Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
With <a href="">250+ votes</a> saying they'll support a kickstarter, I'd say it's time to start planning a campaign :)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
A lot has been going on in the world of A Virus Named TOM, and we wanted to update you, and most importantly get some input!

<a href="">VOTE HERE</a> to let us know what features you'd like added to A Virus Named TOM. We're going to try kickstarting to add networking, level editor, or both! Please vote for features you'd be willing to help us kickstart.

Check out our <a href="">PAX PRIME 2012 PHOTO ALBUM</a>! We went to our first PAX, and had our first booth in the <a href="">INDIE MEGABOOTH</a> :) Thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hi. One pre-order-er even won a PSVita at our raffle, muahahahaha :) We also posted several of the interviews that Holly and I gave on our <a href="">FACEBOOK PAGE</a> (G4, Co-optimus, Indie Game Magazine, and Indie Game Reviewer).

For those interested in the process of making AVNT, I wrote an article about the adding co-op to the game that got picked up by <a href="">CO-OPTIMUS</a> and <a href="">GAMASUTRA</a>. I'm also currently doing more in-depth interviews and we plan on doing some AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with various members of the team (art, audio, development) on <a href="">REDDIT </a>soon.

As always, stay up to date with us on <a href="">FACEBOOK</a>and <a href="">TWITTER </a>and the like :)
Thanks for all your support!

-Tim Keenan (creator guy)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
Wow, over 400 members! Thanks for joining us here and please let us know if there's something you'd like us to do in the group! It's our first Steam group so give us ideas.

Lots coming:

- We're going to be at PAX Prime (Seattle, WA Aug 31-Sep 2), both Holly and I will be showing off AVNT so if you're going please stop by our booth (#876 I think), more details to come.

- We're putting the soundtrack up on BandCamp as we speak, for those that have asked for friends that want the soundtrack but are not gamers. I'll post a link soon.

- I'm going to make a poll soon asking what updates you guys would want in the game if we kickstarted for some help adding them. Networking, level editor, and mac/linux ports will be on the list. Please comment if you think something else should be on the list.

- We've been getting lots of great reviews! I've been making a <a href=""> LIST </a>of them all with scores & links if you want to take a peek.

- I just wrote an article on about adding co-op to AVNT, if you're curious you can check it out <a href="">HERE</a>

Thanks again for making this community awesome!

-Tim Keenan (creator guy)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
We Launched! WOAH! 25% for a week, tell your friends :)

Thanks for being a part of our group! If you pre-ordered, thank you SO MUCH for helping us. As a small thank you you'll find an email explaining that your Humble Store download page has a free soundtrack on it. We could not have done it without you!

Let us know what you think, and if there's anything you guys want us to do for the group :)

-Tim Keenan (very happy creator guy)
Jul 24, 2012
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
You can see it on <a href="">YOUTUBE</a> or on our <a href="">WEBSITE</a>. Basically a 'reboot' of our alpha trailer cuz that's what Hollywood tells me is cool.

Let us know what you think, little over a week till launch :)

-Tim Keenan (creator guy)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
Due to our mess up (the latest update caused the game to switch to the "demo" version by accident... though you can find a patch <a href="">HERE</a>) we're extending the deadline for the High Scores Contest 2 days to Tuesday July 24th at midnight!

Remember to send us links to your videos, either on the AVNT forum or send to

Thanks, and sorry for the update mix up.
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
The Bad:
We apologize, the latest update that just went out got mixed up with the demo build and it's unlikely that Valve techs will be back till Monday :\

The not so bad:
We have a patch till then. Please see the <a href="">FORUM POST</a> for more details.

Sorry again!
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
There's three days left on the high score contest and I've posted some of the videos you guys have been sending in <a href="">HERE</a>. Also check the forum <a href="">POST</a> for the latest!
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
A Virus Named TOM launches August 1st!!

Beta Update video <a href=""> HERE </a>

High Score Contest details on the <a href=""> BLOG</a> or steam <a href="">FORUM</a>

For the contest,

Get the Highest score on the Steam leaderboards by MIDNIGHT (PT) Sunday August 22nd. Please send links to videos to with the subject "High Score Contest". Below are the levels and rules, good luck!

Single Player:


- Tim Keenan (creator guy)
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
First I wanted to say thanks to everyone that cares enough about A Virus Named TOM to be in our group, and extra thanks to all who have <a href="">pre-ordered </a>! Holly and I check this group all the time to see how many members we have, 300! :D

Second, we've got a new update video coming and it'll launch a High Score Contest to get you name baked into the games leaderboards. I'm hoping for Monday, but if you want a sneak peak at what's new the new Steam beta just might already be uploaded ;)
- Achievements
- Area 6
- New shortcut (controls)
- Better Vs Battle presets
- Crash fixes and less memory usage

Thanks again!
- Tim Keenan (creator guy)

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