary that much so you'll naturally ask often to yourself "Have I seen this before?". Since this was the very first game where the Rabbids appeared, it is normal that their in-game design is very dated. Rabbids in more modern games are much better modeled and much more expressive. Though as a Rayman fan I am very critic towards the chosen design for the Baby Globoxes. It truly makes me wonder what happened in the design process as they look radically different from the Rayman 2 models, not to mention they became much uglier! And I am not just talking about the lack of scale texture.

Musically, the game offers a decent soundtrack but expect some repetitions. Remember this is a party game. As for the sound effects, it is the same opinion but with an extra note: the iconic and fun screams of the Rabbids will quickly become as unpleasant and irritating as drawing a line with a chalk on a blackboard.

For the gameplay itself, being this transformed game originally developed for the Wii console it makes sense that the gameplay works fine there. After testing the PC version, I can guarantee that while some mini-games become much easier to play thanks to the advantages of a keyboard (and mouse for some occasions) for the quickness of response and reduction of physical effort, other mini-games became much more difficult than in Wii. I can give "Bunnies can't fly (Part 1 and 2)" as the biggest example of frustration, especially for Part 2 as I am not being able to pass the 185 meters even with the jet boost by the time I am writting this review. It is also expected that the mini-games are fun to play in the platform originally developed for (and it is if you are really new to the Rayman Raving Rabbids trilogy like I was back in the teenagehood) but does it means that it is for other platforms? I confess that the motion controls is what it makes the game more interesting to play. For normal gaming peripherals like a keyboard+mouse it is not that fun and there is very few variation in the controls. In other words, I think the PC port and its equivalents were totally pointless to make despite of the obvious plan of trying to reach most players as possible. It is not fun. If skeptical, I suggest to try out the Wii version and I am confident you will feel the difference. Being this a party game, the mini-games are also much more fun to play in large groups (3 or 4 players) but I hadn't the chance to test this in the PC version though I calculate that unless the players optate for controllers each player must play by turns in order to use the keyboard+mouse. The game features few fun mini-games that are enjoyable, but others are pretty much boring and strange (Bunnies are Ticklish wins the trophy for this category. Really, what the heck was this?). There is a lot of repetitivism too as some minigames will re-appear but with minor changes to make it "more difficult" to play. After finishing the story mode you can replay the minigames to aim for better scores but these are also dated to a certain point as the online leaderboards of RRR do not exist anymore for around 6 years.

Finally, for the longevity and replay value, the game's story mode is easily cleared in less than one week to not say in few hours. Though, I have my doubts that you will want to bother trying out the score mode as it is impossible for the common of mortals to perfect all the mini-games with 1000 points. The unlockables are all content you can find online after few research to the matter. Once you're done with the story mode, you'll more likely nevermore touch the game.

I really have difficulties to recommend in plain year of 2016 a 2006 game port originally developed for the Wii console. The market is oversatured with casual and party titles (very impulsioned by the Wii phenomenom, and recently with the smartdevices boom) and despite of that problem there is a good thing in it: you have a lot of variety to pick with and I am absolutely sure you can find better multiplayer games to play with your friends than this (regardless the plaftform in question). And if it is a game to play alone, the list of games to pick is equally gigantic. In my gamer perspective, this game already has seen better days and I do think you should look for anything else unless you are really really bored and decide to kill time alone or with your local friends (or that you are a great Rayman/Rabbids fan and really want to try out but I think you are not missing much). In a Rayman fan perspective, I ensure you there are much better titles to play. I would rather recommend you (according to the current offer in STEAM by the time I write this review) to purchase Rayman Legends: the game is fun either alone or with friends and the quality is much superior (and no Rabbids are included!). Though, ideally I would recommend Rayman 2: The Great Escape if it was available for purchase on STEAM. I find very strange the original trilogy not being available for purchase, those are the best games.

To sum up everything I've written above, I do not recommend this game as there are much better alternatives to choose from Ubisoft's hands. You'll thank me later!
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Verfasst: 1. Februar 2014
A "Game for children" which has a outdated graphic from 2008, buggy and weird Gameplay (i needed to kinda throw my mouse in the garden for reaching the minimum score in some games).... If you have a idk 10.000 dpi mouse i'll be funny, but otherwise don't even think of downloading it

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Verfasst: 21. Februar 2014
Ich habe das Spiel gekauft und es läuft einfach nicht, es kommt immer nur eine Meldung dass der Grafikkarten-Treiber angeblich veraltet ist, und es fragt mich ob ich trotzdem starten möchte. Drück ich Ja, passiert einfach nichts. PC-Neustart und Neuinstallation nützt auch nichts, toll, zum Glück hab ich nur den Angebots-Preis bezahlt...
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Verfasst: 26. November 2013
Cute, silly, and violent. This game is a fun introduction to the world of the Rabbids and the hijinks they get up to. Consisting of a variety of minigames, this is the perfect game to try with your friends (locally only), or if you feel like having a good laugh. The story is mildly important, but I really didn't care too much about it with all the crazyness erupting from the Rabbids on a regular basis.
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