Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter!
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Release Date: Dec 5, 2013

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"A fully voiced action MMORPG which features dialog trees and consequences. Even the foundry has options for branching stories. Worth a look."

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February 18

Elemental Evil: Coming April 7th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release date of Neverwinter’s biggest module to date: Elemental Evil! Adventurers around the globe will be able to experience this unique expansion on Tuesday April 7, 2015!

Citizens of Neverwinter will battle against the Cults of Elemental Evil as they try to destroy the Sword Coast by harnessing the forces of nature. By aiding the Sword Coast factions, adventurers will be given the chance to save Neverwinter and its surrounding areas while obtaining untold treasures from their journeys! Players will also notice that the maximum level has been raised from 60 to 70, providing a new set of challenges for them to overcome. Forgotten Realms fans may notice some familiar faces, as D&D icons Minsc and his hamster, Boo, join the fight against the Cults of Elemental Evil.

Click here for more information!

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January 20

Announcing Module 6: Elemental Evil

We’re pleased to announce the coming of Neverwinter’s biggest module to date: Elemental Evil!

Over the past year, the citizens of Neverwinter have faced a menagerie of terrifying foes from Thayan Liches to the Dragon Goddess Tiamat. Now, however, the very forces of nature conspire to bring the city to its knees! Fear not, as a new hero blessed by the gods, the Oathbound Paladin, has emerged to fight the impending threat. These righteous fighters will be able embody both the healing and tanking paradigms that have made them so popular with Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere.

As the heroes of Neverwinter endeavor to battle the Cults of Elemental Evil, players will experience a gripping storyline that will serve to compliment the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons tabletop adventure, Princes of the Apocalypse. With Elemental Evil will come a level cap increase from 60 to 70, complete with a new set of quests, feats, and slottable class feature powers.

On the horizon for after Module 6: Elemental Evil are modules with highly requested additions including guild strongholds and well-known characters from Dungeons & Dragons lore.

Powerful forces seek Neverwinter’s destruction, are you ready to face them?

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“With its fast-paced combat and ubiquitously streamlined design, Neverwinter nails the concept of what an action-MMO should be.”

“Neverwinter takes the most satisfying aspects of D&D's 4th edition in terms of combat and development, and turns it into a D&D adventure that left me squeeing with the joy of seeing my favorite monsters and mechanics.”
The Escapist

“Cryptic has created a finely tuned, smooth game that remembers the lessons its predecessors learned, and in the process bookends a long progeny of MMORPG development.”

Now Live - Module 5: Rise of Tiamat!

We’re excited to announce that Rise of Tiamat is now live in Neverwinter! Log in and experience the Well of Dragons and prepare to do battle with the legendary five-headed dragon goddess Tiamat! Check out all the features listed below!

Update Includes

  • New Zone: Well of Dragons
  • Scourge Warlock Soulbinder Paragon Path
  • Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Extended
  • New Artifact Gear
  • Class Balance Changes
  • And more!

About This Game

Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter!

Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting as it rises from the ashes of destruction. This immersive MMORPG will take you from the besieged walls of the city to subterranean passageways in search of forgotten secrets and lost treasure.

Key Features

  • Completely Free-to-Play
    You don't have to pay to adventure. From 1 to the level cap, all playable content in Neverwinter is free for everyone to experience.
  • Engaging Action Combat
    You can forget about tab-targeting or auto-attacking your enemies to death. Neverwinter provides an amazing combat experience where every action requires planning, feels visceral, and looks spectacular.
  • Infinite Content
    Neverwinter comes with the Foundry, a dynamic toolset that provides you the game assets and a sandbox environment to create your own adventures. When your creation is complete, you can hook it up directly into the existing world for everyone in the community to play!
  • D&D Experience
    Whether you come from the tabletop game or the novels, Neverwinter has recreated many iconic classes, locations, and encounters that you might recognize. You might choose to adventure as a hearty Guardian Fighter, deceive foes as a Trickster Rogue, follow the righteous path as a Devoted Cleric, or more! On your journey through Neverwinter and the surrounding lands, you will face Kobolds, Beholders, Mimics, and other nasty creatures of the D&D universe.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual-core 2.0GHz CPU or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 or higher, GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X850 performance, 128MB+ video ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
    • OS: Windows® XP SP3, Windows Vista SP 2, Windows® 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz CPU equivalent or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2900GT performance or better, 512MB+ video ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
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Posted: October 23, 2014
Just like in any other F2P MMORPG, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Neverwinter's Zen shop. I will try to shed some light on the current state of Neverwinter's F2P model by assuming a neutral stance. I hope this helps when you formulate some of your own opinions about this game.

1. Introduction

There are three immediate currency types in Neverwinter: Gold, Astral Diamonds, and Zen. Gold is obatained through normal means and buys the general necessities to play this game such as potions, basic profession items, basic mounts, and basic companions. Astral Diamonds are obtained through special tasks such as special daily quests, skirmish events, invoking your deity, and the Leadership profession. It buys a wide variety items ranging from Identify Scrolls to rare companions to mid-level gear. It is also the only currency usable in the Auction House. Zen is obtained through paying money. It buys many luxuries that helps give paying players a better experience overall. It may also be traded for Astral Diamonds and vice versa. For simplicity's sake, I will list the price of items in terms of USD instead of Zen.

2. Mounts

As a non-paying player of Neverwinter, you get three tokens at level 20 for a standard 50% speed horse that lasts for 5 hours. These horses can also be bought for 5 gold which is entirely manageable. To get a faster mount, you can buy Mount Training which upgrades any horse you own to 80% for 768,000 Astral Diamonds and 110% for 2,064,000 Astral Diamonds. This is progressive so you must buy them in order.

If you decide to drop some Zen for some fancier mounts, a standard 50% mount goes for 5-8 dollars, a rare 80% mount goes for 20-30 dollars, and an epic 110% mount goes for 30-40 dollars. The more expensive mounts of their respective tier has a unique model, such as the Worg and the Howler.

3. Inventory Space

You get a free bag at approximately level 10 and 30. They are 18 and 12 slots respectively. There are no craftable bags. For a free player, that means spending Astral Diamonds to buy extra inventory space. A 12 slot bag costs 6 dollars and a 24 slot bag costs 10 dollars.

A player starts out with 16 bank space. An extra 16 slots of bank space can be bought for 6 dollars.

4. Companions

Starting at level 16, a player is rewarded a free basic companion. These companions have two skills and have a rank cap of 15. An additional companion costs 2 gold each and may be switched anytime out of combat. All companions are disabled in PvP.

Zen buys a couple of companions which have a completely unique aesthetic. 15 dollars nets you an animal of your choice which have a rank cap of 15. 20 dollars hires a friend which has a rank cap of 20. 30-35 dollars gets you an epic quality pet that has a rank cap of 30 and three unique skills.

5. Professions

In Neverwinter, you gain Assets (workers) to do the work for you. Every profession starts you off with the most basic type of worker. You can have them do various amount of tasks on top of hiring more workers. Eventually you can combine 4 workers into an upgraded worker which allows you to tackle harder tasks. On top of these worker Assets, there are also tools Assets. These can be bought for 50s-1g each and have an 8% quality boost. Crafted items have a total of 4 slots for tools and 3 tiers for bonuses that is reached at 100% each.

In the Zen Shop, two different Profession packs exist: Professions Booster Pack and Professions Assets Pack. In the Booster Pack, there is 1 random (both quality and type) worker and random assortments of crafting items. In the Asset pack, there are 1 Purple or Blue Asset, 2 Purple Blue or Green Asset, 1 blue or green Asset and 1 green Asset (for a total of 5 guaranteed Assets). Any player may make any item, but paying customers will get an upwards of 20% stat increase on their crafted equipment.

6. Character

You can make up to 2 characters. Two additional character slots may be purchased for 5 dollars. You may also rename your character for 4 dollars.

Respeccing your skills costs 6 dollars. Respeccing your Feats costs Astral Diamonds determined by your current level.

7. Runes

If nothing else, please read this part. This is potentially their biggest cash grab scheme and everyone should know how it works.

Players are given the option to add additional stats/effects to their equipment in Neverwinter. These come in the forms of Runestones (pets) and Enchantments (Armor/Weapon). For pets, the Runestones are split into Offense and Defense. For Enchantments, they are split into Offense, Utility, and Defense. A single Runestone/Enchantment provides different bonuses depending on which slot there are equipped to. These also have ranks and start from 1 and ends at 9. Four of the same kind may also fuse to move up a tier. The chance of success starts at 95% at rank 1 and 10% at rank 8. You will lose a single Runestone/Enchantment upon failure.

There are two ways to circumvent failure: Preservation Ward and Coalescent Ward. Preservation Wards cost 10 cents each and prevent the loss of materials upon failure. They are also only consumed upon failure. Coalescent Wards cost 10 dollars and guarantees success of fusion. Both these wards may also be obtained on a weekly basis through Celestial Coins (the latter being rarer). Now you may be wondering why there's a huge discrepancy between the two Wards. I was wondering for a while too until I stepped my foot into endgame and found out there was an entirely different type of Enchantments: The Armor/Weapon Enchantments.

Armor/Weapon Enchantments are for specific slots in your weapon/chest and grant special effects. They come in shards and have a chance to drop from Epic Dungeon bosses. You must combine 4 shards to create a Lesser version of the Enchantment. However, the success chance of fusion is at a staggeringly low 1%. To compensate, they have very strong effects. An example would be the Thunderhead Enchantment. However, the real kicker here is that these "Lesser" versions may be fused again to gain a stronger version. Those may also be fused again to create the strongest version. Ultimately, the Greater Thunderhead Enchantment will have a 30% on crit to damage and stun foes. To create the strongest Enchantment possible, it will cost 160 dollars and 64 shards. Unlike companions, these can be used in PvP.
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Posted: December 13, 2014
Been Playing this game over an year now.

[Note: before reading the review of any player, please check the time the person has actually invested into the game. Since most of the reviews are terrible and are writen by players who hardly played 2hrs in total]

-Good class and race selections.
-Medium character customizations.
-Good power animations and combat system.
-Currently 7 different classes and all of them unique in their own way.
-Really addictive.
-New Maps and content every few months to keep you stuck to the game without getting bored.
-Foundry system lets your craete your own interesting quests which you and other players in the game can play.
-Premium contents aren't game performance affecting items. So you can really become a pro without spending a dime. Im a total free player without spending any cash on this game and I got almost every end game content. [Also there's an option to convert in-game cash (Astral Diamonds) into Premium cash (Zen). So you can buy all the premium contents with a little grinding of course]

- Premium cash (ZEN) is too expensive if you choose to spend real cash in buying it.
-Transition of the game from last year to now is big. The game has become heavily grinding game.
-Poor Graphics Optimizations. [Not the best looking game out there but If I can get 50+ fps in most games of current graphics demanding games @1080p High settings, why can't a medium graphically looking game like this give poor fps? gives me 40-45fps in medium settings with some settings maxed. Very Poor Performance optimization.]
-Heavy Server Lag issues [If there are too many people in 1 instance, then it starts to rubberband like hell making it literally unplayable]
-DLCs are crazy ♥♥♥ expensive. Hero of the North pack is 199.99$? seriously? I can buy 2-3 award winning games for the same price!
-TERRIBLE RNG LOOT Drop!!!! Which means some players grind for hours and hours and get ♥♥♥♥ from the Quest's chest where as some people get crazy luck to win the best thing! Would have been great if the % chance of winning the best gear of the ccheat increases with each run through into same dungeon.
-Terrifying PVP Matchmaking sometimes. It's been over an year and it's still not fixed. High Gear score players facing up against low gear scored players. Making the defeat certain.

This game would have got much better appreciations if it was made little easy for new players without banging our wallets to forcefully spend real cash too much. I agree that every Free2Play game has the option to spend real cash to get Premium stuffs. But there's a limit to how expensive it should get. This game crossed the line far beyond the limit..!!!
The game runs purely because of the famous Dungeons and Dragons Title.

Do I recommend it? Sure, the game is still lots of fun and it's fun to grind to some extent. It's great to play with friends. But this game is a killer for free players because for a new player to grind through all stuffs and get the End-game content will take nearly an year.
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Posted: November 8, 2014
Free to play, yeah sure. But the DLC listed on Steam alone adds up to 420 Euro. (Yes, 420!) This doesn't even include any of the in-game purchases, some of which are required to progress at a humanly acceptable rate (companion level unlocks for example).

And it's a pity, too, because the basic mechanics of the game are decent and the combats are quite fun. I really wish they had published this as NWN3 instead of going down into f2p hell.
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Posted: November 10, 2014
I used to love this game to pieces, but with module 4 became the grand realisation that the game is just a massive cash grab for the end game players, they literally pull in player's, take their money and spit them out without listening to community input. Its sad and really pretty annoying how badly the game has been managed, it could of been great but you just feel cheated of your time and perhaps money if you spent zen.

Id stear clear of this and Perfect World games alltogether.
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Posted: November 9, 2014
- It's a stupid fun game
- fighting is fluid
- Despite all the rage over the market, you can go without buying things

- DLC is too gorram expensive, what the hell is up with that? 200 bucks for a gaggle of digital crap? PASS
- Forced Five player me, play with friends because you will never get these done otherwise and there is at least one in every area.
Other thoughts:
character slotting is very limited but I got arround that with multiple accounts...yes, I have no life, wanna fight about it? :). Some of the DLC is entirely to expensive so in the end you have to ask yourself a few questions that I've found helpful when I get the itch (btw 50 hours, 4 accounts, and not a penny dropped on this game)
Q1: Do I really need this item and why?
Q2: how will this help me?
if the answer to either of these questions is "cuz it's shiney!" chances are you DO NOT NEED IT. but if you want to spend your money because you genuinely like the game then by all means do so but as with anything do so in moderation. Trust me I'd love to run around fearune with all the badest gear and mounts. I not only love DnD but I really enjoy my time in this game. 9.5/10
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Posted: October 19, 2014
This game was actually fun for a while. But the developers are just nerfaholics and cannot stop.

It doesn't matter which class you pick, they just do not and will not quit. After a year you'd have thought they'd be ok with things, but they're still attempting "balance" fixes... and not the small kinds. Complete redesigns with no real way to change the entire focus of what your character was.

Don't count on playing for long, regardless of what you pick they'll destroy it eventually.

Its just not worth anyones time to play like that. I wouldn't bother. These guys do not know what they want and keep changing their minds repeatedly. There's no reason to play a game like that.

And that doesn't even count how far away from actual D&D the gameplay is getting after a year. It was pretty close early on, now its nothing even remotely close.

I do not recommend this game anymore at this point. You just don't know what they're going to do next and I mean that in the bad way.... not the "wow what will they come up with next for content" way.
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Posted: October 28, 2014
I only play PVE so if you're looking to get a review about PVP look more.

So I've played this game for quite a bit and I think its amazing.
I'm currently have 4 60's : GWF, HR, CW, GF
My GWF is 18k GS

-Combat is fast and fun, if you're not paying attention in those end game dungeons you might find yourself dead.
-I always have a goal, wether it be getting new gear or my campaigns.
-The community is actually really friendly, I've had some really great experiences my self.
-You can earn everything in game for free. EVERYTHING. Yes it might take some time, but whats the point of playing a game if you dont want to earn some things?
-Skill matters, what I mean by this is if you practice your class and get good at timing with your abilities etc. You can potentially out damage somone who is higher geared than you, that is if they arent as skilled as you. I like this because I'm lightweight competitive and I always want to be the highest damage dealer on the charts.
-Leveling isn't a drag, sure some people want the leveling to be a slow process but the thing is, IT CAN! If you want to take time leveling then do that, pay attention to what NPC's say, read the story. But if you want to zoom to 60 skip everything do the quests as fast as possible and you can get it done extremely fast. I'm an altoholic so this is good for me :)
-25 man raids will finally be coming out soon! thats right, 25 man raids!

-Okay there are wallet warriors.. But don't pay attention to them, if you like PVP then I don't reccomend this game for you entirely, pvp can be a mess sometimes.
-The end game relies on you to farm. You might have to farm a dungeon 10+ times in a row to get the things you need. BUT THATS NORMAL. I've ran every dungeon in this game probably 50+ times. I love the combat in this game so i never get bored.
-Farming the end game currency becomes a chore. But if you're a long term player then don't take it seriously. Play the game to have fun, hell dont even play the game everyday. You can collect an easy 24k of the end game currency a day and if you get that + do a few dungeons you can easy make 50k a day and be rich in 3 months. Otherwise farm hardcore and become a bawss.
-No open world. Okay I don't have an excuse here, I really wish this had open world but hey, it doesn't have it, it never will, and if that makes you hate it then dont play.

About the classes I've played so far:
Great Weapon Fighter: By far my favorite class. They are fast moving high damage dealers. They can also take a punch. I find myself constantly moving around in battle finding the best way to position myself, because in this game there is a thing called Combat Advanatage, which allows you to do more damage to an enemy if you're hitting it from the right spot. The skills on this class may not be your devestating mage skills but they are fun and fluid.

Control Wizard: This class is probably one of my least favorites. I'm just terrible with this class. It does high damage but I feel like it moves really slow, I don't like it's dodge move and I really dont like the way it casts spells. Although when I am farming for enchantments I use this class to wipe mobs out really fast :P.

Hunter Ranger: This class is actually really fun. Moving around constantly shooting your bow while kiting enemies then when they are low health switch to your duel wielding daggers and go in for the kill. The skills on the hunter ranger are really flexible and allow you to choose to be a high damage ranger, or go more of a supportive role and do damage while boosting the damage of your allies.

Gaurdian Fighter: This class is pure tank. This is another class that feels really slow to me. I like to move fast "sanic". But this class is starting to become a very popular class in the endgame right now with the addition of new dungeons, and I imagine with 25 man raids coming out this will be a most wanted class. This class is mainly about buffing your allies and tanking though.

So this is my review and I hope you can give this game a try at least. Obviously there are alot more Pro/Con's but those are the ones I felt like mentioning. Sure this game isnt perfect, and it could use alot of work. But if you're looking for a new long term MMO then I would reccomend this. With expansions coming out every 3-5 months, and 25 main raids coming I'll be sure to stick around.

Also if you ever need some help in game or have any questions you can add me in game Jessi@dubstepghostt

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Posted: November 6, 2014
Literally the most epic pay to win game that I have ever played. Although I do realize there are worse offenders out there.

And this is a shame because I actually loved the game. If there was a subscription and a cost to buy the game, sign me up. Pay to win? GFY
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Posted: October 19, 2014
Like many PWE games, this game is fun for a time. End-game is interesting when you first reach it, but you quickly realize that you MUST buy "zen" to get the most out of this experience. The primary barrier being that if you party up with people who have epic mounts, you will get left in the dust without purchasing one yourself. It IS possible to acquire "zen" with the in-game Astral Diamond currency, but it will take you a LONG time to acquire enough AD to buy enough zen to purchase an account-wide epic mount. Some mounts can be acquired solely with AD however these will be bound to your character, whereas mounts purchased with zen will be account-wide. While this might not necessarily be much of an issue if, say, epic mounts only cost around $5 worth of zen, it is an issue because they cost more like $25 - $40 worth of zen. As with all other PWE games I have played, this game has a severe greed problem and pay walls will keep you from getting the most out of it. Avoid this game. Take your $40 of epic mount money to a proper MMO.
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Posted: February 1
Got banned for 24 hours during registration because I input too many usernames while trying to find one that wasn't taken. Gave me a good laugh.
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Posted: February 8
This was probably my favorite MMO for quite some time. I love the combat in the game, and it is still the standard for which I hold other MMO-type games too. The Cleric Class (my personal favorite) is probably some of the best I've seen in a game.

But it's turned into a total cashgrab game.

I've stopped playing for a while now, but all the events that I took part in during the last few months I played were something that you'd have to grind for the entirety of the event to even have a hope of getting a chance at some of the end-items. Of course, if you wanted to drop some cash on it you could increase your chances.

They've got an incredbly great system in place for a lot of things, but the game got too greedy for me. Which is sad, considering how much fun I've had with it.
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Posted: November 11, 2014

-Really good visuals
-Surprisingly fun combat systems (though clearly imbalanced)
-The Foundry which lets you "create your own quests" for other players to play (though the editor is heavily limited)


Way too many to list for me to go into detail... -_- *sigh*

-WAY too much grind in the form of Campaigns (the latest Tyranny of Dragons campaign is by far THE most disgusting culprit), and on that note, there's just too many Dailies in general...
-Pay to Win (1% chance to successfully create a weapon/armor enchant, unless you pay $10 to have it guarantee success)
-Pandering to rich people (the Dragonborn class can only be acquired by paying for a $100 Pack, Drow also used to be this way, but their Pack required $200...)
-None of the quests are engaging in any way, shape or form. Literally 95% of all quests are "fetch quests".
-Chinese scam, spam and hack bots a-plenty
-Almost 75% of the game revolves around RNG.
-So many glitches and gameplay bugs that you'd swear this game was still in Beta... (you know what they say about PWE games...)
-Little-to-no quality or polish (again, it's as if this game was created by ♥♥♥♥♥♥ chinese programmers who were paid minimum wage! :O)
-The only server you can play on is an International one, so prepare for foreign idiots everywhere, and prepare to be misunderstood by roughly 50% of the playerbase who doesn't actually understand your language. ;)

-It's published by PWE. What'd you expect? :\

Seriously, though. The fact that Wizards of the Coast decided to choose ♥♥♥♥ing PWE, of ALL god-damn MMO companies, to publish and develop their game, is absolutely dissapointing. Hell, I bet even Nexon could have done a better job than this crap! The D&D Name does NOT, I repeat, DOES -NOT-, deserve THIS level of disgraceful crap!
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Posted: October 6, 2014
Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter is based on the AD&D 4.0 Core Ruleset, and I think that it's done rather well. The graphics, sounds, music, and locations are well developed & quite immersive too. Cryptic Studios made an amazing free-to-play (F2P) game, and you don't have to spend any real world money to level from 1-60; The game is not restrictive in anyway whatsoever.

The character models are well detailed, and the combat movement are very engaging - albeit they could be more fluid. Combat itself is great to play, and I love that there are no auto-attack moves/spells; Everything must be done by the player in real time. In this case with regards to combat and action, you [the player] stay involved, focused, and must be have situational awareness -- something that I like very much.

To me the only downsides to this game are the ridiculously over-priced items in the Zen Market, and the difficulty in acquiring Astral Diamonds. For the latter it may not be a problem for the very active player, but casual players are at a disadvantage IMO. I also personally feel that many of the zones are very linear, and closed-in - leaving no open world exploring in what I'd like in an MMORPG.

Overall the game is a must-have to play for those that enjoy Fantasy RPG's. There's very little to be disappointed with here. I highly recommend this game, especially if you're looking for something F2P.
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Posted: November 29, 2014
Playing with friends makes it literally the best MMO I've ever played- single player is still incredibly enjoyable.
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39.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 4, 2014
Fun game with some interesting ideas that falls apart into a P2W mess if you *really* try to play it like a traditional MMO

It has a massive amount of content, both from the development team and user-generated through their map editor, and really, you could do a lot worse if you're just looking to waste some time and have some fun on a free game. It's fun even if you play it as a single-player action game.
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Posted: December 31, 2014
Okay 700 hrs passed... time for a review.

- Combat sysem is great.
- Nice armors and outfits.

- P2w. At it's best. The bigger your budget, the greater advantages and gear score you get. No need to explain.
- Broken loot system. Dont count on your luck.
- Repetitive walk-through. No matter where you are or what you do, there's always one more boss to defeat.
- Connection issues like a pain in the ♥♥♥ and PWE won't even bother doing something nice about that. Launcher is totally outdated. Just play and suffer.
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Posted: October 19, 2014
The only thing fun about this game is the combat. Nothing else. The lore and quests are dull, there are spammers -EVERYWHERE- that even spam you in whisper, and it is DEFINITELY NOT roleplayer friendly, despite having a "character biography" feature. Heck, it doesn't even have a keybinding option for walking, which you have to manually do yourself (./bind insertanykeyhere ++walk). And apparently, the ONLY place to RP, is a freaking tavern. That has got to be the saddest thing ever.

I don't recommend this game if you're going to play it for the story / RP, because all it's good for is the combat. It had potential, but... no.
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Posted: December 3, 2014
Neverwinter looks and feels obsolete, in one word it’s tedious. What little Neverwinter has going for it is quickly crushed under a colossal load of bugs, asinine design choices, poor level design and the monotony of grinding.

- engaging combat system (until it’s overexposed)
- easy to play (I can haz buttonz to click 2)
- free to play (no really it is. you can exchange game currency to the currency used in the pay shop, and getting the game currency is surprisingly easy, but does take a lot of grinding and time)

- bad to sometimes broken animations (oh yeah we’re all contortionists)
- poor sound (sound check, look it up)
- textures vary greatly in quality even at maximum settings (gaze into the abyss of poor textures, also makes the textures gaze into you)
- collision (I can clip a boulder but not a tiny torch?)
- countless of bugs and server lags (I’m st...stu...stuck)
- dull quests (wow another kill and collect quest, and there was much rejoicing)
- end game is based around grind, and daily quests (another way of saying “we don’t care” or “we’re not that talented,” pick your poison).
- poor level design (running back and forth is so fun)
- several descriptions of talents/powers/items/quests in the game are either downright wrong or lacking crucial information (here take this boppermambu it will increase your batamino with something)
- very little variation in what monsters can do (the bandit is an ogre in disguise)
- Surprisingly bad story in a game based around D&D, one would think they had enough source material to pick from (once upon a time ... forget it, here take 8 dragons to fight for random loot).

If you love narration, innovation, creativity and everything D&D stands for, avoid this game like the plague. If you want to laugh, as I did, of the cringe worthy bad design choices and poor executions hop on the wagon, it’s not really moving so it’s easy to catch.


If you do give it a try, which I think you should, here are some helpful macros. In the chat type:

/gfxsetdefaultfov 90
(sets the field of view to 90, in effect you zoom out, default is 55. Changing the numeric value changes the FoV).

/bind f “interact”
(This will make more sense once you try the game, but every now and then you will have trouble interacting with an object, either because the interact area is odd, or because another player is standing too close, This binds your F key to access only the object)

/bind g “interactandloot”
(This can be set in the menu, and is the standard interact option, it’s advisable to have it mapped to a key because on rare occasions you’ll need it. G was the key I mapped it to, you can obviously set it to any key).

/bind h “gotocharacterselect”
(again H was only the key I had it mapped to. Logging out and in is instant in this game if you can navigate through the menus fast enough, since every time you’re hit, the menu will close. This macro skips several menu steps and goes directly to the character select option, you still have to hit "accept" before you get hit, or take damage from a poison etc. This is useful when you want to complete a solo dungeon but is in a hurry, or tired of during the same dungeon over and over again, since you can run past all the trash mobs, log out to reset aggro, then in again to finish the boss).

(Makes you anonymous, useful to avoid pesky gold spammers, invites etc. But you can’t be invited into a party when this is on, but can still invite people into your own party, join PuG groups, and participate in encounters. You appear offline for friends)

(Makes you anonymous for all but those on your friend list)

(Removes the anonymous status, effectively ending both /hide and /friendsonly)

There are several other macros that are fun to play around with, and I encourage you to try them out, since the customize options for the interface is limited.
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Posted: October 11, 2014
The endgame is very limited and the games requirements to getting its own advantages to making it easier for you (horses, enchantments, armor, etc.) are overly exaggerated to the point where either playing or paying is a loss.
The questing to get to LVL 60 can be done in under 6-10 hours, containing underdeveloped areas strictly for PVE and some dungeons which have balancing issues and require an amount of specific classes to complete.

The classes you start with contain problems and balancing and have a distinct difference which determines how useless or how useful you are. Some people wouldn't want a guardian in their dungeon run because of the tanking being useless to a boss enemy that will just overwhelm you with damage and aggro imediately, but would want a guardian for PVP because of the defense it has, making the person who intialy chose that class rather regretful. The mages do a lot of DPS damage which makes them a favorable class.

There are anomalies in this game that are aggrevating to see. PVE mini bosses sometimes dropped themed armor pieces that have better stats by a little but look very cool to edit, but sometimes you can get a guardians armor as a mage and this armor cannot be sold, traded, only worn and destroyed. But... you can't wear it either... so yea. The currency is limited also, where as after lvl 60, astral diamonds would become your main currency where as the coins would just be petty money to buy potions.

The end game is very small and limited and will only have you playing for about one or two weeks before realizing what you're doing everyday is farming for goals like higher gear-rank, enchantments, wealth, mounts, armor, campaigns, which honestly don't open anymore of the game to you after thats completed.
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Posted: March 16
i really liked it at first ... but finally got to endgame - its terrible - its like grind your teeth till they fall out or smth ... pvp is just ehemm unbalanced as it could be when game is such a gear dependant. game is ftp tho its kind of pay2win model, losy graphics too - when i jump - my character looks like ehemmm - i wont say like what, gameplay gets boring fast ... since all you have to do is spamm and spamm all those skills you choose all and on - and im not just some casual player - i got all classes at decent lvl so far (4xmax) - while i think the going through from 1 to 60 is biggest + of the game - ofc for 1st or maybe 2nd time cos its all the same after, so summing it up - game has its magic for a while but imo its not worth to give it only one and true mmo tag ... there better ones for sure out there
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