本作是日本知名美少女ADV新星 Lose 旗下名作,丰富的CG,精致的演出,极其出色的音乐与配音阵容,带你领略不一般的和风魅力。
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May 22

《茂伸奇谈》后传故事DLC《茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END-》现正热卖中!

《茂伸奇谈》后传故事DLC《茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END-》国际中文版现正热卖中!为庆祝DLC上线,我们一同推出了《茂伸奇谈本篇+后传合集包》!购买本篇以及DLC都可以获得八折特惠!先到先得!合集版购买传送门:https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/7220/_/

《茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END-》是《茂伸奇谈-Monobeno-》的后传故事(FAN DISC),收录了本篇三条角色线的续集(After Story),并包括了外传《飞车角的过去》。《HAPPY END》国际中文版特别制作了由日版原唱歌手槇ななり演唱的中文主题曲「茂伸之歌」,内容上还特别收录了PSV版《茂伸奇谈-Pure Smile-》所独有的《泽井&赤江探险队》、《迷路的小猫、爱丽丝与伞》、《互相交织的黄昏》、《栖美姐姐和当哥哥的我》、《组团看鲸鱼吧!》等多个全新的故事。


Q:本次《HAPPY END》的追加故事应该从哪里进入?
A:随着三条个人线续集(After Story)的通关,游戏会分别解锁一些追加故事。这些追加故事可以通过游戏主界面的『章节选择』功能在『共同路线』下找到并进入。


A:本次发售的后传《HAPPY END》中并不存在选择分支。《茂伸奇谈-Monobeno-》作为一款视觉小说向的作品,在游戏中并没有太多选择分支。游戏本篇中唯一的分支选项可以决定进入栖美路线还是爱丽丝路线,通关任一路线后即可从游戏主菜单选择夏叶路线进入。请安心享受游戏的出色剧情。

Q:《HAPPY END》在游戏中的开场动画「茂伸之歌」是中文版的,怎样能看到日文版的开场动画?



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April 5



由Lose社与我们HIKARI FIELD共同企划的,《茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END-》主题曲原唱者槇ななり小姐以中文演唱的「茂伸之歌」特别版OP正式公布!作为美少女游戏中文本地化历史上一次前所未有的创举,究竟由美少女游戏圈的日本歌手演唱的中文版主题歌会是一个什么样的效果呢?现在就立刻开始观赏吧!

《茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END-》中文体验版现已在STEAM上正式发布!《茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END-》中文体验版共包括了9个章节。分别为夏叶after story的前4章、爱丽丝after story的前2章以及栖美after story的前3章。可供体验的内容非常丰富。在《Monobeno》之后,主人公与她们三人的生活又发生了怎样的改变呢?大家可以通过这个体验版可以先睹为快。


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About This Game

Here was an isolated mountain village named Monobeno. The village here had a certain rustic charm and kept faith with the coexistence of humans and monsters. Our story began here.

The protagonist, Tooru Sawai, was born and grew up here. He and his sister, Natsuha Sawai, depended on each other. While she had lost some of her memories by accident…

It had been a few years since Tooru Sawai moved away, he set foot again in this beautiful and magical land full of adventures and legends.

Apart from the age-old Tang Umbrella Monster Hisyakaku, he was reunited with two young girls: his childhood sweetheart, Alice Arisma, and Red Bear Monster, Sumi.

When there was a mask dancing at the summer festival, Natsuha Sawai fell down and suddenly grew up. Only through one night long, her body turned to an adult size. She was tortured by this abnormal growing, both physically and mentally.

It was caused by disease or monsters’ haunting?

Between medicine and legends, Tooru Sawai tried to find a way to save his sister. With the help of Alice or Sumi’s power, what kind of romantic story would happen during their adventures? And was there something happened more than brother and sister?

This was a story about humans and monsters, diseases and monsters’ haunting, and the past and the future.

This is a dedicated art created by Lose— a new star of Japanese visual novel companies. It has ample CGs, magnificent performances, extraordinary music and voice acting, which leads you to the unusual traditional Japanese culture.

It is going to be divided into two titles for sale. The prequel is 『Monobeno』 Main Story, and the sequel is『Monobeno』 After Story which is going to be released as a DLC.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Core2Duo 2.4Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256M
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: PCM

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