King of the Hat is a chunky party game where you play as pixelated characters who throw hats at each other. Jump on your friends hats to win - and protect yours at all costs.
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Planlagt utgivelsesdato: 2020

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“There was a handful of characters to choose from in the demo, but I went with a sentient washing machine, that can't walk for shit.”

“I need this in my life, now!”
Bleeding Cool

“Get a taste of this quirky new fighting game.”
One Angry Gamer

Om dette spillet

King of the Hat is a fast-paced, hat based, multiplayer game. In this cutesy dystopian world everyone is born with a hat that hosts their soul, and can only die if their hat gets crushed. Your hat can be used as a weapon BUT BE CAREFUL because its also your weakness. Jump around, whip your hat at your friends, crush theirs, and become the King of the Hat!


  • Unique and Ridiculous Characters: Choose from one of fourteen characters, each with their own abilities! Ever wanted to play as a Washing Machine? Say no more fam. Also, more characters are on the way
  • Local and Online Multiplayer: Party with your friends, or compete with others in our Discord ( to become the real King of the Hat.
  • Fast-Paced, Hat-Based Combat: There are no startup animations for movement. There are no startup animations for attacks. Hats have never been this fast before.


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Prosessor: 1.5GHZ +
    • Minne: 3 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: 512 MB VRAM Intel HD 4000 / GeForce 200 Series / Radeon HD 4000 Series
    • DirectX: Versjon 10
    • Lagring: 1 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • OS: Mac OS 10.7+
    • Prosessor: Dual Core Intel
    • Minne: 3 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: 512MB VRAM or greater
    • Lagring: 1 GB tilgjengelig plass

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