Nepenthe este un RPG realizat manual, compus din glumele tatilor si temerile existentiale. Setați în lumea ciudată a lui Carithia, jucați ca un tip ciudat de tip chel, care și-a pierdut memoria. Da, ai citit asta.
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17 mai, 2018

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11 martie

Nepenthe has a Discord server!

I just realized that there aren't any links to my Discord on Steam, and thought I should fix that :)
I'm pretty active on there, so if you wanna chat about anything, feel free!
From your Friendly Neighborhood Game Developer,

PS: I know I've been pretty silent around here on Steam lately, but don't worry. You'll eventually get to see what I'm working on—it's might just take a bit more time than I first thought (I want it to be as nice as possible before release).
Regardless, I want to say thank you to everyo_messageintercepted_
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16 ianuarie

Preview of what's to come...

I'm close now. Very close...

If you have no idea what's going on, that's totally understandable, considering I'm being cryptic and spooky and all that jazz. Rest assured that I'm not trolling you—despite the ridiculously long amount of time this is taking, everything will eventually come together. I'm hoping for a big announcement in this or the next month, but I can't promise it. Until then, if you want to support what's coming (which will be totally free if you already own Nepenthe, btw), please consider leaving a review on Steam.

Cookie Monster wants your critique, and can you really say no to that face?

Have a good one!
From your friendly neighborhood game developer,
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“There is charm packed into every nook and cranny...wickedly funny”
Letter grade: A – The Zerathulu View

“Reminiscent of all of the made-up video games I’d scribble in the margins of my homework at school when I was a kid”
indie Games+

“It's a gorgeous game...a fun, complicated RPG that has brilliant moments backed up by unique art and music.”
8/10 – DigitalChumps

Despre acest joc

You wake up with no memory. Your day is starting off great!

Nepenthe is a hand-drawn RPG with a terrible sense of humor. Set in the strange world of Carithia, you play as a mysterious bald dude who lost his memory. Yes, you read that right. Meet some very polite monsters, and battle both them and your sense of self-dignity in epic bullet-hell fight scenes.

Definitely not a potato in a trench coat

Sporting a childish hand-drawn art style, Nepenthe is sure to either make you love it at first glance, or throw your computer away. The developer of Nepenthe takes no responsibility for such actions, and recommends drinking chamomile tea. “It’s really soothing,” he says. “You should really try it one day,” he says. “What was I talking about?” He asks. There is an awkward pause.

designed for non-psychopaths, mostly

With three different endings, and countless side-quests, Nepenthe is designed for ultimate replayability. This can get quite annoying if you need to share a computer with someone else. Trust me. Almost every monster can be spared, for added challenge and less violence. They can also be killed - don’t worry, you psychopaths! If you enjoy dad-jokes or Chinese water torture, Nepenthe is for you.

Nepenthe is designed for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

  • Explore two modes: "Adventure" or "Story," to find the play-style that best suits you.
  • "Adventure" mode is a bullet-hell extravaganza, with ever increasing difficulty as the game progresses.
  • "Story" mode's battles are easy one-click things, designed for those who just want the story, not the gameplay.
  • Enjoy stunning hand-drawn art along the way

Join us, as we stare into the Orb together.

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: anything made in the last decade
    • Procesor: one that works
    • Memorie: 490 MB RAM
    • Grafică: a toaster - you really shouldn't have trouble
    • Placă audio: yes.
    • Note adiționale: make sure your computer is on
    • SO: anything your grandmother didn't own when she was a kid
    • Procesor: needs to exist
    • Memorie: 480 MB RAM
    • Grafică: not too gory, kids play this
    • Placă audio: one that makes sound
    • Note adiționale: remember that you are a wonderful person and I love you
    • SO: anything made in the last decade
    • Procesor: A small rock covered in tin foil should do
    • Memorie: 500 MB RAM
    • Grafică: a sink - this is an RPG Maker game for goodness' sake
    • Placă audio: yee
    • Note adiționale: Why are you gaming on Linux?

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