Product Update - Valve
Patch Notes: 31/07/13

- Crash fixes in paint booth.
- Crash fix on booting the game.
- Crash fix on host losing connection in a lobby.

- AI will give the player more space to race.
- When the player makes contact with the AI, the AI will get loose.
- General speed improvements, especially on road courses.

Product Update - Valve
- 3 new highlights packages. Daytona, Kentucky and New Hampshire.
- Player name now appears on windscreen of career car.

- Paint booth interface.
- Fuel and Tyre wear can now be set independently.
- Laps led added to results screen.
- Ghosting of cars now takes into consideration distance from player.
- Voice chat now has a default key assigned.
- High Texture quality now only gives the player high resolution liveries, Ultra gives all cars high resolution liveries.
- Audio mix for speech changed.

- Changes to sponsors that require consecutive wins.
- Tutorial fix to use 2013 cars.
- Invalid lap time penalties on Sonoma.
- Tyre blowouts have an increased detrimental effect to handling.
- Pitstop repairs now actually repair.
- Headlight and taillight numbers fixed across all texture qualities.
- Able to join a multiplayer game from an invite before pressing start.

- CSR wheel and CSPv2 pedals working.
- Allow gears to be assigned, allowing separate shifters to be used.
- Fix for Microsoft Sidewinder FFB causing a drop in frame rate.

- AI balancing across all tracks.
- Fix for AI weakening as a race progresses.

- Improved the collisions in the caution replays.

- Fixed occasional crash on returning to race shop.
- Fixed specific crash on swapping controllers and reassigning buttons.
- Fix for game crashing after press start screen.
- Crash fix for the vinyl shop.
- Fix for crash in online lobby related to custom liveries.
- Fix for crash in cautions.
- Fix for crash when exiting the game.
- Misc crash fixes

Product Update - Valve
Patch Notes:

- Fixed crash in sound and renderer.
- Several community related issues fixed.
- Black flag for speeding in pit lane.

- Updated and added more controller types, including bodnar cables.

- Speed increases for Non-plate tracks.
- Draft improvements for plate tracks.
- Improved brake checking.

- Updates to surging at the start line.
- Ghosting of cars due to packet loss.

- Visual damage turned back on

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