Community Announcements - Queso2469
We're streaming live gameplay over at
Community Announcements - Keyvias
We're going to be at Video Gamers United Con this saturday and sunday, August 16th and 17th. Check out the event at
We'll have a booth and host a challenge with players live at show!

We'll also be hanging out at PAX Prime at our secret lair (our hotel room.)
We'll announce the room we're staying in later so you guys can come meet up with us and see all the work that's been happening on Co-Op mode.
There will also be a Pax LAN tournament at PAX Prime Sunday.

We'll see you guys there!
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Jacksepticeye, Lordminion777, Muyskerm, and Ohmwrecker - The Masked Gamer are back in their final battles against the devs! Enjoy their aerial exploits as the struggle for dominance continues!
Join their clan Ytub today and be a part of their lasting mark on Icarus.
Community Announcements - Keyvias

Ohmwrecker, Jacksepticeye, Lordminion777, and Muyskerm, representing Ytub, took on the devs and community allstars in some amazing videos! You should check them out right now!
Aug 5, 2014
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Swallow, our resident expert video updater, has created a new video for 1.3.7. Enjoy his lovely voice as he tells you why you should be excited about 1.3.7!
Community Announcements - jerry
Features & Contents: 19
Bug Fixes: 70

- Clan list improvements: added search functionality, additional ranking schemes, and clan member titles
- Added new ship themes: Valentine’s Day and The Fortress
- Added new figureheads: Totec, Sylph, and Chrysomallus
- Added 2 new Japanese voices for voice commands
- Basic Tutorial Improvements - added goals, mini-missions, and focused on critical gameplay knowledge
- Added additional antialiasing option, FXAA. Faster on most hardware and fixes a number of glitchy cases
- Added 3rd-person animation for looking through the spyglass
- Added distinctive costume for AI crewmembers
- Chat command improvements:
- Commands now listed by typing “/help”
- Can now send PMs to players with spaces in their name by doing /w "player name"
- /pm now functions the same as /w
- /team now lets you switch to team channel
- Chat channel commands (/r /w /c) no longer case sensitive.
- Added confirmation for reporters and reported players.
- Added confirmation to all “Exit Game” buttons
- Automatically retry login from the “Login Failed” screen
- Added indicator to main-screen Progression button for unclaimed prizes
- Added descriptions to badges
- Changed labeling of customization buttons for clarity
- Manual added to Steam store page
- Use on screen tutorial tips to inform players what they should be shooting at.
- Added more direct support link in “Need Help?” section in game footer
- Clicking on version number in footer now opens Release Notes (in a browser window)
- Flight of the Icarus code update and fixes

- Fixed: no achievement progress for fully repairing a buffed hull
- Fixed 'Yesterday, tomorrow' achievement not confirming kills by crew members
- Fixed: first fire stack deals more damage than intended
- Fixed: raycast weapons might not apply skill modifiers on their last shot in a clip
- Fixed: Holding down the mouse button buffs/rebuilds slower than clicking rapidly
- Fixed: Tar Barrel clouds not affected by wind
- Fixed: Crew members do not show up victory screen when their ship is distant or in a cloud
- Fixed: Signal volume slider not working
- Mine balloon hitbox matches visuals now
- Extended ship walkable volumes a bit to prevent cases of fading out while still on the ship
- Fixed: a case where you could be “respawned” while using a gun
- Fixed: Effects leaks from match to match
- Fixed: Fire fighting tools' fail sound effect is inaudible in third person
- Fixed: Hitting reload on a weapon with non-standard ammo and no shots fired reloads regular ammo with modified clip size.
- Adjusted gun hitboxes
- Fixed: AI ignores 'captain target' command
- Fixed: Rare PhysX crash on ship death
- Fixed: Destruction logs in tutorials mention the wrong ship
- Fixed: Heavy flak reload animation issue
- Fixed: tools twitch if you switched while the previous one's 'use' animation is still playing
- Fixed: Next and previous crew spectating was not able to switch to the 4th crew member of a ship.
-Fixed: Certain weapons gunfire sounds missing for spectators
- Fixed: achievements bugged with 100% hull health required (Not a Scratch, Untouchable, Unscathed)

- Fixed: some UI sounds not affected by SFX volume slider
- Fixed: choosing a dye in the ship customizer reset team color
- Fixed: text could overflow container in clan quotes and messages
- Fixed: erroneous “connection failed” message when moving into a game
- Fixed: Swapping slots from captain to crew leaves a Ready button on the screen
- Fixed: Captain’s Priority marker doesn’t disappear when the target is destroyed
- Fixed: Ship cosmetics not showing up in prematch preview
- Fixed: Chat doesn’t minimize when entering clan page from a player’s profile
- Fixed: If chat is disabled in spectator getting to the menu and back will show up the chat help
- Fixed: UI breaks when trying to respond to a PM on a screen where chat is disabled
- Swapped positions of “Cancel” and “Submit” buttons on the Report page for consistency
- Updated facebook link
- Fixed: decal vs logo naming inconsistency
- Fixed: Match end reports stuck on screen
- Fixed: Sandbox vs Practice naming inconsistencies
- Support/website link on login fail screen now clickable
- Fixed: Button labeling and clicking consistencies
- Fixed: When receiving a notification at loading screen only the close button 'X' is visible
- Tooltips updated
- Swapped positions of ‘Cancel’ and ‘Accept’ buttons on resolution change confirmation screen.
- Fixed: Using slot swap to switch from a captain to crew leaves the ready button on screen.
- Fixed: Redeemable prizes list doesn't update after redeeming
- Fixed: Typo in achievement 'Stalling for Time' description
- Fixed: Issue with badge display in Profile
- Fixed: Flickering at the bottom of skills icons in skills selection screen
- Fixed: Compass signs overlapping captain commands
- Fixed: player quote not refreshing when not saving the changes
- Button label changed to ‘Cancel’ and ‘Save Changes’ in customization menus
- Fixed: no sound effect when clicking on certain menu items
- Fixed: Global chat visible while transitioning from victory screen to lobby
- Fixed: UI breaks when trying to connect to a private lobby while at the community menu
- Fixed: Wrong display mode shown if you cancel the change at confirmation

- Fixed: Silhouette created by flares disappears when zoomed in with spyglass/scope
- Fixed: Fog artifacts on the edges of distant objects
- Fixed: Clouds “pulsating” on some maps (when postprocess effects enabled)
- Fixed: Effects left behind on the seats of heavy guns
- Fixed: Map edge effects triggering in certain spots in the middle of Battle on the Dunes
- Fixed: Flickering artifacts on certain meshes in Battle on the Dunes
- Fixed: Rope clipping inconsistencies
- Fixed: Ship dyes do not take ship LODs into account
- Fixed: LOD only baking half of the textures
- Fixed: Fadeout spots around the edges of ships
- Fixed: Camera shakes in menu while spectating and locked on a ship being attacked.
- Fixed: Rope clipping through gun on Spire
- Fixed: Hole under left stairs on Galleon
- Fixed: Ship decoration flags disappearing when looking at them from a certain angle
- Fixed: adding themes to Mobula removes flags on the ropes

- Updated novice loadouts based on community feedback
- Tar Barrel is now click-to-activate on a 3-second cooldown
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Happy 4th of July everyone! Fireworks will be in the game all weekend so everyone can enjoy the festivities. Go forth and fill the sky with bright lights and twisted debris.
Community Announcements - jerry
Patched on 2014/6/12, your game client version should be 1.3.6 (427)

- Fixed fires creating too many light sources (should be a major performance improvement on low-end machines in particular)
- Fires emit fewer particles when Light Quality is set to Low
- Fixed some text issues/typos in tutorials
- Fixed a bug that could cause the game client to crash in certain terrain collision situations on Linux
- Fixed a bug that caused broken UI when accepting a match invitation while already in a pregame lobby
- Fixed a bug that could cause balloon decals to appear “deflated” on respawn
- Fixed a shader bug that caused decals to sometimes be visible through clouds
- Fixed a shader bug that caused the Royal theme to sometimes be visible through clouds
- Fixed a shader bug that could cause nearby clouds to fade away when viewed through the Spyglass (or high-zoom guns)
- Shadow options are no longer reset by entering the ship preview screen in any of its forms (customizer, store, lobby preview)
- Fixed a bug that could cause the Sandbox command UI to appear instead of the game type’s UI

- Fixed: crew formation considering almost all matches ineligible (and either not showing them or creating a new one, depending on if you pressed Match List or Quick Join)
- Fixed: crew formations showing up in the match list
- Fixed a bug that allowed non-novice loadouts to be used in novice matches
- Fixed some bugs with clans and persistence that could cause lost data

Server Stability
- Practice and Tutorial matches now start in a selected server region, defaulting to the one with lowest ping (formerly they always started on US servers)
- Fixes to several cases where servers might not create or clean up matches correctly (contributing to general load issues)

- Fixed a networking prioritization issue that could cause certain messages (notably hit events and "snap character to position" events) to be lost or delayed for long periods of time.
- Fixed a networking bug that could cause all position updates to be lost for several seconds at a time under loaded network conditions
- A number of small improvements to networking stability and bandwidth usage
- Fixed a networking bug that could cause significant traffic spikes for a period of time after respawning

The networking fixes in particular should cover a number of strange bugs: "lag spikes", "missing hit markers", "falling through ship/map", "ships freezing and then catching up", etc. While we can't guarantee perfect results in the face of the vagaries of the Internet, it should be greatly improved over the original 1.3.6.
Community Announcements - jerry
Server will shut down at 6/12 6AM EDT / 10AM UTC for 3 hours for a patch. Will be up in 3 hours.
Community Announcements - Keyvias
We wanted to reach out and let everyone know what has been happening recently with some server and lag issues.
There are three issues and we wanted to let you know exactly what we're experiencing and how that affects what you're experiencing.

The first and most drastic was our server hosting situation. For the past two weekends Softlayer, the hosting company that we use, have experienced outbursts that have caused issues (such as game drops and disconnects, slow time, games not starting) that have ruined complete matches. These issues were one off issues and they did not persist. Once we discovered them, we've been taking them offline and getting our hosting company to fix them asap. While we do not directly control these servers, we deeply apologize and we are talking to the hosting company demanding better for you, our players.

The second is a scattering of bugs from hit markers not appearing to teleporting or not respawning while falling off the ship. These are bugs on our end and we are 100% focused on squashing these asap.

The third is a fps drop caused by flamethrowers. As flamethrowers became more in use after the last update, the fps drops caused by flamethrowers were more glaring. This is something we've seen crop up and know many players have experienced. We want to make sure you know this is something we are looking to optimize so our players do not suffer from avoidable fps drops.

We deeply apologize that many players' first experiences of Guns of Icarus had to be marred by these issues and apologize to our vets who wanted a simple and fun weekend of dirigible demolition.

As always we will do our best to give you the best game experience possible and if we fail that we will be as open and honest about the reason why. Also, we want to do something about the trouble we've caused. So for every player who signs into Guns of Icarus before next Monday will receive a free Revolutionary costume, both male and female. If you already bought the revolutionary costume, please send an email to and request any other item we sell in the store.

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