Dragon Nest is an online action role-playing game that combines the blazingly fast combat and visually stunning attacks of a console game with the epic story and role-playing elements of classic MMORPGs.
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10 月 27 日

2016 October Event line-up

Hello Heroes!

Here're our October - Halloween- event lists !

1. Wake up your Chronicle characters!

From 27th October to 23rd November, complete certain tasks with a Chronicles character, and you will be rewarded with various goodies!

Task 1: Attain Level 93 with a Chronicle Character

Reward: Four National Flags (USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand)

Task 2: Complete BOTH Archbishop Nest and Manticore Nest (Normal) with a Chronicle Character

Reward: Halloween Dragon Egg x 2

Task 3: Complete BOTH Archbishop Nest and Manticore Nest (Hardcore) with a Chronicle Character

Reward: Halloween Dragon Egg x 2

Important Notes:

- Rewards will be credited weekly during the weekly maintenance
- Rewards are crediting on a per-account basis
- Each account can only get each task's reward once

2. Ghost Gesture at your first login day!

And at 2nd day, you will receive our new Halloween Double Dragon egg!

3. Halloween Screenshot Party!

Winning DNP from taking screenshots with fellow heroes sounds too good to be true? Is this a Trick.....
...or a Treat?

It's a TREAT!

From 30th October to 5th November (PST), take your best in-game screenshot with your friends and stand a chance to win DNP!

Here's how it works:

1) Take an in-game screenshot with your friends, choose one that best expresses the Halloween atmosphere. Maximum of 10 characters can be in a single screenshot.

2) Post the Screenshot in the Eyedentity official Forums "http://forum.dragonnest.com/forum/community/fan-creations"

3) Character names must be clearly displayed in the screenshot. The character names should also be written in the forum post itself.

4) Top 3 winners will be determined by the number of Likes on the forum post

There will be two groups of winners for this event.

Group 1: Top 3 Screenshots selected by the community
1st: 20000 DNP for every character in the screenshot
2nd: 10000 DNP for every character in the screenshot
3rd: 5000 DNP for every character in the screenshot

Group 2: Eyedentity's selection
Eyedentity will select their favourite submission, and reward 20000 DNP to every character in the screenshot.

Important note:

- Each account is entitled to only 1 tier of the rewards, even if the characters appear in multiple winning entries. For eg, Player A appears in the 1st place screenshot, but also appears in the 2nd place screenshot (with the same character or a different character in the same account), he will only receive the reward for 1st place (20000 DNP).

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10 月 27 日

Chronicles Patch Notes 27th October


- Chronicles
- Returned Typhoon Krag Nest Hardcore
- Level 93 Nightmare Dungeon
- Halloween Event
- Cash Shop Updates

1. Chronicles

The Chronicles feature bring players through the lore of Dragon Nest and rewards them with an instant level 80 character at the end of it.

Steps to creating your very own Chronicle's character
1) Similar to any character creation, click on the “Create Character” button

2) Click on the “Select Chronicle” button on the left to designate the character you are going to create as a Chronicle Character

3) Upon seeing the confirmation, you will be led to the usual customisation of your character.

Things to note:
1) You need to have at least one level 1 character in the account to be able to create a Chronicles character.
2) Every account can only create one Chronicles character per Chronicles event.
3) If you delete a Chronicles character, you won't be able to create another one until the next Chronicles event.

2) Returned Typhoon Krag Nest (Hardcore)

Hardcore mode for Typhoon Krag Nest has been added.

3. Level 93 Nightmare Dungeon

Nightmare Dungeon has been updated to level 93.

Entry Info:


Nightmare Store:

Nightmare store has been updated with new items.

4. Halloween Event

Halloween themed decorations are added to towns.

Halloween Event - Spooky Field

Entry Info:

Spooky Field, a dungeon exclusive to the Halloween Event, is now opened.
You can enter Spooky field only once a day throught NPC Cassie.


When you enter Spooky Field, you will transform into a Pumpkin Goblin and you must find the Blessed Box within 3 minutes.
Various traps and boxes are placed randomly around the dungeon.


You can get hidden rewards when you open the Curse Box.
You can get bonus rewards when you open Blessing Box within the time limit (3 minutes).

2016 Halloween Box contents are as follow:

Halloween Special Store

Halloween Coins can be exchanged for a wide selection of items at NPC Cassie

5. Cash Shop Updates

Cash Shop

- Halloween Costumes packages
- Halloween Special Pandora's Box*
- [Winnie] Alice Hat
- [Winnie] Alice Costume
- [Arnie] Trump Soldier Hat
- [Arnie] Trump Soldier Costume

*Stand a chance to obtain the following rare items from opening the Halloween Special Pandora's Box!
- Haunted Bloody Giant Wings
- Haunted Bloody Gaint Tail
- Haunted Bloody Gaint Decal
- Desmodus Exchange Coupon (mount)
- Pumpkin Soul Spirit

Haunted Bloody Giant Wings

Pumpkin Soul Spirit

Dragon Egg update
- Added Gold Dragon's Flame Necklace

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“If you're looking to dip your toes in the free-to-play ocean, Dragon Nest is certainly a good place to do it.”
8.5 out of 10 – IGN

“Besides from a few quirks, Dragon Nest provides an enjoyable experience with fast-paced gameplay that many other action MORPGs barely come close to reaching. Whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer that wants a good action fix, Dragon Nest in the year of 2014 will do nicely to fit the bill.”
4 out of 5 – MMOHuts


Dragon Nest is an online action role-playing game that combines the blazingly fast combat and visually stunning attacks of a console game with the epic story and role-playing elements of classic MMORPGs. What makes Dragon Nest unique among action RPGs is the third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective. This provides both a unique combat “feel” reminiscent of first-person shooters and lets players enjoy the graceful and ferociously vicious combat moves of the characters.

Key Features

Lightning Fast Combat:
Unlike any other role-playing game, Dragon Nest features a refreshingly fast-paced, non-targeting, twitch-based combat system where the action never lets up. Be light on your feet and string together devastating combos as hordes upon hordes of enemies surround you, or when facing off against other players online in intense PvP skirmishes.

Epic Boss Battles:
Each of Dragon Nest's various dungeons has a massive monster guarding its prize. Minotaurs, dragons, demons, trolls - these are just some of the horrors you'll face. Special dungeons called NESTS act as multi-stage lairs for some of the most intense and challenging boss battles, but the harder the fight, the greater the rewards.

Choose Your Hero:
Dragon Nest features nine robust character classes to choose from, each with their own distinct strengths and abilities. Whether you're a ranged fighter, a close combat brawler, or a skilled mage, Dragon Nest has you covered. 32 jobs are waiting for your choice and you can easily level up our heroes.
When you reach the Max level, you finally play the our proud core - contents, Dragon Nest.
Also various contents will provide deep and worthful experience to all of you.


    • OS:Windows XP or higher
    • Processor:Pentium 4, Dual Core
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 7600
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows XP or higher
    • Processor:Pentium 4, Dual Core 1 Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 8000 series
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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