Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
'Tis better to give than receive... a virus. It's starting to snow in the City of Tomorrow and anit-virus drones are looking more like Frosty the snowman. Hydrators are spiting out Christmas cookies and you can even hear bells jingling in the air.

But what about TOM? Even viruses need some Yuletide joy... Help over-decorate TOM, make him look like the Holidays threw up all over him by finding holiday spirit hidden throughout the circuitry of Dr X's inventions. They'll be a new clue each day and the first to send an image of TOM completely decorated will get to decorate themselves with TOM (read: schwag)!

This is our holiday gift to everyone in the 'A Virus Named TOM' community! Thanks for making a great 2012! Available free (should auto update your copy... A Virus Named TOM: Winter Wonderland)


Hurry over to the HINTS PAGE to start finding TOM's holiday cheer :)

Happy Holidays!
-- Tim & Holly (creator couple)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
Go HERE, grab an avatar and friend us HERE so we can see :)

Thank you so much to the 20+ entries. For more details check out the contest & entries HERE!

And stay tuned for Holiday DLC next week!
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
We've got over 20 amazingly decorated TOMs from you guys, and now we have to pick which ones we use, vote HERE!
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
CLICK HERE for full, pretty version.

Well it's holiday time, and we're getting ready to launch our holiday DLC! The only problem is that TOM is still rockin his Movember mustache in December...

We need your help. We want to replace all the avatar images of TOM with holiday ones, but can't decide how.

Below are our current four steam avatars (w/transparent BG's). Take them, and infect them with holiday cheer! Then send them back to us and we'll put them up for a vote. The top four will not only be our Steam avatars for the holidays, but the mad scientists that created them will get a holiday gift: their pick from any item of schwag on our cafe press store.

How to submit?
The Deadline is midnight Monday December 10th, so get decorating!

We'll post the avatars as they come in :)

CLICK HERE for the images of TOM to decorate.

Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
CLICK HERE for the prettier version (with cool AVNT Big Picture image)

It takes 2 to spread a virus... 2-4 that is. With Steam Big Picture launching today A Virus Named TOM is a whopping 75% off. Why so much? To celebrate being played the way it was intended: with friends of questionable morals over for a couch co-op session, causing mayhem throughout the City of Tomorrow!

But don't get the wrong impression. While it is cooperative, we mean that in the loosest sense possible. Sure you need to work together to infect the city, but no one said you couldn't get achievements for killing your teammates, or that you shouldn't rub it in their face when the results screen shows you solved most of the puzzle or took out the most drones, while they acted like some scared little email virus.

Doubt our cooperative nougaty center? See what reviewers had to say about it:

"...the best feature of the game is its cooperative gameplay – which should say something considering the magnificence of the single-player game."

“The most addictive co-op game we’ve played since Portal 2.”

"Failing a puzzle in single-player mode is upsetting, but when you can blame at least half of the loss on another person (preferably one whom you care about deeply), it's much more enjoyable."
- Joystiq

"Getting angry at a friend because he doesn’t see the solution as clearly as you is always fun and allows for some really entertaining moments."
- GamesRetrospect

"While playing through the co-op levels with a friend, I couldn’t help but think about Portal 2’s co-op experience...If you’re looking for an engaging puzzler this one is a no-brainer, but if you’ve got a friend you can play co-op locally, it is a must buy"
- Internet Freaks

“Friendships will be destroyed, but I’m sure that’s all part of Dr. X’s diabolical plan.”
- TruePCGaming

even more reviews HERE

The heads of robot dogs will fill the streets, teleporters shall send different body parts to different zip codes, Muahahahaha!
Nov 30, 2012
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
We just updated the A Virus Named TOM demo to show off more mechanics. If you haven't played AVNT, give the demo a try and let us know what you think!
Nov 26, 2012
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
TOM's finally getting into Movember! He's only 4 months old, takes a while to grow a mustache. Grab the Steam Avatar here:
Community Announcements - TK
We're putting A Virus Named TOM on sale for 50% off during the Autumn Sale so please help us get the word out!

It will also be on sale at our website where you get a Stand-alone version as well as a Steam Key (note: hasn't updated yet at the time of post)

Thanks :)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
A Virus Named TOM 50% off today: $5!! It's the Steam Daily Deal :D
Please help us spread the word!

Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
Happy Halloween! Holly made some spooky TOM Steam avatars just for the occasion but they'll only be up for today!

Also, tomorrow is our 3 month anniversary! So we may be celebrating with a really great deal...

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