Protolife is an unique tower-based strategy game which gives you a direct control over the builder robot in a struggle against the hungry proto-life organism.
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Jun 15, 2018

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December 29, 2018

Protolife 1.1.3 (Tower Editor balance)

This patch mainly addresses Tower Editor balance issues and game crashes reported via Steam, Discord and email.

1. New threats for Experiments!

  • hp: 5, average speed
  • Uses alternative paths to breach the defense and spread the infection. Stay alert!
  • Can be found at yellow and red risk experiments.
Elemental Worms
  • Pretty tough. Armored: 10 hp and 3 armor, Magmatic: 14hp and fire resist, Electric 12hp and electric resist.
  • Appear only at red risk experiments.
Unidentified Behemoth
  • ???

2. New Game+ and Original Campaign

Now you can go back to original campaign even if NG+ is in progress (if you want to replay some levels, complete achievements, etc.). There is an option to erase all progress including NG+ as well.

3. Tower Editor changes

Tower summary panel now shows percentage values instead of multipliers. For instance, you will see '+20%' instead of 'x1.2' and '-10%' instead of 'x0.9'.

Some tower properties are now capped to prevent performance and gameplay issues.This means some blocks in a custom tower will have no further positive effect when this cap is reached. This is also true for towers buffed by multiple link boosters.

Tower properties limits:
  • Range - max: 30
  • Salvos - max: 30
  • Bullets per salvo - max: 30
  • Reload time - min: 0.1 seconds
  • Burst delay - min: 0.01 seconds
  • Armor Penetration - max: 3
  • Splash - max: 5
  • Projectile Speed - max: 30
You will see ‘(min)’ or ‘(max)’ tooltip next to a property when its limit is reached on the UI.

4. Tower Blocks improvements

The second major change for this update are the tower block balance changes. Most of them have been nerfed because they used to break the game completely with some extreme configurations.
At the same time we buffed the starting stats for all gunpoints. Therefore now you can build custom towers and see the improvements even when you don't yet have access to advanced blocks. Our goal also was to make small custom towers more viable while keep the extreme configurations balanced. As all things should be.

Here is the full list of changes:

Range Booster
  • Angle -5 deg. (was -20%)
  • Speed +1 (was +3)
Range Booster M2
  • Range +2 (was +3)
  • Angle -5 deg. (was -25%)
  • Speed +2 (was +6)
Sector Booster
  • Angle +15 deg. (was +60)
  • Speed change removed (was -1)
Sector Booster M2
  • Angle +20 deg. (was +90)
  • Spread change removed (was +1)
  • Speed -1 (new)
Damage Booster
  • Reload time +30% (new)
  • Burst delay +30% (new)
Damage Booster M2
  • Reload time +50% (new)
  • Burst delay +50% (new)
Firerate Booster
  • Reload time -10% (was -20%)
  • Burst delay -10% (was -20%)
Firerate Booster M2
  • Reload time -20% (was -40%)
  • Burst delay -20% (was -40%)
Splash Booster
  • Reload time +30% (was +10%)
  • Speed -1 (new)
  • Burst delay +30% (was +10%)
Pierce Booster
  • Speed +2 (new)
  • Pierce +1 (was +2 when <10)
  • Burst delay +100% (new)
Burst Mod
  • Energy -2 (was -1)
  • Salvos +1 (was +2)
  • Burst delay -10% (was -20%)
Burst Mod M2
  • Spread +2 (was +1)
  • Salvos +2 (was +4)
  • Burst delay -20% (was -30%)
Buckshot Mod
  • Speed +2 (was +5)
  • Range -2 (was -20%)
  • Bullets per salvo +2 (was +5)
  • Burst delay +30%

Plasma Gun
  • Reload time 1.2 sec. (was 1.5)
  • Damage 2 (was 1)
  • Burst delay 0.75 sec. (was 0.5)
  • Angle 180 deg. (was 360)
  • Reload time 1.4 sec. (was 1.6)
  • Burst delay 1.2 sec. (was 0.5)
  • Now prioritizes Magnetos and bioartillery shots (same as TX1, TX2, TX3).
  • Proper sector color.
  • Burst delay 1.2 sec. (was 0.5)
  • Proper sector color.
  • No changes
Resource harvester
  • No changes
Boost linker
  • Energy -6 (was -4)
  • Now has a constant range and angle (can’t be changed via blocks)
  • Now has an efficiency factor which decreases all boosting parameters
  • Range 8
  • Angle 180 deg.
  • Efficiency 75%

Also we introduced a couple of new blocks:

BF cannon
  • 20 damage on impact, slow reload, slow projectile speed, electrocutes everything on its way.

Boost linker M2
  • Energy -8
  • Range 10
  • Angle 180 deg.
  • Efficiency 50%

5. Even more game balance tweaks...

  • WALL now has 10 hp (was 8).
  • Burst delay specified for all towers so they are properly buffed via linkboosters.
  • All missions: No more Tunnel Spawners, ZAPPERs, Repulsors, Infection Cannons at green risk levels.
  • All missions: New late-game enemies for yellow and red risks levels.
  • Survivals: No more Orange Centipedes and Magnetos at green risk levels.
  • Survivals: Overall waves difficulty reduced by 20%.
  • Max evolution level limit for all enemy structures: green risk = 3, yellow = 5, red = 10.
Enemy structures
  • ZAPPER can appear as a random spawn structure now. Experiments and New Game+ only.
  • Tunnel Spawners (big ones) now have an additional evolution stage with a lower enemies spawn rate (20 worms, 0 behemoths).
  • Levels 'Hollow', 'Focus', 'The Core' — the first grow phase will be easier due to the Tunnel Spawners change.

  • Crash Report: Cannot read property 'counter' of undefined at BigGrid.hasSome (multiple reports)
  • Crash Report: Cannot read property 'X' of undefined at BigGrid.getBigCell (reported by A Pound of Life)
  • Infection Cannon projectile size fixed. (reported by coeja73)
  • Fixed infinite ricochet for a custom flame projectile (reported by Ghin)
  • TX3 projectiles destroyed outside of the map (reported by Dmitry)
  • Crash Report: Tower help and symmetrical patterns related issue (reported by Dmitry)
  • TX2/TX3 proper boost/deboost of salvos count.
  • Boost Linker multiple gunpoins does not work.
  • Boost Linker can’t boost towers in its range.
  • Range booster does not boost custom resource harvesters.
  • Boost/Deboost and pattern lock structure issues.
  • Jumping custom mortar projectile
  • Fixed all outdated descriptions in level briefings.
  • Fixed some localization strings.

Happy Holidays!
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November 6, 2018

Protolife 1.1.2 (+1.1 update notes)

Version 1.1.2
This patch addresses multiple issues reported via Steam, Discord and email.

Experiments game mode
  • Resource spawners and colony base won’t block any major paths on randomly generated levels. (thanks to Kezzbo, vervedan and Ernest)
  • Resource spawners for survival type missions are closer to the base now
  • Orange Centipede spawn chance is significantly lower for low risk experiments

(resource spawners location, 'before' and 'after')

All existed experiments could have significant changes due to these improvements. The amount of enemies and spawn locations may vary, but the layout of each level will be the same.

Please note that we are still working on Tower Editor balance issues. Thank you for all the feedback provided about this feature.

  • Crash Report: _this5.substate.closeDialog is not a function (thanks to Austinlb90)
  • Crash Report: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at new Watcher (thanks to Jseah)
  • Crash Report: Cannot read property 'bringToTop' of undefined (kudos to Sam Quan)
  • Crash Report: Cannot read property 'a' of undefined (thanks to⎝Dr. Danger!⎠and Austinlb90)
  • Crash Report: Renaming a tower to a name you already have freezes the game
  • Shader error for experiments reward dialog (thanks to do335)
  • TMSL boost breaks its projectile trajectory (thanks to vervedan)

Version 1.1.0, 1.1.1
  • New game mode: Experiments
  • New game mode: New Game+
  • New game feature: Tower Editor
  • New game feature: Unlockable Tower Blocks
  • New enemy structure: Pattern Shutdown — disables random tower pattern until the structure destroyed (health: 5, armor: 1)
  • New enemy mob: Orange Centipede — drops orange slimes
  • New tower patterns: TY1/TY2 — short range shotguns, low ap, high dps, high spread
  • New booster pattern: RBST — boosts reload for all towers in range by x0.85, stackable
  • New UI feature: survival wave preview — shows the amount of enemies in each wave
  • Some performance optimizations

Levels tweaks
  • 28 - Squid Ravine: now has 2 TX3 on start
  • 33 - Cluster: now does not spawn Magnetos (while still have two repulsor structures)
  • All survival levels now use wave spawners (cocoons) instead of spawn-from-the-air approach

Balance tweaks
  • TX3 rework — now guards will return to the orbit upon target’s death, more sustainable
  • TMSL1 — projectile follows the enemy
  • TMSL2 — now fires 3 projectiles with 5 dmg each instead of 1x20dmg, projectiles follow the enemy
  • WBUILDER (wall printer) — build time rate reduced to 0.5 seconds (was 2.0 seconds)
  • Every tower now have a x0.5 time delay for the first reload (more convenient in a rush situation)
  • Behemoths won’t spawn from L0 buds
  • Enemy ZAPPER reload time decreased to 0.5 sec (was 0.7 sec) due to TMSL2 rework
  • Wave spawners health increased from 1 to 10 to avoid unintentional agro

  • Crash Report: Cannot read property 'invincible' of undefined at TiledLevel.checkDefenceIntersection (multiple reports)
  • A lot of minor UI tweaks and fixes

  • Robot now makes one step side if reaches an obstacle on its way
  • New secret robot ability to lock towers configuration (default key ‘L’) — allows to nail down any tower so it will ignore any other possible transformations

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About This Game

15 years since the first colonization parties landed on Gagarin-5. 15 years of tedious yet satisfying work on making this planet our home. I miss these years now.
It all happened in mere days. The corruption spread across our lands, waves of crimson doom washed away our mushroom farms, and giant worms devoured our cities. As far as I know, only few thousands of people were able to escape into the emergency bases. Now the thing.. is dormant. It sleeps during the day, and grows only slowly over the night, filled with tumors, blights and rolling, nauseating pink lights.
This small opening seems to be our only chance to fight back, to clean the planet. And we are sure to take it.


Stand to defend a distant human colony against the growing lifeform that devours everything in its wake. Build complex defenses from the simplest element possible – a single block, save few remaining settlements and clean the planetary surface from the corruption in this original tower-based RTS. Initially built for a Ludum Dare 38 game jam, it was completely redesigned, got a graphics update, tons of new content, but still works around a simple idea: build towers from blocks, contain the enemy, survive the night onslaught and strike back.

Key features

  • Unique approach to building process: Every tower is constructed from patterns of simple blocks. Build your defense grid piece by piece the way you like it, upgrade, combine, optimize space and resources to survive against the overwhelming odds.
  • An enemy unlike usual RTS adversaries: Growing, living entity designed to exploit every small weakness in your defense. The more space it takes from you, the more powerful it becomes.
  • Freedom of strategy and flexible defense perimeter: Go for quick low-tier tower rush or bunk with well-defended artillery posts, then collect your blocks and rebuild the defenses on the spot — just mind the free space and resources left.
  • Direct control over the builder: Or two? Dynamically switch between several battlefronts and dominate over the enemy.
  • Over 30 levels with variative gameplay and win objectives.
  • Random missions generator with an adjustable difficulty level and special rewards.
  • Custom towers editor where you can construct your own powerful weapon.
  • Remappable keyboard or gamepad controls. Please note that the game was not designed for mouse control.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 support, 256 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720
    • OS: Mac OS X 10
    • Processor: 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720

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