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A strange obsidian artifact leads Miranda on a quest for The Hidden World, a land lost in time and glimpsed through legends.
Data di rilascio: 23 Set 2011
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Includes: The Clockwork Man and The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World

Informazioni sul gioco

Preparati per una fantastica avventura in The Clockwork Man: Il Mondo Nascosto, un unico gioco di Avventura con Oggetti Nascosti! Unisciti a Miranda e al suo migliore amico, Sprocket, in una fantastica storia attraverso un universo parallelo Vittoriano dove il vapore da energia alla tecnologia.

Uno strano artefatto di ossidiana porta Miranda in una missione per Il Mondo Nascosto, una terra perduta nel tempo e di cui si racconta nelle laggende. Armata da un incessante sete di conoscenza, Miranda parte per il suo viaggio - ma non è da sola! Seguendola di nascosto in ogni passo del suo viaggio, una minaccia sconosciuta farà tutto ciò che è in suo potere per svelare la leggenda e usarla per i suoi benefici.

Caratteristiche Principali

  • Esplora scenari mozzafiato disegnati a mano in ogni loro minimo dettaglio!
  • Risolvi puzzle innovativi e eccitanti!
  • Usa i gadget avanzati di Sprocket, compreso un avanzato sistema di consigli progressivi!
  • Interagisci con interessantissimi personaggi per avanzare nella tua missione!
  • Goditi svariate ore di gioco, il doppio del primo gioco!

Bonus dell'Edizione Speciale

  • Un aggiuntivo livello sott'acqua!
  • Un gadget addizionale per Sprocket: il Sonar!
  • Una modalità Libera con infinite ore di divertimento e oggetti nascosti!

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 1024 MB or more
    • Hard Disk Space: 260 MB
    • Video Card: DirectX 8.0 compatible video card or higher
    • DirectX®: 8.0

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 1024 MB or more
    • Hard Disk Space: 270 MB

Requisiti di sistema (Linux)

    • OS: 32-bit Ubuntu 6+ or Fedora 6 / Open Suse 10.2 / Mandriva 2007 (Kernel 2.6, GLIB 2.4, GTK 2)
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1024 MB
    • Hard Drive: 270 ΜΒ
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The hidden world is a good name, this puzzle game should be hidden so it never sees the light of day. Like the last game, this game suffers from low resolution objects, objects that are a few pixels in size, and objects where clicking right on them may be a futile effort. Playing this game is similar to being locked out of your house while drunk take all your keys off your keyring throwing them wildly about then attempting to find and pick up your door key with your elbows.
The voice acting is very good, but the story isnt enough to keep anyone playing, in fact this game is good at putting you to sleep. Puzzles due to the low resolution, and being finicky, are just so tiring to complete making the game experience feel labored without satisfaction. There is no way to skip puzzles or solutions, or hints, or a guide in this game which can lead players stuck unable to finish the game.

Rating: 1/10 Value: $0.50
Pubblicata: 8 Luglio 2014
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Essentially the same game as the first but in a different location. Simple puzzle-sovling and hidden objects gameplay.
Pubblicata: 8 Marzo 2014
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This was a pretty fine point and click adventure game that had a lot of pixel hunting tasks. If you like that sort of stuff it is good for a couple bucks. My kids liked it too.
Pubblicata: 14 Marzo 2014
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Quality hidden objects combined with a handful of interesting puzzles and a decent story. The voice overs are a mixed bag ranging from good to super annoying and the ending felt abrupt. Its a fairly short game, maybe 20 scenes but the hybrid of hidden object with puzzles I haven't solved 500 times before was nice and the scenes were all top quality and visually pleasing. The game offers "scrolling" and "zooming" scenes that let you pan around to find the required objects which I thought was a nice change.

Definitely worth a sale purchase if you enjoy the genre. Looking forward to playing the others and I hope there will be more.
Pubblicata: 2 Maggio 2014
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What a lovely game!

A prematurely silver 21-year-old engineer named Miranada repeatedly and politely puts down any sexism against her from the male characters with her competence and confidence.

There's an adorable robot.

There's an adorable squirrel. The interactions with the squirrel made me nostalgic for the Ken and Roberta Williams days of the old Sierra King's Quest games. Very clever; great attention to detail.

The art is beautiful.

The puzzles are interesting and engaging.

For a Hidden Object Game, the plot is absolutely spectacular and the characters are rich and entertaining.

Great casual, low stress game for next time you're stuck in bed sick for the day.
Pubblicata: 10 Giugno 2014
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