A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
Just posted this, feel free to ask any questions about

- creating indie games
- creating animated movies (Dreamworks Animation: Shrek 2, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, etc.) I was an effects developer. 1/2 dev 1/2 art :)
- creating AAA games (Rainbow Studios: ATV Offroad Fury 2, Splashdown)
- being Indie Funded
- being Humbly Bundled (HIB 9)
- being in the Indie Megabooth (PAX)
- Working with your wife on your first game while having a child
- Making silly puppet videos about the game industry

Go here:

- Tim (AVNT creator guy)
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
Hey guys, Tim Keenan (AVNT creator guy). I figured on this weeks live stream I'd answer any questions people might have. So fire em at me during the chat here:

or tweet them at me here:

Dec 19, 2013
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
TOM is trying to spread some cheer (and, of course, destruction):

Spread the word, and I hope you all have a happy/safe holiday. In the new year we hope to get AVNT out on PS Vita, and announce our next title, which we'll probably need you're help to make!

-Tim Keenan (AVNT creator guy)
Nov 22, 2013
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
If any of you have been wondering what our 2nd title is going to be, please help us decide! GO HERE and vote for any of our prototypes that you'd be willing to Kickstart (sadly we don't have enough $ to self fund a second title).

On that site is a video to pitch you our 3 prototypes in 40 seconds each. We're just trying to get a gauge on which games you're interested in so please take a few minutes to go vote (if you wanna discuss you can leave comments below). The possible Kickstarter won't be for a few months as we prep for it.

I apologize that this isn't exactly AVNT related but thought you guys would want to be involved in what's next. We're finishing up our port to PS Vita and hope to have it out in early 2014 :)
Oct 31, 2013
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
What's Halloween without a virus dressed as a vampire... named TOM? Crap we say!

Snag your favorite Halloween Avatar HERE !

And happy Halloween!

-Tim & Holly
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
I just wanted to more formally thank LUMP and wojtek858 for submitting the amazing two winning AVNT Steam cards of General Mayhem (card) and Globotron (card)

Thanks also goes to all the amazing submissions from the rest of the amazing AVNT community, and to all those who voted. You guys rock, and inspire us to keep trying to eek out a living making indie games, and for that we sincerely thank you.
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
The title pretty much says it :)
  • The A Virus Name TOM Steam Cards are now live!
  • A Virus Named TOM is now 50% for a week to celebrate our Mac/Linux launch :)
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
So we need to know which community submitted steam card to add to our set! Head over to our ARTWORK PAGE and upvote any that you like (please look at all 16)!

Thanks so much to all those who submitted!
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
For the prettier post go HERE

One year ago today (August 1st 2012) A Virus Named TOM was let out into the world. It's been a crazy year, and to celebrate, A Virus Named TOM is 75% off for the next 48 hours on both our site and our Steam store page!

STEAM CARD CONTEST: (1 week: August 1-8)

So fans have been asking us when in the heck we're gonna get our AVNT Steam Cards out already. Well help us out then! We're reserving a Steam Card for you :) Simply create an image (1920x1080), post it on our Steam Group art page, tweet it to us, FB message us, let us have it! We'll then hold a vote and the favorite will become an official AVNT Steam Card. Not an artist, or simply need some art assets to work with? Here, have a bunch: ZIP FILE (only to be used for fan art, please do not steal my wife & friends hard work).

Go to the blog post for an example AVNT Steam Card, and a peek at the art assets you can download.
A Virus Named TOM - Misfits Attic
Hey guys,
Sorry for the long radio silence, we've been toiling away. We're still porting AVNT to PS Vita and we've added Mac & Linux to the list. We're also working on 3 new PROTOTYPES to figure out what our next title will be.

For more info, here's the NEWSLETTER we sent out recently (note: gift links wont work if you're not a 'Misfit'). If you wanna sign up for future ones go HERE.

Lemme know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!

-Tim Keenan (creator guy)

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