Project Winter - (Jay Castello)

I m currently very happy that we ve escaped the clutches of winter (at least in the northern hemisphere), and I m generally untrusting of my friends who claim to like the colder months. They would, I m sure, be very good at the sneaky backstabbing in the blizzards of Project Winter, which launched this week. Here s the launch trailer, showing off the subtle approaches you might like to take to murder your fellow campers, like bear or landmine.


Project Winter - (Matt Cox)

In this winter of our discontent, one question burns brighter than any other. Has Harry poisoned the tea?

That’s the kind of question I hope to be asking in Project Winter, an upcoming multiplayer social survival game where some players play traitors to a gang of stranded survivors. It’s billed to enter early access in early 2019, and has already set my mind a-scheming.



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