Darwinia bjuder på en kombination av hisnande action och strategisk stridsplanering. Det har en ny, intuitiv kontrollmekanism, grafisk stil som inspirerats av 80-talsklassiker som Tron och Defender, och handlar om en stam nomadiska sprites, eller datorgrafikvarelser, som fångats i en modern 3D-värld.
Användarrecensioner: Väldigt positivt (258 recensioner)
Utgivningsdatum: 14 jul, 2005
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Rekommenderat av kuratorer

"Its hapless pixel people seem that much more alive than any hyper-detailed space marine, as they totter and wobble and scatter and die."
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Darwinia bjuder på en kombination av hisnande action och strategisk stridsplanering. Det har en ny, intuitiv kontrollmekanism, grafisk stil som inspirerats av 80-talsklassiker som Tron och Defender, och handlar om en stam nomadiska sprites, eller datorgrafikvarelser, som fångats i en modern 3D-värld.



    Rekommenderas: Windows XP, 600 MHz-processor, 128 MB arbetsminne, DX7-baserat grafikkort

    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz+
    • Memory: 1GB of RAM
    • Graphics: 64MB of video memory
    • Hard Drive:
    • Processor: 1.66Ghz
    • Memory: 1Gb
    • Graphics: 64Mb of memory
    • Hard Drive: 60Mb
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9 av 9 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
12.1 timmar totalt
An absolutely wonderful casual game. You dont need the latest and greatest hardware to play this one on the road. It doesn't eat your laptop's battery for breakfast. The 8-bit sound track is awesome, gives it that retro feel, it only enhances the game play. As for the graphics, love the volumetric effects and the old looking shadow effects. Very engaging, on the edge of your seat as you get attacted from all sides just trying to keep ahead of the battle.

Bought this originally on CD-ROM when it came out. I'm glad Steam released it on OS X. Brings back the early 2000's.

Upplagd: 19 juni
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
6.8 timmar totalt
Slightly clunky RTS, but a nice presentation and quite satisfying.
Upplagd: 16 maj
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3 av 4 personer (75%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.0 timmar totalt
This is a great game. I would recommend it to anyone.
Upplagd: 12 juni
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
7.4 timmar totalt
This game is great, and I remember seeing it on the store back in 2005. Back in those days, my computer couldn't even RUN the ♥♥♥♥ing thing. Seriously, I got engine errors.

What I'm trying to say by saying that it came out in 2005 is that this game has NOT aged well. Graphically, it's fine. Infact, the graphics are still very appealing and I like them. Technically, it isn't good. The game forces Vsync on, and not only does it cause input delay, it also causes serious mouse issues. The mouse is really glitchy and jumps around a lot. Force disabling Vsync in your graphics card's control panel helps alleviate this issue. It does not FIX it, it just makes it bearable.

On the gameplay side, you control little dudes called "Darwinians" and you're fighting back a virus. There is no resource aside from "souls," which drop from your Darwinians and the virus monster that you kill. There's also a "task manager," which means you can only have 3 to 5 (depending on your upgrade progress) 'programs' running at once. Programs include things like armored units, 'engineers' (workers who collect and process souls), and armored tanks. Oh, contrary to what I said: you cannot directly control a Darwinian, instead you control them through Officers, who give basic orders like "go over here," or "follow me." The game's AI does the rest.

There are a few SERIOUS gameplay elements that annoy me a lot. The upgrade system is time-based, but once you get an upgrade, you keep it forever. However, the upgrades take FOREVER to finish. No joke, I think upgrading a system to level 3 takes something likes two full HOURS of real time. Despite this, you can still play the game normally and the upgrades work in the background. Each mission can take about an hour, so you don't really notice the time, especially if you're going for 100% objective completion.

The second serious complaint I have is a monster called a "Soul Eater," or something along those lines. I just called it a "dragon" because it looks like a dragon. This monster is pure luck to kill. You have to kill it with explosives, but rockets don't hit it, only grenades and air strikes do, and only when the monster is near the ground. It's pure luck if the monster is actually near the ground when you launch your explosive. These monsters can also one-shot every unit you can create, which means they slow the game right the ♥♥♥♥ down. I hated fighting these guys. The only tactic I found to be effective is to switch to rockets, and have my squad suicide by shooting rockets at themselves, hoping it does some damage to the dragon.

Besides these two complaints, I love playing this game. It's slow-paced and casual, but still very enjoyable, especially if you like RTS. It also has its own hectic moments, as well.
Upplagd: 30 april
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1 av 3 personer (33%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 29 juni
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33 av 35 personer (94%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
24.4 timmar totalt
Darwinia is one of my favorite games of all time. So it gets an obvious reccomendation from me. There is a lot going on with Darwinia and I've never played anything like it. It's one of those types of games that is really hard to describe, and you can only really understand after playing it for a bit. It's a weird game to get into at first. But once you get past the first two or so levels and understand what's going on it really takes off.

So basically what's going on with this game is your thrown into a level, and your given a few goals to complete the level. There are a lot of different objectives in the game, but most of the time your goal is to kill all the enemies on the map, and move your little Darwinians to key locations. What's really nice about the levels is all tools the game gives you tie in together in really clear ways. You make soilders to kill enemies and create souls, the engineers retrieve the souls and bring them to the soul collector to generate new darwininans, and the Darwinians interact with the map and you don't have direct control over them. It all comes together really well.

My favorite part about the game though is how much freedom you get. It sounds weird but let me explain. Darwinia perfectly lets you experience it at your own pace, and in your own way. There's so many ways to handle each situation in the game, and you're encouraged to handle it any way you want to. You can be super effiecient and try to carefully mine every enemies' soul, or you can do things more crazy and charge in with air strikes. Both are valid strategies in Darwinia. You can try spam engineers to take over a semi-hostile base and raise hell from inside the enemy territory, or you can enter from the shores and work your way in. The game doesn't care which way you do it. Nothings timed, nothings scored. And I love that. Because if you had a score, or a time limit it means you'd have to play the game in the most effient way, but without those things I felt more encouraged to try out crazier ideas, or ideas that I knew were just stupid, but its ok because it's fun. And that's what Darwinia encourages. It's all free. But it's more than just that. The game let's you jump into and out of levels at anytime and it you'll be able to jump right back into exactly where you left off instantly. You can acess more than one level at once so if you get bored or stuck on one level, you can jump out and start working on another level. It's great! Probably my absolute favorite part about Darwinia is how free the camera is, and that's a really weird thing to say, but lemme explain. The camera in Darwinia is very free. You can move it to any location, and look at anything from almost any angle. It's almost like a camera you'd see in an editor of some sort. But it really really works in Darwinia. Because the camera is so free it really makes the game feel like a world that's actively happening, and you're just interacting with it. Almost like a little toybox world, or at least that's how it makes me feel anyway.

With the camera, and entire game giving you so much freedom, and a lot of the units do things on their own in this game, ontop of the very simple art style(which is perfect for this game), and the great ambience the sounds create, I felt like I could get really immersed into game. I liked to put the camera at dramatic angles and imagine all sorts of adventures and stories as things were happening. I've taken more screenshots in this game than any other. So basically what I'm getting at, is if you like to imagine weird stuff or like to get really immersed into a game both strategically and artistically, then this game does the trick.

And the game has a level editor and mod creator. Yeah. ♥♥♥♥in sweet. This is one of those games that I have NO idea why this isn't more popular. And the story is really weird and cool. And it's really existential and you are an active part of the story... like you the person sitting at their computer, not you the player in the game. It's a bit weird, and I didnt really understand what was going on for awhile. But I really like that kind of stuff so the plot I really really liked.

So final reccomendations: Definity get this game. It's amazing. It really really appeals to what I like personally, so you probably wont think it's the most amazing thing like I do, but I think you'll definitly have fun. Don't get it if you don't think you'll be able to handle the controls. Darwinia can also be really weird difficult to understand at first so if you're not willing to do that, then you probably wont enjoy it either.

Anyway, love this game. Personal favorite. And it's $10. So no excuses. That's less than a movie, or dinner at a nice restaurant.
Upplagd: 19 januari
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