Help Peppy the Penguin clean up the mess by quickly matching colors, but look out for Wally the Walrus! Falling Plus is a 1980s-esque arcade-style puzzle game, featuring sharp, colorful graphics and audio created on a Commodore 64!
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Jun 22, 2017

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November 29

Falling Plus Manual/FAQ

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Version History

2.2 - Released 11/30/2018. The following changes were made in this version:
- Released on Steam, with full support for Steam Leaderboards and a set of 12 Steam Achievements. Internet Ranking support has been removed.
- On Mac, the game now renders properly (not pixel-doubled) on Retina displays. It looks a lot better!
- On Mac, the Dock icon now appears properly. (Before, a generic MonoGame icon was appearing instead.)
- There was a potential crash bug that manifested when creating a new save file. This has been fixed.
- When changing game options, a bug was sometimes causing the high scores for the previous set of options to be permanently overwritten by high scores for the new set of options. This has been fixed.
- In Controller Options, you can now select a controller type between all of those supported (Xbox/Steam, DS4, Switch). Your choice determines what button prompts are displayed onscreen. If you select Switch, the A button will be used to make menu selections as opposed to the B button (and B exits as opposed to A). You will also be asked to choose a controller type the first time a controller is connected.
- The original Falling had 2 variations of the BGM, in addition to the original. Due to a typo in the code, they weren't being played; this has been fixed.
- Previously, BGM was restarting when the game was paused and resumed, unlike in the original Falling. This has been fixed; the music will now resume along with the game.
- When quitting a game and starting a new one, the BGM was sometimes playing over itself. This has been fixed.
- Fixed an inconsistency in the Keyboard Options menu (renamed "exit" to "back").
- Previously, when entering initials in the local high score table, pressing Enter would bring up the Pause menu. Now, it enters an initial instead.
- When browsing high scores, the browser displayed the word "Time" instead of the word "Score." Oops! This has been fixed.
- When playing on keyboard, during the How to Play demo, "Press ENTER to skip" will now be displayed, as opposed to suggesting that the user press a button on a controller!
- Attempted to fix an issue where the game can respond to menu input despite not being the active window. I was unable to reproduce this, but tried to fix it anyway. (Thanks, Bobby Blackwolf!)
- Added yyrGames logo on the title screen. It probably should have been there before...

For earlier version history, please visit here:

Default Controls

Almost all of this can be changed in Options.

movement = arrow keys
Kick = Left Ctrl
Lift/Throw = Left Alt
Jump = Space
Make menu selections = Enter
Exit menu = Esc

The following apply to Arcade Mode only:
Menu = Tab
1 = Player 1 Start
2 = Player 2 Start
5 = Insert Coin
Exit Arcade Mode = ESC

Xbox One/360/Steam Controllers:
movement = D-Pad/Left Stick
Jump = A
Lift/Throw = X
Kick = B
Make menu selections = A
Exit menu = B

DualShock 4 Controller:
movement = Directional Buttons/Left Stick
Jump = X (Cross)
Lift/Throw = Square
Kick = Circle
Make menu selections = X (Cross)
Exit menu = Circle

Switch Pro Controller:
movement = D-Pad/Left Stick
Jump = B
Lift/Throw = Y
Kick = A
Make menu selections = A
Exit menu = B

Quick FAQ/Known Issues

Q: I have questions regarding the previous version that was for sale on Where are these addressed?
A: Here:

Q: My Switch Pro controller isn't working on my Mac! What do I do?
A: Launch Big Picture mode. You may be prompted to install a gamepad driver update. Follow the instructions, then restart Steam and/or your Mac when prompted. It should then work.

Q: My Xbox One/360 controller isn't working on my Mac! What do I do?
A: Download and install the 360Controller driver, located here:
Follow the instructions to install it, then restart your Mac. After restarting, it should work. (If it does not, try also installing the Steam gamepad driver update as described above.)

Q: Where does the save file live?
A: On Windows, it's in a FallingPlus directory, within the current user's AppData\Roaming directory. On Mac, it's in a FallingPlus folder, within the current user's Library/Preferences folder.

Q: Are any further updates planned?
A: Version 2.2 is pretty complete, so further updates will only happen if I become aware of one or more issues (updates will fix these).

Q: What is the difference between Normal and Hard difficulty?
A: There are no differences, except for one: on Hard, you are actually playing every other round, beginning with Round 2. So, the game's difficulty will ramp up much more quickly.

Q: I don't understand the Bonus option. What do the numbers mean?
A: These numbers represent the score you need to earn an extra life. The default setting is 10k/40k/60k. This means that you earn the first extra life at 10,000 points, the second at 40,000 points, and then, another at every 60,000 points thereafter (100k, 160k, 220k, and so on). Settings that only contain two numbers (such as 20k/60k) only award two extra lives per game. Settings that contain only one number (20k only) only award one extra life per game. And finally, there is the "no bonus" setting that does not offer you any additional lives at all.

Q: I changed the options and it says "Leaderboards disabled." What's going on?
A: Leaderboards are only available for the following game settings, plus the Survival Challenge and Burning Igloo Challenge bonus modes:
  • All default settings (Normal difficulty, 3 lives, 10k/40k/60k bonus)
  • Normal difficulty, 3 lives, no bonus
  • Hard difficulty, all other settings default
  • Hard difficulty, 3 lives, no bonus
If you change the game settings to anything else, the "Leaderboards disabled" message will be displayed in the Game Options menu, to let you know that your score will not be submitted. The game will, however, still track your personal high scores for each possible combination of options. Changing the game settings back to defaults, or one of the other combinations listed, will re-enable Leaderboard submissions.

Q: I found a bug. What do I do?
A: Post here in the Community Hub, use the contact form on, or e-mail me at, and let me know about it. Thanks!

What is this?

Falling Plus is an enhanced port of yyrGames' 2010 XBLIG release Falling, a homage to arcade action/puzzle games of the early to mid-1980s. You take the role of Peppy the Penguin, whose igloo is under siege. Wally the Walrus is trying to get in, and is making a big mess in the process! Throw or kick same-colored blocks into each other to clear them. Get rid of all blocks and enemies to clear the round. But do so quickly, or things will really get out of hand!

Here are the biggest changes made in Falling Plus, compared to the original XBLIG version:

- Now on PC/Mac: Enjoy, from the comfort of your computer!
- Sharper graphics: Blur has been significantly reduced. You get the most-advanced least-advanced graphics, ever!
- Bug fixes: Some of the original game's obscure bugs were fixed, giving you a more satisfying experience!
- Better gameplay balance: Gameplay exploits were fixed, for tighter score competition!
- Bonus modes added: Test your skills under tough conditions!
- Configurable controls: Reassign almost everything, on either your keyboard or your favorite gamepad!
- Scores now save: Your personal records will now save automatically, without you having to enter them into the Internet Ranking Web site!
- Leaderboards and Achievements: Enjoy these additional competition features!

How do I play?

Goal: Clear each round by eliminating all blocks and enemies.

Press LEFT or RIGHT to move in either direction.
Press JUMP to jump. You can jump the height of one block, and can move sideways freely while jumping.

You can push up to 2 blocks by moving against them and continuing to move. Pushing 2 blocks is slower than pushing 1.

Pressing LIFT/THROW when standing next to a block will lift it over your head (unless something is above you).
While holding a block, you can move, but cannot jump.

Pressing LIFT/THROW while holding a block and standing still will drop it in front of you.
Pressing LIFT/THROW while holding a block and moving will throw it forward.
Pressing UP or DOWN while holding a block and standing still will drop it where you currently stand, and climb on top of it. You can't do this if the space above you is blocked.

Pressing KICK while next to a block will kick it forward. Kicking blocks will move them further than throwing them; this is the easiest way to get them to move. You are able to kick one block while holding another, or while jumping.

To eliminate blocks, throw or kick one block into another block of the same color. This will get rid of both blocks, and score points. (You must throw or kick them; pushing is not enough.) Points scored depend on the color of the blocks: white blocks are worth 50 each, red are worth 100, blue are worth 200, and green are worth 400 points.
You can also use the UP/DOWN "drop and climb" move to eliminate a pair of blocks, if you drop a block onto a matching color block, and the block you drop does not also touch a second block.
As a last resort, it is also possible to eliminate a single block by repeatedly kicking it against a non-matching block or the outer wall. You will score zero points for doing this. (There may be situations where you'd want to do this, however, such as in the event that normal elimination would take a very long time, or if the blocks are all the way against the outer wall and can't be eliminated the usual way.)

Wally the Walrus will occasionally appear. He will only walk back and forth at first, but as the game progresses, he will gain the ability to jump, push, and finally, kick. Wally is strong and can push 6 blocks at once!

To eliminate Wally, use blocks to crush him. This can be done either from above, or by pushing/throwing/kicking from the side to crush him against another block or the outer wall. You will score 1000 points each time you eliminate Wally.

To boost your score, try for a "combo," by crushing Wally between a pair of blocks as you eliminate them. This will double the points you score for both Wally and the blocks!

When all blocks and enemies are gone, you clear the round and score any remaining points on the bonus timer.

If all blocks are cleared, but enemies remain, four white blocks will immediately drop, so that it's possible to defeat the last enemies.

If the bonus timer reaches 0 before the round is cleared, fire will begin to drop from the ceiling. Fire is too big to jump over and must be avoided. Fire will also eliminate both blocks and enemies. You are able to put out fire if you place a block on top of it. If you manage to clear all blocks, enemies, and fire, you will still clear the round. You will score 200 points for each fire that is eliminated.

Bonus lives are awarded at certain score targets. By default, it's at 10,000, 40,000, and every 60,000 points afterwards.

You lose 1 life if Peppy touches Wally, is crushed, or touches fire. Game is over when lives are gone.

Specifically, what has changed between Falling and Falling Plus?

Want more in-depth detail on exactly what else changed? Well, you know I like to ramble, so here it all is.

- Bug fix: Previously, you would lose a life if a block was kicked into Peppy's face. He will now be pushed backward, as was originally intended.
- Bug fix: On the rare occasion that no blocks were present, enemies had been falling through the floor.
- Bug fix: Using the drop/climb move to clear the last block had previously allowed Peppy to fall through the floor.
- Bug fix: The "Combo!" text never appeared during a 2-player game. Now, it will.
- Bug fix: Exiting the Pause menu using the same button as "jump" will no longer jump.
- Bug fix (Arcade Mode): inserting a coin with Free Play enabled was displaying bonus info.
- A main menu has been added; you can start the game directly from there (and watch a cute animation).
- The previous emulator-style behavior is now named "Arcade Mode" and lives in the "Extras" menu. ESC will quit Arcade Mode and return to the main menu.
- The Kick function was given its own button. Previously, you would Kick by pressing Down + Action.
- Pressing Up/Down while moving now stops Peppy from moving.
- Pressing Up or Down while holding a block now drops/climbs. Previously, this was done with Up + Action.
- The Action button was renamed Lift/Throw, because those are now the only functions controlled by this button.
- Points scored when smashing blocks are now displayed.
- "How To Play" demo from Attract Mode now plays when you start a game (can be skipped).
- Vastly changed what happens when the bonus timer runs out (see section below).
- If you somehow get above the top of the playfield, the block you're standing on will automatically break, to get you back inside (0 points will be scored).
- Default zoom level changed from 90% to 100%.
- Steam version: Leaderboards replace the old Internet Ranking feature, and a set of 12 Achievements was added.

What "gameplay exploits" were fixed in Falling Plus?

Really, it's just one big one.

When I first designed Falling I implemented a bonus timer, something commonly found in many classic arcade games. But in most of those, the timer reaching 0 usually meant instant death. I didn't want to go that route; I wanted to put the player at a big disadvantage, but at least give them a chance to survive.

So when time runs out, fire begins dropping from the ceiling. If fire touches a block, both the fire and block are eliminated. But if you place a block on top of fire, the fire is put out and the block remains.

What I didn't realize is that you can simply put out fires indefinitely for 1000 points each. And, the round clear condition of "blocks and enemies are gone" still persisted. So you could just hold the last remaining block above you, use it to put out fires, and if fire fell on top of you, the block was smashed, clearing the stage! No risk, all reward. And the time between fire drops was the same as the rest of the round's drops, so if you did this on round 1, you got a fat 8 seconds in between drops. This gave you plenty of time to take care of one batch of fire before the next one arrived.

For years, there was a single score over 1 million points on Internet Ranking and I never knew how it got there. Now, I know. It's a bit embarrassing that I claim to know what I'm doing as a game designer, and yet, this somehow made it into a game I released. Oh, well.

For Falling Plus, I've finally brought the "zero time" gameplay phase in line with my original vision: if time runs out, it is still possible to survive, but it's not going to be easy. And, it's probably no longer worthwhile to try to milk this phase for points. The following changes have been made:

- Round clear condition changed: all blocks, enemies AND flames must be eliminated.
- if only flames remain, four white blocks will immediately drop (just as if only Wally remains)
- Flames will no longer fall in columns where flames already exist (this would create "doubled-up" flames).
- After two flame drops, the time between flame drops will decrease, then will continue to decrease, down to a minimum of 2 seconds.
- Point value of flames reduced from 1000 to 200 points.

What are the bonus modes?

Both of these give you one life, unlimited time, and challenge you to last as long as possible under the following conditions:

Survival Challenge: It's as if you're playing Round 16, which is where the difficulty reaches its maximum. Except, it goes on forever.
Burning Igloo Challenge: A little bit easier, except that one of the objects in each drop is a flame!

Your high score will be tracked for each. Leaderboards are also available.

Any tips?

Everything in this thread still applies!
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About This Game

Peppy the Penguin was just minding his own business. Suddenly, Wally the Walrus is trying to get in, and he's making a big mess! Blocks of ice are dropping from the ceiling, and from time to time, Wally's dropping in too! If Peppy doesn't match the colors carefully and work quickly, he'll be buried under a mountain of problems! Can Peppy clean up the mess and get rid of the intruder? It all depends on you and your reflexes!

Falling Plus is a retro-style arcade game with an optional emulator-style presentation. You'll think you've traveled back in time! The fun gameplay is backed up with sharp, colorful graphics, and genuine classic-style music and sound effects, created on a Commodore 64! But you also get modern features such as customizable gamepad and keyboard controls, and full support for all resolutions! Plus, compete for high scores on six different Steam Leaderboards!

You also get two additional bonus modes: Survival Challenge and Burning Igloo Challenge! In both, you get one life and must survive for as long as possible under difficult circumstances. Survival throws you into a challenging level that never ends, while Burning Igloo sends fire down along with the usual blocks and enemies!

Falling Plus is a love letter to action-packed arcade puzzle games of the early-to-mid 1980s, and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. Please enjoy your time with Falling Plus!

This game locally supports 1 or 2 (alternating) players.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600, equivalent, or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 200 series, AMD Radeon HD 5000 series, Intel HD Graphics 4000, equivalent, or better
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xbox One, Xbox 360, DualShock4, Switch Pro, and Steam Controllers supported
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600, equivalent, or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 200 MB available space

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