Constructor Plus is the definitive building simulation for the modern day tycoon. Build your dream town full of crackpot undesirables, businesses, and quirky tenants whilst fending off your rivals in the eagerly awaited sequel to Constructor HD. With almost 3 times more content, building just got bigger!
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Nagyon pozitív (86) - E játék 86 felhasználói értékeléséből 94% pozitív.
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2019. máj. 27.

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június 7.

Constructor Plus - Bite-size Bits! Update

Dear Constructor fans,

We would like to thank all the fans who have purchased Constructor Plus. We very much hope that the game has been an enjoyable experience for everyone thus far. We are working through the feedback we have received and where possible are making adjustments based on the feedback provided to us.

For fans who are still getting used to the game we will be publishing at a later date a new YouTube channel called Constructor Central with various hints and tips to help improve your understanding of the game. This will supplement the existing tutorials and in-game hints that already exist. More on this at a later date as we are still in the early stages of putting things together.

The focus of our first update is to address potential areas of confusion in the game based on the feedback received. The changes range from re-enabling saves in the tutorial to adding in detailed lists in several of the missions that require you to track lots of data. We hope that these changes will help in the long run with fans who are just dipping their toes into the world of Constructor.

Patch Notes
• All fences now visible at the beginning of the game and now show within the UI what unlocks them if not unlocked. • Added house level number to right-click pop-up. • Sloane Family now accept Zirconium and Tiffany Deco railings in place of Iron Railings. • Saving during the Tutorial is now allowed at certain points. • Increased push-scroll speeds whilst still retaining diagonal movement consistent with viewpoint. • Added in new Zombie & Cockroach names from Facebook & Steam suggestions.
• Gangsters will no longer attempt to fight decommissioned policemen if the gangsters are patrolling a building such as the Police Station. • Shortcuts will no longer trigger phantom button interactions. • Magistrate effects corrected so that prison sentences are affected as expected. • Prevent re-assignment of an undesirable who has recently been taken over until the enemy undesirable has returned home.
• Tutorial no longer becomes stuck if you manufacture trees too quickly before the message telling you to manufacture trees appears. • Gangster's appearance during tutorial to stop takeover now scales with game speed to avoid problems on faster speeds. • Hippy party now lasts until you take over the house in the tutorial. THIS IS A TUTORIAL ONLY EFFECT. • Access is granted to estate manager during the tutorial if you build the cement yard so that it uses up all the available land in case the AI has no available land for you to use. • Fixin' You Up will now pass the appropriate stages if you kill Mr Fixit before he bodges your properties. • German localisation of Greener Pastures now matches English description in referencing goal of three casinos. • Add detailed checklists to mission descripions for Builder's Delight and The Hillbillies. • Increased starting bank balance on Martian Menace.


We would also like to thank the fans on Facebook and Steam for their suggestions for new Zombie and Cockroach names as part of the Adopt-A-Zomroach event! There were many witty suggestions that we enjoyed reading. Listed below are our favourites which have been added to the game:

Zombie Names

• George A Zomero
• Munchin' Joe
• Brian Nibbler
• Johnny Rotten
• Mikon Jacksal
• Plant Hater
• Right Said Dead
• Bitey McBiteface
• Risen Withnoreason
• Rodney Chompface
• Barack Embalma
• Don Zombiote
• Tschakka
• Keef Rechardz

Cockroach Names

• Roachafella
• Marilyn Monroach
• Hal Underfridge
• Hot Chocaroach
• Scutter
• Crunch
• Mr.Krabs
• Shelly Toughstuff
• Gaspar
• Jimmy the Legs
• Harald
• Rad Shell
• Squish Me

Thank you very much for your continued support. Have a very Constructor-y weekend.

System 3
5 megjegyzés Tovább

május 28.

Constructor Plus - Adopt-A-Zomroach - Concluded


Some o’ those names were a little cheekier than we’d thought. Great suggestions everyone both on Steam and the Facebook group!

It’ll take some time for the folks at the morgue to pick out their favourite names but once they’re done, we’ll knock out a new list and add them to the pool of names.

I don’t expect you’ll know proper horror until you’re dealing with the likes of Nom Nom Nom the Zombie…

Right then, I'm off for a bowl of bra- I mean grains.

Yes… that’s what I meant. Wholesome delicious grains that are part of a nutritious breakfast and not brains which unlike grains are not an ideal breakfast item.


No Really I Am Definitely Not A Zombie

Directing Manager CSCHOGNG

P.S. He might be a zombie…



Haha, always gets them…

Right, so we at the local “Can’t stop coughin’ house of ghosts ‘n’ ghoulies” have a special offer for you the discerning fan. As the years pass on by, we’re finding ourselves up to our necks in cockroaches and zombies. It’s like they’re dying to get into our cemetery!

For the next 24 hours we’re letting loose the crazy lot and we want to give you, the fans, an opportunity to have your specially named cockroach or zombie in the game for everyone else to kill, maim, or just plain tolerate until the sod totters off into the tube site.

We encourage fans to come up with creative names, especially pun-related ones that keep with the theme of a cockroach or zombie. As much of a theme as they can possibly have...

If you can only think of vulgar names, or insults, please do not suggest anything. We are trying to keep the game family friendly as it were! Well, as friendly as a game with a chainsaw wielding maniac can be!

After 24 hours we will no longer accept any suggestions. We will then discuss the names and pick our favourites who will have their cockroach or zombie name (or both!) immortalised in the game as a permanent addition to the random pool of zombie and cockroach names.

We accept one zombie name and one cockroach name per person so make them your best!


Definitely Not A Zombie

Directing Manager CSCHOGNG
11 megjegyzés Tovább


Travel to new destinations including country towns, lush tropical jungles, and the stunningly realised worlds of the Moon, Mars, and Uranus. With 17 worlds you'll have no shortage of choice!

Slow on the draw? We’ve got you covered with the ability to slow down time. If that’s still too fast, pause the game and issue every order you’d like to before unpausing and watching the game unfold before you.

Various user experience improvements such as automatic replacement of tenants as well as improved D.I.Y kits to keep your tenant’s homes in tip-top condition.

Populate your town with over 147 buildings, including completely new sets of space-themed buildings, and then blow them all up! After all, we are considerate Constructors!

Open eight lucrative Skyscrapers, as part of our new retail business feature which not only provide you with additional revenue, but also have their own unique bonuses to enhance your town.

Become the envy of the town with six completely redesigned Commissions. Treat your tenants to a taste of the good life.

Swindle yours and your rival's tenant's hard-earned money with three different Casinos ranging from the humble Poker Casino up to the exclusive tables of Nero’s Palace.

Beautify your town with up to five different monuments to secure not only the adoration of your tenants, but also their hard-earned money!

Populate your properties with different tenants, each with their own personalities. From the riff-raff to the toffs you'd do well to keep them pleased.

Eight undesirables, including the new "Steptoe's Yard", will enable you to disrupt your rival's activities, or just outright blow them up! Feeling a bit disgruntled with your own tenants? Send over a gang of intelligent Thugs to smash their valuable porcelain!

New to the game? We'll get you up to speed with a tutorial and nine completely new and unique learning missions that will teach you the fundamentals of Constructor’s more interesting characters.

Test your skill in over 65 pre-built scenarios including fifteen unique and puzzling story missions.

Original Classic Constructor experience with a much-improved set up interface, and traditional online multiplayer.

Pre-build your own cities with the Town Designer.


In Constructor Plus you will have the unique opportunity to increase the prestige of your town with eight different retail units. These towering skyscrapers are only available once you've completed a Steel Yard, and they are much more expensive than your average building. That said, they more than make up for the initial investment by not only providing a passive income from retail sales, but also by boosting various aspects of your city.

You may choose from the following retail units in Constructor Plus:

With this monstrous tower of trailers, you will be able to temporarily place all new Level 1 and Level 2 tenants into temporary housing whilst you construct more permanent residences! This means that your Headquarters no longer has a limit on the number of level 1 and level 2 tenants it may hold. In addition to this, the Council waives all taxation fees related to your people.

The geniuses inside this pristine building will secure you an annual lump sum payment of 2% of your total assets. Not only that, but your Headquarters will no longer have any limits to level 3 and level 4 tenants as they totter away the day.

Access to better training and equipment means up to 25% more recruits graduating as Police Cadets. The Council, pleased with your lawful pursuits, will also pay $500 for each new Police Cadet produced.

The lab-rats in this structure will further boost the productivity of your town's hospitals ensuring that they work 25% faster thanks to medical breakthroughs and better equipment. They have also devised a cure against zombification, and as such your town will no longer be at risk of zombie outbreaks.

Increasing the influence of the Mob in town means your Gangsters will have better access to appropriate equipment. Each Gangster created whilst the Mob Commission is functional will begin their criminal careers equipped with a pistol instead of a knife. You will also be provided with one extra favour per Gangster you produce. Additionally, as a close associate of The Family, your credit line will be extended by up to $100,000.

With this structure your property lawyers will ensure that you get the jump on any prime real-estate that your opponent owns. You will no longer pay extra to build on estates owned by another team. In addition to this, you will be paid a bonus by the Council for each tenant happier than 60%.

This crazed bunch of scientists swear by their methods. By inviting them into town your tenants will breed 10% faster. As they are still testing their latest breakthroughs, you will receive $5,000 for every 10 child births as a small compensation for your tenant's time.

When things get serious you need the professionals. This shady group will boost the output of all Casinos owned by you by up to 25%. They are also rather good at bending the rules and will divert up to 10% of your rival's Casino earnings to your own bank account.


In addition to our new retail units, you will have the chance to also set up swanky Casinos ranging from low-grade penny pinchers up to well-to-do money makers. You'll need to ensure that you place them strategically to procure the greatest number of clients, and you must do your best to protect them from your rivals to extract the most value out of them. Proper placement is essential as you can only build one of each Casino at any given moment. Fortunately, tenants love to get some much-needed rest and recuperation at the local Casino, and therefore any Casino built on the same estate as other tenants will increase their happiness. You might very well find that you need to knock down some of your older wooden shacks in order to keep your Casinos relatively central to your town, and thus a buzzing beacon of your society!

Casinos in Constructor Plus require constant visits from the locals to continue making money. You will therefore need to ensure that your town is well populated to take full advantage of these buildings. Of course, if your rival has a thriving metropolis you can also build the Casinos closer to their town to attract their tenants instead! Just be sure that you keep them well protected as this can be a very risky, but also highly rewarding development move.

Each tenant type has a limit they can possibly spend at any given moment. So lowly Greasers may only spend 40% of their meagre income but the Toffs can splash out up to 300% of their hard earned cash.

In Constructor Plus, we have three different grades of Casino represented by the following:

This low-grade Casino is the first of its kind to which you will gain access due to its simple requirements of a Brick Yard. The floor limit for this Casino is a meagre $1,000, so it is not going to be anything to write home about. That said, it can be useful to get your foot in the door for more expensive projects down the line.

This medium-grade Casino is the second one you will unlock, and it requires a Steel Yard. It represents the next step in your gambling career and has a much higher floor limit of $2,000 so will prove even more lucrative than the lowly Poker Casino. Keep it well guarded with Gangsters because it will be an even larger target for your rivals!

This high-grade Casino is the final rung in the gambling ladder you have thus far been cultivating. It has a hefty price tag and requires that you have upgraded your Steel Yard into a Steel Factory. It is the most lucrative of your Casinos, and as such has a floor limit of a staggering $4,000! We don't need to tell you twice to keep this beauty well-guarded... Or do we?!


In Constructor Plus, we want you to take your property development careers to new heights, and we don't just mean towering Skyscrapers! We are proud to say that you may choose from three incredibly unique and beautifully rendered space-themed worlds. Take your career to the moon, explore the dusty dunes of Mars, or go where no man has gone before to the industrial outposts of Uranus.

To complement these new worlds, we have also added in an array of fully re-imagined space-themed buildings, as well as the beautifully crafted soundtrack of Mat Jarvis to take your interstellar career to the next level. That's right, only in Constructor Plus can you take your love for charging high rent, and blowing up your rival's investments, to the stars.

If you think you've got what it takes then join System 3 Space Tours for this delightfully humorous, and not-at-all serious, interplanetary adventure.


This rather unassuming junk yard plays host to mutant cockroaches with all the charm of the local Hippy Commune. Good thing they're on your side then, right?

Unique to Constructor Plus, Steptoe's Yard is a unique undesirable building because not only can you use it for nefarious deeds, it also serves as the drop-off point for any gadgets or resources foraged by its cockroaches. You can then pick up these gadgets with your characters (excluding Repairmen!) and drop them off elsewhere. For example, your cockroaches might acquire a lovely Computer that you can immediately send to a tenant's house to be installed. However, if instead the gadget acquired is an external decoration you will first need to send it to your Gadget Factory so that the boffins over there can set up the delivery route at your discretion. This mechanic extends to trading gadgets/resources between other team's dumps, and you can even steal from rival dumps with your own Workers!

It wouldn't be an undesirable without some use against your opponent, though, would it? Steptoe's Yard is a highly undesirable place to live near and it will inflict heavy stress penalties on all tenants that live on the same estate. This can be used to cause all kinds of problems for your opponent and will be sure to send their repair bill through the roof!

In that same idea, you may also send the cockroaches on different kinds of context-sensitive missions (simply select a cockroach and send them to a rival's building). This involves such tasks as infesting empty buildings or causing additional cockroach damage to a building.

Unlike the other undesirables, the cockroach does not show up on the radar as a flashing blip and are not deterred by Policemen or Guard Dogs. They can also get around much faster, and they need to because they are god-awfully slow on their feet, by utilising tube sites. Keep them out of sight, though, because they are fragile and can be killed very easily if they are caught!

Fortunately, if you're defending against these critters you can either install a handy cockroach trap, the natural enemy of the unsuspecting cockroach, or pay close attention to where your rival might set up tube sites to take advantage of their natural ability. A couple of Workers, or a Gangster, will generally do the trick!

A játékról

Constructor Plus is the latest in the critically acclaimed series of Constructor games that have captivated gamers for over twenty years. Building on a remarkable legacy with a host of exciting new features and a stunning visual makeover, Constructor Plus proudly takes this building behemoth of a game to even greater heights.

Constructor Plus is the definitive building simulation for the modern day tycoon. With over 147 beautifully designed buildings to choose from (93 more than previous versions), a whopping 65 pre-built city scenarios with different gameplay objectives, brain-testing story mode missions and even the chance to develop out in the countryside or as far away as the moon, this is a huge and innovative playing landscape that stretches the imagination. Throw in a new and greatly improved classic mode for the traditionalist and an updated intuitive set up process and you’ll be building the town of your dreams in no time at all.

It’s your world… now make it work for you!

Start the game as a humble property developer with nothing and work up to being a big time property tycoon where what you build you earn from. Money and good management talks in the building game. Whether you choose to play by the book or delve into dodgy dealings is down to you, either way the more you have the more others want to take it from you. Wit, wealth and wisdom go a long way in a game where growing a thick skin is just as important as growing your empire!

Use your entrepreneurial skills to turn simple wooden shacks into grand mansions, swanky casinos and towering skyscrapers with all the wealth that comes with it. With so many buildings to choose from you can make your town truly unique and highly desirable – great for attracting tenants and encouraging business. Populating the city with grand commissions and breathtakingly beautiful monuments is a shrewd move - The local townsfolk will appreciate the breath of fresh air and generously donate pocket change and lunch money to your “cause.’

Your town is your profit and you’ll want to keep it that way - by whatever unscrupulous means necessary. With cheating landlords and bad tenants to laid-back hippies and angry thugs there’s a lot to deal with. You might want to call in the mob and all the undesirable characters that come with them to thwart enemies intent on running you out of town and taking your hard earned away from you. Giant mutant cockroaches and local hit men can prove useful allies!

You still have a responsible job to do and, depending on the goals you have chosen (or have been assigned!) you will need to ensure that your city is up to scratch. At the end of the day if you’re running your town into the ground the Housing Authority are going to step in and give you the boot.

Constructor Plus – Where growing a thick skin is as important as growing your empire!


    • Op. rendszer: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processzor: Dual Core 2.4GHz
    • Memória: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafika: DirectX 9 Compatible - Nvidia Geforce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1600 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 256 MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Verzió: 9.0
    • Hálózat: Széles sávú internetkapcsolat
    • Tárhely: 10 GB szabad hely
    • Egyéb megjegyzések: Hardhat recommended, but not necessary.
    • Op. rendszer: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processzor: Quad Core CPU or Dual Core CPU (Intel Core 2.8 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ or faster)
    • Memória: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafika: DirectX 9 Compatible - Nvidia Geforce 8800GT / ATI Radeon 4850 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Verzió: 9.0
    • Hálózat: Széles sávú internetkapcsolat
    • Tárhely: 10 GB szabad hely
    • Egyéb megjegyzések: Hardhat recommended, but not necessary.

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