Another tribute paid to yet another arcade classic from the Hero Concept team! Doughlings: Invasion promises a fun gaming experience to gamers of all ages with the innovations it brings to the shooting genre.
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Doughlings: Invasion Developer Diary – Part 5: Controller

Hello and welcome to the fifth developer diary for Doughlings: Invasion. We wrote some cool stuff at other dev diaries. So you might want to check them out too! Today we would like to talk about controls of Invasion and our point of view to controls.

Control Them All
Unlike the other dev diaries for Doughlings: Invasion, today we talk about more technical stuff. Unity's input interface wasn't enough for us, so we write it from scratch. Because when we were developing Arcade, that interfaces caused a little bit of trouble to us. We don't want to limit our players. The players should choose to play with a gamepad or keyboard setting according to their gaming comforts. Making a control friendly game was a little bit complicated in Unity's interface.

We wanted this control friendly situation in Doughlings: Invasion too. We learned a lot about control mechanism and how to improve them for more "player friendly". We tried to give the freedom we wanted for the players. By the way, that doesn't mean Unity is a bad engine but what we want was more complex then Unity's input interface.

Technical Stuff
The hardest part was approaching to inputs. They are really important in a videogame because those inputs define how player interact with the game world. So we entered a pre-research phase before start coding. Another difficult part was gamepads doesn't have a standard. Yeah, they look alike but their control mapping could be really different. So we had to find controllers and inspect their mapping to support them for our game. What we try to do in Arcade was, when a player touches something on Gamepad, it has to be functioning. So mapping those controls was another important phase for us.

On Windows we support X-Input and for the consoles, we support their native input interfaces. Also on Windows, we support HID devices too. We wrote Joystick interfaces in C and C++. It took 1 week for implementing inputs for each platform. So it takes lots of times, lots of testing and lots of feeling of success.

We are very excited to hear your feedback. Hope to see you soon in another development diary for Doughlings: Invasion.
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június 11.

Doughlings: Invasion – Developer Diary Part 4: Multiplatform

Hello and welcome to our 4th developer diary about Doughlings: Invasion. We talked about visual approach, design approach and sound design so far. Today, we will talk about multiplatform development. We hope that you can find something useful in this dev diary.

Where Were We?
To talk about our knowledge and experience about Doughlings: Invasion we have to talk about our first game Doughlings: Arcade first. In the begining, we didn’t develop Doughlings: Arcade for another platform. The multiplatform concept was a little bit hard for us. Then we started to work on it and developed the game PC > Xbox One > Nintendo Switch > PlayStation 4 order. Each platform has its unique difficult parts to make a game.

Probably one of the most difficult thing was platforms’ close source policy. When it’s not an open source system flow of information reduces drastically. So we found information online from the devs questions who did games on those platforms or some information from the official documents which platforms give us. But every document writes for their own system and as a Unity based studio sometimes we had to use unorthodox methods. So we could say, Doughlings: Arcade was our practice ground for a multiplatform world. We learned a lot from Doughlings: Arcade experience and this experience made everything easier when we start to develop Doughlings: Invasion.

What Did We Learn?
When we start to develop Doughlings: Invasion we did Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) first rather than coding. This way ease the pain a lot. Another thing we learned from this process is every platform has their own save/load system. For example, PC and Nintendo Switch’s save system is not that different because both of them writes the data to storage. But if we talk about Xbox One and PlayStation 4 then we have to include cloud system. Because of PlayStation’s policy, only PS+ members can access the cloud system and non-PS+ members save to the local storage.

Another thing optimized was every platforms’ Achievement systems. For example, in Steam, you can add achievements as you like, but in Xbox One you have to calculate G-Points, in PlayStation 4 you have to think Trophies. In Nintendo Switch you don’t have to worry about all of those things, because Switch doesn’t have an Achievement system.

Every platform has its own regulations. Not knowing those regulations and trying them the first time is always a little bit of hard experience. But we stood strong and embraced everything that we had to do.

We are very excited to hear your feedbacks. Hope to see you soon at our next development diary.
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In Doughlings: Invasion, the second game of the series, the story continues right where it left off. This time our hero Morpheus arms himself to defend his people from alien invaders. Morpheus is ready for battle with his unique personas all armed to the teeth! Varieties of raving space invaders and challenging bosses are all waiting in line to get their butts kicked by you!


Get ready for an adventure with an ever increasing pace and tension! Throughout the game you will develop novel battle strategies, acquire untold powers by modifying your DNA, and make life miserable for those unwelcome space invaders with your dazzling Show Off powers.


  • A new breath of life into the classic arcade shooter genre.
  • 5 distinct personas whose unique skills you can level up.
  • 15 different breeds of invaders that pose unique threats.
  • 5 grueling bosses.
  • Challenging the world with global leaderboards.
  • Gamepad, mouse, and keyboard support.


    • Op. rendszer: Windows 7 64 Bit
    • Processzor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memória: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafika: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 /ATI Radeon HD 2600
    • DirectX: Verzió: 9.0
    • Tárhely: 1 GB szabad hely

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