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Development on a sequel to splendid tower defense Defense Grid: The Awakening will indeed go ahead, Hidden Path Entertainment has announced. The developer tried to crowdfund Defense Grid 2 last summer and fell short, but has now landed an investor to shake out their pockets in its eager hands.

Along with new enemies and levels and all that sequel jazz, DG2 will introduce cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes along with support for user-created content.

Though last summer's Kickstarter was billed as funding Defense Grid 2, in reality the $250,000 goal was only to make the latest DLC pack, Containment. The sequel was a stretch goal for $1,000,000 but the campaign only raised $271,726 in cash money. Crucially though, it also raised the game's profile.

"Through the DG2 Kickstarter campaign we were able to not only raise money and make more Defense Grid content, but we created a shared engagement around the project with thousands of backers for several months," Hidden Path CEO Jeff Pobst explained in yesterday's announcement.

"The excitement, involvement, and passion that the community displayed around Defense Grid directly helped us engage an investment partner and make DG2 a reality."

Defense Grid 2 is slated to launch on PC, Mac, and Linux in the first half of 2014.

To celebrate, Defense Grid and some of its DLC are 75% off on Steam this weekend.

Shacknews - Alice O'Connor

Defense Grid: The Awakening developer Hidden Path may have fell short of its Kickstarter dream of funding a sequel to the tower defense, but it did raise enough money to make new DLC. That expansion, Containment, is out now on PC for $4.99, bringing eight new maps with a new story, including voicework from Firefly’s Alan Tudyk.

Containment is available now from Steam. To celebrate the launch, the base game is 50% off, down to $4.99, and all the other DLC is 25% off.

Hidden Path hasn't given up on Defense Grid 2 even thought the Kickstarter fell short of that stretch goal, mind. "We're still working to close the funding gap between what we have and what we need in order to make that game, but we'll keep you updated as we work to make that game a reality," the dev said in a recent blog post.

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The Indie Royale just keeps on rolling, and now an "April Fools" bundle has launched. As usual, it packs five indie gems together on the cheap, with a musical bonus for paying a little more than the minimum. Of course, given that it's themed after a holiday of deceit, you might open up your bundle only to get a pie in the face.

This particular pack grants you the tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening, 2D platformer Explodemon, shooters Alien Zombie Megadeath and Astro Tripper, and dungeon crawler Hack, Slash, Loot. Defense Grid also packs in the Resurgence Map Packs 1-4.

If you pay more than the minimum, currently standing at around $4.50, you'll also get chip-tune album Rock: Deluxe Edition from Sexy Synthesizer. The bundle will last about another five days, after which you'll never be able to buy an Indie Royale Bundle again as long as you live. Or for three weeks, when the Spring Bundle launches. Whichever comes first.

Shacknews - Steve Watts

Defense Grid: The Awakening is getting its first story expansion next week, December 7. Titled "Defense Grid: You Monster," the downloadable content will feature GLaDOS from the Portal series. It will cost $4.99 on Steam or 400 MSP on Xbox 360, and requires the original game to play.

The expansion consists of eight new levels and 35 challenge missions, facing off against both aliens and GLaDOS' tests. Hidden Path claims it packs new achievements and a whopping 15 hours of playtime. Plus, the studio released the free Community Challenge update today, with improved UI, more than 30 new challenge missions, and five new game modes.

Defense Grid has intersected with the world of Portal before, as it was one of the first indie games to catch attention as part of Valve's Potato Sack ARG. This eventually led to intrepid fans unlocking Portal 2 a few hours early.

Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
Defense Grid developer Hidden Path has announced an "expansion" titled 'Resurgence' for its PC and Xbox 360 tower defense, to be released in June as four 99¢ map packs.

Each 99¢ (80 Microsoft Points) pack contains two "highly polished and balanced" new levels with a campaign mode, four challenge modes and new achievements. The first pack will be released on June 2, with the other three following weekly on Wednesdays.

The first two maps, 'Height of Confusion' and 'Service Interruption.'

If you haven't already given Defense Grid a whirl, you can nab the 237MB PC demo from FileShack or download the Xbox 360 demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Level descriptions and the complete Resurgence release schedule follow below.

Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 1 - June 2, 2010Service Interruption and Height of ConfusionTwo new challenging Defense Grid environments are the

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