Ladatkaa aseenne ja käynnistäkää moottorinne, sillä KLASSIKKO ON TULLUT TAKAISIN! Max Paynesta ja Alan Wakesta tunnettu Remedy tuo takaisin Death Rally -klassikon järeämpänä ja jäyhempänä kuin koskaan ennen. Tämä ei ole mikään sunnuntaiajelu, joten valmistaudu räjähtämään aivan toisiin sfääreihin - kirjaimellisesti!
Käyttäjäarvostelut: Enimmäkseen myönteinen (409 arvostelua) - 72% / 409 tämän pelin pelaajien arvosteluista ovat positiivisia
Julkaisupäivä: 3. elo, 2012

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Osta Death Rally


Tietoja pelistä

Ladatkaa aseenne ja käynnistäkää moottorinne, sillä KLASSIKKO ON TULLUT TAKAISIN! Max Paynesta ja Alan Wakesta tunnettu Remedy tuo takaisin Death Rally -klassikon järeämpänä ja jäyhempänä kuin koskaan ennen.

Tämä ei ole mikään sunnuntaiajelu, joten valmistaudu räjähtämään aivan toisiin sfääreihin - kirjaimellisesti! Kamppaile maaliviivalle jättäen taaksesi palanutta kumia ja revittyä ruohoa... sekä palavat autonrämät niiltä hulluilta, jotka uskaltavat tunkeutua tiellesi.

Peli on koukuttava, jännittävä sekä täynnä räjähtävää hupia! Voita kisoja, päivitä autojasi ja aseitasi jotta voit voittaa huimat pomokuskit tarinatilan suorittamiseksi. Liity moninpeliin! Lataa aseesi ja käy Death Rallyyn, jossa nöyryytät ja tuhoat vastustajiasi tai sabotoit heidän kisansa. Valitse itse voittotapasi, sillä TÄSSÄ RALLISSA KAIKKI ON SALLITTUA!


  • Koe Death Rallyn raivo, hio taitojasi ja ole valmiina kisaamaan
  • Laaja ammattilaistila: voita kisoja, ansaitse saavutuksia ja autoja, aseita sekä haasteita
  • Hurja moninpeli: näytä parhaat puolesi vastustajillesi
  • Upeat tunnetut radat kaupungissa, aavikolla, viidakossa, jäällä, ja paljon muuta. Mukana myös vain PC:lle saatavana oleva rata
  • Mukana mahtavia vierailijakuskeja
  • Sabotoi ja tuhoa, ja saavuta paikka pistetaulukoissa
  • Peli tukee näppäimistöä sekä ohjainta


    • Käyttöjärjestelmä:Windows XP SP2
    • Prosessori:AMD K8 -sarja, kuten Athlon 64, tai Intel Pentium 4
    • Muisti:2 Gt RAM
    • Grafiikka:DirectX 10 yhteensopiva 256 Mt:n muistilla
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Kiintolevy:600 Mt HD-muistia
    • Ääni:DX9.0c yhteensopiva
    • Lisätietoja: Jopa hitaammat järjestelmät voivat pyörittää tätä peliä, mutta moninpelin yhteensopivuuden kanssa voi esiintyä ongelmia
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä:Windows 7
    • Prosessori:AMD K10 -sarja, kutenAthlon X2, tai Intel Pentium Dual Core, tai nopeampi
    • Muisti:4 Gt RAM
    • Grafiikka:DirectX 10 yhteensopiva 512 Mt:n muistilla, tai nopeampi
    • DirectX®:10
    • Kiintolevy:600 Mt HD-muistia
    • Ääni:DX9.0c yhteensopiva
    • Muut vaatimukset:Laajakaistayhteys
    • Lisäksi: Jopa hitaammat järjestelmät voivat pyörittää tätä peliä, mutta moninpelin yhteensopivuuden kanssa voi esiintyä ongelmia
Hyödylliset arvostelut
5/6 (83%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
11.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 2. tammikuu.
This game cannot win the original, it doesn't even match with the original. If you played the original game back in 1996, you will dissappointed with this game. But, as a separate games. It's fun enough.

Why its fun !?

Because, you can choose to won the race in 1st place in competitive race or ....
Kill all your opponent with your weapon. You can let them to overlap you, and wait in the U turn. Place mine and let the Gatling Gun do the work for incoming opponent.

KISS BOOM BANG ... you're a winner.

10/10 would be a Road Warrior again.
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4/5 (80%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
4.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 22. joulukuu, 2015.
If you don't want to read the tl;dr below I'll sum up this game like this: "Race, Kill, Upgrade," rinse and repeat all over without emotion until you win.

First of all It's a fun/good game in all matters. If you buy this thinking about the good old times of the 1996 version then you might get a little bit dissapointed. The depth of story and mechanics lacks short and if you though racing was about winning... Well in Death Rally it's all about staying behind and killing people to get parts to the next car.

There is no actual difficulty settings, as you can get in trouble by the first tier of vehicles when you already have a fully upgraded top car. Killing cars is also a bit more annoying as you never know for sure how long will it take to finish one off.

Game is indeed fun an all, but lacks emotion when comes to important aspects. Fans of the first version of the game will be sad to think this is the best they could make, and I'm glad I bought this on a sale because at full price I'd be a bit more sad.

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3/6 (50%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
4.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 24. joulukuu, 2015.
Dayum. Played the original 1996 version as a shitkid, so I picked this up from nostalgia. Wasn't disappointed.
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59/67 (88%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
1.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 8. lokakuu, 2014.
I liked the original Death Rally game, it gave you a feeling of beeing submerged in the world of the Death Rally circuit. You started with some wierd kind of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ized (b4$t4rd|z3d, wordfilter lol!) rusty VW-beetlecar with built in machineguns and armorplating welded on to it. The car was crap, and you knew it, but that was the point. After many many races where you sometimes knew very well you had no chance in hell of winning the race, you soldiered on, staying out of harms way of the neo-corvette juggernauts that you hoped of one day obtaining.

This game has missed the point totaly. After playing the game for an hour and unlocking cars and weapons, I'm sad to say that this game is not a worthy remake. It's got a cheap plastic feel to it in many ways and here are some examples of what went wrong:

You're not at liberty to save money when you repair and upgrade your car after a race. All acquired money has to be spent there and then, therefore it effectively removes the economic dimension from the game, and with that removes all strategy from the game.

Gear and cars are not bought, they are collected on the race track as parts and once all parts are collected you get your mines or machinegun or new car. What was given to you will not be valued. Therefore the game is not about upgrades since new gear doesn't come from you spending your resources to get them.

Your car has auto-fire on the built-in machinegun, you dont even have to pull the trigger to use the weapon and ammo never runs out. I shouldn't have to explain how wrong this is. There are other secondary weapons though that require ammo and triggerpulling, but thats beside the point.

There are some other points that I could make about thats wrong with this game, but what has already been written will suffice. Technically this game might be well made from a programming point if view, the problems is that the designers of the game had no idea what they were doing.
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31/40 (78%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
1.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 16. helmikuu, 2014.
(Disclaimer: I do probably have nostalgia for the original)
It makes me sad to have to not recommend this. I was honestly excited by the idea of the Death Rally game being remade and hopefully expanded. Instead what we seem to have is essentially a mobile game scaled up that has a lot of the words in common with Death Rally but feels like it misses on a few important cylinders.

Death Rally was a half race and half car-carnage game and it pulled it together well though sometimes a bit cheesy. Fun could be had as the races really felt like skill made a big difference and timing your mines and machine gun fire to destroy opponents in your way was rewarding though not trivial. Through the game, you got money which you needed to restock supplies like ammo or armor, upgrade your car a bit or buy new cars/weapons.

This version feels like the dumbed down iOS port that it really is. Money now only is here to buy upgrades to the car and repair it. The upgrades feel like they make almost no difference in gameplay (except armor which did actually seem to prolong life). But as a racing game, getting better cars or engines did not make me feel like I was going faster. I've read that even the best car with the best engine does not go faster than the initial car an opponent drives in a beginner race. It makes the upgrades feel definitely token.

There is also no real money management. In fact, after a race, the game seems to expect you to just spend all of your money since ammo is restocked at the beginning of a race anyway. New weapons and cars are unlocked after collecting a certain number of pieces scattered on tracked on dropped from destroyed opponents. It feels like progression in this game could be substituted for attrition. I remember in the original sometimes being in a bad place because I took a loan I couldn't pay back. This made decisions feel like they meant something. Also, additional objectives in the original again meant something since money mattered. Here, they are a yes/no box you click periodically and see if it works. It feels sometimes like an Office product had a pop up with the title "Fun" and boxes that just say yes and no appeared with no real context or consequence to the action.

Yes you do advance faster from placing higher, but it still doesn't feel significant enough. After all, winning a race seems to come mostly down to well placed nitro boosts at the end.

The destruction of opponents seems like an area where this could shine. Unfortunately, there are things in the way of allowing you to really get the full enjoyment from the experience. Your base machine gun automatically shoots for you (after you add your 1 additional gun upgrade). This feels annoying at best since you have unlimited ammo and it's not always shooting, but you have no control over it. Even better is in-race bonuses (repair, money, ammo) are in boxes that must be shot... so you have to hope an opponent is in front of you near a box so you could happen to shoot that (and they not just take your bonus) or you waste some of your limited ammo.

This is a small gripe, but the in level bonuses do need to be shot and all appear at the beginning of the level. Since shooting can be wasteful and feel a bit random, this means that upgrades you need later are hard to get and running into repairs within seconds of the race starting is common. It just feels like a bad decision. The original randomly spawned them on the track, IIRC, and that was fine. This isn't a realistic game; why must we pretend periodically that it is?

Opponents suffer from what a lot of games have with enemies that don't have the same limitations as you. I've mentioned their cars are always fast enough to rival yours no matter what. They also have unlimited ammo in their nicer weapons compared to the 4 shots you get in some of your weapons. This is especially terrible in the deathmatch sections where destroying cars is the goal yet they don't have to worry about ammo limits. Additionally, they have health like you do. When you hit 0%, you explode and are done. When they hit 0%, their health bar flashes... and they continue to race for a while. Some number of shots into them later (or maybe it's time? I couldn't definitively understand the logic but it seemed inconsistant and like I wasted a lot of ammo trying to kill a single target), they will in fact explode. You have no real indicator of when this is going to happen though, so I frequently found myself passing them and hoping to get their drop on the next lap if they happened to blow up. Though they can still shoot you in this state.

Speaking about laps, one of the biggest places this feels like a mobile game is in the race length. I'm not saying I need long races, but I do feel like the fact that most races take <=1 minute to complete takes away from my enjoyment. That could just be a preference, though.

All this is not to say there is no fun to be had. I was entertained for a while. I could see this being more reasonable on a device without a gamepad or keyboard (I never did get my 360 controller to work with this game) like a tablet or phone where simple games are more acceptable. I at least wanted more. I wanted to feel like I had consequences or choices. I wanted to feel like my ability mattered. Instead, I was watching a nice looking (not amazing by any means, but it does look nice enough... if you don't look too closely at the textures) but repetative and short car chase scene from various movies. Things happen, but the ending never seemed to be directly related.

You can get the original for free from Remedy which runs on Windows (re-released in 2009); I feel that is a better use of your time and money
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