Insurgency - Valve
Here is a small update for you guys.

New Content
Added new official map: Buhriz.
Updated Contact (Insurgent spawn area and lighting).
New sounds for M16, AKM and M9.

Gameplay Changes
Push rounds now starts with 8 minutes, 10 waves for attackers and 20 waves for defenders. When the attacking team captures a point, the round timer is extended 4 minutes and the attacking team receives an additional 5 waves.
In Push the defending team can now block a capture with a single person in the capture zone. This mechanic is currently only applied to Push, but can be extended to other modes if desired.
Added pre-owned capture points back into Firefight (A and C) after noticing that with the new system people would wait to capture the first point until their team desired a respawn, which has encouraged an unintended level of "gameyness" to the mode.
Skirmish now has a 15 minute round timer instead of 10 minutes.

Bug Fixes
Improved the player ShouldDraw function, hopefully addressing what was causing the invisible player bug. This will require some testing so please provide us with feedback whether this appears fixed or not.
Changed some of the animation code around so player abilities can override the main activity. Switched the slide animations to this system which should make them more reliable and reduce instances of the slide pose bug people have noticed.
Refined observer code to potentially fix a bug where players' first person weapons were being replaced with the wrong viewmodel.
Fixed a bug where the name of a map would not properly refresh on the scoreboard, sometimes saying that the current map is a different map than it actually is.
Fixed a bug where when teams were swapped you would get a supply refund for your grenade but not actually have the grenade taken away from you, so in actuality you were getting an extra supply.
Made sure supply refund on team switch clears the item out of both team's item banks just in case teams are shuffled and you end up on the same team.

A few of the issues including the invisible player bug, the slide animation issue, and the weapon viewmodel being replaced with the wrong weapon, all need further testing. Let us know the status of these issues as you play.

Discuss on our official forums.
Insurgency - Valve
We've been hard at work on an update for Insurgency and are excited to give you guys something new to play with over the weekend!
Added new coop game mode: Checkpoint. Checkpoint is an objective-based coop mode with 4 objectives that must be secured one by one. After capturing the second objective, your team receives reinforcements and anyone who is dead gets to respawn. Checkpoint is currently supported in Uprising_Coop, Siege_Coop and Market_Coop.

Firefight is now using a new reinforcement mechanic. Instead of players respawning infinitely, reinforcements are only triggered when a point is captured, distinguishing it from Occupy and incorporating some of the intensity of Elimination into objective-based gameplay.

Battle now supports moving spawn points. When your team captures the middle point, your spawn point moves up giving your team momentum and making it less of a stalemate.
Market and District now support Push game mode.

Fixed a bug in Push and Battle where the defending team could not block enemy capture.

Implemented new server and client controlled ragdoll manager that will limit ragdolls for the client depending on FPS.

Added new convar "sv_vote_kick_quorum_ratio" (default value 0.8) to help prevent "gang-banning." Instead of requiring 60% of the vote (which is the default), it now takes 80% of the vote to kick/ban someone, to decrease instances of people being unfairly kick-banned from servers.

Added new convars "bot_health" (default 1.0) and "bot_damage" (default 0.6) to allow server admins to modify bot health and damage.

Updated realism mode scripts.

Bots can no longer see through smoke.

New gameplay sound cues related to objectives and receiving supply.

Point captures are now displayed in the upper left along with death notices, and display each player involved in the objective capture/neutralization.

Moving while prone in iron sights will put down your weapon and allow you to move instead of force-restricting player movement.

Player stats are no longer reset after each round.

Reduced cost of RPG and C4 to 1 supply now that supply rate is slower than it was previously.

Increased fuse time on Flashbang.

Increased the rate of fire of burst mode for M16A3 and MP5K.

Removed spark particle from muzzle flashes.

New Mini-14 and Mosin Nagant textures.

New character animation improvements - players no longer run in place, smoothed idle -> run transition, new idle animations.

First person spectator is now the default for Coop. In the future we will make it the ONLY supported spectator mode in Coop, however we need to fix leaning and laser sight in spectator mode before doing so.

Potentially fixed ragdoll UFO abduction bug. Don't want to claim we've fixed it officially, as it's a latency related issue and requires more testing. However, if any of you still notice this bug or notice less of it occurring, we would very much like to know!

Starting to evolve environment art a little more (see barber shop in Siege/Contact as an example of what we will be doing to all of our environments in coming weeks/months ahead).

Fixed a crash in the ClientLeafSystem that caused a crash whenever IsLeafMarker was hit in AddRenderablesToRenderLists.

Fix the following problems in hammer: 3D Shaded Textured mode for the 3D viewport not working, displacement texture blends not showing up in 3D Shaded Textured mode, and texture blends on non-displacement surfaces being glitched in 3D Textured mode.

Siege bug fixes and new art

Ministry map cleaned up and playable - no more missing textures.

Heights map cleaned up with more spawn exit options for Security

We will be hosting a Play with the Devs event later today at 4pm Pacific for those interested in joining us for some INS action. We look forward to getting more detailed feedback from you all on the changes!
Insurgency - Valve
Insurgency has just been updated on Steam.

Update Includes:

- Resolved a crash occurring during changelevel that a lot of servers have been experiencing
- Fixed some issues with Linux Dedicated Server (see this post for more information)
- Updated District and Heights
- Heights now supports Battle, Firefight and Occupy game modes
- District and Market now support Firefight game mode
- Fixed a bug in Push where defenders can re-capture points
- Fixed an issue with helmets not being precached properly
- Tweaked shotgun slug damage
- Adjusted supply rate so it's closer to what it was before the 5/4 update
- Adjusted reinforcement times based on community feedback
- Tweaked AI placement on Heights_Coop
- Fixed a bug in the server browser causing the Battle game mode not to display under Modes
- Improved syncing between player animation and movement speeds


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