Manage a space station, flying through a procedually generated universe, fight, build and survive in the coldness of space.
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early 2019

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“I am a one man team and early access is a great way to support the game and help me out with your feedback, to grow a community and get some ideas from you that just didn't come to my mind.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game has most of the core elements implemented. A system to simply add more content is in place.
The full, correct length of the early access phase is not foreseeable.
If I will just implement my ideas, I predict about a year from the start of the early access release.
If the community comes up with the best ideas ever, that I can not just NOT implement, it might take longer.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

More content!
I will add more ships/items/modules.
2 new ship types are planned:
- a bomber type specialized in cracking the hull of big structures and ships
- a trader type to haul items between your station and trade platforms/planets
Optimizing the gameplay
I want to deliver the best possible experience. Is the gameplay too slow? Is it too fast? Those kind of questions will be solved during early access.
With adding more content, a lot of work has to be put in balancing the gameplay. That's a big part why I need you!
Art style
The user interface will get a face lift to make it coherent, the 3D models will see some changes to give them more detail when zoomed in.
The research system in the game is a proof of concept. Right now you have researches that can change stats of ships/the station and unlock new ships and modules. Some researches are dependend on others.
Beside reworking the research UI, adding a vast research tree is planned.
The AI of friendly and enemy ships will be tweaked to make them more believable.
and last but not least - Performance
I want this game to be enjoyable for as many people as possible, so I will make it as performant as possible.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is in a good playable state and contains most of the core elements.

  • You can explore a procedurally generated universe with multiple galaxies. Each Galaxy has a mix of handcrafted and generated sectors.
  • You can mine the asteroids in the sectors and refine their resources to craft helpful items, modules and ships.
  • An inventory system that let's you manage your resources, refine them into better materials to build modules and ships... or toss them into space if you run out of storage space.
  • You can research new technologies to make survival in space easier.
  • A trade system is in place. At the moment, you can trade with planets and mobile traders.
  • You have 2 types of ships available (fighters and haulers), each type has 2 ships (a small and a medium variant). Let those fight against the constant attacks of space pirates!
More details listed in the 'About This' section.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will likely increase after early access.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I am open for ideas and criticism. I will consider everything the community comes up with.

The Steam discussion board will be the hub for this discussions. Subforums for bug reports and suggestions will be provided.”
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March 2

DevUpdate 8 - Research UI and preparation for the big boom

Hello fellow Space Person!

What happened this week?

Reworked weapon system
Previously, weapons used a script to get all their info. It contained 2 things: the damage the weapon does and the time between the shots.
This system worked for the 2 weapons that were available in game: A cannon and a grenade launcher in various sizes.
The problem with this was that anything else than a one shot weapon would feel wrong.
I mean, it would not be a problem to add a mashine gun like weapon and just reduce the cooldown between shots… but what about a weapon that needs some state between shooting and waiting?

An example for this would be the new 'Gattling Tower' and the minigun on the new 'Gunship' (also the laser weapons that will be integrated later… because what's a space game without lazors?!).

A minigun type weapon needs a certain time to spin up, spits out more than a single shot and then has to cool down for a while.
So I have decided to take all the time I need to integrate a different system for this and also completely rewrite the AI weapon handling. I am now able to add as many stages for a shooting sequence as I want.. and attach different sounds and animations to this stages.
While this sounds boring for the player, it makes the work needed to create different weapons way easier… and that might be something that makes it a good thing for players too!

Additionally to this, I am (finally!) working on a concept to make weapons more or less effective in different situations. It feels wrong to shoot a big cruiser with a mashine gun and do more damage than with a cannon. So I will add damage types and resistances to weapons and ships.
The cool thing: I can add shields that do more than just reduce the damage a ship/station takes (because that is pointless, since I could just add a few percent to the ship hull and have the same effect).

  • Added the gunship for enemy faction
  • Added the gunship for player faction (including research tree implementation)
  • Added the minigun tower (including research tree implementation)

  • The effect for the gates was made more "portaly"
  • The research UI has been reworked
  • It now shows the project in different colors, depending if it is researchable or already researched
  • Also added a small disclaimer what is needed to research a project

  • The changes on the weapon system got rid of most of the bugs that prevented ships/towers from shooting
  • A pivot problem with the debris of a destroyed cruiser has been fixed.
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February 23

DevUpdate 7 - Fighting annoyances and gunships

Hello there!

This week I have concentrated on getting rid of some of the most annoying bugs in the game.

There has been a big overhaul for the buildmode. It should now be way easier to place the module on the connector you want to use.
I have added a small info panel that tells you how to place a module and how to cancel the placement procedure.
The modules that you might want to build first now appear in order. You don't have to build in that order, but it seems to be the best way to start.

Scrolling in menus should not zoom the camera anymore. Additionally I have increased the scroll speed and the camera zoom speed ( a slider to change camera zoom speed will be added later).

Additionally to the rotation check that prevents rotating towards 'nothing', a check to prevent not rotating when entering a station and therefore flying into 'nothing' was added.

The speed of ships starting from hangar has been increased.

Fixed an exploit that allowed to build as many scrap haulers as you want as soon as the condition to build them apply.

There was a problem in the trade window that prevented trading with the last item in the list. That is fixed now.

The production selection window now closes when the module is deselected or a different module is selected.

It should not be possible to place big modules on small connector spots. It should also not be possible anymore to place a module on an already occupied slot.

The smaller, researchable upgrades for ships and modules work now.

Fixed a bug that spawned a small hanging module on the connector above it when loading.

Modified the distance calculation of haulers when mining. That should reduce the chance for them to bounce off their target object.

Added visual effects that show the damage of the station. They appear in 3 steps at the moment (70% - 40% and 10% hull damage). More effects and steps will be added.

I have made it clear in the tutorial that the rotation - UI appears on top of the station. The tutorial is obviously not done yet and will later be accompanied by an ingame manual.

Added a gunship for the enemy. This is supposed to close the gap between the small easily destroyed bombers and the big cruisers. A version of it will also be available for the player.
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About This Game

Manage a space station, flying through a procedually generated universe, fight, build and survive in the coldness of space.

Send out your haulers to mine Resources & refine them to craft them into useful modules and ships.

Build modules and ships.
Modules refine your raw resources into materials. Materials are used to build more modules and ships.

Use defensive modules and ships to destroy the enemy.
Ships come in different sizes with different stats. Do you need a cheap fast fighter? Do you prefer to wait for the materials to build a slow but sturdy gunship?
It's your choice!

Manage your energy and fuel. Should you run out of energy, your productions will stop. Turn off not needed modules or build power plants to generate more.
Should you run out of fuel, your life support fails.

Travel through a vast universe to find resources, unique places and enemies.
Decide where to go. The next galaxy might be more dangerous but it might also have the resources you need.

Research new technologies to unlock new vesels and modules or improve the ones you currently have.

  • Build modules that help you survive
  • Produce different ships that fight, haul or trade for you
  • Manage the energy consumption of your modules
  • Explore the vast universe
  • Research new modules and ships..
  • Crush your enemies
  • see them driven before you
  • and scavenge the debris of their space ships!

Started as a break from a project I was working on, this grew into a passion project.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Additional Notes: System requirements will get more detailed once the first early access version is published.

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