Rogue Heist is a fresh take on Heist; what happens when both the sides are eyeing the same prize. A 6v6 multiplayer game where are you are sent in with your team to steal and outrun an opponent at the same time.
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AGO 2019

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5 julio

Beta 4 Patch Notes and Updates

Hey Heisters,

With our current Beta we have gathered lot of bug-reports and suggestions. As we are committed to involve community in every beta to get the real feedback, here is the list of issues and features added.

  • Weapon switch animation added giving delay to weapon switch and fixed continuous firing of two guns
  • Game end fixed
  • Grenade throw animation and Arc added

  • Hint Notification when any player enters the hacking zone... about what is happening or what to do
  • Push to Talk Icon will near on Teammate HUD Item
  • Markers on Screen for Point of Interest with Dynamic colour, distance and system

  • Added Notify if Input Key Binding is already in use for some other action
  • Spawn Protection and occasional invincibility fixed

  • 6v6 matchmaking with automatic side selection with timer and certain bug fixes

Bug Fix
  • Shotgun, bolt action time gap, if anyone presses left click to fire, it starts to reload - FIXED
  • If got out of being tazed, suppose assault throws a grenade at you after getting out of being tazed, instead of dying, you get tazed again
  • Every character changes direction when package deposited in the team car
  • While hacking - you can shoot
  • While hacking - deploy shield while hacking animation, character movement gets back to normal and if you are in the region, you can continue the hacking.
  • While hacking, if someone disables your beacon and starts hacking, does not show your hacking failed. Instead lets you finish hacking makes the character stuck in the hackling loop and only can be fixed by starting hacking again and cancelling it. Also, the jump gets blocked.
    You can throw grenades while being tased
    throw grenade after death
  • Players can empty magazine and get infinite bullets by pressing 1 and 2 together
  • Shield jumps off if near a collision and deployed
  • When gets shot, direction indicator UI which shows where the bullet came from was not correct
  • Even after death, scope remains till the kill cam comes up. so you wouldn’t know whether you die or not
  • In rare cases scope stays behind and won't go off. even after death or even after switching classes it stays
  • Switch weapons while hacking. lets you shoot
  • Character movement restriction at game end

  • Weapon sounds remastered
  • Gameplay background music added

Thank you all for your patience and support whilst we address known bugs and completing the features list as per our year-long roadmap.
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29 junio

Beta 3 Bug Fixes and Updates

Hey Everyone,

We would like to thank you guys because yesterday's beta went fantastically well. For all the enthusiasm you showed for the game whether that's participating in the beta itself, waiting for matches patiently, reporting bugs, giving feedbacks and suggestions; we can't appreciate the support we are getting enough.

Following is the list of bugs further solved

  • Gang War Winning Counts till 100
  • AKL And Vector Recoil Updated
  • Sniper Jump Height increased Support ADS Speed Increased
  • MP7 Recoil Updated
  • Removed F for all classes except Support

  • Gang War Text in Finding Game

  • Restore to default on Sensitivity setting [UPDATED]
  • Master Volume - from "1" to "0.5" [Default Settings changed]
  • General Sensitivity - from "1" to "0.5" [Default Settings changed]
  • ADS Sensitivity - from "1" to "0.5" [Default Settings changed]

  • Toggle ready removed. Automatic game start at 60 sec.
  • Players count in Lobby menu
  • Lobby will show current matchmaking game mode (5v5) or (6v6)
  • Select Side Dynamic to set color and locking based on current matchmaking rules

Bug Fix
  • Throw grenade after death - Fixed

  • New M18 Shooting Cue Sound Added and Updated on BP
  • Frag grenade sound decreased
  • RNG Map Reverb Audio FX decay value decreased from 3 to 1.
  • [GangWar] Added Ambient SFX in GW_Startup Level

We'll keep you guys updated about the beta coming up in the next week. For more info and updates, you can join Rogue Heist on DISCORD
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Acerca de este juego

Heist has always been a one sided game and you have always played it from either side, attempting to heist or fending off the bad guys. But what if both the sides were there to heist? Presenting ROGUE HEIST, there are no good or bad sides here; just two teams pitted against each other.

ROGUE HEIST puts you straight in action, against an equal opponent who wants what you want. This simple sounding plan could become complex in seconds considering there’s much strategy each team has to put in place, with weapons to choose, roles to play and fierce competition; the matches get really intense.

Intense Competition

Decoding a win in Rogue Heist isn’t easy. The trick lies in the playing it right rather than planning it right. With so many roles to pick from and so many tasks to complete; every match requires the player’s attention right from the start till the end. The dynamics change every second and that happens when all 12 players are neck deep in competition.

Sniper Ground Crew Co-Op Action

Get down to heist with a sniper looking out for you. With 3 playable roles to choose from as ground crew, equipped with a different weapons and a well-coordinated sniper in action; each game is quite intense. Experience a real heist where you face an equal opponent vying for the same goal. A pure PvP setup with two teams of 6 pitted against each other, the Heist Mode is created to thrill you.

A High-tech Heist

Welcome to the modern day heist where it’s no longer just about looting cash. With a race for the same goal, an opponent lurking around and so many tasks to do; you better be good at stealing and killing both. Hacking into an encrypted safe, stealing, transporting a highly unstable yet rare package and securing it safely are the just some of the crucial things you do in a match.

Strategic Teamplay

Winning isn’t a child’s play, it requires teamwork. Rogue heist is all about putting the perfect team together. With 4 roles to choose from; sniper, hacker, support and assault, whatever combination you pick can affect your game and outcome both. Players have to work in sync to perform tasks or die at the ends of the opponent vying for the same goal. The hustle is to heist is real.

Features of the game:

  • Multiplayer: Play as a team of 6 vs 6 in an online co-op action setting.
  • Choose your Crew: Once you enter the game, there are various crews to choose from and become a part of. Every crew has a distinct style and a specific weapon, you can choose your crew depending on your own style.
  • Choose your Role: You can pick any one of the roles from, Sniper, Assault, Hacker & Support. As a Sniper/Spotter, you give support to your ground crew while they ambush and steal high value packages. You also double up a spotter to tag opponent sniper or opponent crew. As an assault, you are placed right in the middle of action on ground to ambush, attack and eliminate. If you choose to become Hacker, your only job is to hack, steal and secure While should you choose to be Support, your role is to support the Hacker no matter what.
  • Extracting: For extracting the high value packages, you need to hack into the safe of the convoy, this needs to be strategically done or you would become vulnerable to opponent’s attack.
  • Securing the package: Once extracted, you also have to secure your package to make sure your team is the first one to secure 3 packages to win each match.

Descripción del contenido para adultos

Los desarrolladores describen el contenido de las siguiente manera:

The game generally involves shooting mechanism to get score to win the game. So each shooting on the opponent spawn a blood splatter FX.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: 64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1)
    • Procesador: i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs)
    • Memoria: 8 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 7 GB de espacio disponible
    • SO: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    • Procesador: Intel Core i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
    • Memoria: 16 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 7 GB de espacio disponible
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