Исследуйте фантастическую реальность Викторианской эры в The Clockwork Man, эпической игре жанра «поиск предметов».
Дата выхода: 10 авг, 2011
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Исследуйте фантастическую реальность Викторианской эры в The Clockwork Man, эпической игре жанра «поиск предметов». В начале века в альтернативной вселенной паровые технологии стали управлять почти всей жизнью людей.

Последняя из древнего рода инженеров, Миранда Каломи, всегда имела креативный подход к решению проблем. Получив странное письмо от своего дедушки, Миранда решает оставить свои планы и отправляется на поиски приключений. Сможет ли она собрать величайшее изобретение в мире, пока не стало слишком поздно?

Присоединитесь к Миранде и Спрокету в их удивительном путешествии в поисках спрятанных предметов и решении трудных головоломок в мире стимпанка.

Ключевые особенности:

  • Прекрасные сцены с возможностью прокрутки и увеличения
  • Сотни нарисованных от руки предметов Викторианской эры
  • Приключение с логическими головоломками
  • Инновационная система подсказок: робот Спрокет!
  • Переиграйте заново ваши любимые уровни в режиме свободного прохождения
  • Позиции объектов меняются во время повторного прохождения
  • Атмосферная музыка и голосовое сопровождение

Системные требования (ПК)

    • ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Процессор: с тактовой частотой 1,6 ГГц или лучше
    • Оперативная память: 512 МБ или больше
    • Жесткий диск: 150 МБ свободного места
    • Видеокарта: 32-битная, совместимая с DirectX 7.0 или новее
    • DirectX®: 7.0

Системные требования (MAC)

    • ОС: OS X Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 или лучше
    • Процессор: с тактовой частотой 1,6 ГГц или лучше
    • Оперативная память: 512 МБ или больше
    • Жесткий диск: 150 МБ свободного места

Системные требования (Linux)

    • OS: 32-bit Ubuntu 6+ or Fedora 6 / Open Suse 10.2 / Mandriva 2007 (Kernel 2.6, GLIB 2.4, GTK 2)
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Hard Drive: 130 ΜΒ
Полезные обзоры покупателей
11 из 13 пользователей (85%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
5.1 ч. в игре
The difficulty level of the Hidden Object parts are LEGENDARY only for the bravest of brave to attempt. The images on the store page for this game look widescreen, but clicking the video shows the game is 4:3. This is normally not a big deal in puzzle games, but in this game its a HUGE deal due to how tiny the objects that need to be found. Playing on a widescreen you may literally need a magnifying glass to find objects, doesnt help that some areas have multiple areas with no indicator as to which scenes contain what objects. Even worse is that some objects are literally a few pixels in size due to its older ratio where that might not have been a problem for widescreen users combined with many objects being very low resolution this game will pose obstacle of herculean proportions. Items also spawn randomly, so go ahead and stare all day for a missing item, it may not even be on the screen, or it may have spawned behind another object since its random. This leads to reloading the game alot to reset objects to random positions hoping the objects spawn in an area that is visibly clickable. Even completely visible objects are hard to click due to them having such a teeny tiny clickable area that may have you clicking all over even though you feel your clicking right on the object itself.

The puzzles are at just the right difficulty not to impossible but challenging enough that finishing them feels rewarding. Oddly though many of these cant be skipped, there is no guide in the game like other games to help you so players may end up stuck unable to ever continue the game. Worse is that with some puzzles the pieces may be missing. Meaning the pieces spawned off screen, so you may need to reload the game many times to finish a puzzle to reset the locations of pieces.

The story is awesome with very good voice acting, this saves the game from being a total disaster, but the gameplay elements are so buggy their almost broken making it a very tedious and exhausting gameplay experience. Pretty sure the game like the title screen hasnt been updated since 2012 so guessing what bugs are there will be there forever sadly.

Rating: 2/10 Value: $0.99
Опубликовано: 8 июля
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3.0 ч. в игре
This was an interesting hidden object game. As opposed to the usual one-screen puzzles in other HOGs, this has huge side-scrolling, vertical scrolling, and zoom-able puzzles that contain hundreds of potential objects, of which you need to find 15-20, many of them tiny or partially-obscured. It is especially difficult considering there is no delineation between the foreground and the background, so clickable items can potentially be on any pixel of the screen.

Being a Victorian-set, European-produced game, I also found the items weren't always labelled with word choices I recognized. I ended up having to use the in-game hints for a handful of French, Italian, and archaic historical terms. However, there is no penalty for using the hint system, and the game features several levels of hints, with the "I need a slight nudge" level recharging faster than the "just find this thing for me because I give up" level.

The plot feels almost like a maguffin to get you to solve puzzles, and I don't know if it quite resolves itself satisfactorily. Also, even though the protagonist is supposed to be a "strong female character," it doesn't really feel like she's a hero because she spends the majority of the game being bossed around, patronized, and tricked by other characters, and having to clean up after their messes. On a related note, there is a recurring plot-point of "hidden object puzzles only exist because all of our characters are either slobs or victims of disaster." All of the hidden object scenes look like they just dumped a random assortment of junk all over the landscape, with no real rhyme or reason to the layout, and no location-specific theme (except for one gimmick level that was hilarious).

All that being said, the art was beautiful, the few mini-games and point-and-click sections were intuitive enough, the voice acting was hilariously over-the-top, and the music was cinematic-quality. It also does a pretty good job of maintaining a steampunk atmosphere throughout the game. Additionally, unlike other HOGs, this has almost no backtracking. You simply either automatically advance to the next area, or you click on the map to jump to a puzzle of your choice from the available options.

For a casual time-waster game with no achievements to worry about, it is worth a chance if you pick it up on sale. While the hidden object scenes are definitely challenging compared to other HOGs I've played, I appreciate the scope of what they tried to accomplish with the scrolling views.

Overall, I would give this game a 5.5/10
Опубликовано: 17 августа
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7.3 ч. в игре
The things to be found are tiny. Very frustrating and makes you wonder throughout the game exactly what you're doing with your life.
Very simple and short story. Very casual casual game.
Опубликовано: 4 июля
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2.9 ч. в игре
A good idea, but far too buggy and far too short. The writing was not the best, either. I'd give this a solid C.
Опубликовано: 15 июля
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4.7 ч. в игре
Very nice graphics, easy to play and a decent distraction.
Опубликовано: 29 июня
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