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Ci troviamo nei Caraibi, nel diciassettesimo secolo - Potrai commerciare con oltre 60 città, creare i tuoi nuclei di produzione, espandere il tuo impero mercantile e contribuire attivamente allo sviluppo del Mondo Nuovo.
Data di rilascio: 30 Apr 2004
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Acquista Port Royale 2

Informazioni sul gioco

Ci troviamo nei Caraibi, nel diciassettesimo secolo - Potrai commerciare con oltre 60 città, creare i tuoi nuclei di produzione, espandere il tuo impero mercantile e contribuire attivamente allo sviluppo del Mondo Nuovo.
Tuttavia, le flotte militari e quelle pirata, minacciano i tuoi convogli mercantili, pertanto, avrai bisogno di navi di scorta. Oppure, puoi ribaltare la situazione e dare la caccia ai pirati e catturare le navi militari.
Intraprendi missioni per commercianti, diplomatici o altri personaggi. Portando a termine queste missioni audaci ordinate dai Vicerè, in cui potrai attaccare e conquistare le città nemiche, sarai in grado di contribuire alla difesa della tua città, direttamente. Come segno di gratitudine, ti saranno donati terreni, che potranno poi essere utilizzati per costruire e sorvegliare le tue città.
  • Un mondo immenso all'interno del gioco, con 4 nazioni e 60 centri urbani
  • Costruisci centri di produzione, case, edifici adibiti a funzioni speciali per far prosperare le tue città
  • Crea i tuoi centri urbani
  • Le Guerre portano conseguenze (le città possono essere conquistate)
  • Sezioni introduttive per descrivere le caratteristiche salienti del gioco
  • 8 sezioni speciali per un inizio veloce e facile nel mondo di Port Royale 2
  • Finale aperto, infinità di dettagli e profondità di gioco
  • 16 diversi tipi di imbarcazioni

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP / Vista
    • Processore: Pentium III (o compatibile) da 700MHz (o superiore)
    • Memoria: 128 MB RAM (per Windows 98SE o ME), 256 MB RAM (per Windows 2000, o XP)
    • Grafica: Scheda Grafica Compatibile con DirectX-8
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9
    • Hard Drive: 700MB di spazio disponibile
    • Audio:Scheda audio compatibile con DirectX-8
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There is no better economic simulator that exists that I know of. There are many good City Sims and Tycoon style games that wish they had the economic engine behind this game. Every one of the 65+ cities in this game have unique features and needs based on a complex mix of random events and your ability to supply them. I could go on and on about the complex yet easier to comprehend industry and economic simulation in this game, it is that engrossing and one of a kind. I am actually upset PR3 was so terrible compared to this gem.

On top of the amazing economic simulation, there is a pretty decent ship-ship, ship-shore, & shore-shore combat engine. It is no Pirates! but for the game being more a trading sim that a ship combat sim it add a whole new dimension when the trading gets a little stale. Chasing Pirates and Taking over cities for a friendly Viceroy is not a bad pass time either.

I actually wrote the first comphrehensive walkthrough for this game back in 2005. Under the name (GeneralNic) it will get you up and running and getting a few trade routes on auto-trade so you can focus on ship combat or setting up another zone of the trade and dominating another resource.

(Hint) once you have a few lucrative trade routes set up, but a book on the space bar and leave it over night, I woke up with 2 Billion gold and had no trouble taking the Carribean in the name of the Dutch!

Pubblicata: 28 Aprile 2014
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A very engrossing and very deep 17th century economic simulator. You start as a small time trader with a small ship, a warehouse, and a purse of gold. From there you buy goods cheaply at one port and sail off to other ports and hope to find one that will buy those goods at a high price. Once you obtain enough capital you increase in rank. Rank increases allow you to hire more captains to have separate fleets, and obtain more building permits in different ports.

The economic depth is amazing. Each port is capable of producing 5 different goods. Some goods production is dependant on having a supply of another good, and that's where you the trader comes in. Do you want to buy rope from Port A? Then they need a good supply of hemp from Port B. Furthermore, once you obtain a building permit in a particular port you can become a greater part of the local economy by building your own warehouse and then manufacturing facilities. If you are smart enough and have the gold you can buy basic crop plantations in one port, produce that good cheaply, haul the goods to your advanced manufacturing facility at another port to cheaply produce the finished good and sell it for a massive profit. For extra profit you can also build housing for the new workers for your faciliteis and have them pay you rent. You also make money buy shipping in surplus workers from other ports to the port that now needs those workers.

Not that there aren't plenty of obstacles to stand in your way. When the game starts out in free play there are no pirates active and no nations are at at war. As the game progresses the four nations, Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands can and will end up at war with each other. You can attempt to stay friendly with each nation and continue selling to all sides or offer to help one side over the other by raiding ship, blockading ports, and attacking ports. Doing so rewards you, but at the cost of not being able to do business with the other nation until you repair your status with them.

Piracy is your other main concern. Pirates start off weak, with a single ship, but quickly grow to a major problem. They will sack ships, and invade ports. The sacking of ports is of great concern if you have a warehouse in that town as they will steal all of your stored goods, otherwise it is a great opportunity to sell the newly ravaged port fresh supplies. You can mitigate the risk of having your favorite port raided by pirates and enemy nations by donating cannons and paying for soldiers at your personal expense, and it is VERY expensive, so don't bother until you are wealthy and have something worth protecting. You could try to kill the pirates, but the game will not let you attack the pirates base until it randomly shows up on the map. Once you do know the secret location you must have a both a massive (expensive) battlefleet and a letter of Marquee allowing you to attack them. Why you need permission to kill non-Marquee Letter holding pirates is a bit of a mystery. That is about as historically accurate as all the white guys who work on your sugar plantations that you pay wages to.

While the game is incredibly deep, it suffers from having ZERO in-game help or tutorials. It took me three full days of playing to realize I could have my warehouses auto-buy goods when they were cheap so that I didn't have to micro manage them. The same is possibly with your trade convoys but I haven't been able to fully figure it out yet. Finding an online guide is a must for full enjoyment.

There are even deeper aspects of the game and economy, but it would take a book to get in to them all. If you are a lover of deep economic sims this game is 100% for you.
Pubblicata: 19 Maggio 2014
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This used to be one of my favourite games in my pre-Steam days so I thought i'd buy it on Steam too.

Well, i can't even get it working and according to the forums, many people have the same problem.

At least now I've learnt to check the reviews before buying any game on Steam as they even sell stuff that doesn't work.
Pubblicata: 7 Luglio 2014
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Jean Kirstein approves of this game.
Pubblicata: 30 Giugno 2014
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You're in the Caribbeans, you have a ship and you're free do whatever the yarr you want. You can be a free pirate, build up your swag, plunder convoys for fun and trade marijuana, tobacco and alcohol on the side, because why not.

420 set sails all day every day
Pubblicata: 26 Maggio 2014
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port royale 2 is a fantastic game for its price, its insanely addictive and always fun to play. though the game is very deep and very time comsuming, so if you dont like slow-paced games this game may not be for you. but i recommend trying it no matter what, its price is amazing and even if you dont like it, then thats not alot of money wasted on a game you dont like. 8/10
Pubblicata: 11 Dicembre 2013
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