Project Winter - Dibby

Welcome survivors to the new event: FreedomFest. Celebrating a joint event between Canada Day (we’re Canadian eh?) as well as our neighbours down south’s own Independence Day. We have a number of new items, a new crate as well as a new progression tree added into the game. These items are only available for a limited time so make sure you get them before it is too late!

Along with this, we have refreshed our cosmetic store. This is a special store refresh for us as we have teamed up with the College of the North Atlantic’s very talented Video Game Art & Design students who have created all the cosmetics for this month. Items were created as a capstone project by students Julia Cumby and Grace Blagdon, supervised by instructor Janice Hertel. The program offers an artistic approach to game development. More info:

All proceeds from these items will go to support Young Adult Cancer Canada. YACC is the national cancer organization providing resources for young adults looking for inspiration, information and support. Please visit for more info.

Now on with the patch notes! 1.0.8903

New Event: Freedomfest 2019!
  • New progression tree to unlock exclusive items
  • New limited time crate to purchase with Survivor Points
  • Event will begin about an hour after this update goes live.

Balancing Changes
  • Berries now respawn slower
  • Animal Wave Objective AI is now tougher and waves have a better difficulty curve depending on number of players
  • Time it takes to repair objective is now increased on Animal Wave Objective

Lobby Improvements
  • Passwords will carry over when you “rematch”
  • Users can lock/unlock the lobby while in the lobby

Misc improvements
  • Reporting removed from the Summary screen. Players can still report people via ESC>Players menu. This is to help mitigate salty players reporting people for no reason
  • Social Point “degradation” slowed down.

Bug Fixes
  • Animals should not spawn within the cabin anymore
  • “User that swapped clothes would retain the swapped name after becoming a ghost” Fixed!
  • “Escapes counting towards deaths” Fixed!
  • “Players getting stuck when loading into the game” Fixed!
  • Fixed issue where player had unlimited number of downvotes by exiting and restarting the game.
  • Fixed player names with certain characters appearing invisible in the lower left of the results screen
  • Player voice indicators will now revert to their original name when a player dies or escapes after swapping outfits
Project Winter - Other Ocean

Greetings Survivors! Welcome to Project Winter: The Social Update! For this update we have mostly focused on improving quality of life aspects of existing features. Here are the new things you can expect from this update:

Profile / Social Rating Page:
  • Players can now access a “Profile” page from the main menu UI where their social rating (see below) is displayed, as well as their lifetime statistics that track from today onward. This is the first part of a multiple iteration feature that will continue to improve in the near future

Social Rating system:
  • Players now have a social rating system that displays how well they do in the game and how cooperative they are. Details on the system are:
  • All players now have a badge next to their names that displays their social rating level.
  • Every Player starts with the same rating of ‘base’ positive (Bronze Badge)
  • You social rating is improved whenever a player gives you a thumbs up at the end of every match. The max positive social level a player can reach is Gold.
  • Your social rating is negatively affected when a player reports you. If your social rating degrades below the base “bronze” level, your name will display an exclamation mark badge next to it.
  • Rating inactivity will cause your social rating to reset back to base Bronze level over time.
  • Players can report other players a maximum of 3 times per day. This helps avoid abusing the system.

New Objective challenges! See what happens when nature teams up against your chances of survival.

Error messaging handling: “Player reported” and “Banned / timed out account” messages have more contextual information and options for affected players.

Trap disarming kit: Players can now find and craft trap disarming kits in game.

Rematch: Players can now choose to rematch their current team mates. The option becomes available at the end of every match.

Quick match: Click it, join a match, play.

Survival points balancing: We’ve made tweaks to the survival points system to emphasize cooperative gameplay. End of game goals are now prioritized for points over the single bonus objectives that can be claimed in game.

Housekeeping and bug squashing:

  • Numerous holes in the environment have been patched
  • Camera triggers have been optimized and should properly transition back to main camera without getting stuck (lower quality hardware might still see this issue)
  • General level optimizations and fixes for spawned object positioning
  • Added a non dx11 compliant version of the snow. Users affected with the “black snow and trees” issue should be able to play now
  • Players will now see a dynamic blurred background rather than a static ‘blurred’ image if they have post-processing enabled
  • Reduced initial cooldown of ghost abilities to 60 seconds from 180 seconds
  • Fixed issue with player corpses not being interactable when killed during hysteria event
  • Fixed case where activated traitor abilities could be different for host and clients
  • Animals will no longer continue to attack the space where a player boarded the escape pod after it departs
  • Updated visuals for player voice chat indicators in bottom left of screen. Ghosts now also display an icon to indicate who is speaking
  • Fixed landmine explosion graphic (will now play for its full duration)
  • Fuel bars for campfires will now hide when not being targeted by the player
  • Fixed overlapping/stuck error messages on host lobby popup
  • Fixed case where player controls could break when vomiting and firing a ranged weapon at the same time
  • Fixed collision for traitor crates
  • Update Discord and "Buy More Skins" buttons to open in Steam overlay browser to try to prevent the antivirus lock issue
  • Fixed "escape without eating berries" bonus objective not counting poisoned berries
  • Updated sort order of crafting items to better group item types
  • Fixed kicking multiple players from a lobby only preventing the first kicked player from rejoining
  • Optimizations to reduce network data sent for players and animals
  • Timeline entries on game over screen will now show survivor and traitor icons in front of player names for more events
  • Added timeline event for opening truth serum lab
  • Increased opacity of text chat background slightly to increase readability
  • Fixed "Exquisite Chef" achievement unlocking at 31 items instead of 30, and not counting pot pies
  • Added unique ammo icons for each type of ranged weapon
  • Fixed crossbow bolts not despawning after hitting certain surfaces
  • Fixed ghost nameplates sometimes appearing for living players
  • Fixed aiming reticle not appearing for snowball fight
  • Fixed various issues with Player profile tracking stats.

Project Winter - Other Ocean

1.0 Is live! And with it are a few new features for you guys! Work together to open the armoury and find a cache of weapons to use to survive, or deceive. Two new ranged weapons have also been added, a crossbow and a tranquilizer gun. Poison the crossbow to apply the poisonous effects, or use the tranquilizer gun to slow the enemy down and stop their ability to speak to other players for a short time. Check below for some more details!

  • Armoury
    • Has a high chance of spawning ranged weapons inside
    • Only 1 per map!

  • Crossbow
    • Very quiet ranged weapon
    • Can be poisoned at the crafting station using the poison item

  • Tranquilizer Gun
    • Very quiet ranged weapon, does very little damage
    • Will slow the player when hit
    • Will stop the players ability to use proximity chat, text chat or radio chat when hit

  • New Maps!
    • 3 new maps to explore
    • New places to sabotage

And of course, bug fixes!:

  • Fixed issue with pickup prompts for items not appearing from destroyed resource nodes in certain circumstances
  • Dead players will no longer disappear from the exile menu, and can still be voted for (their votes for other players will be removed, however)
  • Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in the interactive lobby snowball fight
  • Players outside of the interactive lobby should not see snowball impacts
  • Fixed aiming near submarine bridge
  • Polish for blizzard visuals in yellow flag views
  • Fixed the druid fires
  • Updates to settings/control mapping
  • Updates to fonts and localization
  • Fixed issue with a controller conflict with cycling ghost abilities and opening the stats screen
  • Added tab key indicator to all contextual interactions that can be cycled, not just active ones
  • Fixed player ragdolls bouncing in certain cases
  • Adjusted UI on inventory for controller scrolling
  • Optimizations to reduce network traffic
  • New Steam items added
  • Bug fixes for announcement system
  • Nvidia Highlights disabled to address crashing issues
  • Reveal Health traitor ability disabled for now (not working correctly)
  • Voice chat proximity range reduced slightly
  • General improvements for animal AI
  • Multiple attack animals can now be spawned from surprise bunkers
  • Updated surprise bunker prefabs to create smoother jump path
  • Animals will now lose interest in players after a few seconds if the player enters an area inaccessible to the animal
  • Tightened hit box on wolves
  • Fixed an issue where wolves could be led up a set of stairs, breaking their pathing
  • Bear will roar instead of stand to indicate you are getting close
  • Fix issue with loading failures
  • Fix issue where players could use the report system to report themselves
  • Invite button should activate when players leave a lobby, not just when they join a partially full one
  • Smoke bomb activation should cancel when entering a safe zone
  • Melee attacks have an increased hit radius
  • Axes are positioned differently to hit closer to the player
  • Fixed issues with some achievements not tracking correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the camera zoom when player dies during a blizzard
  • General UI improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the cabin map wouldn’t always update when the 2nd objective beacon was activated
  • Player proximity voice chat names on HUD will now update when swapping clothes with another player
  • Audio updates (new sounds added, some existing sounds fixed)
  • Added music to the game that gets more intense as things happen

Thanks to everyone who has supported us up to this point, and to all new players… welcome! The game is what it is today due to the support and feedback of the players. All Early Access players will have their two exclusive EA Items rewarded to them today, claim them from the announcements section! We hope you enjoy the latest update!

So what is 1.0?
1.0 is the team finishing all the features we originally wanted in Project Winter + some valuable feedback from the community.

What is next?
We are not stopping at 1.0! We will be slowing down our content release schedule to monthly releases, rather than every two weeks as we have been previously. This will give us a bit more breathing room and make sure we release polished features. We will still be releasing bug fixing builds as needed, these will not necessarily be on a schedule depending on the severity of the issues seen.

Next content build will be scheduled for June 20th and we aim to include a lot of quality of life improvements on existing systems, all dependant on time, these features may include:

  • Quick match button
  • Stats / Profile Page
  • Social Rating
  • Iterate on repair objectives to make more interesting
  • Living ragdolls
  • Trap disarm item

As always, we look forward to your feedback and you can find us and other community members on our Discord (! Drop in and have a chat.
Project Winter - Dibby

Project Winter is having a free weekend RIGHT NOW! We will also be having a 25% Steam Sale on this weekend. The free weekend and the sale end Monday morning, so don't miss out!

The Project Winter Discord is a great place to find players, stay connected with the game community and interact with our QA and Dev teams. It is also the best place to go to report bugs, players, and give feedback and suggestions about the game.

This weekend will be the last chance to join our Early Access community, if you play before May 23rd you will receive two Early Access Club exclusive items when we launch into 1.0!

Project Winter - Other Ocean

Our last update before 1.0 is live! We’ve heard you guys and we’ve added some Ghost abilities so you can help or hinder the living! Ghosts now have the ability to light a Ghostly Fire, drop a Ghostly Feast, heal the living, or be traitorous and chill the living. These abilities have a global cooldown so make sure to plan out what ability to use when to use it! We have also included a few more things, please see below for more details.

  • Ghost abilities
    • Ghostly Fire - Ghosts can light a mystical campfire that appears for living players for a short duration, increases warmth of players in proximity.
    • Ghostly Feast - A ghostly feast appears for a short duration satisfying the hunger of players in proximity.
    • Ghostly Heal - When used living players within proximity of the ghost gain a small amount of health.
    • Ghostly Chill - When used players within proximity of the ghost will lose a small amount of warmth.

  • New Traitor Abilities in the Traitor airdrop
    • Temporarily reveal players health bars
    • Temporarily block proximity chat

  • New Bunker type
    • Hop in to find out what it is!

  • Camera shift when aiming.

  • Ability to poison interactable objects
    • Players can now poison bunker consoles, traitor crates, the power station, repair consoles, the outhouse etc.

    As always there has been some bug fixes! Please check below for more detail :)

    • Community Translated Swedish is now implemented!
    • Can no longer craft alcohol from the stove
    • Field of view on bolt action rifle reduced
    • Field of view on shotgun and semi-auto rifle reduced to match world camera
    • Increased aggression of patrol wolves
    • Slightly reduced spawn rate of poison in traitor crates
    • Small chance that pot pies will spawn in bunker crates
    • Added rotating arrows under the character on the customization screen and progression screen
    • Re-designed game guide and added additional pages
    • Attack hit boxes will trigger later and finish earlier
    • Charge attack only stops player movement at 90% charge (lasts 0.3 seconds)
    • Attack radius of weapons increased by 66%
    • Animals no longer drop meat on the ground upon death, they now have lootable corpses
    • Fix for animals getting stuck when walking into buildings and fences
    • Adjusted animal turn animations
    • New achievements implemented for poison and truth serum
    • Fixed issues with vomit animation
    • Fixed certain animations not playing correctly from attacked animation
    • Revive option will now be hidden while attacking a downed player
    • Fixed bug where opening emote wheel during loading could lock your character

    That's it everyone! Thanks for playing, and don’t forget to join our discord ( for more news, updates and to become a part of our amazing community!

    -The Project Winter team
Project Winter - Other Ocean

We are live with our fifth content update! This update is a little smaller than the rest but has a couple of very exciting new items: Poison and Pot Pies! Players can find poison in traitor crates as well as bunker crates (very small chance) and use it to poison food. The Pot Pie can be used to regain a large amount of hunger as well as a small amount of health and warmth but beware! Someone may have added a secret ingredient. More details below.

  • Implemented Poison
    • Added Pot pie Item and recipe
    • Added Poison Effect
    • Poison Item spawns in Traitor Crates and can spawn in bunker crates (Very low chance)
    • Poisoned versions of cooked food can be made at the cooking station
    • Poison will cause players to vomit

As always we have fixed some bugs! Please see below:

  • Added ability to poison food
  • Animal corpses no longer have collision against players
  • Fixes to animal navigation
  • Can no longer craft gun parts
  • Traitor crate changes - more likely to get consumables and deployables, less likely to get gun parts
  • Pass on bonus objective reward values, mostly lowered overall
  • Fixed issue where players could climb on top of the Helicopter
  • Fixed Snow trail issue on some tiles
  • Fixed an issue with downed but not dead players not being counted towards the "Survivors remaining" banner
  • Fixed an issue where ghosts could fall through a sabotaged bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the traitor crate notification wasn’t appearing for the host
  • Updated Camo baseball cap to use the correct texture
  • Updated collision on the cabin to keep players from getting all up in our house.
  • Fixed an issue where dead traitors who left the game would get points for “Survivors Stopped” even if survivors were still alive
  • Fixed an issue where players could not get off the escape vehicle when using a controller
  • Fixed issue where players could not walk away from the Exile board once the menu was open
  • Ghosts now see proximity chat
  • Fixed issue where player bodies would sometimes rotate around
  • Fixed animation syncing between animals
  • New cosmetic items added to the reward drops

That's it everyone! Thanks for playing, and don’t forget to join our discord ( for more news, updates and to become a part of our amazing community!

-The Project Winter team

Project Winter - Other Ocean

We're happy to announce Project Winter will be leaving Early Access and launching into 1.0 on May 23rd, 2019! Check out our release trailer here!

Project Winter initially launched into early access on February 7th, 2019. The team took a look at the MASSIVE list of features we'd love to have in the game and organized them from absolutely necessary to "would be nice". The list as a whole could have kept the team busy for more than a year, maybe even two.

We decided early on that the last thing we would want is for this game to be perpetually in Early Access. The team had a clear vision for what the game was meant to be and we had a clear path to get there. The features we have decided that would make this game 1.0 was estimated at just under 3 months but of course the point of going into early access is to get feedback from the community! So we ended up a little late on our original estimate, but that was to ensure we were implementing the feedback as it came in.

We have had 4 major content updates and 2 major system overhaul/bug fixing updates since launch. We plan to have 3 more before 1.0 with a particular feature we've been working on for awhile coming in today :) .

Here is a brief overview of what has been added in the last 2.5 months:

Power Station

  • In place of the objective locator, we have now added a new objective system! The power station can be found on the main tile of the map; once discovered, players will need to work together to repair the power station which will restore power to the grid. Once restored, players can then move on to the escape vehicle and repair that to escape.
  • With the addition of the power station, we have also done an Objective UI overhaul to help with first-time user experience and clarity.

Truth Serum

  • Confirm if your fellow player is a friend or foe! Find the Professor's Lab and work together to activate the consoles, gain access to the serum, and reveal a player's true role as either a Survivor or Traitor.

Swapping Clothes

  • When a player interacts with a corpse they will now have the option to swap clothing.
  • Swapping clothes will only exchange the players' clothing and hair, the body type will stay the same.
  • After swapping clothes, the player will switch names with the corpse as well, and the player's role will be re-concealed to any player that had used a truth serum on them.

Mass Hysteria Global Event

  • We've added a new global event where all characters are transformed into bunnies so that nobody will be able to tell who is who. The event is accompanied by a special music track and a psychedelic screen effect. It lasts for 90 seconds.

Ghost Mode Overhaul

  • Teleport between living players, locate any traps that are placed, and switch between radio channels to hear the remaining players' conversations. Become a fly on the wall after you kick the bucket!

Survivor Airdrops

  • An emergency airdrop for the survivors! This airdrop will spawn when there are 2 survivors left in a game that started with 7-8 players or when there is 1 player left in games of 5-6 players. The survivor airdrop will contain repair supplies, survival supplies and guns to help the remaining survivor(s) reach their rescue point!

Console Overload

  • Traitors now have the option to overload a console instead of just helping the survivors use them. Once the consoles are overloaded they will emit a smoke PFX, and can't be used for 90 seconds. All of the connected consoles will be smoking so the traitor can't be immediately outed.

Server Browser

  • Join/Host a lobby
  • See open games that are looking for players
  • See games that are currently in progress
  • Easily switch regions
  • Set passwords for lobbies
  • Set language preference for lobbies
  • Kick/Ban players from your lobby

Hot Spring Overhaul

  • The hot springs can be activated to restore warmth or sabotaged to damage survivors.

And we still have a lot more work to do!

So what changes for Project Winter after 1.0 is released? Nothing really. The major change is that the team will be taking a bit of a breather and slow down on the release schedules. Up until 1.0, we have been doing major overhauls and adding brand new systems within a week then sending the builds to QA to test and bug fix for another week before release. This has been obviously quite stressful on the team and it has allowed bugs, exploits and unbalanced content to make its way into the game.

After 1.0, we will be selecting just one feature, completing it, iterating, and focus testing it to ensure it is not rushed and good for prime time. The future release schedule will likely be 3-4 weeks between feature updates.

If you are interested in the features we still have planned and wish to help us prioritize them you can check out this survey.

And as always, we want to hear any feedback and suggestions you might have so join us in our Discord to chat with us and meet new players!

See you in game!
Project Winter - Dibby

Happy Easter, Everyone!

To celebrate this Holiday, we're launching a special Easter event starting now and ending on April 30th.

Holiday Special features:
- An Easter Holiday crate, available during the event's duration only. This crate contains new items added specially for Easter.
- A brand new progression tree for players to unlock new items by completing specific objectives in the game. The tree is only available during the Easter event, but any items unlocked during this period will remain available for purchase.

General features:
- Global events are now randomized!
- General bug and stability fixes implemented.

We hope you enjoy!
Project Winter - Other Ocean

The fourth content update is now live! This update includes a feature we’re really excited about: Swapping clothes with a dead player! Players will now be able to change their appearance to disguise themselves as another player who has died. You’ll have to use your powers of deduction to figure out the truth. The rest of the content update includes:

Swapping Clothes
  • When a player interacts with a corpse they will now have the option to swap clothing.
  • Swapping clothes will only exchange the clothing and hair. Body type will not switch.
  • After swapping clothes the player will switch names with the corpse, and the players role will be re-concealed to any player that used a truth serum on them.

New Global Event
  • We’ve added a new global event, it will last for a short duration and will affect all players in game.

More bonus objectives
  • 21 new bonus objectives have been added. Don’t forget to check the cabin map to claim one!

Animal AI improvements
Animals now have collision.
Wolf AI improvements.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs! Please check out the entire build notes below:

  • Added swapping clothes with dead players
    • A corpse will now have the option to swap clothing when interacted with.
    • Swapping clothes will only swap the clothing and the hair, not the body type
    • After swapping clothes the player will switch names with the corpse
    • Roles will be re-concealed to any player that used a truth serum on them after swapping clothes

  • New Global Event!
    • Global events UI now works slightly differently for all events: warning notification displays a generic message and timer which counts down to the event starting, after which an event-specific icon is shown for the duration

  • Bonus objective additions & changes
    • 16 new survivor objectives added
    • 5 new traitor objectives added
    • Reward adjustments for existing objectives

  • Animal AI Improvements
    • Players can no longer walk through animals and will be pushed out of the way.
    • All wolves in a group will respond with aggression to the attacker.
    • WHen a wolf is aggressively chasing a target, the wolf will choose a new target if another player is closer than its original target

  • Added new shortcuts for inventory management
  • Players can now leave the escape vehicle after initiating takeoff
  • Fixed issue where game over could trigger while survivors are still alive
  • Fixed issue where escape pod was occasionally not interactable after it landed
  • Fixed various controller UI bugs
  • Improved aiming with controller
  • Fixed collisions with items that players are holding
  • Fixed issue where respawning resources would push players
  • Fixed various lobby UI bugs
  • Players should be unable to drop items while in an escape vehicle
  • Pressing esc while in a lobby should prompt to exit the lobby
  • Players should receive points for people who leave the game after escaping
  • Credits should end as soon as they are finished scrolling
  • The cursor lock setting should be set to true whenever the game is switched to fullscreen mode
  • Stat boost popup should be accurate
  • Bear trap hold time increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Bear trap damage reduced from 350 to 100
  • Power Station repair costs adjusted to 15/3/3
  • Increased time between exile voting from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Bolt action crafting cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • Semi auto rifle crafting cost increased from 2 to 3
  • Added 8 regular crates inside of truth serum laboratory
  • Removed initial cooldown on truth serum laboratory
  • “You Go First” achievement can no longer be unlocked by taking the escape pod
  • Animations for players on MVP screen will no longer be perfectly synced

Contest news! We have ranked all the traitor clips you guys have sent in and will be releasing the montage of the top 5 traitor clips tomorrow, Friday April 12th. We’d like to thank everyone who participated, make sure to check out the highlights to see some awesome betrayals!

Check out our discord ( for more updates, contests, sneak peaks, and to become a part of our amazing community!

- The Project Winter team
Project Winter - Other Ocean

The third content update is now live and it is filled with goodies! This update includes the new Truth Serum! The Truth Serum is used to reveal another player’s role as either a traitor or survivor, so use it wisely. Players will have to work together to unlock the professor's lab to get the serum inside. A second serum will be available after a certain amount of time, so you’ll have another chance to catch the traitor!

Power Station:
In place of the objective locator we have now added a new objective system! The power station can be found on the main tile of the map; once found, players will need to work together to repair the power station which will restore power to the grid. Once restored players can then move on to the escape vehicle and repair that to escape.
With the power station addition, we have also done an Objective UI overhaul to help with first-time user experience and clarity.

Truth Serum:
The Truth Serum is finally here! The serum can be found in the professor's lab; find the lab and work together to activate the consoles to gain access to the serum. The Truth Serum is used to reveal a player’s true role as either a Survivor or Traitor. The Lab can only be unlocked after the first 10 minutes of the game has passed. There are two truth serums per game with the second serum becoming active 5 minutes after the lab is opened.

Survivor Airdrop:
An emergency airdrop for the survivors! This airdrop will spawn when there are 2 survivors left in a game with 7-8 players, or will spawn when there is 1 player left in games of 5-6 players. The survivor airdrop will have repair supplies, survival supplies, and guns to help out the remaining survivors.

Drunk Effect:
If you drink too much Vodka in game, you’ll get drunk! We encourage you to try this out for yourself to see what the effect is.

Ghost Mode Overhaul Part 1:
We’ve added some changes to the Ghost mode to make being dead more enjoyable! Ghosts are now able to teleport between living players, and can also see any traps that are placed. Ghosts can also now switch between radios to hear the remaining player’s conversations. Collisions have also been tweaked for ghost mode. Stay tuned for Ghost Mode Part 2!

Game End prompt:
A prompt will now tell players when they die, the game ends, etc.

As always we also have a list of bugs that we have fixed! Please see the full build notes list below for more details.

  • Ability to teleport to other players when in ghost mode
    • Ability to teleport has a cooldown, HUD will let the players know when they can or cannot teleport
    • When a player is inside a structure they can't teleport
    • Ghosts will now have visibility of all traps
    • Ghosts can now swap between radio channels with the tab key to listen in (but not talk) to living players
  • Implementation of Power Station & changes to objectives
    • First objective is now always near the cabin
    • The cabin map now displays indicators for the objective locations
    • Objective locator has been removed
    • Objectives UI text is now identical for survivors and traitors
    • Exiling will now also prevent access to the first objective
    • First objective can be sabotaged 3 times, which will require survivors to gather more resources in order to repair (with the items needed for repair decreasing for subsequent sabotages)
    • The “activate beacon” contextual action is no longer available on the first objective
    • The “objective sabotaged” banner notification will no longer appear when a repaired survivor objective is sabotaged
    • Traitors will no longer have indicators on the edge of the screen pointing towards repaired objectives (unless the “activate beacon” action is used by a survivor on the second objective, in which case traitors will have an indicator pointing to the second objective)
  • Truth Serum implemented
    • Truth serum laboratory now spawns near the cabin
    • Lab becomes active after 10 minutes into a game
    • Consoles to open lab are spread far apart, all must be used at the same time to open the lab
    • Truth Serum item can be obtained from two crates in the lab, the first one is available when the lab is opened
    • A second truth serum crate becomes available inside the lab 5 minutes after the lab is opened
    • Timeline event listing the player who used the truth serum and the player who it was used on (and their respective roles)
  • Survivor Airdrop added
    • Survivors will receive an airdrop when there are very few of them left alive and enough time has passed in the round
  • Proximity Chat voice range decreased
  • Added game over message which indicates what condition triggered the game ending (all survivors escaped, all survivors died, or last escape departed) prior to the results screen appearing
  • Added drunk effect to vodka item, which blurs the screen and slightly offsets the player's movement direction by either 30 or -30 degrees every time vodka is consumed. This lasts for 10 seconds. Note that drinking while a previous effect is ongoing does not re-randomize the effect but rather extends the existing effect.
  • “Best” region in the lobby will now display the actual region the player is being connected to, ex. “Best [USA East]”
  • New cosmetic items added to reward drops
  • Localization updates
  • Added warning popup for post-processing setting change
  • Added first-time user popup for the cabin map the first time the user walks up to it
  • Added button sounds to the settings menu in a few places where they were missing
  • Fixed controller UI support and added extra support
  • Fixed "Click and Drag" Japanese text going off screen
  • Meat item should not instantly create blood puddles when swapped to
  • Downed survivors at the end of the match should now count as traitor kills
  • Energy drink tooltips should now display the correct values
  • Changed traitor contextual options to the new white credit icon where applicable
  • Cabin radio can no longer be sabotaged
  • Fixed issue where landmines wouldn't deal the correct amount of damage to the player that stepped on it
  • Fixed vanishing animals
  • Mouse prompt near cabin should now appear on top of the tree it's meant for
  • Adjusted position of campfire refuel prompt so that it no longer overlaps fire duration meter
  • Healing items should no longer heal stats of players when thrown at them
  • Join Game tooltip explaining why a lobby can't be joined should now only appear when the lobby is in fact unable to be joined
  • New flag viewpoints should show more of the world and follow the players rotation only when you enter them.
  • New aiming icon added making it easier to see on controller
  • Added a shine effect and bouncing animation on MVP screen
  • Changed recycle text to 'Choose items to recycle'
  • Changed ESC position from center to top left on crafting/cooking stations
  • Changed all survivor icons to the correct diamond logo
  • Traitor should no longer be prompted to sabotage a fulton that's already been sabotaged
  • Cursor lock should work on the main menu
  • Hitting ESC on the main menu will now bring up the quit prompt rather than the settings screen
  • Ghosts can no longer die by falling off a sabotaged bridge (they will be teleported back to the cabin)
  • Fix cases where player status could be listed as “none” on the results screen

Important contest news! We will be having a Traitor Highlights contest this weekend, to enter all you need to do is send in your funniest/best clips of betrayal to the #clips channel on Discord. The contest will run from NOW until April 1st 11:59 PM EST. We will be accepting only three clips from each participant, so make sure you send in only the best. We will not be accepting videos that exceed 30 seconds, and the clips need to be from the latest version of the game (so during the weekend of the contest). The top 5 traitor highlight clips will be featured in a video uploaded by the Project Winter team and all content creators will be credited. All participants who are chosen in the top 5 will receive 20,000 survivor points, with 40,000 awarded for the #1 clip. This contest will replace the MVP contest for now, we will update you on future contest news after the conclusion of this one.

Our next content update is scheduled for April 11th, our main focus is:
  • Holiday Progression and Crates
  • Swapping Clothes with Dead Players
  • A new Global Event
  • New Bonus objectives
  • A new Objective type with Animals
  • Animal AI Improvements
  • Steam Item Store Updates
That’s everything for this update! Don’t forget to join our discord {LINK REMOVED} to stay up to date on anything that is happening, contests, and the occasional sneak peak of things to come!

- Your friendly Neighbourhood Project Winter Team

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