IronWolf VR - Phil

IronWolf VR is now out of beta, thank you to all those who tested and provided feedback during the beta. The following changes from beta have been made:

- Display message when the game is not correctly launched from Steam
- Fix cloud height in the periscope
- Fixed minor bug in tutorial

More details on the full release can be found in our previous post
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - OwlcatBK

Dear Pathfinders,

Pathfinder: Kingmaker was made possible thanks to the help and support of our community and our backers on Kickstarter. Over the past year, we have shared stories and updates about the game's characters, as well as a closer look at the core mechanics, visual effects and many other behind the scenes details about our game and the people working on it.

Our community has grown considerably since our Kickstarter days. Not everyone who knows about Pathfinder: Kingmaker today was around during our crowdfunding stage. We are happy to welcome a lot of new members in our community, who have missed our early updates. And that's why we'll be posting retrospective updates over the coming days, which will give everyone a chance to catch up on what has been revealed about the game thus far.

In our first retrospective update we're giving you the opportunity to get a closer look at ten of the companions, who will join you on your quest to conquer the Stolen Lands. They are:
Valerie, the Brevic fighter
Ekundayo, the grim ranger
Jubilost Narthropple, a humble servant to no one
Octavia, the gleeful half-elf with a talent for magic and sleight of hand
Regongar, the meanest magus on this side of the Inner Sea
Amiri, the iconic barbarian
Harrim, the brooding cleric of Groetus
Tristian, favorite of the Everlight
Linzi, your personal chronicler
Nok-Nok, the goblin companion, who started out as a stretchgoal

Keep your eyes peeled for more retrospective updates in the coming days!

Hail to the Kings!
World of Warships - Ryuu

In our previous How it Works episode, we told you about HE shells and the way they deal damage to ships and their modules. Now it's time to talk about the main reason behind HE shells’ popularity—their ability to start fires. Learn how the chance of fire is calculated from the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!

If you haven't watched the previous episodes yet, you definitely should! There are only five of them, but they can considerably improve your skills! Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for a new How it Works episode in two weeks!

See other episodes
Neverliria - SmartHart Games

If you are looking for more interesting materials about Neverliria - check out our development diaries , where you can find exclusive concept arts, gifs and screenshots from the alpha footage.
War Tech Fighters - manliogreco
Hello Defenders of Hebos!

Just a note to point out that to mantain the Early Access Special Contents unlocked (The Mantis, The Fury and The Reaper unique sets) you just need to have launched the game at least once before the game leaves Early Access the 25th of July.

Thank you all again from Drakkar Dev for your support!
Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon - stelios_vitzi
Version 1.6.7

Nothing is ever boring in the riotous west. Enjoy our wild new features!

  • Fixed a bug which caused Daily Login Streak to be inactive until you claimed it after the 30th day
  • Reset Pop-up now shows the correct number of Patent Cards that you’re going to receive before Going West

We hope you’re having fun playing Wild West Saga!
Warface - Pask_CM_Warface


The game will soon feature a new version of the map you have known for a long time, that is – the “Factory” map for “Plant the Bomb” mode. The visuals and the lighting will be significantly improved, but key objects will remain at the same places. So, if you know the map, you’ll quickly get used to its new version.

We remind you that “Factory” is an industrial zone. The map has a lot of long zones that can be controlled by snipers, as well as a couple of places for close quarters combat.

Naturally, the ultimate objective remains the same. Defending teams should prepare for the attack and prevent the demolition of the plant sites by either destroying the enemy or defusing the bomb.

The attackers have to destroy strategic objects on the enemy territory by infiltrating the object from the Eastern side and planting the bomb in one of the key spots.

How do you like the reworked map, soldiers?

Please note that all the information here is preliminary and is subject to testing. It may change during or after the test process.

Discuss on Discord
Discuss on Facebook
Heroes & Generals - Reto.McFly
Following the new skirmish map we added in the major Update 1.11 – ‘Skirmish at Khutor’, we also have a number of other updates and upgrades that we wanted to get in to your hands as fast as possible.

So here is the minor Update 1.11.1

Player requested UI-updates
We have taken a look at how generals in Heroes & Generals interact with the war map, battles and interface – and how they manage their assault teams. All to provide you with a better overview, better resource management and better gameplay experience.

In addition to reworkings of the interface of assault team management, Update 1.11.1 also features a bunch of community requested quality of life improvements that were brought to our attention when we put the first iteration of the UI changes on the prototype server. Thank you for your feedback.

Read more the details in this news post

New payment options

In this update we are adding support for PaySafeCard as well as direct support for Australian Dollars (AUD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). And prepared support for AliPay and Qiwi to be activated in the near future. As a sidenote we updated the icons for all payment options.

We are of course also still working on the Mission Critical Projects, as well as other maps, projects and features outlined in the Development Overview.


For a full detailed view of the features and changes in the 1.11.1 update please take a look at the changelog at the bottom of this blog post.
Find & Destroy: Tank Strategy -
Hey Guys!

Good news once again! We have prepared the update. This update will add new battle experience, because since now the game has ...

New Map!
We hope you'll like a new map visuals, but it has also some important differences. First of all this map is considerably bigger. Second - it's designed to make you do a hard choice of a strategy each time.

New Tank
One more medium tank: T34-85 enters the game!
It's unique power is a faster loading cannon that makes 2 shots per turn. Of course the overall damage remains in line with other medium tanks.

Balance improvements
  • Platoons: maximum number of tanks in a platoon has changed from 5 to 3. It was made to fix some too powerful combinations of tanks in one team.
  • Improved armor: now adds 20% of armor (was 10%)
  • Improved shells: now adds 4 pts. of damage (was 3 pts.)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue, that prevented payments from Guest accounts.
  • Friend list is now sorted according to the on-line status (on-line friends will now appear immediately after the favorites).

Good luck in battles!

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