Community Announcements - Devgamer
Want to save the cores on your tabletop? Now's your chance!
Community Announcements - Devgamer

Come hang out with the developers of the board game and of the Defense Grid series!
Community Announcements - Nerdmaid
Hidden Path Entertainment released an update to Defense Grid 2 that adds the ability to play with classic scoring. To celebrate this addition Defense Grid: The Awakening and DLC will be on sale starting today, March 26, for 10 days. Now is the ideal time to perfect your tower placing skills. Protect the cores!
Community Announcements - pobst
Go to and it will direct you to a Kickstarter event underway where we're raising money for more Defense Grid content. We have special pledge rewards and all sorts of ideas for new Defense Grid material up to and including a full design for a sequel DG2! Come join us and help us make Defense Grid 2 a reality!
Community Announcements - pobst
Pre-order Defense Grid: The Awakening Today.

Also, join in on this group and make it easy to compare your stats and achievements to others in this group.

See you on the leaderboards!

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