A shadow of evil has fallen on the kingdom of Ancaria. It is a time for champions - a time to journey into the perilous world of SACRED. Battle blood-thirsty orcs & lumbering ogres... Destroy undead wizards & rotting mummies... Slay hellish demons & legendary dragons.
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リリース日: 2006年8月14日


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A shadow of evil has fallen on the kingdom of Ancaria. It is a time for champions - a time to journey into the perilous world of SACRED. Battle blood-thirsty orcs & lumbering ogres... Destroy undead wizards & rotting mummies... Slay hellish demons & legendary dragons. With blazing magic & sharpened steel, prepare to embark on an epic quest of fantasy adventure & heroism.
SACRED GOLD is the complete SACRED collection in one box, containing the full version of SACRED, winner of the 'Best Roleplaying Game 2004' award from PC GAMER, Sacred Plus and Sacred Underworld.
SACRED - The new name in Action-RPGs. SACRED delivers a huge, elaborate world comprising 16 regions beset with heroic quests, battle-hardened warriors and horrific enemies. Ancaria consists of highly detailed landscapes, complete with villages and towns, and also features a day/night cycle with varying weather systems. Regions vary from forests and mountains to deserts, catacombs and ice-covered landmasses. More than three quarters of the world is open to the players from the very start - no unlocks needed.
SACRED Plus - Incorporates all of the feedback from the player community since the first release of SACRED. This includes an optimized interface, and many completely new features: two new regions, two additional main quests, new item sets and weapons, and many new creature types which make adventuring in Ancaria even more dangerous.
SACRED Underworld - Ancaria is facing a threat far greater than ever before. The now familiar world continues to evolve, with existing SACRED players able to import their old characters into the Underworld.
  • Choose from eight heroic characters: Gladiator, Seraphim, Battlemage, Wood Elf, Vampiress, Daemon, and Dwarf.
  • Hundreds of unique weapons, armors and set items - collect artifacts and forge all-powerful weapons!
  • Learn Combat Arts, develop new skills, and customize devastating combo-attacks.
  • A huge world open to explore from the outset.
  • An epic RPG and enthralling storyline with over 30 main quests & 200 sub-quests and dynamic quests.


    • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 16 MB DirectX 8 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB HD Space
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64 MB DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
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投稿日: 5月8日
I played this game back in the day and wanted to play it again. After downloading I discovered that the game will not work on Windows 8. As it is the only machine I have, I can't play the game.

If you have Windows 8, do not purchase.
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投稿日: 6月20日
This game is just amazing! It has everything that most other RPG games doesn't have.
It's an entire open world so there is much to explore.
The Gold version is the full version of the first installment of Sacred.
Imho Sacred 1 is still the best.
A lot of loot, A lot of items and quests and sidequests. A lot of enemies.
Easy keyconfigs.
Although the graphics are oldschool this version is still the best and the most fun.
There is a possibility to buy a horse which was an amazing feature for RPG games in that time.

Warning to windows 8.1 users: Google for what you have to do to make it run in Windows 8.1
It's very easy because the config.exe is already in the game under Programfiles -> Steam-> Steamapps->
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投稿日: 6月17日
The Good
  • an unbelievably expansive, mostly open world that invites (and rewards) exploration
  • an overwhelming amount of side quests
  • a broad selection of playable characters/character classes, most of which offer a very distinct gameplay style
  • gorgeous and exceptionally detailed 2D backgrounds
  • mountable horses and dwarves with guns... may not sound like anything special nowadays but back in my day it was the bomb, I tell ya!

The Meh
  • the enemy selection/bestiary is rather bland; among the orcs, goblins, skeletons, dragons, spiders and, of course, humans, it's very rare to see any original enemy designs that you haven't seen many, many times before in other games
  • having to depend on dropped runes for the development of certain character abilities (like spells and special moves) might irritate some players
  • finding a proper path to your targets on the map can sometimes be a bit more difficult than you'd expect
  • the portal system is unnecessarily restrictive; instead of town portal spells or scrolls that can be used at any time, teleportation is limited to a rather small number of portals you find all across the world
  • this is more of a personal peeve, but I have never liked Sacred's main story; I think it's convoluted, draggy and rather boring, to be honest

The Ugly
  • even after all these years and with all patches installed, it's still possible to accidentally "break" certain quests or run into other minor bugs; frequent saving is advised

What had been an absolutely amazing game that blew me away on release has held up admirably well over the years. Revisiting Sacred now after having played many of its modern competitors, I can say that its charm hasn't faded all that much. It might come off as a bit archaic initially, and it certainly has its quirks, but the world is still as massive and open and with all its countless side quests, secret caves and hidden treasures still as much fun to explore as I remembered. Ultimately, it's an incredibly addictive experience that'll keep completionists occupied for a very long time.
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投稿日: 5月12日
2015 still playing it.. Thats all
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投稿日: 3月21日
Nice game with big fantasy, a lot of differrent misions and a FUN.
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